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Unforgiven by I_trusted_Snape13
Chapter 3 : Some People Change
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Gorgeous chapter image done by Carnal Spiral at TDA! :D

"Ron, are you completely crazy?"

He did not respond, all he did was bury his face in his large hands.

"How could I have been so STUPID?!" he jumped to his feet, walking over to the other side of his office, his heart aching from what had just happened with the girl he loved so much, with his hands behind his red head.

Harry just stood there awkwardly unsure of what to say.

They were both his best friends, Ron and Hermione, so who was he supposed to side with.

Although Ron was his best friend, Harry was still furious over the fact that he had been so careless with Hermione's heart.

He was furious that he had treated her so coldly.

"I'm just so stupid!" As he screamed the last word, he punched the wall closest to him with so much power and force and so much strength that there was a huge gaping hole in the wall when he drew his arm back.

He was so mad his whole body was shaking.

Under normal circumstances Harry would have yelled at him and been over the top furious but considering what had just happened not a half hour ago and how heartbroken Ron was, and how this Day had taken a beyond horrible turn and the fact that Ron was so angry he looked like he could just snap Harry in half like a twig and that he'd be in St. Mungo's for a MONTH , he decided against it….he liked his face and having his whole body attached.

"Ron," Ron turned to face Harry, still shaking, his face a bright red and his fists were clenching at his sides.

Harry had never seen him this angry or upset before.

"…Why don't you take a couple of days. Clear your head. I'll cover for you here."

Harry looked genuinely concerned so Ron tried to get his temper under control so that he would not en up doing something that he regretted….again.

Ron just simply nodded and walked out of the room, the whole time muttering how stupid he was.

Still shaking.

Still with his hands clenching by his sides.

At least his face had just gone to a slight flush instead of looking like a bright red tomato.

"Poor Hermione." Harry said, barely more than a whisper.

Harry sighed as he picked up the engagement ring which had fallen from Ron's trembling hands to carpet.

He fixed the hole in the wall with a simple spell.

"Um, excuse me have you seen Ron." A tiny voice asked.

Harry turned and saw Lavender Brown standing in the door way looking just as perky and annoying as she had in sixth grade year when the whole Ron and Lavender drama had first began.

She was absolutely the last person on the entire planet that he wanted to see at this time, except possibly Voldemort, well actually he might rather see him given the circumstances of the day.

"He left." Harry growled, pushing past her with an 'excuse me' that he spat through his clenched teeth.

He had never really big a fan of being rude to girls under any circumstances but this was an exception.

This person had just not only changed her and Ron's lives FOREVER but she had crushed Ron and Hermione's hearts and made work and living nightmare.

He was so angry that he was near shaking, just as Ron had been before he left however he did not wish to lose his temper.

"Well, do you know when he will be back?" She asked in her annoyingly squeaky voice, refusing to not be the center of attention because even though through everyone else would say the Earth revolved around the sun, Lavender Brown was just positive (in more way than one) that the earth revolved around herself and that everyone else that inhabited the planet was simply there to make her stay more comfortable.

Harry simply ignored her, he was too afraid that he would go off and end up doing something he deeply regretted.

As he passed Hermione's office, he quickly realized that she was not there.

There was a strange air in the little, girly office.

He walked in and saw that she HAD been there post talking to Ron, she had to have been.

All the pictures of her and Ron that decorated the normally serene space were gone, ripped from the walls.

However, tiny pieces of some of the probably thousand photos were scattered on the blue carpet, like pieces of building left as the aftermath of a huge earthquake.

He stepped forward to pick up the miniscule pieces, but stopped when he heard a crunch sound under his feet.

He looked down, forgetting what he was doing and saw the frame of a photo crushed, the glass smashed into dozens of pieces.

He remembered that picture.

He remembered it being taken.

That was one of the best days of his life.

It was an older photo, taken quite some time ago.

In the picture was him, Hermione and Ron, standing in front of the Hogwarts Express, taken on the last day of term at the end of their first year of Hogwarts.

He picked it up into his nearly steady hands ignoring the sharp pain he felt as a piece of broken glass stabbed his index finger.

Looking down, he saw the three of them, so young, so innocent, waving at the camera that Hagrid had held in his too big hands.

Had it really been ten years since that day?

It seemed like just a few weeks ago.

He could distinctly remember everything that had happened that day.

The look on everyone's faces.

The emotions of everyone around him as they headed home for the summer holidays.

It had been such a happy day.

Harry had been happy, even though he was about to go back to the Dursley's.

That year had truly changed his life, in more ways than one.

That year he had been able to get away from the Dursley's.

He had been able to go to an amazing school, full of people who understood him.

He got to make amazing friends that would remain by his side long after their days at Hogwarts ended.

So many things had changed since that picture was taken

It was just unreal.

When that picture was taken they were young, innocent, eleven year olds, completely amazed at the magical world they had been immersed into.

Now, they were twenty one year olds who were anything but 'young and innocent.'

Now Harry was the boss of the Ministry who was still with his sweetheart (and Ron's little sister) Ginny and they were about to be married in just a few weeks.

But now Ron and Hermione were both completely heart broken individuals who felt like their whole world had collapsed due to a certain little witch (or if you want she also could be referred to as a name that rhymes with that) who is currently pregnant with Ron's baby.

He sighed heavily.

It was almost as if they were three different people than they were when that picture had been taken.

"I miss you guys." He said, meaningfully, genuinely meaning all four of the words.

He placed the broken photo back on the desk.

'I guess none of us are the eleven year olds in the picture' he thought to himself after, standing in the doorway, took one last look in the office before turning the lights off and heading back down the hall.

Boy was he right.



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Unforgiven: Some People Change


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