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Lost Potters 1: Through thick and thin by HP lookalike
Chapter 27 : Nightfall
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 “No! Absolutely not.”



“Why not you guys? I need to do this,” Sirius protested.




“Padfoot,” James snapped. “You cannot tell Amelia our secret, it’s not right.”




“James, right now she hates me. She thinks that I’m cheating on her and I need to tell her the truth, it’s the only way to win her back!”




“Sirius, it’s not your secret to tell,” Remus replied. “It’s mine. Prongs is right, it’s not fair on me.”




The three boys were in a corner of a crowded common room. It was the night before the full moon and Sirius was desperate to tell Amelia about where they disappeared to. Sulking, he decided to do it anyway. He traipsed over to where she was sitting and grabbed her arm, pulling her away from Jake, Hayley and Lily. 




“Amy,” he whispered urgently. “I need to tell you something.”




“What?” she asked, a hint of exasperation in her voice.




“Narphan Ness!” James hissed, a spell that made the thought vanish from Sirius’ head.




“I…it’s nothing.”




“Sirius, why are you doing this?” Amelia groaned angrily.




“Look Amy, I love you. I can see why you’d accuse me of cheating but you have to believe me, I never would. I can’t tell you where I disappeared off to because it’s personal and it isn’t my place to say. But I promise, I’ll never lie to you again.”




Amelia considered his reply. On the one hand, she felt he’d at the least earned her trust in this matter, but Sirius was a slippery customer and she had to be careful.




“Ok, promise me you won’t sneak out again?” she requested.




“I promise,” Sirius lied through his teeth. It had occurred to him that he was going to have to sneak away the very next night and he needed to make sure he wasn’t caught. After all, he doubted Amelia would be so forgiving next time.








Lily spun on the spot, glancing around to see who had called out her name. She groaned when she saw who it was. Severus and Hope. They came running up to her but she’d already turned around and was walking the other way forcefully.




“What is it?” she snapped as the pulled in either side of her.




“Lily,” Hope began. “We’re both really sorry for what happened. Neither of us meant to hurt you!”




“I don’t care. You both fucked me over good and proper, especially you Severus. But I shouldn’t be surprised with your Death Eater mates.”




“Lily, I never wanted for things to go this far. I still love you Lily and I still want to be your friend. I never intended to cause you such pain!” Snape protested.




“Oh yeah?” Lily snarled. “Well guess what Severus, they did go that far and you caused me a lot of pain! You can’t just undo that or beg me to forget it!”




“Don’t throw our friendship down the toilet Lils,” Hope implored.




“I’m not the one who ruined our friendship Murphy, you are, the minute you stopped being a friend to me. Now I’m done with both of you for good, so just leave me alone!”




With that Lily was gone, running ahead and out of sight and hoping that neither of them had seen her tears.




Sirius had to plan meticulously to ensure that James, Remus and himself could get down to the shrieking shack before Remus transformed, but also so that Amelia didn’t find out. This was incredibly risky and involved the three leaving dinner early to ensure they were in their dorm by seven. Their plan was to leave around nine and head out, under cover of the invisibility cloak. They would then be able to make it to the shack by ten, when Remus was going to transform. Everything went without a hitch and by 9:45 they were safely in the shack…




Amelia wasn’t happy. There was no sign of Sirius. She headed up to the boys dorm at 9, only to find that he’d gone. She belted it downstairs, in time to see a flutter of legs that indicated their invisibility cloak disappear out the portrait hole. She headed out after them, determined to find out once and for all what on earth Sirius was up to. She found herself stopped by Jake and glared up at him. 




“What is it Amy?” he asked anxiously.




“Sirius has just gone off again. He promised me he wouldn’t!” she snapped in reply.




“So?” Jake asked. “He’s with Remus and James, they can’t be doing much. Everyone has secrets Amelia, things that they aren’t allowed to tell anyone. You just have to trust Sirius. Question him when he gets back if you must but don’t go running out after him, you’ll only get in trouble.”




“No Jake,” Amelia yelled defiantly. “Sirius has been lying to me and now I’m going to find out where he’s going, once and for all!” 




