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Faking It by vanillavinter
Chapter 1 : I Hate Quidditch
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Disclaimer :) I don't own anything you recognize sadly :( It belongs to JKR :P Anyway enjoy! :)

Edit: May 29th, or whenever this gets validated. Thanks to ramitaarora for editing the typos and such in this chapter and the others. :D Also I made the chapter image. (:

“Candice! For Merlin’s sakes, we’re going to be late!” cried my best friend impatiently. She sat at the foot of my bed; her slender arms and legs were both crossed as she stared down at me. I just groaned and rolled over in my bed -- which might not have been the brightest of ideas, because a second later, the blankets were ripped off my bed. “Up. Now,” Laney demanded.

I sighed and regretfully opened my eyes. “Happy now?” I asked, the annoyance slipping in my tone.

Not that she took any notice. She smiled wider than anything you could ever imagine and squealed, “Oh my Merlin, today is going to be so fun! Do you think Will will notice me?” She ran over to me and dragged me out of my bed before I could even answer her. She roughly pushed me into the bathroom with some plain old clothes.

I wonder why? Ha, not. If Laney is anything, it would be predictable. She wanted me to look plain so she could look even more stunning later. I didn’t complain, though; I knew she would do the same for me if the places were switched. Anyway I didn’t want to impress any Quidditch players today.

I put on the old faded jeans and plain Ravenclaw t-shirt that Laney had given me. I hastily put my brown hair up in a pony tail and hurried out in the bathroom. Outside, Laney already had my cloak in hand and she was ready to go. I noted that she hadn’t put on her own cloak. “You know, you’re going to freeze at the Quidditch tryouts dressed like that,” I stated to her and hoped that she would put on at least a jacket or something. She was in a skirt (knee-length, of course) and a light fashionable v-neck.

She turned at me and scoffed. Yes, you read right: scoffed. “Candice, sometimes we girls must make sacrifices. This is one of those times. Understand?” Laney informed me sternly. Her arms crossed her face completely serious.

I let out a light laugh and just shrugged my shoulders. Mother nature would teach her the hard way.

Half an hour later, Laney and I were seated in the Quidditch stands watching the Gryffindor tryouts. I sat comfortably and warm in my cloak while beside me, Laney was trying to conceal her shivering by biting her lip. “You’re bleeding,” I informed her a little smugly. There was a little crack in her lips where she had bit it.

“Shut up.”

I inwardly smiled as I continued on. “Maybe if you had worn a cloak, like me, you wouldn’t be freezing.” I can be very cruel when I want to be.

“Shut. Up.”

I continued on anyways because she had woken me up early to go to a stupid Quidditch tryout. Not even our own team. The Gryffindors. Seriously; she was whacked in the head to go out just so Will could maybe notice her. That’s right, maybe. Tell me, how many times has Will looked our way?

“Seriously Candice, shut up,” Laney threatened, looking over at me. She gave me her best death glare, but on her, it just looked like some half-done scowl. This just made me laugh a little more.

By now, I wasn’t paying any attention to the game, and neither was Laney. “I think he may actually be paying more attention to the more appropriately dressed girls in the stand,” I quipped at her in my morning grumpiness.

“Didn’t I just tell you to shut up?” she let out in a deathly low whisper that didn’t match her scowl at all. Nope, that whisper held death in it. Her face grew a little bit red just then, and I knew I had to cool her down -- and quickly, too.

“Hey, I bet he thinks you look great right now.” At that, her mood instantly lit up and she smiled at me.

“You really think so? It must be my hair. I spent forever on it…” Laney gushed on and on. Really, the girl never stopped when it came to talking about boys.

I smiled anyways, though; I loved my best friend’s contagious energy, and even though she was a little irrational at times, she was super fun.

“Oi, Ravenclaws, watch out!” someone shouted from the pitch. I spun around instantly, just in time to see a bludger that was coming towards me and Laney. I gasped, but couldn’t move in time. The bludger smashed right into my arm. An unmistakable pain shot through me.

“Bloody mother of Merlin!” I screamed across the pitch. I clutched at my now limp arm, whimpering slightly. In a second, the two people that had been in the air landed in front of us.

