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Trapped On Titanic by katiefelton
Chapter 8 : "Malfoy, what is wrong with you!?"
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Chapter 8:D

"Hey lady, I don't want to fight.

Like pretty girls need cowboys,

I need you here tonight."

Hey Lady, Thriving Ivory

   Image by me:)


The headmaster’s office had peculiar, intimidating aura surrounding Ginny; she wasn’t sure why. Maybe it was the scattered portraits of former head masters who followed visitors with their beady eyes, maybe it was the stash of ancient relics that encircled the walls or the elegant phoenix perched on his stand, or maybe it was the fact that it belonged to the most revered and powerful man in the wizarding world to date. Harry had been here loads of times, and even he reported a version of her same feelings.

            She stood alone in the circular foyer facing Dumbledore’s vacant desk, waiting to discover why she had been pulled out of History of Magic, in the middle of Professor Binn’s lecture on the Ireland spagergoit outbreak of 1667. But the sinking feeling that gripped her navel led her to believe that it had something to do with Hermione’s long absence.

            The silence was broken as Harry and Ron shuffled through the heavy door.

            “Harry! Ron! You were called here too?”

            The two boys nodded. Disappointed

            “It’s a bit out of the ordinary for me to get summoned to Dumbledore’s office, but I’m perfectly fine with skipping out on a dull transfiguration class,” stated Ron with his usually comedic expression.

            “Did anyone tell you why you’re here, Ginny?” Harry asked.

            Ginny shook her ginger hair.

            “No…. I don’t know anything. But I’m afraid it has something to do with Hermione.”

            This time, Harry and Ron seemed to agree with her suspicions.

            “I hope everything’s okay,” murmured Ron, besides a silent Harry and Ginny.

            Their conversation was interrupted as Dumbledore strode through the door behind them, with Professor Slughorn on his heels.

            “Hello Harry. Mr. Weasley, Miss Weasley. How are you this evening?”

            The three watched Dumbledore stand before them with his usual charming demeanor, and Slughorn standing uneasily behind him.

            “Fine sir,” answered Harry.

            Dumbledore’s eyes fell to Slughorn, waiting for him to greet his students.

            “Hello,” he stated with a weak smile.

            Dumbledore accepted this, and brought his eyes back to the three.        

            “I’m sure that you are all wondering the nature of this visit,” he questioned as his azure eyes peered over his half-moon spectacles.

            Ginny, Harry, and Ron all nodded in unison. In response, Dumbledore cleared his throat, and began to slowly pace the length of his office, leaving Professor Slughorn in a solitary position on the ornate Persian rug.

            “I am guessing that you have all noticed Hermione Granger’s absence, have you not?”

            Ginny seemed alarmed.

            “Where is she, sir? Is she alright”

            Dumbledore paused, and pursed his lips in a sort of somber smile.

            “You see there was an accident during the detention of Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger.”

            Ron jumped forward.

            “What did Malfoy do to her?! If he put one finger on her, I’ll….-“

            Dumbledore raised his wrinkled hands to silence Ron.

            “No, Mr. Weasley, Draco Malfoy in no way hurt Ms. Granger. It was a different sort of accident.”

            “What happened?” shot Harry.

            Dumbledore re-crossed his hands in his lap.

            “Since you all had potions earlier today, I’m sure you noticing that the Ministry graciously offered Hogwarts use of the time portals that usually remain in the depths of the ministry.”

            Ginny’s stomach dropped further as he continued.

            “It seems that during their detention in the potions classroom, Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Granger somehow fell into a time portal.”

            “What?!” shouted the three as their expressions changed to utter shock.

            “A time portal?!” cried Harry, “But no one has ever escaped one!’

            Dumbledore attempted to calm the anxious teenagers.

            “The statistics are indeed alarming, Harry, but we have to remember that one of the brightest witches of your age is in charge of solving the task to return home.”

            “So, so the only way for Hermione to get back is by solving this task? Isn’t there anything we can do to help her?” Ron moaned.

            “Yes, their only way of return is to solve the task. And I’m afraid there is nothing we can do to aid them. Ms. Granger and Mr. Malfoy are on their own.”

            Another round of silence fell over the room as a brief panic set in.

            “Which portal did they fall into sir?” asked Ginny in an almost whisper.

            Dumbledore faced Ginny.

            “They went back to Titanic. A marvelous adventure indeed.”

            “Titanic?! You mean the doomed muggle ship that hits an iceberg, and more than half the muggles die?” lamented Ron.

            “Yes, Mr. Weasley. But they can solve the task even before Titanic collides with an iceberg.”

            “Hold on just a second,” interrupted Harry. “We’re all forgetting one thing. Hermione is stuck in a time portal with Malfoy! Does anyone think that’s going to go over well?”