And before Jake could say anything else she had pushed past him and was out the portrait hole, single-minded in her resolve to find Sirius. Once she was out the Gryffindor Tower, she found it easy to track the three using a neat little spell called Homo Revellium, which told her where nearby people were. They headed down all seven flights of stairs, until they reached the Entrance Hall. It was no surprise to Amelia when she saw the door to the grounds open and she managed to catch it before it closed, slipping through unnoticed as the boys ploughed on ahead, still unaware of her presence. It wasn’t until too late that she realised they were heading for the Whomping Willow, a great brute of a tree that would be a nightmare to get past. As Amelia watched the tree froze and then the boys took off the cloak, slipping down a tunnel right at the front of the tree. Amelia ran as fast as she could but it wasn’t fast enough. Before she could reach the tunnel, the Willow sprang into life. A huge branch crashed into her, breaking several ribs and knocking her off her feet. She crawled forwards, rolling left and right to avoid the fist like branches that hammered towards her. One slightly smaller branch smashed her left arm and she felt it break beneath her. Groaning in pain, she made the final few meters and grabbed a rope that dangled tantalisingly in front of her. The Willow froze and she leapt to her feet, sprinting the final distance and jumping down the tunnel. It was like a giant slide that turned into a dimly lit tunnel. Following it down, she looked at her watch. 10:00. She heard a howling and scratching noises and began to panic. Sirius was in there, he could be hurt! Amelia clambered to her feet once more and ran the rest of the way to wherever the tunnel was leading her…




Jake was trying to relax but he couldn’t stop thinking about Amy. Hayley pressed her hand against his leg and he looked up at his new fiancée. She was beautiful. Her shorts came down to her knees and legs were amazing, almost as amazing as the top half of her stunning body. Her lips were the same delicate shade of pink as the first day they’d met and her eyes, those captivating, mesmerising eyes. They were the bluest blue and held life in them. They even matched her nail varnish, as well as the electric blue streak she’d recently added into her fringe. Her hair was as dark as ever but longer now. Whereas before it had stopped just beyond her shoulders, now it cascaded down her back and stopped just about halfway down her ribs, maybe slightly lower. She looked more beautiful (if that was possible) than the day Jake had met her and he loved her to pieces. She was his beautiful soon to be wife. And she was worried.




“What’s up Jake?” she asked, concerned. “You’re really distracted tonight honey.”




“Sorry Hayls,” he replied, focusing on her speech rather than her body. “I was just thinking about Amy. She’s being an idiot, running off after Sirius because he keeps disappearing during the night and she thinks she’s cheating on him. God knows where she is now, probably somewhere in the grounds, stalking the Marauders.”




All of a sudden, Hayley went very pale. Jake looked at her in surprise as she pulled him out the portrait hole and away from the rest of the Gryffindors. 




“Jake, listen to me very carefully. Remus is a werewolf and Sirius and James are animagi to keep him company when he transforms. They’re in the shrieking shack and Remus’ll be turning savage any moment now. If Amy’s gone with them, she’ll be torn to shreds!”




Jake’s eyes bulged and like Hayley, he too went very pale. He started to mutter something about James and Sirius protecting her but Hayley had already grabbed his clammy hand and was racing away. He clung on for dear life and let her lead the way. They hurtled down the stairs, taking them three at a time and nearly breaking their necks. As soon as they reached the bottom they hit the ground running, tearing through the entrance hall and out into the grounds. The moon was just coming out from behind a cloud, full as it could and shining down onto them. Hayley swore loudly and dashed off again, Jake racing after her. They ran straight to the foot of the Whomping Willow, Hayley screaming: “Immobulus!” as they got close. There was a tunnel at its base and Hayley dropped straight into it, Jake right behind her. They heard the screams that told them they might already be too late…




The tunnel opened out into a room and as Amelia entered it, she was hit by a realisation. She was in the Shrieking Shack. The howling and scratching was coming from nearby and even as she turned to try and investigate, a huge black dog was thrown backwards, landing nearby her. She screamed and ran, aiming for the door it had come out of. The dog leapt in front of her, grabbing her uninjured right arm with its teeth and dragging her back towards the tunnel. Her hand found her wand and she blasted it, making it drop her. Even as she watched, the dog began to change into a man. Seconds later, Sirius was stood in front of her, his eyes full of anxiety.