Laney seemed a little in shock but shook out of it in a second. “Oh my Merlin, Candice, are you okay?!” she shouted at me, even though I was right beside her.

I groaned and almost yelled at her, but I held it back and just answered very sarcastically, “I just got my arm bludgered, Laney, but no, I’m fine. No need to ask such a stupid question.”

Laney looked really taken aback while one of the two players that landed in front of us laughed a little. My eyes darted over to the dark haired player, James Potter. I glared at him and he immediately shut up but his stupid smirk stayed on his face. Trust me: I had no issues with him, but really: would it kill someone to take me to the damn Hospital Wing?

Someone must have been a psychic. “I’m sorry about your arm. Let me take you to the Hospital Wing,” offered the other flyer. To be exact, Will. To say that Laney was personally killing me with her eyes was a lie; she was torturing me with them.

I nervously looked around and finally replied, “No, no I can’t let you do that; you’re the captain, and this is the tryouts.” The two boys in front of us couldn’t see Laney, but I could and she beamed brighter than the sun.

Will, who was in front of me, nodded and sighed in relief before looking over at James beside him. “You’re still the beater. Now go help her to the Hospital Wing, and keep your hands off of her, too; I hear anything and I’ll make you run laps,” Will basically commanded James. It was one of those what-the-hell-just-happened moments, really.

Yet, James didn’t look taken aback. He sort of laughed and nodded as he answered, “Sure thing, Captain. I think I can control myself for a couple of moments.” He started walking towards me and I got up, immediately I groaning as pain shot through my arm. We set off towards the Hospital Wing, Laney being the wonderful friend she was, stayed behind and flirted with Will for a bit.

The walk up to the Hospital Wing was almost completely silent. I was almost at the Hospital Wing when someone shouted across the hall, “James, what are you doing here with that … that … that vile thing!” It took me a moment to realize that she had just called me a 'vile thing.'

I mean I may have been a little plain looking, but whatever, I’m not vile. The nerve.

James just turned around slowly and whispered quietly to me, “Sorry about her, she has personal space issues.” He finished his turn and with broad smile now on his face. “Vera! What a surprise love. You’ve met this little Ravenclaw…,” James began and turned to look at me quickly.

I sort of groaned and laughed at the same time as I answered his unspoken question. “Candice Hayes.”

“Candice Hayes! Well, she was watching the tryouts in the stands when she got hit by a stray bludger. Will ordered me to walk her to the Hospital Wing, and like the real gentleman I am, I agreed,” he finished with a smug look on his face.

Veronica, or Vera as everyone else called her, immediately got a look of concern on her face and ran over to James. She jumped into his arms and gave him a great big kiss, right there in public. “Oh, my! James, are you alright? What did I tell you about being the hero?” she asked frantically.

Oh yeah, and what am I? Wait, never mind; I just remembered: I’m that 'vile thing'.

What a slag.

“I know honey, but a hero can’t stop himself,” James replied ever so smoothly. I’m serious when I say I almost retched off to the side of the hall.

Vera just sighed happily and cooed, “Well, if you’re such a hero, can you carry me around?” And to my absolute astonishment, James actually agreed and carried her.

What on earth was wrong with these Gryffindors? Sure they weren’t as smart as Ravenclaws but for Merlin’s sakes; common sense does exist. Apparently not in Gryffindors, though -- so ten minutes later, the three of us arrived in the Hospital Wing.

Madame Gray hurried over to us and exclaimed, “My poor dears! What happened to the girl?” I noticed that she faced James and Vera when she asked this question.

I cleared my throat beside her and answered before the other two could say something stupid. “Actually, I got a bludger to the arm. I think I may have broken a bone or two, or you know, my entire arm,” I replied impatiently.

A look of concern flitted across Madame Gray’s face and she immediately shooed off Vera and James. Finally, someone showed some concern for me! I smiled slightly. Madame Gray pointed her wand at my arm and muttered a spell.

