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Love Goddesses, Overprotective Brothers, and James Potter by dobbyismyhero22
Chapter 8 : Abusive Best Friends, Fred Weasley, and Disaster
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Disclaimer: I own nothing.


       “Ew. Is that seriously what you’re wearing on your date?”


Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce, my oh-so-nice best friend, Dominique Anne Weasley.


And yes, I did tell her about my date with Noah. She couldn’t care less about quidditch so it didn’t really matter to her that I was going out with our opposing team’s captain.


       “Gee, thanks for that super complement.” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.


       Dom stopped wrinkling her nose and actually had the decency to look apologetic.


That’s right, feel bad.


       “I’m sorry, but don’t you want to wear something, I don’t know, more not ugly?” She suggested, trying to be helpful.


Wow, her mouth is just oozing sweetness today, isn’t it?


       “What’s wrong with this?” I said indignantly, gesturing to outfit. “It’s a flipping sweater and jeans! How is this ugly?” I asked.


Seriously, since when is a scarlet sweater and dark jeans ugly?




       “It’s not that it’s ugly, it’s just not really a date outfit. I have tons of hot outfits that will make Noah drool when he sees you.” Dom said, curling her blonde hair with her wand.


Ew, drool. Gross.


Alex drools when she sleeps. It’s totally barf worthy.


I wonder if James knows that she drools. I should tell him and then he’ll be like, “Nasty, I’m going to break up with my disgusting girlfriend because she makes me want to puke up my intestines! I should date Aphrodite instead because she sleeps like an angel!” Then he’ll propose.


Yes, it’ll happen. You just wait.


       Dom didn’t give me the chance to say yes or no to her dressing me. Instead, she began digging in her trunk throwing clothing all over the room. Alex and Lizzie huffed in annoyance and retreated into the bathroom. Rose was still sleeping because she wasn’t going to Hogsmeade, and she was staying home to study. Loser.


       “Oh my Merlin! You have to wear this! It would look so good on you!” Dom exclaimed eagerly. She was holding up a striped V-neck sweater dress. The stripes were dark coffee brown, cream, teal, olive green, and a carmely colored brown.


It was actually really cute, but I just didn’t know if it was me, you know? No? Git.


“I don’t know, Dom-“


“You’re wearing it!” She snapped, and threw the dress at me.


Well, someone was a bit feisty this morning.


       “Fine, fine! I’ll wear it, you insane bint!” I exclaimed, holding my hands up in surrender.


       After I put on the bleeding dress she nodded approvingly. “Right, now can I please do something for your hair?” She pleaded.


       “There is nothing you can do for this rats nest.” I laughed, pointing to my monstrosity of a head.


       Dom rolled her eyes and pushed me into a chair. She began running her fingers through my hair and ruffling it in certain places. After about thirty seconds, she stepped back and surveyed her worked. “Done!” She said brightly.


       I looked in the mirror. It looked messier than it did before. I don’t know if I should say thanks?


       “Um. It looks messier.” I decided to say bluntly.


       Dom frowned and rolled her eyes. “It’s supposed to. You have sex hair now.”


Sex hair? Really?


Great. So now it looks like I’ve been getting it on with some bloke in a closet right before my date with another guy? It’s not sex hair it’s slut hair!


Oh I am so witty.


       “Sex hair is a good thing. It looks hot.” Dom said, noticing my expression.


       “Whatever you say, Dominique.”


       “Don’t call me Dominique.” She snapped, flicking my cheek as she grabbed her make up bag.


Seriously? Who flicks people anymore?




I bet you flick people, Albert. Cause your stupid. You probably got Trolls on all of your assignments.




       “Now before you freak out, it’s just a little mascara. Don’t hit me.” Dom said hesitantly, walking towards me slowly with the mascara wand of death in her hand.


I don’t like mascara.


Yes, I wear it on occasion, but legit every blasted time I try to apply that evil stuff I poke myself in the fucking eye.




Let me just tell you, Albert, mascara to the eye is not a pleasant thing whatsoever.


       “No. No, Dominique. Absolutely not.” I said, getting out of the chair abruptly, and started backing up. “Get the hell away from me with that thing!” I shrieked when she started chasing me around the room.


