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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 22 : Felicitas
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      I woke up that Friday morning unsure of myself. Dom and I had planned, oh god we had planned. This has been more planning then the time we took Rose Weasley’s diary. This was big, this was important, and more than anything? This. Was. Wrong. 

      I hadn’t discovered anything more about what they were planning on doing, so all we knew was that Fred, Drew, and Potter were sneaking out on Friday night to do something very dangerous. Well, they’re protecting something very dangerous. Or maybe they’re defending the something from something dangerous? I don't even know anymore, but I can’t worry about it. We aren’t going to let it get to that point. It’ll all go well, we have a plan. It’ll be okay, right? 

      “Get up Dom.” I whispered, it was only six o’clock. Dom jolted awake immediately grabbing the candle next to her bed and lighting it through the darkness. I’m lucky that mornings are Dom’s only good times of day. We hadn’t exactly planned to get up early, but I think it was an unsaid agreement. “I’m scared.”

      “That’s expected,” She whispered drawing her curtains around her bed and pulling out a cigarette. I rolled my eyes, she had taken up smoking again in the past week. Drew didn’t know…yet. “If you weren’t scared Keri, then something would be very wrong.” 

      “But Dom, what if we’re wrong about it all? What if they were just—well—kidding? You know them. They might have known we were in there and then planned the entire thing out!” 

      Dom shook her head blowing out through her nose. “No, like you’ve said, Potter was serious. And Fred and Drew were too when he got mad. This is real and you know it. You just don't want to follow through, do you?”

      I shifted uncomfortably looking up to the wood paneled ceiling. “You don't understand.”

      “It’s not like it’s your first time Keri. It’s not a big deal.”

      She blew the smoke close to my face and I glared pulling the cigarette out of her mouth and burning it to cinders with my wand. “Don't smoke those damn things, they’ll kill you!” 

      Dom just rolled her eyes, “These days everything that’s remotely fun seems to be able to kill me! And nice change of subject by the way.” She just pulled out another one as I sighed helplessly. “It’s not that big of a deal and you know it. You’re not a virgin, and he’s not a virgin. There’s nothing wrong with having planned sex.”

      “You don't get it Dom! It is a big deal to me! I actually care about things like that! They have a meaning to me? Understand? It actually has a meaning to me? And this is all so wrong and unprincipled!” 

      “Fine.” She got up and threw the drapes from the bed angrily. I followed her out to the window where the sun was barely coming up through the dark sky. “Don't do it then. Let them get hurt or killed or horribly damaged, but just know that it’s on you alone. It’s your fault, not mine, not theirs, yours. I wouldn’t want to live with that, but I’m not you, obviously.”

      I stood there in stunned silence for what felt like forever. She was guilt tripping me, but I deserved it. I was being selfish here. I cleared my throat before starting to speak. “I’m sorry.”

      “Well don't tell me that, tell Potter and Drew and Freddy that when your at their goddamned gravestones tomorrow.”

      “Your right, Dom, your right okay.” She wouldn’t look at me, so I took the time to study her. She had changed a lot since the last time I had actually looked. She was…older. Her cheeks weren’t round like a little kids anymore, but hallowed out, making her look more dignified. Her hair was darker now, almost a darker blonde mixed with a reddish tint instead of blonde. The nose ring was still there, but now she was sucking on cigs. I could really sum it all up in one word—tired. She was tired of it all, and I haven't noticed this year because I’ve been too involved in my own life. 

      “How did those words taste coming out of your mouth?” She finally smiled a little turning to me. I glared at her. 

      “Like poison.” 


      “Well, can we go over the plan one more time? 

      “Again? God Keri we’ve only done that four billion times.”

      “It’s important to me Dom! I want to be—”

      I was cut off mid-sentence as Halley’s shrill voice rang through the room. “Dominique Etoile Weasley! I smell SMOKE!” 

      “Shit.” Dom breathed throwing the cigarette to me quickly and running to the bathroom to brush her teeth. 

