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Caprice by Pen2Paper
Chapter 13 : Hogsmeade
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Author's note:

Thank you for being so patient guys! I know this update has taken a while but I hope it was worth the wait. 

This is the longest chapter yet, but since both Sirius and Capri's POVs are included it could not be cut down any further, so please bear with me.

Thank you to all you lovely readers reading Caprice and the wonderful people who've been reviewing! Thank you so much. 

Happy New Year 2011!!!

This Chapter is dedicated to: Ellie, Gemma, BellaFan202, NARIS, and Maya for their support. 

orangezauber who always lets me know how the latest chapter felt as a read and how wonderful the animagus transformation is. :) appreciate it :)

Stella Artell, a loyal Caprice reader and reviewer :) Thanks for the support! :)

The rest of you, I haven't forgotten you! ( I couldn't!) Just waiting for something I know you've been waiting for. 

PS: I'd really love it if you guys can give me a heads up on how it is as a chapter so please review :) Thanks!



“Well done, Black! Great game!”

“Hey thanks Louis! Enjoy the party!” I clapped the shoulder of yet another well-wisher.

The opening game of the Quidditch season had just ended. Gryffindors had a narrow victory over Slytherin and we rejoiced at the tower, celebrating our new right to taunt the Slytherins for at least the next three weeks to come.

The Gryffindor versus Slytherin match at the start of the season was the most anticipated event of the autumn term. The week preceding the game, James became possessed again with his manic energy and drilled the team late into the cold nights. We tried to share James’ energy and work together, bonding even more as a team as we battled rain, mud and chilly nights.

Capri however, proved to stay true to her word. We hadn’t spoken to each other through six classes a day for seven days and five Quidditch training sessions. Not a word since Halloween.

I scanned the common room for maybe the tenth time that night, but she was nowhere to be seen. Instead my eyes fell on Lily and Emma, laughing hysterically at a joke a pair of Hufflepuff twins were telling them.

“Is this great of what?!” James appeared next to me holding two Butterbeers. He handed me one grinning broadly.

“Well done, Captain! I knew you had it in you” The bottles chinked as they touched each other, “Cheers!”
I took a swig from mine as Tess caught my eye from across the room and gave me a rather coy smile. I smiled back slowly realizing she was up to her usual games again.

“I have breaking news!!!” Peter declared loudly appearing beside me making both of us choke on our Butterbeers.

“Well evidently!” said James.

I laughed, “What is it Peter?”

Peter puffed himself up importantly, “I’ve just been approached by none other than a Mizz Delarose Wilkins!”

Ahh Delarose... She was the wildly popular Italian-Welsh girl from sixth year. Hardly a difficult target considering she was extremely sociable. In fact she prided herself on it. However for Peter’s benefit we hid our comprehension.

“You’re JOKING!” James blurted, “Really?”

“She asked you on a date?” I widened my eyes to express my sheer disbelief.

Peter smiled as if we were praising him for a heroic act, “Absolutely! Just a while ago”

“W-O-W” James and I both mouthed together and took a large butterbeer swig to avoid saying anything else.

“Oh by the way,” Peter dropped his voice low and leaned closer to us, “full moon in exactly five days” he said urgently, “we’ve got to try our… aliases… one more time before that at least!”
At this we both panicked and urged him to be quiet since we couldn’t know who could be listening in to a conversation in a room this packed. But Remus atleast was seated across the room with Ravenclaw beater, Burt Pevensie. Peter nodded quickly and left us to help two other Gryffindors hoist a large Gryffindor banner across the banister.

“So, where’s Giselle?” I asked after a long moment leaving over to James so I could be heard over the loud music.

“Mmm… who?” James asked distracted.

I laughed at his pretence, “You know, tall, blonde… hot? You’ve been dating her, monogamously I might add, for two weeks? You’d think someone would know their girlfriend a little better!”

James simply laughed drinking deeply from his bottle.
“A, she’s not my girlfriend. B, you should be more concerned about your own girl drama and three, I’m a bit busy observing potential prey!” He was watching the red head still laughing hard holding her stomach.