            Ron’s face seemed to turn even paler.  

            “Yes, Harry, but even the most hated of enemies have to set aside their differences for one common goal. They have no choice but to cooperate.”

            “Like that’s going to happen,” muttered Ron under his breath.

            “With the circumstances set aside, I thought you three should be aware of this situation, since you are her closest friends. The ministry or their parents have not been notified yet, because I believe that if we give them time, they should be able to solve the task.”

            “What do we do now?” asked Harry.

            “All we can do is wait, I’m afraid.”

            “And wish Hermione luck,” stated Ginny.

            ‘Yeah, to solve the task quickly,” Ron stated blankly.

            “No, there’s a bigger problem than that,” Ginny retorted as she shook her head.

            “Hermione’s trapped on Titanic, with Malfoy.”

             Hermione turned from her vanity within her room at the sound of her mother’s rapping against the door.

            “Hermione, dear? May I enter?”

            After quickly straightening out her skirt and giving a weak attempt at repositioning her curls, Hermione responded.

            “Yes, mother.”

            She watched the brass handle spun to reveal the elegant woman who called her daughter.

            “Are you finished? We’re going to take a walk around the ship.”

            Hermione threw her a weak smile.

            “I’m finished.”

            Her mother stepped beside her.

            “Tilly,” she snapped, “Leave us.”

            Tilly quickly bowed, and exited into the hall.

            After checking to make sure the maid had left, her mother coughed to begin a conversation.

            “Hermione, I want you and Jonathon to take a walk by yourselves on the first class deck. Then you’ll be able to converse between the both of you. I’m sure he’s eager to speak to you alone.”

            Hermione cleared her throat.

            “Sounds great,”

            Her mother looked at her incredulously.

            “Sounds great?” she shot, “What kind of slang is that young lady?  You know very well to respond with a full sentence. Something such as, I would love to accompany Jonathon on deck would suffice.”

            Hermione bit her lip.

            “Er, sorry. I mean, I apologize for the inappropriate language,” she softy retorted.

            Her mother sighed as she grabbed Hermione’s shoulders and turned her towards the mirror on her vanity.

            “Hermione, I want you to look into the mirror, and tell me what you see.”

            She was about to protest with a simple, “What?!” but decided that would most definitely not be proper.

            Hermione gazed at her reflection that stared back, and felt a bit uneasy; she was not used to being so glamorous. Along with expensive, fine clothing, and the sparking diamonds, her lips were painted a deep scarlet, power covered her cheeks, and her eyes were styled with makeup. And her usually bushy, curly, untamable chestnut hair was styled to perfection underneath her hat, with soft ringlets framing her face. Appearance never had been critically important to her, but for the first time since maybe the Yule Ball during Fourth Year, she felt strangely beautiful.  

            “I see a beautiful girl,” she almost whispered.

            From behind, her mother showed a warmer smile in the mirror.

            “That’s right dear, you most certainly are. And that is one of the reasons why the world’s most handsome and available bachelor’s is captured with you. When you speak to him today, you have to radiate this beauty, Hermione, and flaunt your confidence, along with all of your other marvelous qualities. He may be fond of you at the moment, but now he has to fall for you.”

            Hermione continued to survey her reflection before her mother turned to face her.

            “Do you understand me, Hermione? He has to fall for you. I am more than confident of your ability to follow through with this.”

            “Alright, I will, mother,”

            Her mother cupped her face in her hands, and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

            “Good girl.”

            They were interrupted by another knock on the door.

            “Charlotte? Hermione? What in heaven’s name is taking so long? We’re all waiting on you,” her father shot through the mahogany door.

            “Stop fussing, Charles, we’ll be right out.”

            Before stepping towards the door, her mother turned.

            “Remember what I told you, Hermione,” she firmly stated.

            “Of course.”

            Hermione followed her mother out to the elegant parlor room, where her father, Jonathon, and Mr. Collins were all waiting.

            “Now, how about a turn around this marvelous ship?” her father announced enthusiastically as he clapped his leather gloves together.

            “I couldn’t agree more,” Jonathon agreed with another angelic smile before turning to Mr. Collins, “Mr. Collins, if you would please, remain in our cabin, for security purposes.’

            “I most certainly will,” he said with a quick nod of his head.

            This was perfect. Just brilliant. They were going to take a walk around the ship deck, where she would hopefully find Draco. After a quick conversation with Jonathon, she would go find him, and hopefully calm his anger in response to her long absence. The only snag in Hermione’s plan, was that she would have to find some way to escape Jonathon. And at the moment, Hermione had no idea how she would go about doing that.

            “Hermione, dear, are you ready,” asked Jonathon as he extended his elbow for her arm.

            She threw him a small grin.