      “What should I do with it?” I hissed to Dom who was eating toothpaste. She looked at me exasperated…Halley was climbing out of her bed as we spoke.

      “Oh use your imagination Kiersten McCabe, do you ever fucking think? There’s an open window right there!” 

      “Right,” I frantically threw it out the window. “I—er—knew that.” Dom just grimaced at me as she swallowed some more toothpaste before rushing back out to me at the widow. Halley had finally arrived, and all she saw was Dom and I enjoying the view of morning…but Halley wasn’t that thick. 

      “Where is it?” She demanded angrily. Dom attempted to look clueless but Halley wouldn’t buy it. “You mean to say that you haven't been smoking? When the entire room smells of cigarettes? Dom! I’m not that bloody thick!” 

      “Wasgoinon?” Caitlin mumbled sitting up and rubbing her eyes. 

      “Where—” She stopped mid-sentence to stare at Dom in disbelief. “No…” All three of us slowly peered out the window and onto the ground below. 


      “Oh my god! What have you done!”

      “Jesus Christ! I wonder who decided to throw a cig out the window in the middle of the dry winter!” 

      There was a fire that was quickly spreading to near greenhouse one. “Augumenti!” I yelled pointing down at the fire. Dom and Halley looked at me annoyed. A little bit of water wasn’t going to change it. 

      “Look!” Dom yelled, now Caitlin was next to us, her eyes wide with surprise and amusement. “It’s Neville! See!” She was right, professor Longbottom was out in a robe trying to tackle the fire. 

      “Should we go and help him?” Halley actually looked serious. 

      I looked to Dom and tried not to laugh. “I’m sure he’s got it, see?” I said pointing down to where the fire was a lot smaller, in fact, it was almost gone. 

      “No more smoking Dominique! Do you understand me?”

      “Yes mother.”

      “I am being serious. If you don't stop contaminating your body I’ll report you!”

      “You have zippo proof.” Dom was now giving Halley her customary ‘Dom a la bitch’ look. 

      “I don't need it, I’ll still report you to the people who wont believe you regardless.”

      “Who? McGonagall? Goode? Steuber? My mother and father? Vicky? My extended family? Newsflash Hall, they don't care really. And for those who do they would believe me.” 

      Dom was smiling like she had won, but after living with Halley Stoner for almost seven years I knew enough to know that she never lost a fight while she was pissed. She’s a true Gryffindor when she’s like this. When she opened her mouth again I knew that it would all be over for Dommy. “Oh? Is that so? Well, I actually wasn’t planning on telling any of them, so you don't have to worry.” Dom’s face was triumphant.

      “Wait for it…” Caitlin mumbled to me while shaking her head. 

      “I, actually, am going to tell your grandmother.”

      All of the color drained from Dom’s face. She looked from Halley, to me, to Cait, mumbling incoherent words. “You—wouldn’t.”

      “I would.” She paused for a moment to look down, I followed seeing that the fire was out, leaving a big black section on the ground below. “So, I would stop that habit right about now.” With that Halley walked away and into our bathroom with a humph. 

      “She is one special woman.” Caitlin said shaking her head while staring after her. Then she just shrugged and returned to her bed to sleep for another half hour. 

      “I hate her.” Dom mumbled finally recovering. “C’mon, let’s just get ready and go and eat. We have a lot of shit to get done today.”



      “Attention children,” Goode said in a bored tone. “We had a horrible event take place earlier this morning. Ironically it occurred right below the Gryffindor Girls common rooms.”

      “Shit.” I whispered to Dom. It was the last class of our day, and we hadn’t been caught yet. I personally thought that they’d have forgotten about the incident at this point. No dangerous things are really juicy news here at Hogwarts. 

      “There was a fire, as I’m sure a select few of you,” He took a dramatic pause to stare at Caitlin, Dom, and I. “Already know about. Now I have spoken to my other classes about this, and I am now positive by their responses that it was the seventh year dorm that the cigarette flew out of. So, lovely ladies, a word to the wise. Quit before you blow the entire school up.” He finished smirking a little to Dom who just stuck her tongue out at him. 

