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Above it All by chasingautumn
Chapter 1 : Back to the Ordinary
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A/N: Hello Loves :) This is the beginning of a great thing for me; my first sequel. The first story turned out better than I could have ever hoped, thanks to all of you, and I wanted to pay you back by getting this one up as soon as possible. Anyway, the note is at the beginning this time because I wanted to clarify something; I know that Draco's speech in the last chapter of TU made him seem like the two of them were going to expose their relationship right away, but for the sake of a sequel, he's not. I was going to edit the chapter, but the queue was closed so I couldn't. Hope that's not too confusing :) Without further from me, I give you; Above it All.




{I strongly reccommend reading the first story (The Underground) before starting this one.}

  Draco stood at the beginning of a vast, empty hall. Void of anything but ornate gold mirrors hanging at intervals along the wall. There were candles as well, hanging in between the mirrors. The walls were scarlet red, and the floors a had a strange gold tint to the tiles. He feared taking a step, because he knew not what was after him , but he knew that it had to be done.

 Tentatively, he good ten solid steps, stopping beside mirror. He looked in, and was relieved when he saw his own face. More relaxed now, he pressed on. Walking past all of the mirrors and looking into every other one; just to be sure. Then he turned around to see how far he had come, and felt nerves when he realized he could not see the starting point at all; just black mass and haze. All that was left for him was the end.

 He continued at that pace, until a sudden violent chill ran up his spine. He turned again, and saw faces in the smoke; faces he knew. They were chanting at him, in parseltongue. He didn’t understand it but it sounded like some kind of warning. As he watched more carefully, he saw that the cloud was coming closer to him at a rapid speed. He had no choice but to run now, so he did. He sprinted down the hall, forgetting to mirrors beside him.

 The cloud voices were shouting at him now, and he could understand what they said.

  “See your fate boy….. see your future boy…”

 They kept repeating the message over and over as he ran, and the hallway seemed to stretch on forever. He noticed he was getting tired and didn’t know how much longer he could keep on at that pace. He felt fingertips graze the skin of his neck and he cringed. Again they touched him, on the back, crying out the same message in sick whispers. They wouldn’t stop. He heard himself, yelling for them to stop, but his own voice did nothing. Eventually, the voices were so loud he couldn’t even hear his own  screaming. The hands on his back were threatening to pull him with them, and he almost gave up…

 Until everything was still.

 He had reached the end of the hallway, and there was a lone gold mirror mounted on a scarlet wall. He looked around him, and saw that the clouds had turned into another barrier, and he was now trapped. He took a breath to steady himself, and looked into the glass before him.

 It was foggy, and silk smoke moved gently in front of him. With a hand to the cool surface of the mirror he stepped forward to get a closer look. With his touch, the smoke cleared, and he could see not his own face,

But the stoic expression of his Father.


Chapter One:





  Hermione sat in the front left corner of her History of Magic classroom, staring down at her parchment and quill. The air was currently filled with the light pouring in from the windows and with the sound of Professor Binns drowsy tone. Harry sat silently beside her, scribbling his notes nonchalantly. Every few moments, she caught herself glancing out the window. Wishing she could taste some of the early October air. Although she wanted to focus on the lesson, the letter in front of her was fighting for her attention.

 Draco had sent her a message earlier that morning, asking her if she wanted to meet during lunch in the library. She did of course, but she also had homework to do. On the other hand, they’d seen a lot less of each other since they got back to Hogwarts. After an accidental explosion of a batch of The Draught of Living Death in potions class, students that didn’t get put under influence of it were evacuated to the Underground; a secret Hogwarts labyrinth intended to keep students safe in case of emergency.

 They had been roommates in the Underground for three weeks and, coming out of it, discovered whole new sides to each other. So much in fact that they were now dating.

 Hermione blushed slightly at the thought. The three weeks she’d been with Draco felt like an eternity, but not in a bad way. They’d become terribly close during the Underground, sharing secrets and leaning on each other, as they had both been unwell. Being with him… it was like nothing else mattered.

 She shook her head, berating herself for being so corny. After all, they’d only been ‘dating’ three weeks. Draco had insisted that it would be better if they kept their relationship a secret for now. It was hard on both of them, but Hermione trusted Draco, even though she hated the lying aspect of it all.

  It had been about three weeks since their return, and both of those weeks had involved a lot of dirty work. Hermione had been sneaking around Harry and Ginny to see Draco, which didn’t really feel right. She wanted to be able to be open about their relationship, but every time she thought of bringing it up to him, she ended up not going through. She didn’t know what it was, but something said that he wasn’t very open to that discussion.

 She missed him terribly during the day, having gotten so used to being around him all the time, and people were starting to notice her down mood. Shaking herself out of her thoughts, she focused again on Professor Binns and picked up her quill. As she wrote everything he said word for word, Draco invaded her thoughts once again. She had half a mind to skip lunch with him; after all, it had been days since they’d been alone together. He’d had a lot of Quidditch practice, and she had been busy with studies as usual.

 She sighed, thinking longingly of what they would do if she did go.