            “Yes, Jonathon.”

            They two couples proceeded out the door, held by Mr. Collins, and down the intricately decorated hallway.

            “So, Hermione. What do you wish to see first?” Jonathon questioned.

            Hermione remembered the talk she had just under went with her mother, and decided to make her answer more proper.

            “I would love to walk around deck,” she responded in her best attempt at a lady-like tone.

            He flashed her another grin.

            “Then the deck it is.”

            The path they took behind her parents poured into a marbled floor, and a massive staircase, with steps leading in either direction up to the higher levels of the ship. The banisters cascaded up the stairs, engraved with Grecian cherubs and patterns, which complemented the luminous marble floors. At the top of the stairs, a grand clock lay embedded in the deep cherry wood.  

            Hermione paused to admire the craftsmanship of the image before her.

            “It’s so beautiful,” she said with awe.

            “It truly is master craftsmanship, almost equivalent of a palace!” Jonathon reminded as he led Hermione up the staircase.

            The two couples reached the top of the stairs, and continued down a paneled hall, which further led to the first class deck outside. As they reached the door, the party halted.

            “Since Hermione wishes to see the deck, I believe we should start here,” Jonathon said to her parents.

            “That’s a marvelous….-“

            “You take Hermione, Jonathon. Charles and I will look through the dining rooms first. We’ll meet up later,” Hermione’s mom interjected as she interrupted her father.

            “Do enjoy yourselves,” Jonathon said, “And do not worry. Hermione is in good hands.”

            Her mother threw the pair a smile, and pulled her husband in the opposite direction.

            “Come along, Charles. I’ve heard the dinnerware is to die for.”

            After watching her parents disappear from view, Hermione uneasily turned to Jonathon.

            “So, should we go outside?” she asked anxiously.

            Jonathon turned the handle and ushered her out.

            “After you.”

            Once they stood standing in the warm sunlight, Hermione closed her lids to allow the cool sea breezes to tickle her powdered nose. Around her, extravagantly dressed couples and families proceeded in an elegant fashion down the wood floored first class deck. Women chatted giddily about various gossip, fashions, and about the wonder of Titanic herself. Men gazed at the infrastructure and marveled at the design of the seemingly unsinkable ship. Small girls clutched their mother’s  hands with ivory gloves, as they watched the younger boys race from railing to railing, and lifting themselves on their tip toes to catch a glimpse of the teal ocean below.

            “Hermione, shall we walk a lap around?” Jonathon asked warmly.

            “Yes, that sounds…er…I mean that would be wonderful,” she smiled back.

            Hermione followed by Jonathon’s side as they began their walk around deck. Even with Jonathon’s presence beside her brewing butterflies within her, Hermione began to wonder where she would find Draco.

            I told him the back of the ship, right? But third class is separate from first class!

            She glanced over the railing to catch a glimpse of the lower deck below, noticing the large difference in clothing, attire, and actions by the third class ticket holders below her. Unlike the elegantly dressed people surrounding her, men lounged on benches, women attempted to reign in their children who scampered around playing their games, and others gazed in awe at the beauty of Titanic. Despite their lack of propriety, everyone seemed happy, and thrilled to be on a ship such as this. They all seemed to be having the time of their lives. It wasn’t that everyone up here with her was overly stiff or unhappy, but everyone felt used to this kind of luxury. It just seemed so precious to see others experience this lifestyle for the first time, like herself.

            Her stomach turned over when her eyes caught Jonathon’s. He was just so handsome, respectful, and such a gentleman. Not to mention undeniably handsome.

            “So Hermione, it seems we have not been alone for a few days now. There are so many things I wish to tell you, and I’m sure you feel the same,” he began with his perfect lips curved upwards in a half smile.

            She felt her heart accelerate as she attempted to construct a response to his statement. What would she talk to him about? After all, she had only “known” him for a few hours now. Everything about the new identity situation was so strange.

            “Well, did you enjoy London?”

            Jonathon seemed to ponder her question for a few moments.

            “I really did enjoy myself, Hermione. London isn’t as quick paced as New York. And there’s a certain charm that I absolutely admire. The people are very friendly, and their accents add just a smidge of charisma to any conversation.”

            “So you don’t mind a girl with a different accent?” she asked playfully, “After all, you’ve been surrounded by American girls for quite some time.”

            He chuckled.

            “After my summer here, I actually find British girls to be more dignified and elegant than what I’m used to, and you are no exception Hermione,” Jonathon added with a grin.

            Hermione felt her cheeks flush under his gaze.

            “Thank you, Jonathon.”

            Jonathan cast a glace to the shimmering ocean.

            “You know, this summer was simply wonderful, Hermione. I must admit I feared being away from business for such a long hiatus, but now I feel so refreshed and reenergized.”