      We only had six hours until game time…but who’s counting? Not me…never me. It’s not like I’ve been counting down every half hour for the past eight hours give or take a few. “Uh, hello? Earth to Keri?”

      “What?” I asked Dom snapping out of my trance. 

      “You’re about to curse the head off of Vivacia Parkinson, not the spider.” I looked from her pitting face to Vivacia who was eyeing me uncertainly. I looked away aiming again for the spider. 

      “Miss. McCabe, Miss. Weasley, please, in the future to not smoke in your commons.” Goode had walked over and was hovering the table trying to get one of us to admit. 

      “I,” Dom started looking away from her oversized Salamander. “Don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.”

      “Oh I’m sure. Miss. McCabe, in the future do not let her stupidity override your common sense.”

      “Are you calling me stupid now Goode?” 

      “Yes, Miss. Weasley. I believe that I am.” He walked away briskly before Dom could think of a good word to throw at him. 

      “What an arse.” She finally mumbled. I just snorted and went  back to thinking about the plan. It’s all I’ve been able to think about the entire ruddy day. This is a bad thing when teachers are attempting to start reviewing for our exams all the way in June. It’s not like any of us care yet except for the freakish Ravenclaws and Halley. 

      When the bell rang I jumped. Dom glared at me for a moment before getting up and walking over to Drew and Fred. Her look said it all, calm the fuck down. I jumped a little again when Potter touched my shoulders. “Why so tense today?” He whispered in my ear as I edged uncomfortably towards the door. 


      Okay, so I’m thinking that now might be a good time to introduce the plan to you seeing as step number one is about to begin. Promise you won’t judge. So welcome, welcome to our plan.

Project Felicitas:
Worked by the one and only Dominique Weasley and Kiersten McCabe

Step One:

      Kiersten’s little white lie. 


      “Do you know what day today is?” I asked him as we walked out of the classroom together. 

      “January 16th?” He offered as we turned a corner and got ahead of everyone else. 

      “Well, yes, but that’s not what I was trying to get at.”

      “What are you trying to get at then?”

      “Promise you won’t tell?”

      I asked in a voice that was closer to a whisper then a regular tone even though there was no way that anyone could have heard me with the crowd going to dinner. It seemed to work just fine though, because Potter took my hand and drug me over to the side. I took a calming breath steadying myself.  “What’s wrong Kiersten?” He asked once we were behind the statue of Wolfrick the Great and away from all of the Hogwarts dinner groupies that included all of my friends. 

      “Nothing—I just—”

      “Well don’t get all emotional if you don’t want to talk about it.” He mumbled looking a bit annoyed. I was silent for a moment. “Sorry, I just have a lot of stuff to get done tonight with the boys. New pranks we’d like to test out.”

      “Ah,” I nodded my head looking at the ground during his lie. Well, his partial lie that is. I do think I’ll wake up tomorrow and find poor Liam Hilburn hanging from something. “Well, you should get going then?” 

      “What were you going to tell me Kier?” 

      I sat back on the statue and let my mind leave my body for a couple of minutes while I lied. “My mother left this day eleven years ago.” 

      All was really silent now. Not only had the dinner crowd disappeared into the great hall, but Potter didn’t seem to understand how to respond to this one. It wasn’t a complete lie, she did leave in January, just not until the 24th. So it was like a little white lie. That’s what Dom calls it at least. Phase one is Kiersten’s little white lie. 

      “I thought you didn’t like your mother.” He said finally. I still couldn’t look at him in the face. 

      “Just because I don’t really like the woman doesn’t mean that I don’t acknowledge the fact that she was my mother, James!” 

      This was the part where my voice had to get really loud and hysterical. Dom tells me that it’s the voice Lily uses to get what she wants with her father, and it has always pissed Potter off to no end. Or at least that’s what Dom has told me. 

