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Fireworks by BellatrixCrucioYou
Chapter 1 : Excessive Sweat
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Disclaimer: Anything you recognize from the Harry Potter series belongs to the fabulous J.K. Rowling and not me.  This is somewhat based on the song, Fireworks which belongs to the band You Me at Six.

A/N: I’ve had this idea going for a while now but I never made it into something that would flow so here it is finally. I hope you at least somewhat like it. I have a feeling it will be my first finished fan fiction. Enjoy and reviews would make me very happy. Thanks! Lovely chapter image made by aphrodite @TDA :)



It was hot out. Extremely hot. My clothes were sticking to me and my forehead was practically dripping with sweat. Attractive, I know. My hands were full as I carried two bags of groceries back to my house. My mum had sent me to the nearby store while she was at work. It was rather unfortunate that I still couldn’t drive. I’m sixteen years old but I haven’t quite gotten around to the task of driving a car yet. Not that it was too incredibly important because I’ll be learning how to apparate this year anyway.  It’ll be a tremendous time saver being able to disappear and reappear at my will.



I attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the best school of magic I know of. It’s summer break at the moment and since I have nothing to do I get the un-enjoyable task of buying groceries because my siblings have more of a life than I do. I have one sister and two brothers. They were always out doing God knows what while I, being the more unsocial one, am usually at home doing basically nothing. Fun times, fun times.



I rounded the corner leading to another stretch of homes and my own came into view. It will be a major relief to step foot into an air conditioned place. I walked on at a sluggish pace, wishing I had a free hand to wipe my forehead. In the distance I could see and hear the neighbor kids who were playing in the sprinklers. Oh, water. How I craved it right now. I decided right then and there that I would jump in the pool first thing after putting the groceries away. Yes, that sounded like a good plan.



I stepped gratefully onto the porch of my house and placed the bags at my feet before stumbling with the key to the door. Our door liked to be stupid and it took me a whole minute to get the door open. I grabbed the bags and headed on in over the threshold.



“I’m home!” I called to anyone who might be home. No response. I didn’t expect one.



I proceeded to the kitchen and hurriedly put the newly bought food in their rightful places.  I heard someone come down the stairs and was surprised to see my fourteen year old sister walking toward me.  Julie was a twin. Her counterpart, Andrew was about as different from Julie as it was possible to be. Their only similarity was that they were both stubborn but I think that could be said about all four of us.



“Did you buy ice cream like I asked you to?” she demanded before crossing to the freezer and wrenching open the door to check.



“Yes, I got ice cream, Julie. Calm down. You might want to wait before you have some though because it’s half melted because it’s about a thousand degrees outside,” I said irritably. My sister and I got along for the most part but she was your typical teenager trying to fit in and impress everyone. It was that phase.



“Fine,” she replied and with that she wondered back upstairs. I shook my head and then followed her up so I could change into my bathing suit.



A few minutes later I stepped into the backyard where I immediately felt gross with hotness again. I lathered on sunscreen and jumped right into the deep end.



Ah, it felt wonderful.



I floated around awhile, enjoying myself and doing nothing in particular. But of course not even ten minutes could pass without something interrupting my peaceful state.






This time it was the door bell which I could easily hear from where I was. I had a strong feeling that Julie would be too lazy to answer the door. Sighing, I exited the pool and wrapped myself in a soft towel, then walked to the door. I ignored the fact that I was dripping water on the floor with every step.



I peeked through the peep hole on the front door and was relieved to see that it was only Justin, my older brother. He wouldn’t care if I answered the door in just a bathing suit. Yes, that was my biggest concern.



“Hey, Justin,” I said as I let him in. I assumed he was at Savannah’s house. Savannah was Justin’s girlfriend of two years and everyone in the family took it for granted that they would get married and have kids one day. They were, so it seemed, “meant to be” as my mum says.



“Hey, sis.” He closed the door and walked past me into the kitchen before continuing.



“You ready for school to start? September 1st is tomorrow already.”



“I’ve never wanted to go back more, actually,” I said without a trace of sarcasm. Summer just got more and more boring as the days wore on.



“Yeah, I know what you mean. I just want to go and get 7th year over and done with,” Justin said thoughtfully. This year would be Justin’s last at Hogwarts and he was eager to get through so that he could start with his job at the Ministry of Magic. He’s been taking all the classes required to join the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.



Justin and I were the smart children in the family. It wasn’t that Julie and Andrew were dumb because they certainly weren’t. They just never put any effort into their lessons because they were preoccupied by “more important things”. Justin and I were serious about school and, well why shouldn’t we be? I wanted to do something productive in life.