“You do realize you went from words to numbers right? I thought you were done with drooling after Evans? It’s not healthy for you mate!”

James narrowed his eyes at me, “You should talk”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, is it just me or have your been sulking away to no end since you and Cappie called it quits?”

“Called it quits? That’s crazy! We fight all the time, she gets mad, ignores me, we fight again, we say sorry, we hug and make up.” It was all true, except this time I knew it was different, even when I pretended it wasn’t.

“Vicious cycle” James commented.

“Every relationship needs a break” I said casually draining the last of the butterbeer into my mouth.

“You don’t mean that”

No I don’t.

This wasn’t like the times we had fought before. Cappie and I were too close to be torn apart. No matter how mad we were at each other it was over something stupid and irrelevant, nothing that actually damaged our friendship permanently. But this time I knew I left a significant dent that could take a while to fix

I waited though, even as she asked me to let go, forget, and move on. I couldn’t. She didn’t even know she was the very reason holding me back.

After I apologized incessantly to Nora for being a complete tosser, I then apologized to Capri, till she asked me to stop. I waited giving her time… space…quiet, hoping she’d miss at least some part of our friendship. But she simply filled the void I created with new friends. It was awkward to say the least. We always sat together during classes and now Nora or Remus were pressed to come up with excuses to sit between us ‘without it being obvious’.

What I soon realized was that no matter how miserable she seemed in my company, whether it was still due to any residual anger she had or frustration, the person she was with me before, was the person she was now with Jason. Nothing could kill me more than that.


I lay on my back on my four poster bed, not wanting to sit through a fourth class that day where Cappie, oh sorry Capri, pretended I was stone gargoyle.

The rare letter from my father had arrived and I’d just opened it. He had informed me that he may not be home in time for Christmas and hoped I would enjoy the holidays with my brother.
Regards, and then his signature. Figures, he could never pen down the word ‘Dad’.

My father was not nearly as unpleasant as my mother but he had had high hopes for me as a child and he gave up on most if not all of them when I became a Gryffindor.
He knew my brother and I were far from enjoying Christmas together but he tired to at least make us tolerate one another. After all we were close once.

This letter however also told me something else, it seemed he was unaware that I was no longer part of the household. I wondered how long it had been since he’d gone home from his last “business trip”.
Regulus was unlikely to question this though. Father kept the letters he wrote to me a well-kept secret. Though he said he cared about what becomes of me he failed to ever voice it.

I sighed deeply and Raven nudged my hand with its beak pulling my wondering mind back to the present. I searched in my pocket pulling another owl teat out of it and he snatched it out of my fingers.

“Ouch! Easy!” I gave him a sharp look.

Raven, like me was the black sheep of the family. Well, literally in his case being a jet black tawny owl with bright amber- green eyes. Raven bowed his head apologetically and I scratched behind his ears. We had a lot in common.

Putting the letter aside I then picked up the Daily Prophet, he had delivered earlier that day. The headlines were getting repetitive. Someone missing, someone dead, someone committing a crime with no motive, it was quickly coming to a time where one would pay for good news.

Barely a week ago, had Mr. Potter written to James saying the Ministry was baffled by the escalating crime rate. There were rumours of a rebellious group of people using the Unforgivable curses, but no one had presented a witness and none of them were caught in the act. Mr. Potter said 'something was coming' and urged us to keep our heads down and stay safe.


The title read in bold letters which flipped to form a new headline, ONE MORE FOR AZKABAN!
However, taking one look at the middle aged man with the hollow, forsaken stare I could clearly say he was no cold blooded killer. Especially not cold hearted enough to kill his own brother.
Whoever was really behind the killing was hiding safely behind a mask.

“Transfiguration misses you! It sends its love...”
I looked up to find Remus leaning against the door frame.
I laughed.

“I couldn’t take another hour without a break” I explained. Remus yawned to show his disinterest in my pretended excuses.

