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I ache for you by helena7654
Chapter 8 : Falling into you
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Chapter 8: Falling into you

The last working week before Christmas had arrived. Work was even more busy than usual due to staff shortages. Hermione hadn't seen or heard from Draco since Saturday. She had actually missed him during the two days, and she couldn't stop thinking about when she would be able to spend more time with him. She wanted to go to his office to say hi, but she resisted. She had far too much work to do, and she thought that he might get annoyed that she was being too clingy.

Hermione had realised over the weekend that she was falling for him. Well, of course she was, she thought, she had let him take her out on dates and had let him kiss her twice. Although Hermione had agreed with Draco that it would be okay for people to know about them spending time together, she was actually hoping that nobody would find out. She had always wanted to keep her personal life private. She had managed to date Viktor Krum for a little while after Ron had broken up with her, without anybody but family and friends knowing, and she hoped it would be the same with Draco.

Draco had also decided to keep his distance with Hermione on advice from his mother. He was worried that by pushing her for dates and spending every day with her would become tiresome and boring for her, so he thought he would wait for her to come and see him instead.


In comparison to Hermione and Draco's weekend, Ron had had a bad weekend. He and Lavender had been to the Burrow for their regular monthly family meal. His parents had accepted Lavender graciously, though of course they only thought of Hermione as a daughter to them. The topic of Hermione came up, and Ginny had purposely stated that she had began seeing somebody. Ron was of course curious to find out whether it was Cormac or not, but he didn't say anything. Instead, the rest of the family started discussing her.

"I really do miss Hermione "sighed Molly, "She should come around here more often. Ginny, love, you do tell her that we still want her to come over for our dinners? She is still part of this family, please remind her."

"Yes mum, of course I do. But you know she won't come" replied Ginny, giving Ron and Lavender a nasty look.

"Well, who's the lucky bastard that's got her then?" asked George.

"I want to congratulate him. He has got himself a fine specimen of a woman!" added in Fred, while getting elbowed in the ribs by his wife, Angelina.

"Ron, I still can't believe an ass like you managed to have her for three years. At least she came to her senses!" said George, who was now getting elbowed by his mother.

Ron turned slightly pink "I dumped her!" he growled.

"Yeah, yeah we know already. Best thing that's ever happened to her!" joined in Fred.

Lavender was now turning a shade of red, furious that Fred and George constantly brought this up. She had never got on with any of Ron's family members, and she always hated the family dinners, but she attended as she was always worried that the day she didn't, Hermione would be there.

As Ron and Lavender returned to their flat, Lavender was still fuming about the dinner conversation.

"Why don't you ever stand up to me in front of your family?" she whined.

"What do you mean? They never said anything to you" replied Ron.

"They don't say anything directly, but I just know they are aiming things at me! How is it my fault that you loved me instead of Hermione, Ronnie?"

Ron didn't bother answering. He was fully aware that his family took digs at him and Lavender, but he couldn't blame them. The whole of the past week, Ron hadn't been able to stop thinking about Hermione.

As Ginny didn't reveal who Hermione was seeing, Ron had been dying to know all weekend who it could be. He decided to go and see Harry, hoping he would be able to manage to get it out of him.


"So, I heard Hermione's dating someone now?" asked Ron, casually.

"No, I don't think they're actually dating" replied Harry, well aware of what Ron was after.

"So, you know who it is?" asked Ron.


"Erm... aren't you gonna tell me?"

"Mate, it's not really my place to say anything."

"What do you mean? It's not like she's dating Kingsley or anything, why is it top secret?"

"I dunno Ron, she just wants to keep it that way for now."

Ron shook his head "Bet she's making the whole thing up."

"Ron, what's got into you? You've been acting like a right bastard towards her recently! As if you haven't caused enough damage already!"

"What's that meant to mean?" shouted Ron.

"Exactly what is sounds like! She's been a total wreck for the last two years, and now that she could be with someone, you can't just leave her be?"

"Harry, I just wanna know who it is. That's all. Hermione used to be my best mate as well you know, I do still care about her!"

Harry sighed. Ron was his best friend, and he didn't want to get into an argument over this. But he couldn't bring himself around to telling him. He knew Ron would flip out, and he thought there was no point telling him, especially as nothing was actually official between Hermione and Draco.

"Ron, if they date, you'll find out soon enough. Let's not get into an argument over this, okay?"

Ron huffed "Fine, whatever" and walked out of his office. Ron was annoyed that Harry wouldn't tell him who the mystery man was. He was now more determined to find out who it was.

Harry sat back in his chair, thinking over what had just happened. Why is Ron so bothered? he thought, surely he shouldn't care when he's the one who dumped her.


As the working day came to a close, Hermione and Draco were disappointed not to have seen each other. They both thought the other had wanted to keep some distance between them. As they both headed to the exit they bumped into eachother.

"Oh, hey Granger" said Draco, trying to sound casual.

"Malfoy." replied Hermione, looking at the ground.

Draco wasn't sure what had happened between them. Had Hermione decided that she didn't want to know him after all?

Draco decided to just be honest with her "I missed you today" he whispered in her ear, his heart beating fast.

Hermione was shocked "Really? Then why didn't you come see me? Or at least send me a message?" she asked, looking hurt.

Draco was surprised. "Why didn't you send me anything? Or come see me?" he responded.

"I wasn't sure whether you'd want me to, I don't want you to think that I'm too... needy" responded Hermione.

Draco grinned. They had both been worried about the same thing. He quickly put his arm around her waist, gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and explained why he didn't make any contact.

"You told your mother about me?!" exclaimed Hermione, horrifed to think what Narcissa would have said about her.

Draco wasn't expecting such a strong reaction. He rubbed the back of his neck nervously "Erm, my parents already know who you are, Hermione. I just sort of told them that we're friends now."

"You told your dad too? And is that all you said, that we're friends now?"

"And also that I really like you, and that I would like to date you. If you would ever have me, that is" he added in anxiously, eyes fixed firmly to the ground.

Hermione smiled. She knew this had all happened quickly, and that none of it really made much sense. But she had agreed with what Ginny told her: love isn't logical. She decided to take the leap.

"I'll have you" she said quietly.

Draco's heart skipped a beat, his eyes opening wide "What?" he asked in disbelief.

Hermione grinned "I said, I'll have you!"

AN: Sorry for the long delay, just life taking over! Hopefully will be more regular like before! Hope you guys liked the chapter! 
Chapter image by socal @ TDA

- Lena xx


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