      “Calm down McCabe,” He paused rolling his eyes. “You sound just like my sister.”

      “Is this supposed to be a compliment? Because I don’t really think that is what you’re aiming for with that statement! I am not in the mood for you and your issues tonight, Potter!” 

      I couldn’t help but get caught up in the moment. It was as if we were in the third year all over again (people argue that that was our worst, personally I think that they were all equally horrid. But If I had to choose I would say mid fourth to end of sixth was the climactic moment of our relationship of hate). Even though my mother hadn’t really left today, I still felt betrayed by him for not really caring. Oh God, what's wrong with me? 

      “You know what McCabe? I don’t have time for your crap right now, okay? I’m sorry that your mother left on this day like ten years ago or something, but you got to move on in life. It’s not like she’s coming back or anything. So just calm the hell down, would you?” 

      Part of me really did want to stop right now, but another wanted me to win. A younger, and more immature part of me didn’t want Potter to walk away victorious. “You don’t understand!” I finally blurted out, getting fully into the moment. I was angry now for his non understanding of what really wasn’t happening. “You just don’t get it, okay Potter? So just leave me alone!” 

      “What don’t I still not understand! I’m trying here, Kier, I really am trying. I want to understand you. But you obviously don’t want to let me in!” 

      “Just leave me alone!” I said it much harsher this time. I think most of me actually meant it too. 

      “You know what? FINE!” 

      He shouted the last word in my face as I shrunk back a little into the shadow of the statue. I had seen James Potter absolutely furious once before, and I didn’t want to see it ever again. “D-don’t scream.” I mumbled finally as he started to back off a little. His face was yet again unreadable. 

      “Sorry.” His voice was cold. 

      “Oh, your not—”

      He started to walk away before I could even finish my sentence. I sunk to the cold ground for a couple of minutes to think over all that had just happened when Dom came out from her post around the corner. “Well, Keri, that was pretty wicked.” She offered out her hand for me and I took it grudgingly. “The way you got into it! It was like I went back in time!” 

      “Yeah.” Was all I was able to conjure up before swallowing down guilt. 

      I guess now would be a good time to tell you why we’re calling it Project Felicitas. You see, in Roman mythology, Felicitas is the goddess of good fortune. If there’s one thing that Dommy and I need tonight its luck. So Felicitas? Do us well. 


      Phase Two:

            Dominique and the house-elf.


      “Yiddy my darling! It’s been too long!” Dom yelled to the house-elf that we had previously overdosed with Veritaserum. He backed up for a moment staring from Dom to me in absolute horror.

      “You—you is bad masters! You get Yiddy loopy!” He backed until he hit an oven. 

      “Ah, yes, Yiddy, I am terribly sorry about that—er—incident. But it was a desperate time for Master Weasley. And as you know, here at Hogwarts desperate times call for desperate measures.”

      “We are very sorry, Yiddy.” I said bending down to him and shaking my head in shame. “You see, my friend Dominique and I tend to go overboard often.” 

      “Yiddy does see that!”

      “Do you accept our apology?”

      “Yiddy—Yiddy does.” 

      Dom looked at me with her evil smile and then turned to the poor house-elf that we had taken a liking to. “So then, Yiddy, let’s get down to business! We have a favor.”

      “Yiddy is ready to help his destructive masters!”

      “Great Yiddy, so here’s what you do. We need you to put this,” Dom quickly pulled out the vial of sleeping draught from her robes and handed it to Yiddy. “Into the head tables drinks and the Gryffindor tables drinks.” 

      Yiddy looked at the bottle unsure. “Last time Yiddy held a wizards potion there was bad side-effects. But Yiddy will do anything for his lovely masters as long as it will not get Yiddy into big trouble!” 

      “Well, if your asked about it, then you have to deny it. That’s all there is to it!” I said standing up. Yiddy nodded slipping the bottle into his sack. 