            Hermione desperately wanted to ask him, “What happened over the summer?!” due to the fact that the new identity failed to provide her with memories of her “new” life. She assumed they had met, and he had been taken with her charm. Or at least, that’s what her mother told her.

            “That’s good. I had a very pleasant summer too,” she responded with a smile.

            As the two continued down the deck at a leisurely pace, Jonathon clasped his gloved hands together.

            “Enough of me, Hermione. Are you anxious to visit America?”

            Since Hermione wasn’t going to America, she had to pull something creative out of her head. I’m going to visit his parents, right?

            “I must admit, I’m a little nervous, seeing that I’ve never been.”

            Jonathon gave her a reassuring look.

            “America truly is an invigorating place. Life is face paced in the cities, but so peaceful in the country. There is such a diverse range of opinions, cultures, and beliefs, that one never becomes bored.”

            He continued as Hermione digested his words.

            “Hermione, I don’t want you to feel any anxiety whatsoever. Mother and Father will adore you, and so will my brother and sister. They’ve been waiting patiently to finally meet you.”

            Hermione became intrigued with the mention of his family.

            “Tell me more about your siblings.”

            He furrowed his brows in concentration.

            “Well, you know my younger sister, Katherine, was recently married last year, to a very successful stock broker, and they live in the Hamptons mostly. She’s very fiery, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Mother wondered how she would ever find a suitor with a tongue such as hers.”

            “And your brother?”

            “My brother, as you know, being the youngest out of us three, is more free-spirited and ambitious. He loves hunting with his friends, and they recently went on an expedition in Africa. You cannot even fathom the size of some of the beasts he captured. He works in the business too, but he’s more about pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good time myself, but since I am to inherit the corporation, I have my duties that need to be attended.”

            Hermione nodded.

            “They seem like wonderful people.”

            Jonathon chuckled to himself.

            “Yes, they have their moments, but they truly are.”

            Hermione sighed as they walked around a tiny girl with twisting ribbons in her hair, who was waiting for her parents as they conversed beside them.

            “I always wanted another sibling, but my parents were fine with just one, I guess,” Hermione stated, speaking personally.

            “Believe me, there are moments when I envy you in that position, but it is nice to have siblings.”

            Hermione laughed. She knew exactly how he felt, seeing that the massive Weasley clan was almost her second family. As much fun as having siblings would be, things could get pretty hectic and competitive.

            For the next few moments they continued in silence, breathing in the warm salty air, and listening to the cool breeze caress their skin.

            Draco fought for breath of air as the group finally stepped out into the sunlight on the third class deck.

            “You’d think…..that these people could afford…. to put in some more bloody lifts…. in a ship like this,” he grumbled as Peter held the door open for Anya and Sam.

            “Aye, mate. I pray to the heavenly father that those elevators aren’t always that full,” Peter agreed as he caught his breath.

            “I didn’t realize I was that out of shape,” muttered Sam as he wiped his brow with his sleeve.

            They watched Anya skip a few feet in front of them.

            “Oh, will all of you stop fussing? Look how beautiful this is!” she shouted as she sprinted to the edge of Titanic in front of them.

            Draco and Peter shot looks at Sam, who responded with a shrug of his shoulders.

            “Don’t look at me,” he said as he surrendered his hands to the air, “Her energy doesn’t come from my side of the family.”

            “Hurry up! Come look at this” Anya cried excitedly as she wrapped her knuckles around the white railing, and stepped up onto the edge.

            The three boys followed, and each grabbed onto the railing as they glanced out at the sea.

            To their right, the dwindling shape of the coastline was slowly fading into the distance, as the ship sailed farther out into the Atlantic. All around them was the wide expanse of the sea; its rolling whitecaps and teal waves shimmered beneath the Northern sunlight.

            “Now, ain’t that a darn beautiful sight before us?” stated Peter as he rested his head and his folded arms against the railing, “And I thought I’d be stuck in Ireland for the rest of me life.”

            “You’re not in Ireland anymore, mate,” Sam added.

            Anya closed her eyes as she took in the sight before her.

            “I’d never thought I’d see the ocean from a ship,” she softly spoke.

            “I wish dad could see this,” Sam stated as he placed in chin in his palms.

            Draco watched the as the three became captivated with the ocean and the sights before them, noticing that he was not in any of their positions. He had seen the ocean loads of times. His family owned a villa in the South of France on the Mediterranean, and in the summer when he was younger, he would spend most of his time splashing around in the sea. He had seen the Atlantic before too, but never from the side of a muggle steamer. So, it was in a way a first for him too.