He walked over and sat on his bed next to mine, “You have stomach flu by the way, in case McGonagall asks”


“You’re welcome” he said stretching out on his bed folding his hands behind his head. I continued to read the paper. “So, how long you planning on avoiding her?”

Urrgh. It was literally no use trying to evade with Remus. I was surprised he hadn’t picked up on our ‘experiments’.
“Eternity sounds about right” I replied not looking up.

Remus said nothing, but I knew what he was thinking.
Sirius, you are an intolerable idiot! Wake up! You’re doing exactly what you’re not supposed to do. Get off your arse and go talk to her. NOW

I sighed, “She doesn’t want me to talk to her, Remus. It’s over”

“Fine!" he said evenly, "Do whatever you want. Just remember that if you do get together at any point in the future you owe me 10 galleons!” Remus closed his eyes comfortably and began to nap.

I sighed and shook my head laughing.


It was late night, the time we were usually most awake while at Hogwarts. Peter and I had just returned to the tower after scouting the frozen Forbidden Forest, before we took our aliases out for a stroll. Hagrid, Filch and even Professor Slughorn explored those forests for different reasons. We did not want them to find odd pairings of tracks on the frost covered ground.

My cold clenched muscles eased slowly under the steaming hot water in our dormitory bathroom. I turned off the tap reluctantly, wrapped myself in a fresh towel and stepped out of the shower.

A few seconds passed as I stared at myself in the mirror. The sleepless nights every few days were beginning to show their signs.

“You need to shave!” the mirror spoke in a scrutinizing voice.

I rolled my eyes “You said that last week!”

“It was true last week!” the mirror replied, “and put on a shirt! You’ll catch your death of cold!”

I pulled a face at the mirror and left.

“You should really take my advice!” the mirror called.

“I would,” I called over my shoulder, “but my Uncle says never to take advice from a mouth if it has no brain!" The mirror huffed indignantly.

I got dressed quickly and headed down to the common room where James and Peter were already waiting for me. Remus was on Hall Patrol again.

“We can’t go out of grounds tonight,” James informed me in a low voice despite us being the only ones in the room, “Evans is on patrol tonight and she’ll be on the lookout for us”

“Bugger! Doesn’t that hen ever mind her own business?"

James rolled his eyes at me and I nodded understanding we had no choice. My eyes darted instinctively up the girls’ dormitory staircase before we left out the portrait hole to the Room of Requirement.

“I have an idea!” said James as we reached the bare wall where the door would appear. We waited while he walked three times past the wall talking quietly to himself. The door that appeared was dark, with a thick brass doorknob. James opened it a fraction and we all filed inside quickly closing it behind us.

“Merlin’s crooked beard!” exclaimed Peter.

We all stared around the room, everything from floor to the barely visible high ceiling, in whichever direction we looked was covered in thick dense forest!

We walked through the ‘woods’ mesmerized by the sheer magnitude of magic held within the room. The bark on the thick tree trunks felt real to my fingers, as was the dirt and leaves beneath our feet and the wind that rustled the leaves now and then. We walked for a few minutes through the dark wood and came to a clearing.

“This is a good spot. Let’s try it out here” James suggested taking a circle around the clearing.

“Wait wait wait!” Peter said in a sudden panic, “James, you didn’t ask for a ‘real’ Forbidden Forest did you? You know with,” he swallowed visibly and then continued, “other… animals?”

“ ’Course not!” James assured him, but winked at me when Peter wasn’t looking. So, there were bound to be surprises!

I dropped the heavy shoulder bag, full all sorts of useful things in preparation for the Animagi transformation to the ground.
“One of us should probably stay human, just in case something goes wrong” I suggested. It wasn’t usual for me to suggest something cautious, which was why they both looked at me sceptically.

“I’ll do it” Peter said without hesitation. He probably liked his odds better as a human than a rat. In any case Peter still couldn’t immediately control the animal mind and the last thing we needed was him lost in the forest. James and I nodded and bent low to the ground ready to transform again to our Animagi.