      “Well, it has been lovely doing business with you.” Dom said patting his hand as we got up to go. “C’mon Keri, now onto bigger and better things!” 


Phase Three:

      Find Freddy’s girl and destroy.


      “Hello!” Dom sat down at the Ravenclaw table right next to Alexia Breyer, Fred’s current girl. “I’m Dom, Dom Weasley. But of course you already know me.” I shook my head embarrassed as Alexia stared at Dom with complete shock. “Freddy’s cousin? Seventh year Gryffindor? Part vela? C’mon girl, don’t any of these ring a bell?” 

      “I—yes, I know who you are. I just don’t really understand what you’re here for. We’ve never talked before I don’t think…” She drifted off pushing her dark brown hair behind her ears and looking to the girl next to her in confusion. “But it’s nice to meet you! I’m Alexia.”

      “Oh I know who you are.” Dom said picking at the Sheppard’s Pie on her plate. “I’ve just came to warn you.”

      I sat down next to her friend who looked from Dom to me in utter shock. I guess we can be a tad bit intruding at times. “Warn me?” Alexia asked looking even more confused now. “Warn me about what?” 

      “About Fred.” 

      “What do I need to know about him?” 

      “Darling, darling, darling, darling. You’re a young and pretty sixth year. What don’t you need to know?” Dom took a break from her pie and gagged pushing it away. “Have you kissed him yet” 

      “I honestly don’t see how that is at all relevant to what—”

      “Oh, it is. So have you? C’mon now, I’m on a tight schedule tonight. I have to be onto another thing in five minutes or everything is going to be thrown off.” 

      “I have.” Alexia mumbled blushing. 

      “Alright, then here’s what you’ll need to know. Fred has a gland disorder in his mouth.”

      “A gland disorder in his mouth?” 

      “Yes, a gland disorder in his mouth. This means that when he gets into the moment and all that shit saliva starts to pour out of his glands. You’ll feel like your flooding. It’s rather gross, or at least that’s what I’ve been told by a reliable source.”

      “Is she being serious?” Alexia turned to me in some sort of shock. I just nodded my head feeling bad for the girl. “Oh my…”

      “Yes, I thought you’d like to know before, well, before it happens. Another thing I think you should know about Freddiford—”

      “There’s more?” 

      “Oh yes. You should also know that he likes to pick his nose when he thinks no one’s watching and then stick it on the person who’s next to him. So if you ever find bogies on you now you’ll know why.”

       “It doesn’t sound at all like Fred, it’s sort of gross to tell you the truth. ”

      “Tell me about it sister,” Dom got up patting her hand on the back of Alexia. “But I wish you both happiness and contentment!” 

      Alexia muttered something non understandable as we got up to leave. It was the end of dinner, and all the Gryffindor’s who were left at the table looked pretty drowsy. Yiddy has done us good. “That, Dominique, was the best job I’ve seen you do sine that summer at the bar.” 

      “Ahh, that summer at the bar…well, thanks Keri. With luck she’ll noticeably be acting different and Freddy will sense it. Now, we’ve only got an hour for this phase, so get ready for it.”  


      Phase Four:

            Major Lockdown.


      “Goddamnit!” I shouted as Dom slammed a window shut on my finger. She chuckled and finished shutting all of the windows in this room with her Aunt Ginny’s permanent locking charm. Dom thinks that she’s finally mastered it. “Watch what you’re doing, will you?”

      “Oh get you knickers out of a twist Kiersten,” She drug me along to the next room and did the same thing. “Accidents happen.” 

      “Yes, but normally when something’s an accident the person who is at fault says sorry and actually means it.” 

      “What kind of person would do that crap?”

      “Oh, I dunno, maybe someone who has some sort of a heart?”