            His mind then drifted to another reason why he ventured up here: Granger. Where would she be? Granger had rudely told him that they would rendezvous at the back of the ship. Well, where the hell was that? He assumed they would just meet up eventually. Draco scowled to himself.  

            “What do you think, Draco?” Anya asked him.

            He paused as he rested his elbows on the railing.

            “It’s a good view,” he responded.

            After taking in the sights for a few minutes, the four made their way over to lounge on nearby wooden benches that placed their backs to the ocean. Sam stretched himself out in a bench that was perpendicular to the seat that Peter and Anya lowered themselves onto. As Peter sat down, he took of his cap and stretched his legs out in front of him. Draco leaned his back against the railing behind them, glancing at the vast groups of people before him.

            He had never been surrounded by so many muggles at one time. The large amount of them were enjoying themselves in the open sunlight, with some watching the views, some keeping an eye on the games their children played, and some chatting in groups.

            Draco looked over at the three sitting beside him. In all honesty, he had forgotten for a moment that they themselves were muggles too. Although he would never admit it to anyone, they weren’t nearly as bad as he thought. His eyes then noticed something else before him; another deck, which was elevated slightly above theirs, and was gated. On that deck, men wore crisp coal black, and khaki colored suits, women wore various palates of flowing dresses, and even the children were dressed to perfection. That must be first class.

            “First class has its own deck?” he almost shouted.

            Sam nodded to his right.

            “They’d never share it with us scumbags, now would they,” he said with a smirk, “We’re below them.”

            Draco scowled as he eyed the wealthy flaunt themselves before him.

            “Literally, below them,” Peter added.

            Anya seemed unphased by their conversation.

            “Don’t they all look beautiful? I always wanted to wear dresses like those, and walk around London in a big feathered hat. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?” she sighed as she dreamed.

            “You’d look ridiculous in one of those hats, Anya,” Sam playfully shot.

            She threw him glare.

            “I would not, Sam! I’d look like a proper lady.”

            “Oh yeah, a proper lady with a stick up her….”

            “Come on guys! Y’all are missing all of these gorgeous lasses!” Peter interjected.

            Sam sat up further.

            “Well kill me now and send me to my maker. I think I’m in heaven,” he stated as his eyes widened.

            The elegantly dressed women on the first class deck took their turns gazing out at the see on the small overlook, and as they did so, held on to their flowered hats, and their flowing skirts.

            “Oh, take a look at that one,” Sam pointed, as a slender girl with midnight black hair leaned over the balcony, and pouted her full lips into the wind.

            “Nice choice, Sam,” Peter complimented.

            Anya shook her head.

            “You are all disgusting. I’m just looking at their dresses,” Anya frowned as she crossed her arms over her chest.

            “Oh, twins!” Peter exclaimed as a pair of matching strawberry blonde sisters lifted their skirts to descend the stairs, and giggle at a hidden secret.

            “I’ll be willing to share one with you, mate,” Peter shot to Draco with a grin.

            Draco did have to agree; the women in first class were gorgeous. Even if they were muggles, each walked with a grace and beauty that he hadn’t seen in a lady before.

            They watched more and more girls come to the edge of the gate, glance out at the calm sea in the distance, and continue on their way. It had to be the most impressive display of girls that he had ever seen.

            “Gee, take a look at this one. She’s the best dressed out of the whole lot of them. And she’s a right beauty, if I ever saw one,” Sam shot as the next girl came into view.

            Peter whistled beside him.

            “Damn, that is one fine lady. I’d kill for one like that,” Peter swooned.

            Anya sat up straighter.

            “She’s absolutely stunning,” said Anya as a smile formed on her face, “She’s so beautiful.”

            When Draco glanced up this time, the girl in question turned her face slightly, shielding herself him. There was a handsome gentleman who stood beside her, and was the sole focus of her attention. Even though her face was turned from his, he watched as her slender frame move as she chatted in an animated conversation with him. Draco caught a glimpse of her perfectly sculpted crimson lips, and the way her dainty gloved fingers gripped the railing. As a soft ocean breeze blew off the sea, the tiny winglets around her face moved gently in the wind. He was captivated by this unknown beauty, and the world seemed to melt around him.

            “Yeah, she is….”

            Draco stopped himself, as he remembered seeing that navy striped dress before. He narrowed his eyes as the girl slowly turned her head in their direction.

            Bloody Hell. It was Granger. It was Granger.

            She stood there above Draco, looking exactly the same since he last saw her, although not as fearful as he remembered. She smiled and laughed in the breezes, and seemed to be enjoying herself.

            “Blimey, she’s taken. He’s a very lucky man to have a lady like that on his arm,” Sam gloomily stated.

            Draco cleared his mind. Granger was standing right in front of him!

            “Oh, what I wouldn’t give….” Peter began.

            Draco stepped in front of them.