I knelt slowly on the damp earth and positioned myself on hands and knees which I had discovered was the easiest position to transform in. Twelve feet across from me James mimicked me.
I breathed deeply, the cool breeze of the dark forest giving me the peace I needed and closed my eyes willing myself to relax. The troubling thoughts were soon pressed to the back of my mind and I began to focus from who I was to what I must become.

My breathing changed quickly, coming in warm large puffs, bellowing out of my mouth. My pulse slow to a quiet strong rhythm and the wind rustled the leaves above making my ears immediately turn towards it. They were elongating out of my head and already picking up on the sounds around me. Soft dark hair began to grow along the back of my neck spreading downwards across my body.

The clothes I wore shrank to become skin-tight and quickly became a part of my fur. As it grew, the topcoat became coarse, thick and shaggy especially near my elbows and the back of my knees. The undercoat stayed loose and soft keeping me warm and comfortable.

I focused even more on the hulking body of my Animagus and my body began to change quickly from thereon. I could feel my bones become thin and elongated as my new body required. The new joints articulated fast and in one fluid moment my elbows and knees bent backwards in unison with a soft snap. It wasn’t painful at all. Just a little unsettling, especially the part where I felt for a moment as though I was going to lose my balance, but the fear was short lived.
I was more dog than human by now and my transient body could now be supported on my fully grown canine legs. My palms and soles both had thick pads which acted as pressure sensors. They could sense so much so fast, it was like my fingertips were now at my palms.

Soon I appreciated my tongue that was long enough to edge just over my front teeth. Just then something soft and versatile slithered across the back of my feet and I realized then that my tail had grown out completely! My nails began to thicken as they burrowed into the damp soil.

My jaws thickened and I felt the power of my jaw muscles. As my jaws lengthened my face pulled out of my skull. My nose was now adapted to my new body and I began to feel the surroundings with its supernaturally strong sense of smell. I felt a mild ache in my gums as my existing teeth transformed and the new four inch long dagger-like canines descended into my mouth. With that, I was now fully equipped and completely transformed.

However, I saved the best for last. It was the grand finale. My accomplice as usual approached my mind with curiosity. It was only the fourth time we had tired a transformation but I was connecting quickly to the Animagus’ mind now. I felt no hesitation, just the same fondness for it as I had on the first encounter. I trusted the animal’s instinct and also trusted that I had good control over it.
It could be compared to having a direct line to someone else’s thoughts. Ironically the transformations we attempted had little to do with magic and more to do with skill in persistence, patience and the ability to make a strong connection to the animal within the body.

My dog’s mind was as strong and energetic as I’d always known it to be. He wished to explore but obeyed my will to stay still. I kept my eyes closed and let my other senses feed me my surroundings. I was fascinated by the amount of information I gathered.

My ears moved of their own accord funnelling the collective sounds into my brain. The dirt crushed under sneakers as Peter shifted his wait … wings rusffled as they took flight above me, proving we weren’t the only occupants of the Forest of Nowhere. The wind ruffled my fur as it flowed through my coat and for that split second I could note the direction of it.

My smell however was exceptional, even more astounding than my other senses. I smelled everything around me, placing the signals in my brain to create a picture. I could sense the freshness of the leaves and the smell of the grass and know there had been a rain not long ago. I could sense the damp earth and smell out the fallen berries, the buried yams and the scent of the rodents that left their trail behind. I could smell the robust being in front of me and know it was just as strong and abrasive as I could be.

I released my control and my eyes opened swiftly. My world turned black, blue and violet. I reminded myself this was normal for a dog. But before it could register in my mind, my eyes fell on the being in front of me.

James stood in front of me as a dark shadow… tall, immense and regal. He pawed the ground with his thick hooves showing me he was in control of his Animagus. I opened my mouth and let out a soft bark in reply.
James nodded curtly acknowledging me. He stood, half my height taller, thick dark brown fur covering every inch of the magnificent animal he’d chosen as his alias. Something about James himself lingered close to the hazel eyes it had. It signified self-reliance and leadership, very iconically James.