      “Good one, Keri.” Dom just dragged me along, room after room, shutting every opening to the outside with the charm. At first it was kind of cool to hear the squeak the windows made when they were suctioned shut, but after about twenty five rooms it gets kind of dull. You see, we plan on shutting all of the openings to the outside remotely around Gryffindor tower and the entrance and great hall in the next forty five minutes. Yes, I know, it seems kind of pointless if our final plan ruins Potters, but if it fails, then we have to have other precautions. “Do you think we should do the younger girls dormitory windows too?”

      “I highly doubt that they would think to go into a sleeping girls—oh, never mind. I didn’t put that together until now. Yes, we should defiantly lock all of their windows.” I said as we made our way back up to the common room. We had locked all the windows in the vicinity of the tower. Sadly enough, this part still wouldn’t really hold them back if they wanted to get outside. The Owlrey has no windows, and if they gallivanted over to Ravenclaw tower and other windows on the west side of the school they’ll be able to get out no problemo. I guess this phase is designed to delay them if it comes to it, which it won’t. I mean, we’ll lock the entrance and all, I doubt they’re smart enough to ever think to climb out a window. 

      “Make way, make way.” Dom pushed a first year Gryffindor out of the way of her own room walking in. “Well, this room is a pigsty.”

      “What—what are you doing?” the small girl asked. I kind of felt bad for her to tell you the truth. 

      “Oh, didn’t you hear? I bet Professor Goode forgot to tell you, don’t you Kiersten?”

      “I do bet he forgot to tell you, stupid Goode.”

      “Very stupid. So…what’s your name?”

      “Emmy.” She said shyly pulling at one of her red pig tails. “Emmy Carroll.”

      “Well, Emmy, there’s supposed to be a bat migration happening tonight.” 

      I snorted but masked it as choking. This had to be the weirdest excuse Dom has made in all of my years of hearing them. “A bat migration?”

      “Yes, Kiersten, remember?” Her teeth were gritted and she was glaring at me. “A bat migration.”

      “Oh! The bat migration! Yes, you have to lock your windows.” I tried to refrain from bursting out in laughter, but it was becoming rather hard. 

      “Alright…” Emmy said moving towards her double windows. 

      “No!” Dom pushed her out of the way again and muttered Ginny’s spell at the window. “I—er—had to do it because I have the special spell. Goode entrusted me with it. So, if you attempt to open it before tomorrow morning at dawn you’ll have a face full of acne for a month.”

      “See you around, Emmy.”

      “Yes, it was wonderful doing business with you! I don’t recommend staying up to look for the bats because they’re invisible!” 

      When we shut the door to the first years commons I started to cry from laughing so hard. “A-a bat m-migration?” I choked out finally. “That was the—the best you could d-do?”

      “Well it’s not like you were offering up any brilliant excuses!”

      “No, you’re right, I wasn’t. But most people would just use their heads and say something like, ‘oh, it’s supposed to be cold out tonight’.”

      “Sorry I’m not as sophisticated as you then Keri.” Her face had a sour look upon it. “C’mon now, I’m starting to get bored saying the same charm over and bloody over again. Let’s just finish and then pay that weird fourth year Vladimir to do it to all the boys dorms, shall we?” 

      “Why’d you hire him?”

      “I don’t know, he has a look that spoke to me? Why do you care? He’s doing me a favor.”

      “Oh? And what are you giving him in return?” 

      “Let’s not get into that one right now.”

      “Of course not.”


      Phase Five:

            Kiersten waits and Dommy distracts.


      “You’ve got to understand that I’m going to go crazy up here for three hours with your demented dog.”

      “Missy is not demented! The cat charm will wear off in time!” 

      “Sorry Dominique, but I have a feeling that he’ll be stuck like this for quite a while.”

      “Oh! Enough dissing the dog! Are you ready?”

      I knew she was going to ask it, and the answer? Probably not. But I’m known to work pretty damn well under pressure so it should all be fine. The only problem will be me being fine after it’s all said and done. “Do I have a choice?” I finally said smiling weakly at her. Dom smiled back. 