In a painful second, all my bones had healed back in place. I wasn’t sure if I should’ve screamed out in pain and anger or thank the healer. So I went for both. “Oww!- Th-ah-nk y-ah-ou! Ah!” I screamed, I’ll admit it; that wasn’t one of my best moments.

Madame Gray looked at me with worry. “Honey, do you want a potion for that?” I nodded to her eagerly, anything to take away that horrible pain. She went away in a broom cupboard and came out with a little light green potion. When she was near enough she stuffed the potion into my hands.

“Here you go. Take it now and your arm shouldn’t bother you again,” she informed me kindly. I uncapped the potion quickly and gulped it in five seconds. It didn’t work for a moment, but soon I felt a small tingling feeling spread all around my body. As suddenly as it came it was gone, and with it went all the pain in my arm.

This time I thanked the healer properly.

No shouting. None at all.

I walked out of the Hospital Wing only to have my eyes burned. James and some girl were eating each others  faces off -- or at least, that’s what it looked like. But that’s not what made me gasp, however; what made me gasp was that it wasn’t Vera he was kissing. It looked strangely like -- oh Merlin -- it was Reagan, my Potion’s partner.

As I am a complete twit, I actually spoke. “I just came out of the Hospital Wing, and I don’t want to have to go back in because you two are scarring my eyes.”

The two broke apart, Reagan took a deep gulp of air and the same time, James turned to glare at me. “Candy, what’s-your-name, would you please go away? Can’t you see I’m busy, here?” James said through gritted teeth. Sheesh, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Though, I guess I knew what Will meant when he said hands off and control himself.

“Candice, and sure thing, James. Do you know which way Vera went? I think I might go see her,” I asked evilly -- only because he was getting on my nerves.

To say that James face literally went white would be an understatement. I almost felt bad for him. I mean, there was no way I’d ever get involved in all this Gryffindor drama.

“You wouldn’t. Would you?” James asked immediately. In front of him, Reagan looked more than a little bit peeved off.

I shook my head and let out a dry laugh, “Of course I wouldn’t. You Gryffindors just continue along and dig your graves. I’ll stay out of it,” I answered and began walking away. James didn’t answer so I looked back. I wished I hadn’t. Want a hint? My eyes have been scarred. Again.

I was muttering all the way the common room. Once I got there I knocked on the eagle with a groan. The eagle beak spoke and I stood there in frustration.

“At first glance I may seem weak,
But I am stronger than any sword,
No matter what I’ll respond best to you,
And if all goes wrong cannot be renewed,
I'll help you reach your goals and thrive,
But in the hands of someone else,
I can also take your life,”

Bloody hell. What’s that supposed to mean? I pondered for a moment before I saw Laney coming down the hall. Thank Merlin. She had a knack for riddles. “Laney! Come on over here and help me,” I called out to her.

Laney looked up, her cheeks were tinted pink from a blush. What? Though I didn’t have time to ask her about it, because she had arrived at the knocker and the eagle repeated the riddle.

“You twit,” she said in a clear voice, no signs of any blush inducing emotions at all, “it’s a wand.”

The eagle beak responded, “That I am. You may come in.” And the door just opened. Okay, so I wasn’t the best at riddles. What are you going to do? Hex me? As we entered the common room we took a seat on the couch. I turned to look at her and asked, “So, what happened with Will?” I had to hide the smile out of my voice.

Laney looked up at me and wrinkled her nose, “He ignored me. The. Whole. Time.” She made a little humph noise and crossed her arms.

“Okay? So why are you blushing?” I asked, confused. Really; Laney was impossible to satisfy these days.

“Someone trying out for the team asked me out. We may have snogged a little.” She answered so quickly I almost didn’t make out the words.

“What?! Who?” I immediately asked once the words placed themselves properly in my head.

Laney blushed a little more, “You’ll find out,” she replied with a wicked grin and a glint in her eyes. “For now, lets start on that Potions assignment.”

I groaned loudly in protest.

Well ... that was chapter one :D I actually love writing this story and hope that you guys liked it :)

If so please leave a review (: It would make my day

Anyway tell me what you guys think ? Please ?

Annnd what did you guys think of the Ravenclaw riddle ? :O I'm really not good at making them up :S

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