       “Come on, Eggs! Please! You look so nice with mascara on!” Dom begged, running after me.


Why, Albert, why am I friends with this chit?


Yeah, I don’t know either.


       “GET AWAY!” I screeched.


       “Dom, leave her alone!” Rosie whined, covering her head with a pillow to block out the noise of our screaming.


       “No! She will be gorgeous, dammit!” Dom yelled, lunging at me, effectively knocking me to the ground.




       “What the fu-“ I started screaming, but was cut off by Dom pulling out her wand and putting a full body bind curse on me.


I hate her. I hate her so bloody much. This isn’t what a best friend does! Is it? I mean, is it normal for best friends to attack each other just to put on make up? Because if it is, I think I have lost my faith in humanity.


       Dom began putting on the mascara. Oh bollocks.


Don’t poke me.


Don’t poke me.


Don’t poke me.




       “There! I’m done! Now that wasn’t so bad!” Dom chirped, patting my cheek.


Now she couldn’t see it because of the body bind curse, but I was glaring at her with such intensity that it could kill someone.


It’s true.


My glares are dangerous.


Oooohh be afraid. BE IT!


       I was waiting for the curse to be lifted, but it didn’t come. Instead, Dom was rummaging in her makeup bag. She pulled out eye shadow. Eye shadow! Is she bloody serious?


       My bitch of a friend was applying a shimmery goldish brown color to my eyelids. Shimmery color? Really, Dominique? Do I look like a shimmery type of girl?


No. I do not indeed look like a shimmery type of girl.


I am a tee shirt and jeans wearing tomboy.


Back up, bitches!


       Dom closed up the eye shadow and started looking through her bag again, muttering to herself. “Your cheeks are naturally rosy so you don’t need blush. Your complexion is good so no need for cover up. Looks like all you need now is lip gloss!”


Oh hell no.




I loathe lip-gloss.


Al once dared me to eat an entire tube of Dom’s banana cream pie flavored lip-gloss.


I don’t even like banana cream pie!


I spent the next five hours with my head in the toilet barfing.


I didn’t talk to Al for a week. His defense was that I didn’t have to take the dare, but hey, I’m Aphrodite flipping Price.


I never turn down a dare.


       “Don’t worry, it’s not banana cream!” Dom told me brightly, putting on the disgusting lip shit, obviously enjoying every minute of it.


Gag. Just hearing the name makes me want to puke.


       “There! Now you look perfect!” She said excitedly, hopping off the floor where I still lay frozen. “Now, when I unfreeze you, don’t you dare attack me or I’ll snap your wand in half. And don’t even think about trying to take off your makeup because I already charmed it to stay on your face for twelve hours.” Dom said, grinning triumphantly as if she was the shit.


Did I already mention that I hate her?


       “Rosie, back me up if she tries to kill me?” Dom asked the motionless lump lying on the bed in the corner.


       “Don’t call me Rosie.” She mumbled tiredly.


       “Looks like I’m on my own!” Dom said, waving her wand, thus unfreezing me.


       Finally being able to have control over my body, my face contorted in an expression expressing the rage I was feeling inside.


       “Eggsie, you can’t honestly be mad, right?” Dom said, laughing nervously as I stood up and began walking slowly towards her.


Oh I can be mad.


I can be very mad.


       “Eggs, you’re doing that creepy eye twitch thing. Stop smiling at me like that! It’s freaking me out!” Dom shrieked, holding up her wand defensively.


       “I’m not going to get you back now, dear Dominique. Oh no. That would be way too easy. I’m going to get you back when you’re least expecting it.” I told her, continuing to smile and stare at her creepily for about thirty more seconds.


She was practically shaking.


I mean, I knew I was good, but I didn’t know that I was that good.


Holy shit, I am freaking awesome.


       “Right. Now find me shoes!” I ordered cheerfully, plopping myself in the chair and using my trunk as a footrest.


       Dom pulled a very confused face before snapping to it and fetching me a pair of sheepskin brown boots. I put them on, stood up, and looked at myself in the mirror.