      “You look like that hooker from Pretty Woman with the badass blonde haired wig? Before she turns ginger? You know, the only Muggle movie of Rosie’s that I don’t refuse to watch?” 

      “I have no idea where that one came from…but I think your trying to give me a compliment. But Pretty Woman’s about a prostitute.”

      “So what?” Dom just shrugged and started to make her way towards the door. “Good luck, Kiersten.” 


      When Dom left I examined myself in the mirror. I don’t think I look like a hooker…Rose should know better than to allow Dom to watch Muggle movies. “What?” I looked to Missy who was currently trying to launch himself into the mirror below me. “It’s not another dog, stupid.” 

      Suddenly I saw myself looking at my mother again. I hadn’t really seen her since the mirror in Dom’s guest room the night…well the night it all broke down. Angrily I put on my bathrobe, I needed a haircut pretty bad. It was almost at my elbows and still as blonde as ever. I’ve been tempted to dye it brown just to see how people would react, but it wouldn’t be worth it if I wind up hating it. Besides, if I made it brown then I would look too much like my father did when he was younger. 

      “Missy, you can’t go through the wall.” I said to the dog again laughing at his attempts. He really was ugly. I mean, he started out cute and all, but the weird cat ears and short hair on a golden retriever isn’t normal looking—it’s actually pretty repulsive—but that’s okay. You get used to it after living with him for almost a month. He can be cute when he’s not eating the floor or tearing the drapes to shreds. He likes to piss in Caitlin’s bed, but we haven't told her that one yet. I think it’s best it stays a secret for a while, she doesn’t really like Missy to begin with. He chewed up all of her shoes. Just hers too…it was pretty funny. “Missy, come.” 

      The dog waddled over to me instantly jumping up. “Down.” That just made him jump higher. I sighed, taking out my bag and starting on my potions homework for Deerey. The man had assigned us a two foot paper, and of course I have yet to even begin it. I have two hours before I should semi start to worry about the Potter invasion (nifty name, huh?) so I might as well do this. I really do hate Deerey. 

      For the first time in the entire day I began to get immersed in what I was doing. We were writing about bad side-effects of the Polyjuice potion and the quickest ways to cure them. I looked at the clock at eight, and the next time I looked it was ten. “Jesus Christ!” I yelped looking at the paper that was almost complete. I needed about another inch and a half. I had one hour until Potter would be here. In my room. Alone. I gulped opening the window in my room. It was the only one in the entire tower that didn’t have the sticking charm. I took a deep breath of the cold night air calming myself. “You can do this, Kiersten.”

      I tried to put the fact that Potter thought I was a virgin out of my head. I shouldn’t have lied to him, even if it was back when we were still enemies. God, what was I getting myself into here? Why did they have to go off to be bloody heroes? Or what if they’re not being the heroes…no…no it’s Potter. He is not the bad guy, he’s never the bad guy. Is he? 

      It was then and there that I realized that I didn’t know James Potter well at all. The fact that he knew more about me then I do him is kind of disturbing, actually given my situation. I shook my head at my reflection in the window shutting it and starting to pace around the room. Thirty minutes or less now…oh, what am I going to do? 

      “Missy!” I snapped five minutes later. “Don’t shit on the floor. Go to your newspaper.” 

      Of course the stupid dog didn’t listen to me, instead he started to circle circle squat (yes, he does pee like a female dog.) onto the hardwoods. “Aw, Missy!” Shouted angrily. He had pissed this time right on the wood. The stupid dog didn’t even try to find the newspaper. “Move!” I shouted to him pointing my wand at the small puddle. “Scourgify.” I muttered to the puddle not really looking at where I was pointing. My heart fell when I heard a loud yelp and the sound of whimpering. “Missy!” I shouted going over to the dog that was now steaming from the bum and crying. “Oh God! Oh God! Missy! I’m so sorry!” 

