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Friends Always Hold your Hair Back by xxpetrapan
Chapter 1 : Party Time!
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Alicia lay sideways off of her bed, letting her long dark, chestnut hair hang down. Her hazel eyes staring at her best friend Angelina as she slipped into a short, red dress covered in sparkles. Angelina had her black hair in ringlets and her pretty, brown eyes were covered in black and red eye make-up and her lips coved in pink glossy gloss.

“Cia, are you ever going to get ready?” Angelina asked slipping her feet into her sliver closed toe pumps.


“What is the point, Kent thinks nothing of me,” Alicia whined sitting up, revealing her body, only clothed in black knickers and matching bra.

“Who cares about Kent, there are a lot of other fit boys, plus tonight it the last night of our time at Hogwarts,” Angelina said bringing on a short, teal dress with beads at the top and a tulle skirt.


Alicia stood up and slipped it on replying, “I know, but Fred is coming to see you and I will be left alone.”


“Don’t whine, Cia, I will not ignore you plus George will be there and you told me you thought him a right laugh,” Angelina said tying her best mates hair into a braided chignon.


“True, but Kent…” Angelina shushed Alicia by applying red lippie to her plump lips.


Angelina pulled back and said, “Look at yourself, no boy can resist you and don’t worry about Kent, by the end of the night, he will be crawling to come kiss your feet.”


Alicia looked at herself and saw she was stunning, she beamed at her best friend and was about to voice her thanks when the door of their dorm burst opened and their other roommates came in. 


“Are you slags ready yet?” Katrina Bennett asked playing with her white, blond hair.


“Yes, and where have you to been?” Alicia asked grabbing her clutch with her wand in it.


“In the boy’s dorm, snogging,” Naomi Sanders replied reapplying her pink lippy, which was a mess.


“And you call us slags? Well go on we are following!” Angelina exclaimed following the three others out of the door and down to the Forbidden Forest.The professors and Head Master knew about this party, since it happened every year. They knew of the drinking and other teenage acts but they trusted them to be fine. Plus there were many protective spells to keep the creatures away and the students in the designated spot.


The group of four came to the mouth of the forest and could hear voices and music already erupting from the party. They followed the path and ended up in the celebration with the thirty other seventh years.“Ang, darling aren’t you looking sexy,” Fred exclaimed coming up and kissing her on the mouth.


“You don’t look to bad yourself, I missed you,” Angelina said into his ear.


“Life as a dropout is the life!” George said coming up behind his brother with four Firewhiskey bottles, which he gave to Fred, Alicia, and Angelina.


“True that, brother,” Fred replied clinking his bottle with the other three.


“So what have you been up to?” Alicia asked after taking a sip of her beverage.


“Looking for location,” George said.


“For your joke shop, yes?” said Lee Jordan who just happened to walk up.


George and Fred both hugged their best friend and Lee said, “I guess you missed me.”


“Second to Ang here,” Fred said grabbing Angelina around the waist and kissing her again.


“Well you should get over here that dumb blonde Johanna Beck is making out with Eloise Gamble!”“Gah, what girls do to be noticed by men,” Alicia said bitterly.


Fred wrapped his arm around her and said, “Well, I would not protest if you kissed my Angie.”Angelina and Alicia both smacked him hard and slipped from under his arms.


“What?” Fred said with a smile.“Sexist Pig! We aren’t slags and tarts, we don’t need attention,” Alicia said sticking her hands on her hips.


George pulled Alicia into him and said, “Cia, we know, we are kidding, girls like that make up sick.”Alicia smiled up at him, “Thanks!”


Two Hours Later


If anyone were to come upon the party that we send quite a scene. Kent was trying to get Alicia to dance with him, but she was making out with Lee. Angelina was off somewhere shagging Fred. George was making out with twins Beth and Gwen up in a tree. Johanna was getting sick all over Zach, who was passed out. Some people were eating the most powerful plant in the world that caused the consumer to hallucinate. That black haired, fit Slytherin boy was naked and running around in a circle. You could assume everyone was drunk.

The Next Morning


Angelina rolled out of bed, still in her dress last night. She walked over to the mirror and shrieked at the creature starring back at her, her make-up was caked all over her face and he hair looked alive. Alicia sat up and said, “Ang, don’t yell my head is killing me.”


Katrina started laughing, “That’s a hangover, have you never had one?”

“Nope, I don’t get pissed all the time like you.”
“I don’t think I can handle the train today,” Naomi complained.

 “Me neither, but we board in two hours,” Angelina replied.

“I will miss Hogwarts!” Alicia exclaimed before laying back down.















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