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A Wish Gone Amiss by njrox1220
Chapter 1 : A Wish Gone Amiss
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 “What are you talking about!? It’s not my fault that Viktor and I still stay in touch!” Hermione and Ron were fighting again. “Anyways, you’re dating Lavender Brown!”



            “No! I told you we broke up! AND it’s your fault to begin with!”




            “My fault?! How on earth is it my fault?”




            “Harry was under the invisibility cloak that one night we were talking about Dumbledore’s secret mission. When we came out of the boys’ dormitory, it looked like it was just you and me up there, you know, alone. She broke up with me because of you!”




            “That is evidently not my fault at all!”




            “You’re so annoying, Hermione! You know that? You constantly want to fight with everyone: teachers, students, animals, inanimate objects…”




            “Ugh! You’re such an arse Ronald Weasley! I wish that Ginny was in our year instead of you! If only you two switched places!”




            “Oh yeah?” Ron yelled across the Gryffindor Common Room. He pulled his wand out of his cloak and started waving it around frantically in his angry rage. “I wish that you weren’t a witch! I wish that you were just a muggle!”






            All of a sudden, the room started spinning. Harry and Ron accidently bumped into each other while this happened. Their arms skimmed each others’.




            “What just happened?” Harry asked Ron after the spinning had stopped. “And where did Hermione go?”




            Ron looked around the common room as well. It was true. Hermione had disappeared. Just then, Ginny came out of the girls’ dorm. “Hey! Ginny!” Ron called out.




            “Yeah, Ron? What is it?”




            “Did you happen to see Hermione up there?” Ron asked.




            “What is a Hermione?” Ginny looked at Ron like he was delirious.




            “What are you playing at?” Harry interrupted.




            “I’m sorry I don’t know what this Hermione thing is. I’ll help you look for it later. I have to go to potions class.” Ginny exited the room.




            Harry and Ron continued asking fellow Gryffindors if they knew where Hermione was. All of them responded in the same way. They didn’t know what they were talking about.




            “Do you think that you’re spell worked?” Harry asked Ron after a long while of thinking.




            “Maybe. Should we go check?” Ron looked deadly serious.




            “What do you mean ‘should we go check’?” Harry asked.




            “Well, I wished that she was just a muggle. She would look the same, have the same name, and be the same person, just not a witch. We could look for her address on the letters that she sends us, right?”




            “I guess. We should go ask Dumbledore though.”




            “Are you mad? If no one else knows who Hermione is, what makes you think that Dumbledore will know?”




            “Ron, its Dumbledore. Come on.”








            “Yes, Mr. Weasley. You have made a big mistake. Ms. Granger won’t even know who you are if you choose to go and see her.”




            “I have a question,” Harry began. “How come you know Hermione, but everybody else doesn’t. And how do I know her too?”




            “Did you and Mr. Weasley have physical contact during the spell?”




            “I think we bumped into each other,” Harry replied.




            “Then there you have it. As for me, I have become immune to almost any spell set off in this school. I found it necessary to protect myself from spells in this castle given the dark times we’re in, and Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes,” Dumbledore gave Ron a smile. “However, there is a way that we can bring Ms. Granger back. She won’t even remember this happening. You will just go back to the moment before you performed the spell. It would be as if nothing happened.”




            “What is it?” Ron asked desperately.




            “Well, seeing as that you performed the spell Mr. Weasley, it seems natural that you carry out the deed. Today is January 14th. You have precisely one month to make Ms. Granger yours. In other words, you need Hermione Granger to fall in love with you. On Valentine’s Day at Midnight, Granger must say that she loves you before the clock strikes twelve. If not, she will live as a muggle forever. If you do this correctly, you will return to today as if nothing happened. Good luck. Mr. Potter, you may accompany Weasley, but make sure that you use your invisibility cloak. I have a copy of Ms. Granger’s muggle schedule for you. I also have provided your muggle textbooks and everything you need for the school term. One month, that’s it. Once again, good luck boys.”




            There was a tugging sensation in both Harry and Ron’s stomachs. They abruptly appeared in front of a house. The mailbox read, ‘Granger.’ 

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