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In the Air by Marzipan
Chapter 1 : In the Air
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This was written for Ilia's Every Word Counts Challenge on the forums.

The plot was inspired by a post by MusicOfTheNight in the UFG Thread, also on the forums.

The characters belong to the endlessly wonderful JK Rowling.

What do I have to take credit for? Not a whole lot. Also, this was supposed to be funny. Discuss.


The British skies were a stereotypical steel grey, much the same as they had been for the past week or more. It was natural to Rose that they should be that way. There was nothing at all out of the ordinary about the skies – except for the fact that they currently contained him.

When Scorpius had first told her that he was planning to spend a month in Africa as part of his apprenticeship, Rose had laughed at him. Scorpius might be one of the nicest people she knew, but as a Malfoy he was also used to a certain lifestyle. Much as she loved him, four weeks spent in the heat and dust was not something she could picture Scorpius handling gracefully – or at all. Yet his departure date had crept constantly nearer and Scorpius’ mind remained firmly made, despite anything his family or friends might say to discourage him. And so he had gone – on a Muggle airplane no less – leaving Rose reeling in shock at her best mate’s actions.

She had worried constantly while he had been gone. What if he got hurt? What if she’d been right all along and the culture shock proved too much for him? What if he was seduced by some trollop looking for a cushy life in England? The thought of some horrible fate befalling Scorpius while he was so far away from those who truly loved him sickened her.

Rose had had no news of him since he’d been gone, but she had not expected any. Chances were that he would arrive home before any missives he might have sent would. And now, finally, the day had arrived. Seven hundred and thirty hours after he had left, Rose was standing in the crowded Terminal 3 of Heathrow Airport waiting for the 5:10PM flight from Mombasa to arrive. Scorpius would depart the plane, and Rose’s sleepless nights, her decreased appetite, her endless worry would all disappear.

The flashing digital screen off to Rose’s right declared Scorpius’ flight to be on time, and a quick glance at her watch told her that she was minutes away from being reunited with him. An intermittent flow of people was trickling from the Passengers only area. Side stepping a pair of giggling girls, Rose idly wished there was someone else waiting with her to help pass the time, but as Scorpius’ flight arrived just as the work day was winding to a close she had been the only one who had gotten the time off to meet him. Yet this way they would have time to themselves to reconnect before the rest of their loved ones descended.

People began to surge from the Passenger only area with purpose, causing Rose to shake herself from her thoughts. Pushing herself up onto her tip toes, Rose craned her neck, trying to see past the heads of those milling between her and the doors. A flash of gold darted closer, and Rose’s heart leapt at the sight.



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In the Air: In the Air


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