            “I know her,” he shot.

            The three eyed Draco curiously, and after glancing at each other, broke out into laughter.

            “You’ve got to be kidding me, right Draco? You know that girl, up there?” Sam held his laughter as he pointed merrily up at Hermione.

            Draco threw a smirk at the three.

            “As a matter of fact, I do.”

            Anya giggled through her hand.

            “Are you being serious, Draco?”

            Peter tried to shield his laughter with his arm.

            “I’m sorry mate, but I think unicorns with fly out of my arse and parade through the bloody sky when you know a girl like that,” Peter added sarcastically.

            Draco threw another playful smirk at the three.

            “Just wait and see,” he shot as he began to walk towards Granger.

            “Draco, mate! You can’t be serious!” shouted Sam through laughter as Draco strode over to stand under the overlook.

            Draco smirked as he eyed Granger grinning joyfully as she stood overlooking the ocean. Well, she wanted to meet him on deck, and that’s exactly what he was going to do.

            After he was as close as he could get to the first class overlook, Draco brought his hands up to his face.

            “GRANGER! HEY GRANGER!”

            He grinned as she glanced around as someone called her name.


            This time Granger looked over in his direction.


            Granger saw him now, and she looked a cross between utterly pissed off, and completely mortified.

Hermione glanced out over the open expanse of sea as Jonathon led her over to the lookout. She gently grabbed onto the railing with her gloved hands, and breathed in the fresh salty air.

            “This is breathtaking, Jonathon. I can’t believe what I’m seeing.”

            Jonathon stepped up next to her.

            “There really is nothing like the ocean, Hermione. It is so mysterious, so simple, yet holds more beauty than all of the diamonds in the world.”

            That was when she heard it.

            “GRANGER! HEY GRANGER!”

            At first she couldn’t make out her name, but looked for the person who was shouting in her direction.


            That was when she saw Malfoy. The bloody ferret was standing below them, yelling, when Jonathon was right beside her! What would her mother say, since she called Draco a “gutter rat” and forbid Hermione from ever talking to him again?”


            Her blood boiled as she watched a smirk form on his face. That idiotic, pompous arse! What was Malfoy thinking?! Didn’t he know that she was trying to find the right moment to leave Jonathon to go talk with him?

            “Hermione, dear, is everything alright?”

            She focused herself on Jonathon.

            “Um, yes, Jonathon….everything is, er, fine.”

            “GRANGER? WHAT THE HELL?”

            He didn’t look convinced.

            “Jonathon, I just remembered I have to go…..I have to go get….something from the room.”

            “OH COME ON, GRANGER!

            “What is it? I’ll walk you back….”

            She interjected.

            “No! Er, I mean, no, that is completely unnecessary. Tell you what. I’ll go now, and I’ll meet you in the dinning lounge with my parents after I’m done?”

            After he thought through her plan, he nodded.

            “Alright. I’ll meet you in the dining lounge.”

            “Thanks, Jonathon,” Hermione said as she threw him a smile, and turned to her back to walk to the stairs that would take her to the lower deck. She then halted and made she that he disappeared inside. Once his figure had vanished through the doors, Hermione continued down the deck until she reached the stairs. Malfoy had gotten on her last nerve. Again.

            She walked away! Granger bloody walked away from him! Draco scowled as she rushed from the overlook.

            “I can’t believe this,” he hissed under his breath.

            They had a task to solve, a task that decided life or death! And she just walked away?!

            Behind him, Sam, Peter, and Anya were hysterical.

            “Oh…my….goodness. Did you…did you see….her face?!” Sam managed to get out through laughs.

            Peter was almost on the floor.

            “You’re…hilarious….mate! I haven’t laughed this hard in ages!” Peter shot.

            Anya was leaking tears from her eyes.

            “Draco, that’s…no way…no way to get a proper girl’s attention,” she giggled.

            If Draco wasn’t so angry about Granger ignoring him, he probably would have been laughing with them too.

            He crossed his arms over his chest, and faced the three.

            “I swear I know her. We, er, go to the same school!”

            They continued to laugh.

            “I’m serious!”

            He watched them continue to laugh continuously when suddenly, Peter’s face went as white as a sheet.

            “Bloody…hell,” he muttered through stiff lips.

            “Oh…my,” Anya sputtered as her eyes widened.

            Draco was about to question them, when he looked to his left. There, in the distance, Granger was charging towards him through the crowds.

            “What did you do, Draco?” Sam whispered.

            Within thirty seconds, Hermione had reached them. In her anger, she ran up to Draco, and narrowed her eyes in rage.

            “Malfoy, what is wrong with you?! Something seriously is messed up in that tiny ferret head of yours!” she spat into his face.

            She watched Malfoy challenge her with his narrowed brow.