“You have to get out of here now!” he hissed.




“Why?” she asked, grabbing him and pulling him into a hug. “Why didn’t you just tell me you were an Animagus?”




“How could I?” he replied. “It’s not an easy thing to admit, especially as we’re unregistered.”




“We? Does that mean Remus and James as well?”




“We’ll have this talk later Amy I promise, now you have to leave!” he urged.




“No!” she yelled, pushing him back. “You keep lying to me Sirius and refusing to tell me the truth, what is going on?”




And with that she ran into the other room. Sirius called after her but he was too late. Inside the other room, a stag was attempting to pin down a werewolf. The stag failed. The wolf shrugged him off and charged. Amy screamed and ran for cover but the wolf was quicker, attacking her as she reached the door. Sirius roared and transformed into the dog, diving into the wolf. He was only able to hold it for a second as it shrugged him off and as Amy scrambled back, it sank its claws into her again. She’d never known pain like it, as the wolf ripped into her. She turned onto her stomach and looked the thing in its bloodthirsty eye as it slashed her. Amy screamed in pain but no sound came out. Everything was becoming a blur. Suddenly, there was a voice. The wolf was off her, writhing, held back by the dog and the stag, who were aided by ropes spouting from a wand. A face came into Amy’s view. A boy, she knew him didn’t she? He’d saved her life. Jake. It was Jake. And Hayley.




“Thank…you!” Amelia croaked.




“Save your voice, you’re gonna need it for when we get out of here,” Jake said, smiling. She felt him pick her up and screamed in agony. She knew it was bad




“Jake,” she whispered, the only sound she could manage. “I’m dying.”




“Not you’re not,” he cried, tears drenching her. “You are not dying on me today Amelia Kingston.”




“It’s over Jake. But we had a good run.”








Jake was screaming. The cool night breeze told her they’d made it out the shack and tunnel. At least she could end her life in the open air.




“I love you Jake.”








Jake’s voice was faded, she could feel her pain going too. Something was pumping her chest, kissing her as it did so. The last thing she heard before passing out was Jake’s voice telling her to hang on…




Jake was still trying but it was hopeless. Amelia had been dead for half an hour now. The wounds that Remus had inflicted were beyond repair, severely damaging numerous internal organs. She was still bleeding even now.




“Jake,” Hayley whispered, placing a hand on his shoulder as he pounded on Amy’s chest. “It’s over.”




“No! It’s not! She could still come back. She can’t die, she can’t!”




Jake was crying harder than he’d ever cried before. It felt as though his heart and his stomach had been ripped out. He wept for her, clinging to Hayley, the last good thing left in the world. As his crying eventually stopped, sadness and depression were replaced by something else. Anger. A rich, powerful hatred than ran through him, filtered to his every orifice. His wand was by his side and he picked it up, his eyes and heart heavy as he stormed back down the tunnel. The werewolf was still struggling but the ropes had it secure. Sirius and James lay either side of it, tears in their eyes. As Jake walked in and they saw how he looked at Remus, they knew. Sirius howled and ran over to James, placing his head on his best friend’s shoulder. Jake walked right up to the beast that had murdered his best friend. He pointed his wand at it, millimetres away. He knew the spell. Two words. He could end it right here, murder the hideous beast that had obliterated the person he loved most in this world. And he’d never told her. She’d died thinking he loved Hayley more than he loved her. Only now, when he was without her, did Jake realise how much he truly loved Amy. She was gone because of Remus but because of her, he was able to live. If her face hadn’t floated into his mind, reminding him this wasn’t the way, Jake would have murdered Remus there and then. As it was, he dropped his wand, collapsed to the floor and wept. He cried for so long and so hard that by the time he had stopped, Remus was human again. The sun came up and all around Hogwarts, there was calm. Jake was done crying. He stood up, walked out with the Marauders and Hayley behind him. He took one last look at Amelia Kingston, kissed her forehead, then walked away, his last tear dropping onto where her heart used to be. 




A/N: apologies to anyone who found that last bit a tad upsetting. I must admit I nearly cried after writing this chapter, but it had to be done. Poor Amy. Poor Jake. Will things ever be the same again? One chapter left guys so there's still a little bit more, but thanks again for reading and please leave a review. HP

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