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The power of Love by Dark
Chapter 1 : Revenge of the Dark Lord.
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The characters of this story are owned by J.K. Rowling.

Revenge of the Dark Lord.

Draco Malfoy shuffled his feet as he waited the very first time for Lord Voldemort to call him in. His blond hair was smooth as always and though he was nervous, he was still the exact way he looked last year. Except he'd grown taller and he now had a slight addition to his arm: the dark mark, a sign of the death eaters. He hadn't exactly wanted the dark mark - but with his 'friends' all being sons or daughters of death eaters, there was nothing else he could do. His icy blue eyes stared at the huge door in front of him as it slowly started to open, he didn't control himself and shivered. "The Dark Lord asks for you," Bellatrix Lestrange smirked. He was afraid for the first time in his life.

"Bow before me," Lord Voldemort said, his wand in one hand and robe falling around him in the most frightening way. His eyes were dark and without mercy, controlling the son of Lucius Malfoy as he bowed and greeted the Dark Lord with a bit of fear in his voice. "I wouldn't use you if I didn't need you," Voldemort said without any emotion in his voice, looking at the boy with slight disgust. "But, as a matter of fact, I'm sad to say I do need you. Your father was a disappointment, though he has been very useful until recently." The last part he said as if he were a bit amused of Lucius. "If you fail, I fear your father won't be happy once he returns from Azkaban. Honestly, I don't think you'll see each other every again." He gazed at Draco, who nodded, while he turned his wand around. "Get to Harry Potter and his friends and lead them my way. Kill if you must, but the boy is mine. Leave."

He waited for the boy to leave the room and smiled slightly as Bellatrix Lestrange approached him, her hair a mess and her grin plain horrible. "You do know Draco Malfoy isn't friends with them and they'll never accept him, do you?"

"I do."

"Then you must know he's doomed to fail, my Lord?"

"That's exactly my intention, Bellatrix." He replied raising his wand to open the door. "Enough questions now, I've got plenty to do." Bellatrix laughed hysterical as Voldemort left the room: he was brilliant.

Several miles further, Draco Malfoy knew exactly what was happening. In the way the Dark Lord had spoken to him he could feel he was not supposed to make it through this, not supposed to help his father. Whatever the mistake was his father had made, he had to pay for it with his life or succeed in leading Harry Potter to Voldemort himself. If the most powerful death eaters weren't able to, then how was it possible he'd do it? He wasn't an extraordinary wizard; didn't have powers greater than others and couldn't perform magic beyond his year. Honestly, he could forget it.

Of course there was always the possibility Potter would forgive him. If he begged on his knees and said how horribly wrong he had been, that is. Malfoy was still proud, he would never in his life lay himself at the feet of Potter, not ever. If it meant he had to deal with the Dark Lord's revenge, then so be it. How could he expect him to be friends with Potter, a Weasley and a mudblood? He sighed and lifted the sleeve of his robe to look at the Dark Mark: the black snake crawled around his arm in a slight movement and the empty, dead eyes of the skull always watched him. No, he'd have to find another way.

He paced around the room and thought about the ruthless task of Voldemort, the way he said it was as if it was as easy as breathing. It would be, if it weren't for the little fact that Potter and Malfoy had been enemies since they stepped in the school a bit more than five years ago. He growled lightly and kicked against his door that closed with a 'bang!', desperately he sat down on his bed and tried to think of new ideas.


"Ahh," Dumbledore said, standing up and immediately silencing everyone. "Welcome at Hogwarts, or for most of you: welcome back." He looked at everyone with a sad smile on his face, though there was a slight hint of twinkle in his eyes. "Before you get to eat, I must warn you. We protect Hogwarts as much as possible, but please be aware that we can not possibly give protection to all of you and therefore I say not to ever leave the grounds without permission. Be aware of Lord Voldemorts return. We do everything to keep him away of this school and keep up the walls, but we don't know what he's capable of and so you must be alarmed. Anyone who's trying to help one of the death eaters will be warned or even expelled immediately, though protection will be given if under certain circumstances." His eyes rested on Draco for a moment, but nobody else seemed to notice. "Enjoy your meal." Nobody, but one.

Harry Potter scooped some food on his plate and whispered at Hermione and Ron. "Didn't you see how he looked at Malfoy? I bet he's big friends with Voldemort.." Ron shivered when he spoke out the name and Hermione gave Harry a little push, they both didn't like it when he said it loud. "Voldemort" Harry said again, looking at both of them. "It's just a name alright. Anyway, I could swear I saw him looking at Malfoy. Do you think he knows more? Would he tell me?"

"Dow wrry 'bout t," Ron replied with his mouth full of food. When Harry looked at him with a questioning gaze, he swallowed his food and repeated: "Don't worry about it, I'm sure Dumbledore will tell you if it's necessary. How about your dreams, in the train you said you had another one a week ago?"

Harry sighed and nodded, sipping his pumpkin juice before replying. "I didn't want to tell you until it was a little quiet around us." He took a quick look around him and noticed everyone was busy with either their food, drinks or stories of another's summer. "Nobody seems to listen know though. It was like those I had before, you know, with your father in them?" He looked at Ron for a moment. "I dreamt about Voldemort.." Ron shivered again, but Harry decided to ignore it. "And he was standing in this large room with Narcissa and said something about Hermione." Hermione eyes narrowed as if to check whether he was joking or not, but he probably went through the test as she bowed forward to listen more closely. "Not exactly about you though, but about a woman." He hesitated for a moment. "Hermione, he said he wanted to see someone called Larissa Granger. When she came in he asked her if she was ready. He said that after years of patience it was enough: it was time for her to step up and tell the truth. He pointed his wand at her and told her that 'the girl' was getting more dangerous every day and it was time to claim her. I don't know what it means and I'm sure you don't know either, Hermione, but I need to ask: is it possible this Larissa is your family? Is it possible there's another witch that's related to you?"

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