            “Me?! You’ve been flitting around with you rich mother, and the second I try to get your attention so we can have a damn conversation….”

            Hermione cried out in frustration.

            “Oh, so it’s my fault that I didn’t scream back to you like an idiot when I’m surrounded by all these proper, first class?!”

            “Yeah, it sure as hell is!”

            “Do you remember anything? I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TALKING TO YOU AT ALL! Remember the gutter rat reference? How well do you think that would go over when I yell back at you like a barbarian tribesman with all of the people my parents know around me? I would get murdered!”

            Draco dramatically threw his hands up in the air.

            “And it would be so tragic if Granger’s little rich family put her in time out for talking to a third class gutter rat!”

            “Um, yes it would, you blubbering tosspot! Because if I get in trouble with my snotty mother then I’ll be tied to her side for the rest of this trip and that’s not going to give us any time to solve anything at all!”

            “Why, that’s a logical conclusion, isn’t it Granger?! It’s called breaking the rules! It’s kind of important in a life or death situation!

            “It’s hard to just go on and break the rules when you have parents like mine, Malfoy! Not to mention we have a bodyguard! And I’m sure he’d just love to get a hold of you!”

            “Oooh, now I’m terrified, Granger. You’re going to send your muggle bodyguard after me! I’m so scared! Look, I’m shaking!”

            “Will you just shut it, Malfoy!”

            “The same goes for you, Granger!”

            They each shot glares at one another as they caught their breath. Hermione then glanced to her left, and noticed three terrified muggles looking directly at them.

            “Now look what you did, Malfoy! You caused a scene in front of them!” she hissed.

            Draco looked at Sam, Anya and Peter, who stared at the two.

            “It just so happens that I know them, Granger.”

            She gave him an incredulous look.

            “Wait a minute, you, know them?” she asked once again.

            “Are you going deaf, Granger? Maybe it’s time to get your hearing checked,” he sneered.

            Hermione looked at the three muggles.

            “Do you know him?” she asked.

            Sam, Peter and Anya exchanged glances for a few moments.

            “Yeah, we do,” Peter spoke, “Draco and I met in the inspection lines, and Sam and his sister Anya are our bunk mates.”

            “Oh,” Hermione softly stated, rather surprised. Then after a minute, to glanced at Draco.

            ‘What just a minute. You, the prince of Slytherin, hater of muggle borns, and giant pompous arse, actually communicated with regular muggles?” Hermione teased.

            “Yes, Granger, this is a life or death situation. I did,”

            She crossed her arms over her chest, and smirked.

            “Hold on just a moment. I have to let this sink in a minute. You actually talked to muggles,” Hermione said as she closed her eyes.

            “Granger, wake up. This is ridiculous.”

            “Nope, still sinking in.”

            Draco sighed angrily.

            “Come on Granger.”

            “Hold on, almost finished.”


            “Alright, Malfoy. Calm down,” she shot, “Let’s just both calm down.”

            Draco glared.



            Hermione looked at Draco, and then back to the three muggles who sat beside them.

            “Well Malfoy, are you going to introduce them, or not?”

            He threw her a sneer before walking over to Sam, Peter, and Anya.

            “This is Sam,” he pointed, “His sister Anya, and Peter.”

            Hermione smiled as she extended her gloved hand to each of them.

            “Hi, My name’s Hermione Gra…Bennett.”

            Draco scowled as Sam and Peter blushed.

            “It is sure nice to meet you, Hermione. I’m Sam. I’d never thought I’d have the pleasure of meeting a first class girl,” Sam told her while grinning.

            Peter stepped in front of Sam.

            “Hello, Hermione. Gee, me name’s Peter. I’m so pleased to meet ya.”

            Hermione returned his smile.

            “It’s so nice to meet you too, Peter!”

            Anya was next.

            “Hello, Hermione! You’re dress is beautiful,” Anya complimented.

            Hermione glimpsed at her own attire, not accustomed to the attire she was wearing.

            “Thank you so much, Anya.”

            Anya smirked at Draco.

            “He didn’t bother you, did he? You two seemed a bit upset.”

            Hermione forced a kind smile in Draco’s direction.

            “No, it was just a misunderstanding.”

            Once Sam, Peter, and Anya had finished greeting her, they eyed Draco beside Hermione.

            “And how do you know each other again?” Anya questioned.

            Draco glanced at Hermione, and hoped she would come up with a simple explanation. When none came, he spoke.

            “We, uh, we….”

            “Went to the same school-“

            “Were neighbors-“

            Hermione and Draco both stated at the same time.


            They exchanged some look of bewilderment before Hermione decided to finish the story.