Swimming sounded productive right now.



“I’m going back outside,” I said and without waiting for a response I headed to the back door. I stayed in the pool for another half hour or so before I dried off for good.  I must have gotten a semi decent tan today, what with walking to the store and back and the short amount of time I spent in the pool.  



Andrew was home when I came in which surprised me because I never heard him come home. Andrew thought he was the misunderstood child and was always moping around or rebelling against our parents. Whatever floats his boat, I guess. We were quite the mix of teenagers.



A letter was waiting for me in my room and my grey owl, Stormy was flying around at high speed. That owl was always so hyper. I called her down and she came obediently, landing on my shoulder. I fed Stormy a few owl treats before placing her cautiously in her cage which sat on my desk.



I picked up the letter and the handwriting on the outside told me exactly who it was from. My best friend, Claire Marring.






Hey! How have you been? My trip to America was totally awesome and I can’t wait to tell you about it when I see you! I saw a lot of cute boys and we visited tons of cool places, including Disneyland. Muggles go crazy over that place and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a huge theme park with rides and yummy food. I wish you could have come with us. Anyway, I’m guessing you already went to Diagon Alley so I’ll see you at Platform 9 ¾. I’m totally excited to start our sixth year. We’re all grown up now; it’s sort of scary in a way. I just wanted to tell make sure I dropped a letter before the start of term. Say hi to your brother for me and I’ll see you! Bye!






Claire was about as big a spazz as Stormy but I still adored her. We’ve been best friends since first year when we met in our first Transfiguration class. Professor McGonagall yelled at us for talking too much and we were separated the next day. If ever I get into trouble it’s because of Claire.



My other friend, Lily Evans was a whole different story.  She was the smartest girl in our year and she hardly ever got into trouble. I remember not liking Lily at first because I thought she was too much of a know-it-all. Not to mention I was secretly jealous of her good looks. She had gorgeous red hair and startling green eyes. It wasn’t until I became almost as much of a know-it-all as her that I appreciated her. I’m no longer jealous of her looks either because I know I wouldn’t want James Potter following me around all day long.



James Potter. That boy never quits.



James Potter was one of the four Marauders. Yeah, stupid name. Apparently Lily and I were the only ones who thought so because the Marauders are as popular as it gets. Remus was decent but he still gets sucked into their shenanigans on occasion.  At least Remus was kind and he wasn’t obnoxious either.



Sirius Black was also a part of the group and he was James’s best friend. They were closer than close. They were like brothers. Sirius was just as annoying and irritating as James. Put them together and I couldn’t imagine how anybody wouldn’t want to commit suicide within the first two minutes of being in their company. Sirius thinks he can get and do whatever he wants. The sad part is that girls are practically falling at his feet wanting to date him. He’s handsome, I’ll give him that but him and James have the biggest egos of anyone I know.



Then there was Peter Pettigrew whom it seems everyone forgets about. He’s just kind of there. He plays part in the pranks and he still has his own nickname like the others but he’s almost like their little fan boy. He follows them around and worships their every move. I guess I don’t know the Marauders enough to judge their friendship with Peter but from the outside, that’s exactly what we observers see.



I take that back.



I do know James pretty well. I play on the Gryffindor Quidditch team with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was made captain this year since our old captain, Greg Jones is gone. James Potter is obsessed with Quidditch. I’d go as far as to say it’s hard to tell whether he likes Lily or Quidditch more.



Okay, Lily wins. But I did have to stop and think about it.



Both James and I play Chaser. I’ve been playing since my third year and I think he’s been playing since second year which is pretty good. James is excellent at Quidditch.



So there you have it. There is the rundown on the infamous Marauders. Not that special, right? I wish everyone agreed with me.



I folded the letter from Claire and placed it at the top of a small growing stack of letters that I received over the summer holiday. It really was exciting that school started tomorrow. I wanted to get away from my boring house and see my friends and, dare I say it, start classes again. I’ll regret saying that later, I’m sure.  At least O.W.L.s were done. I did fairly well if I do say so myself. Our results came by owl a few weeks ago and I only received one Exceeds Expectations and the rest were Outstandings. My E was in Transfiguration.






Transfiguration was never my best subject and no matter how hard I tried, I could never achieve anything higher than an E. Can’t have everything I want.



These thoughts of a new school year made me anxious and so I roamed around my room, picking up random things and throwing them into my messy trunk. I got bored of that in about one minute so I went downstairs to eat ice cream.



Ice cream was a good compromise.



It always was.


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Fireworks: Excessive Sweat


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