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First love's not always true... by RHadley
Chapter 1 : Girl Troubles...
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                Ron leaned up against the doorframe of Hugo’s room. It was nearly Christmas, and Harry and Ginny had arrived at the Burrow only minutes ago. Ron thought that Hugo would’ve wanted to be enjoying the snow with Lily, sharing stories from school and throwing snowballs and their older siblings, but it was only when Lily had asked where Hugo was that Ron realised he wasn’t outside. As Ron had slowly ascended the stairs, he wondered which of his memories could help best describe how Hugo would be feeling. He hadn’t been himself for weeks, being down, depressed, eating little, socialising even less and spending nearly all of his time within the four walls of his room.


“Hey Hugo, what’s wrong?” he asked calmly, avoiding sounding aggressive.


“Oh, you wouldn’t understand,” Was the reply. Typical. “You got to marry the girl of your dreams, without any problem and neither did Harry. Like I said, you wouldn’t understand.”


“I don’t know,” Ron began, his mind fizzling, carefully constructing each individual sentence. “Whoever said that needs their sources checking.”


“Well you never mentioned any troubles when you were my age.” Hugo retorted. Trust Hugo to turn things on me, Ron thought darkly. Slowly, keeping his eyes focused on Hugo, Ron sat down on the end of the bed.


“I never thought I’d have the need to tell you this, but frankly, me and Hermione have had an interesting relationship to say the least. We didn’t exactly get off to a good start when we met on the Hogwarts Express, by the end of October, we hated one another, yet all of a sudden, we became friends, and over the years, we’ve fallen out quite a lot; it feels like we fell out once a year during Hogwarts!” Ron was trying to be as blunt as possible, without sounding too harsh, which for him wasn’t easy. “I mean, the biggest fall outs were when we had our first individual experiences of love.”


“What, you mean you two had experienced other relationships before!” Ron had to admit that the fact Hugo had not seen that coming was amusing, however harsh.

“All of us had, over the years.” Ron began. “Hermione had a relationship with a Quidditch Star called Viktor Krum,” Ron smiled as he watched Hugo’s face light up, as like Ron before him, Hugo greatly admired Viktor Krum, “Ginny went out with dozens of guys before she fell in love with Harry, although she did fancy him for years before that,” Ron smiled as he remembered Harry telling him of the occasion Harry had walked in whilst Ginny had her breakfast and she had put her elbow in the butter dish. “Harry thought he’d fallen in love with a Ravenclaw girl called Cho Chang, except that they never really got anywhere because her previous boyfriend had died just months before, and nearly everything Harry did reminded her of her previous boyfriend,” and as Ron began to ask “How did he die?” Ron silently mouthed the word “Voldemort” and Hugo fell silent, his head low. “And me, I went out with a girl called Lavender. She was about your height, with blond-brown hair, hazel eyes and an incredible personality. In fact, I remember her well, and if I’m not mistaken, we’re still on Christmas card terms.” Ron was about to change the subject when Hugo asked to hear more about Ron and Lavender.


“Well,” Ron began…




Ron heard someone call to him loudly. He turned around, expecting to see Harry or Hermione running over, however a blond haired Gryffindor student Ron knew as Lavender Brown was bounded over, before throwing her arms around Ron’s neck. Ron smiled, before placing his lips against hers. She too smiled, and began to kiss back even more passionately.


As Ron walked back to the changing rooms, Ron couldn’t take his mind off her. She was pretty, funny and definitely nicer than Hermione was at the moment. Ron had finally found someone who loved him, and who he could easily love back. Even if it hurt Hermione, he’d snog Lavender in the common room, as it was as much his as anyone else’s.


Several minutes, or maybe several hours later, Ron was sitting hand in hand with Lavender. He’d already seen Hermione storm away, and Harry and Ginny share a dark word about him. He didn’t care.


End of Flashback


“And you see,” Ron began, “I was in love. Not true love, of course, but love no the less. I couldn’t care about Hermione’s feelings, because I was happy, and at the time, that was all that mattered to me.”


It felt like forever until Ron finally reached his break-up…


“And, after Harry left, Lavender saw straight through Harry, and only saw me and Hermione. I’m glad we split up, even if I broke her heart. I did what I did because someone else would benefit. I’m glad I did as well.”


“Anyway Hugo, what’s troubling you? Girls?” Ron asked a knowing look in his eye.



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