      I quickly looked and saw that the spell had hit him full on. “Missy!” I pointed my wand at him again and quickly said an anti-pain spell. I gasped with relief when the smoke started to stop coming out. “Missy…” I said it more cautiously this time. I was on the verge of tears seeing him whimper in the corner. “I’m so sorry!” I said going up and hugging him around the neck actually starting to cry. “I-I’m so sorry!” 

      “Sorry for what?” His voice said from behind me. I instantly stiffened not turning around. Missy let out a growl in the direction of Potter. I patted his back and attempted to wipe away my tears standing up to face him. “Kiersten—Kiersten have you been crying?” 

      “Y-Yes!” I said rather hysterically. “The—the dog…I-well I cursed it’s butt!” I started to cry again looking at poor helpless Missy. He really was a good dog, as much as I like to say he isn’t. “He-He’s hurt.”

      “Your crying over Dom’s dog that you cursed?” He took a few steps towards me. 


      I looked down when he brushed a tear off of my face putting my one hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry.” I said softly. 

      “Yeah, me too.”

      Slowly I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me in tightly. We stood like this for a few minutes…me smelling the amazingness of his aftershave and him doing-well I guess whatever Potter does when I hug him. “Dom said that you were going to jump out the window.”

      I snorted and moved away a little. “She’s a little dramatic, that Dominique.” 

      “A little?”

      We both looked to Missy who had stopped whimpering and was now eating. What a dog. 

      “I should go…” 

      “No!” I said realizing that I sounded a bit desperate. “I mean-I want to talk to you about something.” Dom would be killing me right now. I was supposed to be having sex with him, not talking to him. “Something important. You have to promise not to freak out.” 

      “I won’t,” His eyes darted quickly to my clock. “I promise.” 

      We sat down on my bed and he sat down next to me. “I’m not a virgin.” I blurted it out before I could tell myself not to. The silence afterwards told me that it was going to be hard for Potter to keep his promise. He moved away from me and off of the bed, looking anywhere but at my face. “I want to be fair with you.”

      “Fair with me? Fair? You lied to me!” 

      “And you promised that you wouldn’t freak out!”

      “Well what do you want me to do!” He put his hands on his head and looked away from me. “Goddamnit, Kier, what do you want me to do?” His voice was softer now, and I came up behind him touching his shoulders softly. He stiffened and moved away a little. I tried again, and this time he let them stay there. “I just—I just really believed you. What else did you lie about?”

      “That’s it, I swear. Well, that’s mostly it I guess.” He turned around abruptly to glare at me. “Fine, it was me who stole your Chocolate Frogs back in fifth year.” This time he smiled a brief smile. 

      “Why are you telling me this now?”

      “Because I don’t think that it’s right to not tell you.”

      “Well,” He sat down on my bed again. “It wouldn’t be. And it’s not the fact that you’ve had sex before that bothers me—well maybe a little. I do hate Jarred Meade. It’s the fact that you lied about it.”

      “We weren’t together when I did.”

      “That doesn’t mean anything. You should have told me sooner.”

      “I’m sorry…that’s all I can say, alright? I’m really sorry.” 

      “I—I know you are.” He didn’t flinch away when I sat back down again. “I have to go.”

      I reached in and kissed him hard. Truthfully I didn’t know what else to do. He wasn’t really all that distracted, and I couldn’t let him go back downstairs to meet his doom with Freddy and Drew. I just couldn’t. “Kier..” He muttered against my lips but he didn’t pull back. This gave me an excuse to pull him closer. “Kiersten…I can’t do this right now.” He whispered breaking apart. 

      “Y-You can—”

      “No, I really can’t. Something—something bad will happen if I don’t leave now.” He kissed my forehead and got off the bed. I didn’t know what to do, I had failed. “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” I nodded not really there mentally. I had failed. “Bye.” 

      I had failed. Felicitas had failed. 



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Well, I should start by saying Happy New Year! It went by way too quickly again...back to reality and finals. Yesss. But how about this chapter? It's kind of a cliffy, so sorry about that! The plan will happen next chapter I promise! Thanks for reading and please review!

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