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History of Hogwarts by Maxton
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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History of England


It was in the 10th century when all the English states became unified. The leaders of the magical community at the time had seen this coming and the greatest witches and wizards were determined to remain hidden from the non magical community. The phrase Muggles had not come into use until now.


The great seer, Dearshul, lived in one of the border towns between Scotland and England. It was during Rowena Ravenclaw travels that she spoke with the Great Seer and the later disclosed her latest vision. Rowena was thought to have grown up within these border towns herself and had befriended the seer when she was a child.


Dearshul, her Gaelic name meant True Eye, had told Rowena Ravenclaw that the magical community was in danger and must unite now just like the English states.

She told the witch of the visions of a great, but evil wizard, who would be the last member of a great family. As a boy he would discover the very old magicical secrets of immortality. Then she told Rowena of another series of visions. These told of a baby boy that would someday be killed by this wizard.


Then though not intentionally, this evil wizard would give the boy the means to come back from death and destroy his ability to live forever.

Rowena had learned many years ago, while living with the people of this land, that the Seer's visions would most certainly come true and she asked Dearshul how and when this would all come to happen.

Of course Dearshul could not give a time, but she disclosed her feeling that many scores of generations of witches and wizards would pass before this time came.

Ravenclaw and the other three greatest wizards of the time had already been discussing the unity of the magical communities of England. How were they going to be able to defeat this wizard who would not be born for what may be a thousand years after their own time.

Dearshul said that they would have to gather together the children of the surrounding magical communities and start teaching them together.

So it was decided by the founders to build the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

But where?



1020 A.D.

The land that borders eastern Scotland and northern England had been warred over many times in the past centuries.


This land and its people have been watched over by the same family for almost two centuries. Baron Migglestone, had no real association with either country. His people were a mixture of many countries or great britain, europe and asia. His castle overlooked a black lake within a small forest. The area was surrounded by mountains. But it was never very defendable.

It was for this reason that the Baron's lands were constantly over run by invading forces, either from the north or the south. But he lived in peace and tranquility with his family and friends.

He treated the invaders as guest and when they left, since he never had anything much worth taking, his people went on living quiet normal lives. It was not out of the question for some of the members of these armies would remain behind to start families and live within the barons lands.

Even with the largest of armies, his castle and lands could not be held.


It was here that the Hogwarts founders had decided to build their school. It took very little effort convincing the baron to allow them to bring youngsters up to his land to be taught in the ways of magic.

He knew nothing of witches and wizards and became bored with the negotiations and all but one of these four strangely dress visitors. For this reason he had one of his advisors a scribe sit in the meetings with himself and these strangers.

The school had been built in a very short time and the Students had started coming. After twenty years time, the Baron had died a horrible death. He had gotten especially friendly with Rowena Ravenclaw, who with the other three founders were teaching the students and the Baron was spending much of his time alone with her.

One summer morning his bloodied body was discovered with injuries similar to whipping marks all over it. The only exception was that each wound seemed to have been made with razor wire instead of a leather whip. The injuries could not be healed by the doctors of his land and he died days later of blood loss and in excruciating pain.

This man who had excepted all, friends and enemy with open arms and the most friendly hospitality, had become the very first ghost to walk the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, The Bloody Baron, he was known as, for all times afterwards.

The name that was given to him by Salazar Slytherin, himself.

It was then, that the scribe had been sought out, by the seer, Dearshul.

She still lived on the very edge of the Baron's lands. She was now determined to document her latest premonitions. Convinced by the three remaining founders that the future of their world was at stake.

The scribe began spending time with the seer and wrote the stories down she had told him. She was never able to give him names or dates, only such stories that would seem to be a daily diary.

The stories were of a boy growing from infancy to adulthood.

One day the boy would be up a tree playing tag with his dog, the next day standing outside a cage. He seemed to be conversing with none other than a very large snake.

Once he was in a large room with other children waiting to be selected to participate in a tournament.

All the stories were benign. Uneventful the scrip would quip. When called to appear before the group off professors and the seer, he was expecting trials and horrific events.

After a few weeks the scribe decided to take these little short stories and give the boy a name. He of course would use part of his Barons name, Miggs, for Miggleston. Then because he was not allowed to take credit for these stories he would give the boy his first name Martin. Martin Evanston.

This is where the Martin Miggs the Mad Muggle comics came to be. Martin had come up with the slang term for non-magical folks. He had heard the children of the school speaking of themselves. Young Wizards and Witches all of them. The rest of the children of the villages he had know just seemed to muggle by.

These stories of the seer turned out to be about Harry Potter, up to the time of the defeat of Lord Voldemort, again. That was to be the last comic that would be discovered when all the comics were again together.

The scribe lived the rest of his life with the Seer as husband and wife. They had many sons, but no daughters. He wrote and illustrated all the comics, hundreds of them, now read by all the magical children of the Hogwarts families.

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