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A Malfoy and a Weasely Who'd have guessed? by Kirsty Weasley
Chapter 9 : Getting Ready
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“Pass me my blusher!”

“Have you seen my favourite lip gloss?”

“Rose where is my brush?!”

“Oh dear merlin my hair is a disaster! I’m doomed!”

It was 6pm on the last night of school before the Christmas holidays. It was the night of the Christmas Ball.

It was for that reason that there were seven girls all crowded into Rose’s dorm. There was Rose, Kirsty and their other dorm mates Sarah, Hannah and Suze, along with Lily Potter and Roxanne Weasley who had invited themselves to get ready in the older girls dorm.

The ball was starting promptly at seven and the girls were meant to be meeting their dates in exactly forty five minutes…

The dorm was in complete chaos as each of the girls scrabbled to get ready and look their best.

Rose was surprised by how calm she was in comparison to the girls surrounding her. Even Kirsty and Sarah who were both going to the ball with their long-term boyfriends were panicking slightly.

“ROSE!” Kirsty demanded the pretty redhead’s attention. “Where IS my brush?”

Rose looked up from her spot in front of the mirror where she was currently applying her makeup.

“How should I know?” She asked, raising an eyebrow in a confused manor.

“Because!” Kirsty exclaimed. “You were the last to use it. You know the one I mean, the big red one?”

Comprehension dawned on Rose’s face.

“Oh,” She said. “You mean my red brush?” She raised a delicately tweezed eyebrow.

“DOES IT MATTER? I’M MEETING FRED IN A HALF AN HOUR AND MY HAIR IS A FRIZZY MESS!” Kirsty burst her left eye twitching slightly in agitation.

The girl did have a point- he hair was frizzing like there was no tomorrow, it added to the crazy look she had going on.

“Sit down Kirst,” Rose sighed. “I’ll fix your hair for you- cause believe me, brushing it will NOT get rid of that frizz.”

Kirsty looked torn between slapping Rose for the insult and jumping on her with hugs for saying she’d fix her disastrous ‘do. She went with staying silent throwing herself on the chair in front of Rose.

“Loose curls please.” She demanded, looking into Roses’ vanity mirror.

Rose rolled her eyes muttering charms under her breath that would tease out with frizz and replace it with loose ringlets. What would have taken Kirsty a good half hour to sort Rose had finished in all of five minutes. With a flick of her wand to insure that Kirsty’s hair and fringe would stay perfect all night Rose was done.

“Finished! You look gorgeous Kirst!” Rose exclaimed.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Kirsty squealed jumping on Rose and tackling her in a hug.

Rose laughed, “No problem! You just owe me now- I will be calling in favours sometime soon!”

There was a somewhat evil glint in Roses’ eye. Kirsty visibly gulped.

“Why do I get the feeling that this will have something to do with Freddie?” Kirsty groaned. “You know that I can't convince him to do anything!”

“We’ll see.” Rose smirked, flicking her wand so that her hair fell in perfect waves down her back, a brilliant combination of messy and tidy.

Rose stood up and walked over to her wardrobe in order to get out her dress, slipping it on she twirled in front of the mirror.

She looked gorgeous.

“You ready to go?” She asked Kirsty, ignoring the other girls who were physically fighting over a blusher brush in her dorm.

Kirsty pulled up the zip on the back of her dress, quickly adjusted her shoes and grabbed a clutch bag off of her bed.

“I think so, do I look okay?” She seemed nervous, I didn’t Rose didn’t quite understand why. Kirsty and Fred had been together for a long time, they were perfectly united. Like night and day, sound and silence, dark and light. Her milky white skin contrasted perfectly with his mocha tone. In short, they were the perfect couple.

They could fight, yelling and screaming at each other across the common room one minute and be kissing as though nothing ever happened the next.

Rose had always been a bit jealous of Kirsty’s good fortune in finding a guy who was the yin to her yang. Until she met Scorpius that was.

Things had been going surprisingly well for them since Rose’s intervention, the last two weeks had been quiet and calm. None of Rose’s family had hurt Scorpius, or even shot glares at him. Al had even spoken to him once! Technically he had asked Scorpius to pass him the potatoes when Scorpius was eating with Rose at the Gryffindor table, but he still spoke!

That was progress in Rose’s eyes.

“You look gorgeous Kirst!” Rose exclaimed. “Now lets get out of here, these psychopaths that are getting ready are scaring me!”

Kirsty laughed and grabbed Roses’ hand and they made their way, slowly towards the great hall to meet their dates.

Rose wasn’t quite sure why Kirsty and Fred were meeting outside the great hall when they could have just met in the common room. She guessed that it was just because it was the done thing. That and girls like to make an entrance. And those marble staircases really made that possible!

Kirsty walked down the stairs to reach Fred and grinned at the stunned look on his face.

“You look so beautiful baby,” He told her sincerely.

“Always the tone of surprise.” She laughed and he picked her up and spun her around in a circle.

“Hardly, it’s just that your beauty never fails to astound me!” He grinned, a cocky grin sliding onto his face.

“I love you Freddie Weasley,” Kirsty whispered as he set her down.

“Not as much as I love you,” He stole a kiss. They were so caught up in their moment.

Just then Rose stepped out onto the staircase, ready to make her own entrance.

Then she saw him. Scorpius. Her Scorpius. Standing there staring up at her as though she were an angel sent straight from Heaven.

And suddenly everyone else was gone. They were the only two people in the world. Rose reached Scorpius and he took her hand. No words were said, they just looked into each others eyes. Completely lost in the moment.

Rose didn’t have to be jealous of what Kirsty had anymore. She had something completely of her own.

A/N Uhh, well Hi! So its been a while. A long long while, since i've updated. I really dont have an excuse- nor do I have an excuse for why this chapter is rubbish and unbeta-ed . But its up. Honestly, i've had a busy year, and i've done a lot of work on another fanfic of mine "The Dream Barrier" (check it out its quite good and is updated semi-regularly) I understand if a lot of you AMAAWWHG followers have jumped ship- and I also get that this story is not very good at all, it was my first ever attempt at writing something like this and needs a LOT of improvement, but i'll finish it when I can! Please leave some encouragement so I actually do! Thanks for sticking with me! -Kirsty xxx

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