  “You alright ‘Mione?” Harry asked in a whisper.

 The sound of his voice startled her a little bit, and she stuttered a little bit in her answer. “Sure, sure; I’m fine. Just a bit distracted.”

  She didn’t look up at him, but she knew the look that his face was wearing.

  “Okay.” He responded, wary.

  Hermione exhaled, and tried again to think only of her work. After a minute or so, Harry spoke again.

  “Binns is really outdoing himself today eh?” He laughed under his breath. “I’m going insane with boredom.”

Hermione laughed. “I actually think it’s rather interesting, learning about History.”

He rolled his eyes. “Of course you would. You’re weird like that.”

  “It’s not weird to like learning, Harry.”

  “Yeah, maybe to you.” He smiled, and she pushed his arm playfully. He shook his head and began to write again. Hermione did as well, but after a few seconds her thoughts moved back toward the note. Harry looked over at her with a raised eyebrow.

  “Are you sure there’s nothing wrong?”

  “Yes, I’m sure. Sorry, it’s just …”

  “You know, you’ve been acting a little strange these past few weeks. Going to the infirmary for so long and everything….. I think that there’s something you’re not telling me. Are you getting sicker?”

 Hermione felt her lips form a tight line. He was unknowingly referring the times she’d snuck away with Draco. She hated lying to him, absolutely hated it; but it was part of what she signed up for.

  “I’m okay, still getting a few headaches now and then; that’s all.”

  “Fine. If you’re sure.”

  “I am.”

 The clock above the black board read eleven fifty-five. Hermione silently said thanks to Merlin. Five minutes until she could be up and moving to lunch. As much as she wanted to see Draco, she felt like skipping would only give Harry more reasons to worry.





  In the library later on, Hermione sat at empty table writing an essay. It was quiet, and there was only the occasional person that passed by her little station. She still looked out the windows every few minutes, wondering if Draco would be upset she didn’t see him; She hoped not. Writing the final sentence of the third paragraph, she decided to take a quick break. Standing, she took a few steps into her nearest aisle, scanning the shelves for a good looking book to read. She came across one entitled Trust with gold lettering on a dark brown cover, and instantly snapped it up. She’d always been especially attracted to books with decorative covers. She ran her fingers along the gold lined pages, wondering what it could possibly be about, when a voice filled her ears.

  “ Oi, Granger!” Came an urgent whisper from somewhere around her.

  “Who’s there?” She replied, a little frazzled.

  “It’s Draco, keep your voice down.”

  “Oh! Where are you?”

  “The bookshelf behind you.”

 She spun, and looked where he indicated. “I don’t see you.”

As she said it, she saw a book or two move before her eyes, and suddenly Draco appeared between them. “Hello.” He said with a smile.

 Hermione grinned and took a few steps towards him. “Draco.” She said happily. “How are you?”

  “Uncomfortable. It kind of hurts, having your head on a shelf.” He smiled slightly, but didn’t reach his eyes. He looked tired, and a little too much so.

  “Come over to me.”

  “I’m with Blaise; Sorry.”

  “Not even two seconds?”

 Draco’s lips formed a tight line as he thought, then he vanished momentarily, and reappeared next to her. In a second, his arms were around her and her hands were clasped behind his neck in a kiss. It was brief however, because time wasn’t something they had to spare. Draco pulled away reluctantly, pulling a hand through his white blond locks and taking a breath.

  “Why didn’t you meet me at lunch?”

  “Well, Harry had asked why I’d been acting a little off lately, and I didn’t want to give him another reason to question me.”

 A fleeting second of anger passed through Draco’s eyes. “Harry, huh? Yeah, I guess you made a good choice.”

 She sighed, leaning up against the shelf. “I hate this Draco.”

  “So do I.”

  “Then why are we doing it? You’re the one who said….”

 Draco looked at her. “Granger; let’s not discuss this now.”

  “Of course not; We never do.”

  “Draco! Where’d you go mate?” Came the distant whisper of Blaise.

 He exhaled, shutting his eyes. “Will you meet me tonight?”

 Hermione huffed, surrendering. “When and where?”

  “After dinner, in the Astronomy tower.” He said, tucking a curl behind her ear.

  “I have patrol tonight.”

  “Screw patrol.”



  “I’ve got to go.” He said in a fervent whisper. He kissed her again in a rush, and hurried away, catching up with Blaise.

 Hermione sighed, sinking down onto the floor and putting a hand to her cheek. That was the first time she’d seen him in days.





  Ginny took a seat next to her at dinner, swinging her bag under the bench.

  “Hey Hermione.” She said brightly.

  “Hello Gin. How are you?”

  “Fine, and you?”

  “Good. I’m starved. Transfiguration was a bore.”

  “Sorry, if it helps any so were my first classes.”

  “A little, but, what really helps is thinking that we have no classes tomorrow.”

  “We don’t?”

  “No, it’s the weekend. Where’ve you been?” Ginny giggled, biting into a roll.

  “Oh, I guess I’ve been a bit out of it. I thought it was Wednesday.”

