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Family On Hold by Ali4077
Chapter 1 : Family On Hold
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 Nymphadora Lupin née Tonks awoke with a pounding headache. She sat up and groaned... she ached all over. Last night’s events flooded back into her mind, the tears, the arguments and the sense of loss she now felt. It then hit her, Remus was gone. Her husband had left her and their unborn child. She looked to the left where the other side of the bed was cold and empty, enforcing the fact Remus had left and might not ever sleep beside her again.

The argument was still clear in Tonks’ mind; she didn’t think she could ever forget it. For the first time she had seen the wolf in her husband’s face and it frightened her. He had been serious about leaving but she had to admit it should have been expected, right from the beginning he had doubts due to his lycanthropy.

“Don’t you see what I have done to you Nymphadora? I have endangered you and segregated you from the rest of the wizarding population!” Remus pleaded.

“I’ve told you before Remus I don’t care!” Tonks screamed, desperate for Remus to stay.

“Nymphadora I have to go!” he cried, “Imagine what I’ve done to our unborn child! What if it’s like me?”

“You don’t know it’ll be like you!” she begged, “Please don’t leave me!” I love you...”

“I love you too, and it’s because I love you that I have to go.” Remus stated, “I made the mistake of marrying you, so it is my burden to bear I have to go.”

“Remus can’t we work this out?” Tonks cried, “For the baby’s sake if anything, I need you...”

He just shook his head. “I’m sorry Dora...” he then kissed her forehead and stepped out of the door into darkness.

Tonks ran after him, screaming his name into the night until she could scream no more. Her husband was gone and she wasn’t sure whether she would ever see him again.

Tears began to roll down Nymphadora’s face. Remus had gone and she just had to accept it. She made her way downstairs and found her mother sitting at the kitchen table, with her back to the door.

“Mum are you alright?” she asked slightly nervously edging slowly towards her.
Andromeda gave her no response and Tonks shuffled round to the other side of the table so she could see what she was looking at.

Tears were spilling over Andromeda’s face onto a faded photograph. “He’s gone Dora...” she whispered.

Tonks sat down opposite her gazing at the wall and said distantly, “I know, I’m surprised you didn’t hear our argument last night...”

Andromeda looked up, “Not Remus dear... Your father...”

“What do you mean my father?” Tonks asked confused, “Actually... where is dad?”

Andromeda burst into tears and pushed the photograph she had before her and a tear stained letter to her daughter, and then ran out of the room to compose herself.

Nymphadora picked up the letter and read, immediately recognising her father’s handwriting.

My Darling Wife,

It seems things are graver than we first imagined. I know we discussed this a couple of nights ago but I know that now is the time for me to go. I apologise for having to leave you in letter form but I had to go, and you were too worried over Dora and Remus I had to let you sleep.

I understand now might not be the best time for the family to leave, what with my future grandchild on the way and the fact my Dora’s marriage is in jeopardy but it’s either leave now with just my life at stake or put the whole family’s lives on the line.

Tonks looked up from the letter, tears in her eyes. He was sounding like Remus, “it’s either leave now with just my life at stake or put the whole family’s lives on the line.” Remus had argued that both their lives and their unborn baby’s life were in danger as his argument for leaving her. She was seeing the repetition; both her father and her husband were leaving her for similar reasons. This war had hit her family bad; she didn’t want to think about Remus anymore though so she carried on reading, hoping there might be a happier ending to the letter.

They’re after muggleborns Dromeda we both know that and it doesn’t help you were once a Black. We both know most of your family is on the other side and they don’t think too kindly towards you due to the fact you married me... a muggle.

Tonks sighed. Why couldn’t her and her mother have fallen for ordinary men? In a time where pure is power they both fall for a muggle and werewolf, two outcasts in this new world. What made everything worse however was the fact both Nymphadora and her mother had close family members on the other side who could have helped make the situation better. Bellatrix Lestrange for example was one of Lord Voldemort’s closest supporters. She also happened to be Andromeda’s sister, therefore Tonks’ aunt. If Bellatrix really wanted to she could have helped their family situation. However that’s one reason why they were in this mess... she didn’t want to. Every time Tonks saw her aunt something bad happened. Bellatrix had killed her cousin Sirius and she had been present at Dumbledore’s death.

At the thought of Sirius another tear escaped Nymphadora. She hadn’t really known her cousin due to the thirteen years he’d spent in Azkaban, but when she finally got to make up for lost time his world came to an abrupt end with his premature death at the hands of Bellatrix.

She knew she shouldn’t dwell upon what had happened in the past however. The past was after all... the past. It could not be re-written. Instead she continued to read her father’s letter.

So my darling my letter comes to a close. For my own safety I cannot tell you where I am going. To be honest I don’t have much of an idea myself but there are a couple of us who are going on the run, so fear not I am not alone.

I shall think about both you and our Dora daily, and if I do not live to see our grandchild make sure you tell it from me how I wish I could have met it. I hope he or she is like our Dora... I shall watch over you all in heaven and await the time you can come and join me.

I love you Dromeda with all my heart and give Dora a big cuddle for me. I shall miss you both.
Until we meet again, whether it be in this life or the next...


The kisses on the end were smudged making most of them illegible; it appeared at this point her father had broken down, just as Tonks felt she was about to. She could not help herself as she burst into tears, her father seemed sure he was going to die before they could meet again.

She looked down to her stomach and gently put a hand to it, getting as close as she could to her growing baby. Her father seemed sure she’d never meet him... she just knew it was a him. She looked back up at how her father had signed off; “Ted/Dad/Teddy”... now she thought of it, her mother had called him Teddy on the odd occasion. If she ever saw Remus again she decided she’d like to name their baby Teddy after her father... especially if he didn’t live to see him.

She sighed; she needed Remus right now more than ever before. She could hear her mother sobbing in the living room. They had both lost their husbands in the past two days, both for similar reasons. In the future these events could make them closer as mother and daughter, but right now it made them more distant. Both were grieving for their other halves.

She knew she should probably give her mother some space, but last night once she’d returned inside from calling after Remus, her mother had been there for her. Tonks wanted to be there for her mother as she had been for her.

She silently entered the living room and sat beside her sobbing mother on the sofa. “I’m here for you.” she whispered, not wanting to startle her.

Andromeda reached out and took her daughter’s hand. “I know you are Dora... Thank You.”

“We are both in this together you know.” Tonks told her.

“I know... our family really does have issues doesn’t it?” she sniffed.

Tonks laughed. It felt nice to be able to laugh with her mother again after all the drama that had happened both yesterday and today. “I guess issues is one way of explaining it.”

Andromeda smiled, “Did you see the photo?”

Tonks had to think for a second before she remembered the photo her mother had pushed across to her with the letter. She got up, ran to the kitchen and picked it up. It was a photo of both her and Remus and Ted and Andromeda at hers and Remus’ wedding. They were all beaming at her, expressing a happiness she had once felt and she couldn’t stop the tears that began to flow down her cheeks.

She turned the photo over in her hands and read the message her father had scrawled on the back.

You and Remus will sort things out again I know you will. You are so deeply in love. This picture proves it.
I love both you and your mum and don’t you ever forget it.
Dad x

She sat down and just gazed at the photo for a while, tears streaming down her cheeks, too focused on the picture to notice a knock at the door. It was only when her mother called her that she snapped out of her reverie.

“Dora it’s Remus!”

Tonks stood up suddenly, feeling slightly dizzy but it didn’t bother her. Her husband was home; maybe their family issues could resolve themselves after all.

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Family On Hold: Family On Hold


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