            “Well, actually, we those are both true. When we…when we were younger, er, we were neighbors, until…..” she paused to bite her lower lip, “Until Draco’s father’s business went bankrupt. They, uh, had to move.”

            Draco frowned.

            That was seriously the best story that know-it-all Granger could come up with?

            “But you still went to the same school?”

            Before Hermione could finish, Draco decided to make up his own story.

            “We did go to the same school, but I was sick of all the stupid gits that went there, so I transferred.”

            Hermione glowered at him, but said nothing.

            Sam, Anya and Peter seemed satisfied.

            “Oh, that makes sense,” Peter added.

            Hermione nervously eyed the first class deck, knowing that she didn’t have much time away from Jonathon.

            “Would you mind if I talked to him for a second?” she questioned.

            The three made gestures for the two to begin a private conversation. After returning their movements with forced smiles, Hermione and Draco walked to the back portion of the ship, and faced each other.

            “Look, Malfoy. I don’t have much time here, since I have to be in the dinning lounge at any moment. But we should devise a plan,” she paused as Draco opened his mouth to interject, “and don’t you dare say anything about where I have to go.”

            He angrily pressed his lips together.

            “Here,” Hermione said, “I re-copied the task for you on another sheet of paper.”

            Draco grabbed the scrap of parchment that she held before him, and scanned over the message again.

On a doomed ship of dreams, life is more valuable than a man’s earthy possessions. Time is of the essence, and fate is close on the horizon. To return to where you came, discover the key to survival, and you will be saved in more ways than just one.

            “This is going to get complicated,” Draco muttered under his breath.

            The key to survival? What the hell was that referring to? And it would safe you in two ways? What that even possible?

            “So, Granger, have you figured it out yet?”

            She crossed her arms impatiently across her chest.

            “No, Malfoy. It’s only been a few hours. It’s a difficult riddle to decipher, but a riddle no doubt.”

            “Do you have any ideas yet?”

            Hermione sighed.

            “Not any good ones yet. I just don’t understand how something can save you in two ways. I need….”

            “You need what?”

            Hermione seemed somewhat dejected.

            “I need the library.”

            Draco sniggered.

            “I should have known how much bookworm Granger would miss her beloved library.”

            She glared into his smirk.

            “Shut it, Malfoy. I’m serious. We need to find more information on Titanic. We need to understand it better to get any idea on what this means.”

            Hermione looked curiously at him.

            “Maybe your new friends can help us. I mean, we can’t tell them flat out that we’re solving a task to return back to the future wizarding world, but maybe they can give us some clues.”

            Draco stopped her there.

            “Hold up. Friends? You called them friends?”

            Hermione threw him a confident smile.

            “Whether you’re going to admit it or not, the people who you associate with are your friends, Malfoy. And they seem to like you.”

            She was right. Even though he hadn’t known them for more than a day, that treated him more like a friend than most people back at Hogwarts. But he would never admit that to Granger.

            “Yeah, I guess you’re right. About the they can help us thing.”

            Hermione seemed satisfied before stealing another glance up at the first class deck.

            “Listen Malfoy, I have to go meet my parents, or else they will probably detain me.”

            Draco sarcastically placed a hand over his heart.

            “Poor rich mummy and daddy miss their precious little Granger. That’s so touching.”

            Hermione decided to ignore his remark.

            “Ok, just….just listen. We both have to start thinking about a possible way for survival on this ship. You are somehow going to get your friend to lend some advice, and I’m going to do the same.”

            Draco crossed his arms across his chest.

            “Fair enough, Granger. And when will we meet again?”

            Hermione glanced at the golden timepiece on her wrist.

            “How about after dinner? That should give us enough time to start thinking about this.”


            “Alright, we’ll meet right back here.”

            Draco nodded in agreement.

            “Don’t you have somewhere to be Granger?”

            She tossed him a glare.

            “Yes, I do.”

            Hermione turned to leave.

            “Start brainstorming ideas about the task, Malfoy.”

            “Granger, I know.”

            After looking at him one last time, Hermione turned and headed back to the first class deck. And after her figure disappeared, Draco slowly paced back over to Sam, Peter, and Anya.

            As he approached, Peter whistled.

            “Man, boyo. I wish I could’ve have been your neighbor too.”

            Sam nodded in agreement.

            “You’re a lucky bloke to know a girl like that.”

            Draco rolled his eyes as the two boys continued to comment on Hermione.

            ‘Sure. Lucky….”

            Peter made room for Draco on the bench as he sat down beside them. As he glanced at the first class deck, Anya leaned forward and looked at Peter.

            “Peter, I’m waiting.”

            His face twisted in confusion.

            “Waiting for what?”

            Anya smirked.

           “For the unicorns to fly from your arse.”

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas/New Year! I sure enjoyed the break:)

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