       No, this is not one of those stories where the tom boy gets a make over unwillingly by her friend, becomes suddenly beautiful, and then the guys she loves is like, “Oh my Merlin! Where have you been all my life?!”


Psh. I wish.


       Dom didn’t really do much to be honest. I guess she just made my features stand out more.


The mascara of death made my already longish eyelashes look even longer. Almost frighteningly long.


The goldish brown eye shadow was put on very subtly, but it brought out the gold flecks in my hazel eyes.


The lip-gloss (gag) made my lips look shiny and well, glossy. What else is lip-gloss suppose to do? Maybe I’m just prejudice. You’d be prejudice too if you threw up the repulsive stuff for five hours.


The sweater was very flattering to my curves, and I felt like I was showing just enough cleavage, but that wasn’t slutty. My legs looked decently long. The dress ended just above my knees. The boots, coming up mid calf, finished the outfit quite nicely.


I had to admit, Dom did a great job.


       “You do good work, Weasley.” I commended, clapping my best friend on the shoulder.


       I chucked a stray shoe lying on the ground at Rose’s sleeping form just for good measure.


I never said that I was a nice person.


She grunted and flicked me off. “Bye Rosie! Love you too!” I called as I walked merrily down the steps.


       “Hey Pricey!” Fred and Louis greeted in unison as I entered the common room. I guess they had been waiting for me.


       “Hi guys!” I said as I reached for Louis’ wrist. I checked the time on his watch. 10:58. I was supposed to meet Noah at 11.


Cool beans. I was right on time.


       “Kay, bye!” I waved, smiling and started out of the common room.


       “Wait, where are you going?” Fred asked, grabbing my arm, and stopping me.




Why couldn’t they just let me be?


       “Hogsmeade!” I answered, cheerfully.


       “Brilliant. We’ll go with you. Can’t have someone looking that smashing going by herself, now can we?” Louis said, winking, and took my other arm.


I pulled away from both of them.


       “Erm, I actually have a date.” I said awkwardly, tucking a dark curl behind my ear.


They both looked at me with puzzled expressions.


I suppose I could understand why they were confused. I mean, our plan was for me to get a guy to make James jealous, which I did. I guess by not telling them they just assumed I hadn’t found anybody.


Stupid boys.


       “Who? Why didn’t you tell us?”


       “Um, it’s a surprise?” I said, holding my hands up, kind of questioning my own answer.


       “Please tell us?” Fred pleaded.




Louis was doing that thing where he made his blue eyes go really big. How is it that a bloke, a bloke, can do the puppy dog eyes better than I can? I hate my life.


Freddy, instead of taking the little kid approach, took the ‘I’m-so-bloody-sexy-Now-you-have-to-tell-me’ approach. He was smiling at me, flashing all of his uber white teeth. He folded his arms across his chest, flexing his muscles slightly. His eyes caramel eyes were dancing in amusement, making his look even hotter. He fucking knew all of this too.


They legit had this routine down. Freddy used his way to get girls in bed, and Louis used his to get the females in the family to do what he wants.


It’s freaking annoying and almost impossible to resist. 


       “Don’t bloody do that to me!” I whined.


       “Do what?” Fred asked smirking, flexing his muscles even more. Louis made his eyes twice as wide and pouted slightly.


Kill me. Kill me now.


I’d really prefer quick and painless, because well, it’d be quick and painless.


Leave my clothing to Dominique. She can sell them to buy herself clothes that she actually likes.


Leave my schoolbooks to Rosie. They were rarely opened. I do hope that she will find some use in the worthless pieces of trash.


Leave my broomstick to Apollo. I know he was always jealous that I got the faster model.


Leave my heart to James. He’ll probably use it as a quaffle to practice with. Sigh.


       I clamped my right hand over my eyes. “I’m not falling for it!”


       “I have no idea what you’re talking about, love.” Fred said innocently, gently removing my hand. I opened my eyes and his face was inches from my own. “Now who are you going to Hogsmeade?” He asked, his warm breath tickling my face. 


Holy poop.


Albert! Why haven’t you killed me yet!?


       “I’m not t-telling!” I stuttered, lifted my leg, and kneed him right in his man business.


Oh stop cringing, Albert.