 Ginny laughed and poured herself a glass of pumpkin juice. “Too bad you missed out on the prefect meeting yesterday. There’s been talk about a Halloween ball this year!”

  “You’re kidding?”

  “Nope!  It’ll be wonderful! The Heads are going to pose the plan to Dumbledore soon. Isn’t that exciting?”

  “Yeah, really!” She tried to sound enthused. “Who do you want to ask you?”

  Ginny tensed a little bit. “Nobody, yet. I’ll let you know.”

  “Uh huh.” Hermione said with a knowing smile.

  “What about you? Anyone, interesting?”

 Hermione swallowed the bit of food she’d been chewing, knowing she was implying Draco. “No, not yet. I’ll, uh, let you know.”

  “Sure.” Ginny said with a sly look on her face.

 Hermione had considered telling Ginny about Draco, but she also knew that she might tell Harry, as the two of them were getting rather close. Also, Ginny was stubborn, and not likely to accept him right away.

  “I could set you up you know, I know a few people in your year who you might…”

  “No thanks Ginny. I know how you love playing matchmaker, but I don’t need it.”

  “Well, If you don’t find anyone, you could always ask Ron.”

 Hermione gave her a look. “Why would you say that? You know we’re still on bad terms.”

   Ginny raised a hand in surrender. “I just think the two of you should patch things up, that’s all. I didn’t mean to make you mad.”

  “It’s okay. Besides, he’s rather pleased with Lavender I hear.” She said as she took a bite of beef stew.

  “They’re doing fine according to him. Although, I never actually see them talking. Mostly just…”

  “Alright Gin, that’s enough.” Hermione said, not wanting any more detail.

  “It’s too bad Lavender snatched him up. I think the two of you would have made a lovely little couple Hermione.”

 Hermione rolled her eyes. Padma Patil, not surprisingly, had been listening into their conversation. For some reason, Padma seemed to think that since she, Harry and Ron had been getting a lot of attention, it was cool  to like Hermione now. Even though she’d been one of the girls to pick on her in their early years.

  “Thanks Padma, but it’s alright. Lavender can have him.”

  “Alright then, if you’re sure. You know, I certainly know a lot more boys around the school than Ginny does…” She said, flipping her long dark hair.

  “Of course you do, you’ve probably snogged half of them.”

 Padma cleared her throat loudly. “What did you say Carrot top?”

  “Nothing darling, nothing at all.” Said Ginny, mimicking Padma’s lofty tone.

  “That’s what I thought. So, how about it Hermione?”

  “Thanks but no thanks. Like I told Ginny, I’m alright.”

  “Right then, do let me know when you change your mind.”

  “Will do.” Hermione replied. Padma smiled brightly at her, glared at Ginny then turned back to conversation with some other girls from their year. Ginny made a face of exasperation, and slid a finger across her throat. Hermione smiled, trying not to laugh. Ginny and Padma had been roommates in the Underground, but they were two totally different people, and they tension rose between them over the weeks.

 Just as she took a sip of pumpkin juice, the dessert selection appeared before her. She felt her eyes widen slightly as she sliced herself a piece of cake. Her expression must’ve made Ginny laugh, because she was in the middle of a giggling fit.

  “Shut up, I’m hungry still.”

  “I’m sorry, it wasn’t that funny.”

 Hermione narrowed her eyes in a mock show of anger, then focused on another pair of eyes in the room.

  Draco’s blue grey irises were resting softly on her doe brown ones; she smiled. He couldn’t smile back, so he winked and looked to the clock on the wall and back to her. She nodded, and watched as he quickly excused himself from the Slytherin table

  “What are you looking at Hermione?” Came Harry’s voice from a few seats away, with Seamus.

  “Me? Nothing, nothing. Why?”

  “You just seemed really focused on something.” He was measuring her expression now. Out of all people, Harry was pretty good at telling when she fibbed. She fought to keep her face stoic.

  “Nope, I was just thinking about my patrol duties later on.”

  “Who are you with tonight?”

  “No one. I would’ve been with Ron, but he opted out.”

 Harry nodded understandingly. “Do you want me to walk it with you?”

 "No, thanks. Anyway, you shouldn’t do patrol with me; go to sleep or something. You need rest.”

 Harry chuckled. “I’m eating a little better now if that make you happier.”

  “It does actually. I hate knowing that you have the same thing I did, it’s awful.”

  “I’m a big boy Hermione; I can handle it. And it’s not horrible, just some lost sleep and a few dizzy spells now and then.” He said, taking a spoonful of stew.

  “Well, if you say so. I wish I had more time to look after you though.”

 Harry laughed, harder this time. “Like I said, I’m a big boy. I feed myself and everything.” Hermione laughed, but still felt guilty. Harry saw, and put his hand to her own for a brief moment. “Really ‘Mione; it’s okay.”

 She smiled. “Alright.”

 Hermione looked at the clock again, seeing that the minutes had passed easily. Hurriedly, she bade Ginny and Harry goodnight and went to patrol the corridors. Although she had a feeling it was going to be cut short.






A/N: Well, there you have it! I hope you all enjoyed it, and please leave a review! Thank you :)

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