I instinctively shook my fur and it became shaggier is I did so, bristling along the back of my neck. My head turned at my will and I watched as my brain manipulated the most foreign organ of my new body, my tail. I recognized it in the Animagus’ mind to be functionally useful for balance. He found the movement of it ordinary, but to me it was downright hilarious!

“Are you guys all done?” Peter asked nervously holding his wand tightly.

Yes. We nodded.

James turned his head slightly to look at me. I knew that look. I could almost see him smirking.
He wanted a race. Well, sure if he wanted to lose, I was all for it. My Animagus read the thoughts in my mind and was immediately eager to prove his strengths. I was getting more and more attached to my co-pilot’s live-free personality.
I nodded.

James turned and kicked his hooves into the ground sprinting into the darkness. He had vanished the next second. I let my Animagus guide me. My body compressed as I coiled my body and I felt the power surging through my strong hind legs.
In a span of a split second my brain released the inhibition like a switch and my tense muscles released. I sprang across the vast clearing and leaped into the unknown.
And so we were ready for our first full moon.




“Cappie, wake up!”

“Hmm…? Wha is it?... Wha’s wrong?” I asked sleepily recognizing Nora’s voice.

“Someone’s here to see you,” she said in a whisper.

I sat up quickly on my bed, “Now?” I asked sceptically. Nora nodded silently.

The alarm clock on next to my bed read 3.00 am. I’d been with Jason less than four hours ago. I wondered what on earth couldn’t wait till morning. It wasn’t usual for Jason to break curfew and wonder about the castle but I smiled to myself. He always did have a knack for surprising me. I pushed my hair back and wiped my face to be rid of any signs of sleepiness and pulled the woollen cardigan off the bed-end, wrapping it quickly around myself.

As I tip toed to the door so as to not wake the others, Nora climbed quietly back into bed to give us some privacy.
I pulled open the door a small fraction and peeped through it. All my happy thoughts vanished.

“Oh! it’s you!”

Sirius gave a weak forced smile as he stood in front of the doorway. I returned it out of common curtsy.

“What do you want?” my voice was unintentionally blunt. He may have apologized to Nora, and she may have forgiven him whole heartedly. But that was Nora. I wasn’t ready to forgive him so easily.

“Just for you to listen” He replied. The last time we spoke had been nearly two weeks ago and still his voice was just as soft, heartrending and pleading as it had been the last time.
I willed myself to be strong and not fall for it. Again.

A deep sigh escaped me before I met his eyes, “You have one minute, make it fast” I crossed my arms over my chest waiting for him to continue.

He held out his clenched fist and opened it letting the ornament within drop for a second before catching the end of it in his fingertips. My breath hitched as I saw the familiar bracelet that had cost me a friend and very nearly a boyfriend.

“If you’re here to apologise then-“

“I’m not”

My eyebrows raised in surprise, “How very noble of you”

Sirius smiled gently, it had been something about him I’d adored.
“I know I don’t deserve to ask for an apology”

I had no reply to that so I avoided his gaze. I didn’t care how sincere he was going to make it appear, I was determined not to be reeled back in. Avoiding his eyes guaranteed me that much.

I heard him sigh softly.
“Please…” he reached out to me with the bracelet in his palm, “take it back…?”
His voice was an actual plea I knew well. It was the curse of being a former best friend, the ability to know fake from the real thing.

My throat was going dry and quickly losing the ability to voice what I needed him to hear. I swallowed slowly and gazed at the familiar jewel upon his outstretched hand. The light from the dim common room lamps glinted in its faceted charms. My eyes rose to meet his slowly and he read them before I could say anything.

“Do you remember what I said when I gave it back to you?” I asked in what I hoped was not too harsh a voice.

“Vividly” he sighed again. “I destroyed what it meant to you, you don’t want it and you will not miss it”

I nodded slowly, “Was that a tad too subtle for you to understand, Black?”