       Freddy fell to the ground groaning. Louis looked at me shocked at what I had just done. Frankly, I was a little bit surprised myself. “Sorry!” I squeaked before running out of the common room.


       “Freddy! Fred! SPEAK TO ME, MAN!” Louis was yelling dramatically behind me.


I darted out of the portrait hole and slammed into somebody. I fell backwards on my arse, my hair flying everywhere. Noah stood above me, eyes twinkling in amusement, and offered a hand to help me up.


Why is it that every time I see him it involves me humiliating myself in someway?


Life is hard.


I smiled gratefully and took it. “Are you okay?” Noah asked, worriedly.


Oh, I’m just peachy. Not only is my arse bruised but so is my dignity.






       I can’t believe she did that. I mean, honestly, I’m not even going to be able to have children after that! I always wanted a little Freddy Jr. I’d teach him to be a total boss and how to get girls in bed.


I’d be a great father, I really would be.


       “Freddy! Fred! SPEAK TO ME, MAN!” Louis yelled.


Nope. No thanks, I’d quite like to continue withering in pain on the floor.


       I groaned. “How many fingers am I holding up?” Louis asked me, franticly holding up three fingers.


I got kicked in the, erm, lower half of my body not punched in the head.




       I smacked his hand out of my face, and attempted to stand.


Yeah, didn’t work out so well.


I ended up, very classily I must add, falling to the floor again.


Look what Pricey dearest has done to me! I’ll never be right again!


       “Come on, up you go, mate!” Louis said, heaving me up onto my feet. “I really thought you almost had her there.” He said, clapping me on the shoulder.


Merlin, I was so fucking close. I could’ve killed two birds with one stone. Snogged the life out of Pricey and found out who her date was.


Oh how I love seduction.


       You know for a girl that is head over heels in love with James she sure does have some righteous hormones when it comes to other guys. I know she’d rather have it be James seducing her for information, but she almost gave into temptation right there. 


       I just don’t understand why she wouldn’t tell Louis and me who she was going to Hogsmeade with. I mean, it was our absolutely brilliant plan in the first place so why shouldn’t we know?


Unless, Pricey was embarrassed of her date? Maybe she was going out with some pimply loser freak that likes to eat his toenails. Or maybe she was going out with a Slytherin!


No, she couldn’t be. She would never stoop that low. Would she?


       “You don’t think that Pricey’s date is a Slytherin and that’s why she didn’t tell us, do you?” Louis asked me, obviously pondering the same exact question.




       “Do you think that we should tell James and Apollo? I mean, if she is out with a Slytherin that could be dangerous considering she’s our star Seeker.” I said, worriedly.


       “Yeah, let’s go.” Louis said and he helped me hobble up the steps.


I know what you’re thinking. Shouldn’t a gorgeous stud muffin like me have a date on this fine Hogsmeade day rather than practically babysitting a mega fine sixth year?


The answer is yes, but I thought I’d be going to Hogsmeade with said mega fine sixth year so I’m shit out of luck with no date. My dear cousin Louis is in the same unfortunate situation as me.


       When we entered the 7th year dorm, it was completely pitch black. The only noise was coming from the loud arse jackhammer like snoring coming in all different directions.


Don’t these blokes have dates or something?


       I looked over at Louis and he nodded. We both pulled out our stash of Weasley’s Whiz-Bangs, courtesy of the old man, and lit them. They exploded in a beautiful array in a little something I like to call mayhem.


       All four blokes awoke with a start screaming things that ranged from, “What the bloody fuck is going on!?” and “Pretty lights!”


People these days. Honestly.


       After the explosions were finished, James, Apollo, Finnigan, and Shane finally noticed us. “What the fuck is wrong with you guys!?” They all yelled stimulatingly and chucked their pillows at us.


I, being the kick arse ninja that I am, blocked them all with ease. It’s a skill, you know, blocking pillows. I should make a career out of this shit.


       “Why are you prats all still sleeping?” Louis asked while picking a feather out of his hair.


       “Shit! What time is it?” James asked franticly, running his hands through his messy black hair.


       “11:05.” I said, glancing down at my watch.


