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The Sixth Horcrux by LadyMalfoy23
Chapter 1 : The Sixth Horcrux.
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Tom Riddle was found pacing in back and forth in front of a portrait that would not move or talk to him. Many students had seen him there all day as they ventured in and out of the library.


"Can I help you?" Came a cold and uninviting voice.


Tom looked from the ghost before him to the painting on the wall. Turning to look back at the Gray Lady Tom had a genuine looking smile on his face. "I was merely admiring this beautiful painting."


The Gray Lady's expression softened momentarily, but replied just as cold," Myrtle tells me you have been here all day."


"Yes, the plaque here reads 'Helena Ravenclaw'. I know I recognized the beauty in this picture, but couldn't remember hearing or reading anything other then that Helena Ravenclaw was the daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw."


"My mother was always a name to remember, where as my story was never told. Not even to the best of her friends." The ghost said bitterly.


Tom hid his pride and excitement in having charmed this ghost quite well. "I too know the disappointments of a great story that no one cares to listen too," Tom said somberly setting the bait, "I'm sorry to have wasted so much of your time."


Tom had made it only a few steps from the Gray Lady when she called out, "WAIT," she then glided over to where tom stopped," You're not going to badger me into telling you about my mother's Diadem?"


A flicker of hope danced in Tom's eyes before he simply said, "The diadem was your mother's. It was lost centuries ago on her accord. I would be a fool to think you would know its whereabouts."


"Follow me," she said looking over both her shoulders then floating through a closed door. A smug triumphant smirk formed its way onto tom's face as he followed into the empty classroom.


Once tom had securely shut the door, she said in a low whisper, “I stole my mother's diadem."


Tom had expected to find the whereabouts, but this shocked him. The Gray Lady continued, “My mother was so clever and powerful with it. I was clever with out the diadem of course, but no one could see past my mother to me as long as it was in her possession. I soon became aware of the power I could have if the Diadem was mine, so I took it and rand far away from home."


"But the books, they all say that it was lost shortly after your mother's death. You ran away long before that." Tom said wanting to know every last detail of her story.


"Of course, my mother could not admit to a betrayal as dreadful as mine. She felt ashamed enough having to admit I ran away fro all I had. She made her fellow founders believe the diadem was still in her possession. I remained hidden very well for years, until my mother fell fatally ill."


"Surely your mother must have been looking for you all along. Where could you have hid for so long undetected?"


"The forests of Albania are very secluded from others. Not a soul found me until my mother was nearly dead. She sent a man who claimed to love me very much out to find me. After all I had done she wanted to see me one last time. She sent the Baron knowing he would not rest until I was found.


"The Baron?"


"Yes Tom, as in the Bloody Baron. I heard him coming and hid my mother's Diadem in a hollow tree."


"A hollow tree," Tom whispered letting his thoughts process.


"He declared a love that I did not share for him. He tried to force me to go back with him, to see my mother, but I refused. He soon became angry and violent resulting in my death. Once he had seen and realized what he had just done, he turned his blade to himself. The chains he wears to this day are a reminder of what he had done to me."


"And the diadem?" Tom asked making his voice sound pained from the story, yet his heart thundered beneath his robes.


"It stays hidden in the very same hollow tree. Stays hidden from those greedy enough to seek it out, like I was."


Just then the door to the classroom they sat in opened. The Gray Lady quickly sailed up and through to the next floor leaving Tom alone. He stood content with an evil smile on his face when a familiar voice spoke.


"Tom, it’s late what are you still doing out?" Albus Dumbledore asked.


"I'm sorry Professor, I must have lost track of time."


"You best be heading back now Tom. Your head boy now and people look to you for guidance and as an example."


"Of course Professor Dumbledore, I will be off to bed now." Tom said swiftly heading off towards his dorm with a sinister plan forming in his mind.



Shortly after Tom graduated he found himself searching alone blindly for the Diadem. At this point his only companion was himself and the occasional snake slithering across the forest floor.


"He will regret turning me down for a job," Tom said out loud. To any normal witch, wizard or muggle they would have only heard a disturbing hissing from his lips.


"Were you ill qualified?" came an eerie reply.


"I AM LORD VOLDEMORT! I AM FAR FROM ILL QUALIFIED," he thundered loudly disrupting a flock of birds in a nearby tree.


The snake below however was not frightened, “Then what was his reasoning?"


"Said I was too young," Tom said sticking his hand into the hollow of a tree," But, age is a mere number when I am the GREATEST SORCERER IN THE WORLD!" He said triumphantly pulling Ravenclaw's Diadem from the tree.

Tom felt power rising in his soul as a muggle peasant stopped a short ways away.


"Who are you?" He called out, but it was too late.


Tom Riddle had rose his wand and called out, "Avada Kedavra!" Rendering the poor muggle man dead.


Tom walked forward muttering a gruesome incantation while pointing his want to the Diadem. He fell to his knees screaming in pain. With each horcrux he made the pain became more unbearable. There was very little of his soul left to tear now. All painful words ever said to him stung in his ears. Thoughts of his squib mother and filthy muggle father branded his thoughts. The aching starve for power was throbbing in his abdomen. He screamed one last agonizing scream as the initial tearing took place. He then felt nothing but power and invincibility coursing through his veins.


Calmly Tom stood up and dusted the dirt off his robes. He looked down at the lifeless body of the broken muggle in front of him. His disgust for being in the presence of such filth brought bile to his stomach. Tom safely pocketed his precious Horcrux and set the body ablaze.


Tom spent the next ten years slowly carrying out his plan of total rane over the magical world. Along the way he picked up loyal followers and searched ruthlessly for a secure place to hide part of his soul. A golden opportunity was then placed before him.


Once again Tom walked through the front doors of Hogwarts in attempts to obtain the Defense Against the Dark Arts job.


"I'm sorry Tom, but it would not be wise for me to give you this job," The new headmaster Albus Dumbledore said sternly.


"I understand sir," Tom said through clenched teeth stalking out of Dumbledore’s office.


Instead of leaving the school right away however, Tom stopped in front of a blank wall in an empty corridor. He paced in front of the door three times thinking to himself, "I need a place where all things are hidden."


Tom walked through maze after maze of hidden stuff until he stopped at a dead end approximately in the middle of the room. He very carefully placed the diadem that encased his soul on top of a dresser. Staring straight into the mirror he saw who he has become. Powder white skin and red slits for eyes. "If I can’t have this job, No one will."

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