“I know you won’t forgive the person I am, Capri.” He spoke again in the quiet soft voice. Nothing else registered as rapidly in my mind as the use of my formal name, “But this,” he said showing me the bracelet, “is not who I am. This signified someone else. Someone who cared about you and someone who you cared about too… He wasn’t this person who stands before you, the one who hurt you.”
He took a short step closer to me and I swallowed again to hold the nerve not to step back. “You don’t need to punish our past, Capri…”

I listened, unconsciously looking back into the eyes I’d avoided and suddenly realized what the queasy feeling in my stomach that had been there the whole time actually meant. It still pained me to see him hurting. And he was hurting. He truly believed that we were beyond repair. He believed with his entire being that this time it was different. This time he couldn’t just apologise, that he couldn’t fix it.
He believed there was nothing he could do.

He had lost all hope. Sirius’ trembling body stood inches away from me and I felt a sense of deep pain and pity, a strange uncomplimenting mixture.
I never instructed it but my hand reached out for his and with the lightest touch he returned the symbol of our friendship back to my accepting hand. My breath hitched again as I looked up at him, wanting to say more just not knowing what.
Sirius was the boy who taught me to never go out without a fight. No matter how bad our fights had been in the past, he had always rebelled for our friendship. This wasn’t the first time I’d tried to walk away, but he’d always fight back till we forgot what we were fighting about. I wish I could say it wasn’t true but I strived for our friendship when all was well, Sirius fought harder for it through the storms, when I was giving up. And now he was giving up.

I closed my fingers around the cold metal of the bracelet.
“Thank you” he whispered. I couldn’t think of what to say in reply and all too soon it was too late.

“Goodnight Capri”

“ ‘Night”

The dim blue-grey light of the morning stretched into the dormitory through the windows. For once I was awake at dawn, simply because I hadn’t slept since Sirius had left hours ago.
I sat on the centre of my bed with my hands around my knees, hugging them to my chest. My chin rested on my knee as I watched my reflection in the large mirror at the dressing table. The woollen cardigan still hung loosely around my shoulders and I still wore same shocked and dishevelled look since last night…

Nora, was the first to wake. She wasn’t an early riser, neither of us were. But she woke up as if obeying my internal plea.

“You’re up early” she commented propping herself up on her elbows on the bed next to mine. I couldn’t open my mouth for a response. I hadn’t moved a muscle for hours.

“Capri,” she called again, “you alright?”
I slowly shook my head. I reckoned it was going to be a while before I was completely, absolutely alright.

An hour and a half later we were all heading down to Hogsmeade for our last weekend before the Holidays draped head to foot in scarves, coats and boots. No one wanted to stay behind because it was their last chance to get all their Christmas shopping done, as a result the streets were packed with locals and students in the snow covered town.

Lily walked with her arms looped around an enthusiastic Emma and a reluctant Kate. Nora and I walked just a few feet behind them talking about what had happened last night.

“I don’t understand Cap, I thought this was what you asked him to do?” Nora asked me.
We had just left Honeydukes and were heading down the street with bags full of sweets. I bit my lip debating with myself about being honest and being defensive.
“I did, but I never thought…” it felt a horrible thing to say, to admit… “I never thought he’d believe it, that he’d act accordingly!”

“So, you didn’t mean it when you said you didn’t want to be friends?”

“I DID!” several passer-byes watched me apprehensively and I lowered my voice and continued. “But now… I don’t know” I pinched the bridge of my nose as the confusion began to give me a headache. Lily and Emma followed Kate into Zonko’s and was about to follow them when Nora stopped me, I looked at her dreading to see what she thought of me in her eyes.

“Capri, what is it you want from him? Do you miss being his friend, or is it that you never expected him to give up that’s caught you off-guard?” Nora saw right through me as if I was as transparent as glass.

As she said it, I realized how childish and spoilt my actions proved me to be. I wasn’t prepared to accept that in a world that has been nothing but good to me, every single detail can’t go according to how I wanted it. What I wanted I had to have, just like a three year old child.

How arrogant! I thought of myself. I thought back, just because I couldn’t have him, I had to push him away. I had pushed and shoved Sirius in ways I didn’t even realize. Just because he had chosen other girls over me I wanted to punish him. How could I be so selfish?! I felt disgusted with myself.

