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We made it through, but whatís next is a mystery by hogwartsfavoritecoupleh
Chapter 1 : The Morning After
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   Harry Potter woke up and two thoughts came into his mind, where was he and why was his body so sore? Then, everything came flooding back to him, the memories from the night before hit him like a ton of bricks. He was at Hogwarts there had been a war, and Voldemort was gone, forever. Harry couldn’t help but smile at the latter he was safe his friends and those he loved were finally safe. As Harry sat up in his old four-poster he took in the surrounding scene Ron and Hermione were asleep in Ron’s bed and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley in another, then Harry saw a mess of long red hair, hair Harry used to run his hands through. Ginny, was sleeping in the bed closet to Harry. She turned in her sleep and now he could clearly see her face, the face he had been so longing to see. Harry smiled at how peaceful Ginny looked. Quietly he got out bed opened the drawer on the side table took out the Elder Wand and put it along with his own wand in his pocket. Careful not to wake anyone he crept out of the dormitory, down in the Common room he found Neville, Dean Thomas, and Seamus asleep on the floor most likely because there beds were being occupied by Weasley’s whom were probably taking up most of the dormitory’s.

   Harry walked through the halls of Hogwarts and surveyed the damage chunks of the castle were missing, walls were blown apart. Harry new that the battle had been taxing but he did not realize the amount of damage it had caused. Then Harry thought It didn’t just cause physical damage. Harry was thinking about all of the lives that had been lost fighting three of whom he couldn’t bare to think of as dead, Remus, Tonks, and Fred. Even though he saw there bodies in the Great Hall Harry still can’t believe they are dead, They can’t be dead they just can’t be they were three of the strongest people I knew, If I could have just found the horcruxes faster maybe they would still be alive… maybe Teddy would still have his parents and the Weasley’s their son and brother their deaths were my fault.

“Harry Potter” he heard a familiar voice ring out,

“yes Professor McGonagall?” replied Harry,

“Harry, I want to thank you for everything you have done.” she said

“but Professor so many people died yesterday and it is all my fault!” exclaimed Harry

“ ah my dear boy I was afraid you would say that.” she said “now you listen to me those people fought for something they believed in they died protecting others they died honorably and none of that is your fault!” McGonagall nearly shouted.

With those words Harry cracked and explained to her how he was feeling guilty how he thought he should have gone quicker in finding the horcruxes, McGonagall understood Harry’s remorse but, she sought to make him understand that he did everything he could and he still defeated Voldemort and that was what was important. They talked for what seemed like hours but was only mere minutes, at the end of the conversation Harry understood that he couldn’t blame himself for every single death but he couldn’t get over the feeling that there was something more he could have done though he didn’t dare to say this to McGonagall. Harry was very thankful that Professor McGonagall was there and that she was so understanding and easy to talk to. Harry had planned on finding Professor McGonagall later in the day for her assistance but since she were already there he thought of no better time to ask her for her help “Professor?” he asked

“Yes Harry dear” she replied in a soothing voice

“I was err wondering if you could help me bring Dumbledore his wand back.”

Professor McGonagall knew that Harry would want to return the wand soon enough

“of course Harry we can go now if you would like” she answered.

   They walked in silence neither feeling the need to speak. When they reached the Marble structure that was Dumbledore’s grave Harry and McGonagall walked slowly towards it when he reached Dumbledore’s body tears escaped his eyes because this man was one of the reasons he was alive, he is also part of the reason Voldemort is gone without the help of Albus Dumbledore Harry would never have heard of a horcrux figured out what a horcrux is what they were or how to destroy them. Harry carefully placed the wand back into Dumbledore’s hands where it rightfully belonged.



   After restoring Dumbledore’s tomb Harry and Professor now Headmistress McGonagall walked back up the steps and towards the Great Hall that was slowly becoming more crowded. At what used to be the Gryffindor table Harry saw the familiar red haired mass. As Harry approached he suddenly wasn’t sure if he should be there, whether the Weasley’s wanted him there. Ron choose this time to look up Ron realizing the hesitant look in Harry’s eyes motioned for him to come over knowing he probably wouldn’t come over by himself. Hermione who was holding Ron’s hand looked up and smiled as she saw Harry coming towards them. Harry was glad that before falling asleep last night he had the chance to tell Ron and Hermione everything that he had seen and done during the battle. He sat down with his two best friends to eat breakfast, Harry ate in silence because he had no idea what he should say to the people who treated him like family when they had just lost their brother and son. When Harry looked up he sought to find Ginny’s face he needed to tell her that all he wanted in this world was to be with her forever, but when he looked Ginny was staring down at her plate avoiding Harry’s eyes. He knew that she would hate him why shouldn’t she he broke up with her and then left her here by herself to endure the torture brought on by the Carrows. As much as he wanted to blame someone else he knew he couldn’t he knew that Ginny hated him because of what he did and not what others did. Harry knew he had to do something to win Ginny back, what that something was he had no idea he just hoped he wasn’t too late.


A/N:  Sorry this chapter is so short I just needed something to kick start this story the other chapters will be longer! This is my first fanfic so please reveiw!! I hope you like it!

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