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Forever Brenna by Saffy_Potter13
Chapter 1 : Story Telling and Persuasion
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I was back. Everything looked so familiar even though it had been 70 years. It was true there had been changes made, obviously for personal preference but the head’s office was still easily recognisable. I walked further into the room and my eyes wandered. I ran my fingers over the many objects that were laid out. I had no idea what they were when I was last here and I still didn’t know. I looked up to see the portraits of all the Headmaster’s and Mistresses of Hogwarts. They all were in a deep sleep, some snoring loudly, apart from one. My eyes found his portrait and I couldn’t help grinning. It looked so like him but I knew it wasn’t really Albus Dumbledore.



“Wow you haven’t aged a bit,” I said to him and he raised his eyebrows and then winked. It may not be him but he knew me.



“Can I help you?” I turned quickly to find a young man standing at the door I had just entered.



“Professor Longbottom?"



“Yes.” He paused and took in my appearance, “Are you the one who sent that brief letter to me last week.



“I guess that has to be me. My name’s Brenna Morrison.” He nodded and beckoned for me to sit in front of his desk. He came over and took his place and looked at me quizzically.



“How can I help you Miss Morrison?”



“I would like to return to Hogwarts and be a student here,” He frowned slightly.



“Return? I am sure I would have remembered you in the last six years or so,” I smiled faintly. This was going to be difficult.




“No I haven’t been at Hogwarts in the past 6 years. In fact I haven’t been here for the last 70 years,” Professor Longbottom looked extremely startled and looked at me in way that urged me to explain myself.




“There’s something you should know about me Professor and I don’t want you to worry because I can assure you, you are safe. I’m not actually 17, I’m 87. This is because I’m, well, I am a vampire,” he got up quickly and stepped back, his hand reached into his pocket to take out his wand. I smiled kindly at him and tried to reassure him.



“Now I don’t know how much you know about vampires, but I need you to listen to me. You are safe; I am not going to hurt you. Please sit back down and I will explain. You can ask me anything you want as long as you just stay calm.” Shaking slightly, Professor Longbottom sat back down and I noticed he kept his hand on his pocket.


“Well, I used to come here 70 years ago; I was in my 6th year. I had a normal life and lived like any witch and school girl would. But it was near the end of the year when I was chosen. And you can’t escape your fate once you are chosen.” I paused and looked down at my hands, which I had been playing with. I was almost more nervous than he was.




“Who, who did it?” He spoke in a whisper but I heard him loudly enough.



“There was a teacher, a man who took us for Defence Against the Dark Arts. Not one of us expected him, he was just so normal. Till this day I never knew whether Dumbledore hired him knowing what he was.” I looked up again at the portrait, but Dumbledore was now asleep just like the others. “Anyway, the teacher never showed any interest in me, but in fact he had been watching me closely since the very first lesson.”



“Why you?”



“I was never sure, but I must have had some qualities that would have been good for a vampire. He fed on me two times and I had no idea as he was able to control my mind. Then the third time he carried out the ritual that would turn me. Dumbledore had finally caught on and managed to destroy the other vampire but it was too late for me. Dumbledore rightly decided to keep the story quiet and I was taken away from the school.” He was now staring at me intensely but had calmed down.






“You know, you know when you said about the whole mind control thing, does that mean you can do it too?” I nodded.




 “Then how do I know you won’t use it on me to get you into this school,”



“Because I don’t like to use that skill on anyone and I don’t want to use it on you. I’ve learnt it only causes trouble,” he nodded slowly.


“But how can I trust you?"



“Oh that reminds me. Here.” I scrambled into my pocket and pulled out a ring. I slid it across the table and Professor Longbottom picked it up gingerly.




“I put a spell on it so if you wear it vampires won’t be able to control your mind. Now you don’t have to worry I might,” He looked at it then set it down in a way that meant he did trust me.




“Oh no, I would wear it anyway, just in case. You have no idea who you’re going to bump into,” He smiled and slid it on his finger.




“You didn’t have to tell me all this you know. You could have just walked in here and said you were a witch, nothing more,”



“Would that really have been a good idea? Isn’t it better to know what’s coming into your school than being blissfully unaware?” the head looked thoughtful for a moment then nodded. We sat in silence and I glanced over his desk. My gaze found a framed picture, which had to be of the Professor when he was a student. He was accompanied by other students, his friends it appeared. Something clicked and I said suddenly.



“I think I remember you,” The head looked up from the ring he was inspecting and frowned.




“How do you mean. We’ve never met. Have we?”



“No I only saw you from afar. You know I can easily remember a face. It was at the Battle of Hogwarts, the night Voldemort was killed.”



“You were there?”



“I was visiting the Hog’s Head and Aberforth Dumbledore told me what was going on. He knew he couldn’t stop me so he showed me to the portrait of his sister and I was able to go through it. Then I found myself in a room, like a den or a hideout. It was covered in house banners, except for Slytherin I think.” The Professor’s eyes widened then he grinned.




“I know what you’re talking about. I discovered that place!”

 “It was amazing how all you students had quietly fought against the system at Hogwarts. I was proud to be one of you; I still am.” We smiled at each other in understanding. I went on.



“I arrived in the middle of the fighting and I joined you to fight against the Death Eaters. I’m proud to say I never drank a drop of blood that was spilled.” I ended my story and looked at him expectantly. I was desperate to know what he was thinking and at last I said quietly,



“So; do you think I can come back?” He sighed deeply.



“You have earned yourself a lot of respect and trust from me this afternoon. If something happens you will be sent away immediately.”



“So does that mean I’m in?” He nodded slowly still serious. I squealed and then blushed at my childishness.




“Thank you so much Professor Longbottom. This is my only chance to keep my humanity. I don’t want to be like those other vampires. I’m one of the lucky ones.” I paused, and then added.



“Can I still be in Gryffindor?”



“I don’t see why not,” I grinned at him and he smiled back.



“Well then, this was an interesting meeting. Welcome back to Hogwarts Brenna Morrison,” Professor Longbottom said. And then we parted and my new life began.




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Forever Brenna: Story Telling and Persuasion


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