Was it so wrong of him to retaliate when I behaved so badly to him? I realized that I didn’t know what was happening with Sirius for over two months now… I had never bothered to ask what he was doing, how he was feeling. And after weeks of ignoring him just like that I dropped my boyfriend on him and just expected us all to get along? Had I been looking for a reason to lash out at Sirius? To point all the blame at him and stand in the white light where no one would see my faults.

The agony of what I had done hit me like thunder. I confessed it all hugging my friend as the regret streamed down my face.

A small bell rang inside the shop as we pushed open the door and shuffled into Scrivenshafts to get quills for Kate and Lily. I wiped my slightly blotched face and looked around for something to distract me when I noticed we were all unintentionally matched up.
Nora and Lily wore their favourite white winter coats. Lily’s had a faux fur lining around the hood while Nora’s was highlighted with black velvet seams and silver fastenings. Emma wore her favourite colour, red and matched her vibrant coat with a lovely white beret leaving me and Kate in our randomly picked Blue grey coats, mine somewhat longer than Kate’s.

As the others sought through the large display of quills, Nora and I wondered how best to talk to Sirius and have the matter in the open. I shoved my hands into my coat and my fingers touched the familiar ornaments in the depth of my pocket. I pulled out the bracelet letting it rest on my hand. The little purple beads and the silver trinkets shimmered in the lamp light. Nora picked it out of my hand and clasped it around her wrist as I watched bewildered.

“You know you’re going to be looking for every reason on the planet to avoid talking this out with Sirius,” she gave me a knowing sisterly look. I huffed impatiently wondering how on earth she could read me so well.

She smiled satisfied, “Well here’s some incentive for you. Talk to Sirius and you shall have this back” She grinned twirling her hand so I may see the bracelet more clearly.

The sheer thought of how complicating I made everything become made me nauseous!. I reckoned Sirius might agree to a coffee, or maybe just to talk in the library would be better. Either way Holidays were fast approaching and I was quickly running out of time…
After buying what we needed we stepped out again into the cold weather.

“Hey girls!” Stephan smiled and waved as he passed by us with two Hufflepuff boys, each holding a sack bearing the Zonko’s crest. Snow had crystallised on his dark blonde spikes but he smiled ever more prominently at Emma who was a little too busy staring and Stephan’s friend.

We were right outside Scrivenshafts wondering where we should go next. Kate wanted to buy some socks for her cousins, Lily wanted to get her mother some Easy-Bake ingredients that even muggles could use and Emma debated whether or not to buy her dad a Self-finding Telescope.

One minute was all it took.

In just one minute the whole world turned upside down.
I watched as the sky darkened so fast I thought a storm was about to hit the town. People all around the street looked around in confusion as the darkness engulfed the town. I looked towards the sky. The clouds seemed ominously full of rain.
For one second we all believed the heavens were going to pour down upon us, the next, there was only sheer havoc. With a deafening explosion the shop behind us blew up in flames throwing all of us off our feet into the air and down hard onto the snow covered road.

I was dazed… the noise was loud but I could only hear an echo of it. The screaming, the yelling, the shattering glass, the crumbling of rock and stone… I could only hear it vaguely. My vision was blurred and my head throbbed where it had it the ground hard. I turned to my side groaning as I tried to focus, blinking the grit out of my eyes.
Everything around me was utter chaos…

My heart raced as I looked around in shock trying to understand what was happening. Most of the houses and shops around us were on fire, people ran in every direction screaming and crying out for help. I tried to breathe but I couldn’t.
The window of a burning house close by blew out and I covered my face as the sharp shards scattered, falling like shrapnel around me. I reached blindly to find my bearings. What I felt was so horribly warm and wet that it made my eyes snap open. My stomach twisted… Half her face was covered in blood and her white coat was slowly turning scarlet. Her eyes peacefully closed, Nora lay unmoving before me.

My breath escaped with my last unheard scream.

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