I swear, I have never seen blokes move so fast.


“Fuck! I’m supposed to meet Alex in five minutes!” James exclaimed, trying to get out of his bed, but he was so tangled up in his sheets that he fell off the bed onto the floor.


My cousin is a git. I am embarrassed to be related to such a person.


       “I have a date! Why didn’t the bleeding alarm clock go off?” Finnigan yelled annoyed, running to the bathrooms.


       “Where the hell is that shirt? Apollo! Did you take my shirt?” Shane said, rummaging in his trunk and throwing clothing all over the room.


       “Why would I have your shirt? We aren’t even the same size!” Apollo said aggravated, as he got hit in the face with a pair of Shane’s boxers.


       “Hey!” Louis said loudly, trying to get their attention.


They kept being tossers and spazzingly moving around.


       “HEY!” I yelled, and Shane, Apollo, and James stopped to look at me. “We have a problem.” I told them.


       “You didn’t get some poor girl pregnant did you?” James asked, looking apprehensive. 


Why is it that whenever Louis and I have a problem everybody assumes that we got somebody pregnant!?


We are responsible people almost all the time!


       Louis slapped a hand to his forehead in frustration. “No we didn’t get anybody pregnant! It’s about Pricey!” I exclaimed in exasperation.


       Apollo’s expression instantly looked interested and slightly worried and so did James’.


Hmm. Curious.


       “You didn’t rape her and get her pregnant, did you?” Shane asked, raising an eyebrow.


Apollo glared at me. Like full out death glared.


You know, for a bloke with turquoise eyes and a slight baby face, he can give some scary arse glares.


I think I just shit my pants.


Not literally, that would be disgusting. But figuratively, there is a large turd in my pants.



Too much information, right?


Yeah, I apologize for that.


       “For Merlin’s sake, no! We think she’s on a date with a Slytherin!” Louis exclaimed, irritated.


Apollo stood up abruptly and angrily, yelling, “WHAT?!”


I watched for James’ reaction. He looked incredibly pissed, but completely dumbstruck at the same time. His fists were clenched and his expression made him seem like he just whacked on the head by an angry troll.


Maybe our little jealousy plan worked after all…


Shane was raising an eyebrow at James’ reaction. Did he know something?


Nah. Shane is too much of a git to be observant of this kind of shit. I mean, the bloke is nice and all but he’s kind of an idiot.


       “Well, are we going to find out who the fuck this bastard is or not?” Apollo asked, annoyed when nobody made a move to run out the door in the ten seconds after Lou made the little announcement.


       “I’ll skip my date with Lindsay.” Shane said, patting Apollo on the shoulder consolingly.


       “Looks like Alex is going to kill me for missing our date.” James grinned, and threw on a shirt.


I really don’t understand why he was even dating that cow in the first place. He didn’t even seem happy with her. I mean, sure she’s hot looking I guess, but it’s the fake kind of hot.


I bet the bitch stuffs her bra.


       “Well let’s get a move on! Come on!” Apollo exclaimed, running out the door in what he slept in, which was sweatpants and a ratty arse tee shirt.


Fucking kid is mental.



       “Dude, touch into me one more time and see what happens to you.”


       “Bastard! You just stepped on my foot!”


       “There is a thorn in my shoe. There is a thorn in my fucking shoe!”


        “This bush smells like dog shit.”


That’s right we were in a bush.


We were in a bleeding bush.


It was Louis’ brilliant idea to wait in the bush and hope that Pricey magically walks by.


My cousin and best friend is a prat.


I helpfully suggested that we split up and go into Zonkos, Honeydukes, and Three Broomsticks because those are the places that Pricey would most likely be.


But nooooo. They all thought it would be just a dandy plan to cram behind/in a fucking bush.




       “Merlin, look at Kylie Smith. She’s such a fit little thing.” Louis said, looking in the direction of the sexy blonde, tan, and gorgeous Ravenclaw. This of course captured the attention of all of us in the bush.


Hey, we’re blokes. Can you blame us?


       “I shagged her last year. Wild as hell in bed.” Shane told us grinning.


I looked at him in awe. I had to admit, that was impressive.


       “You fucked Kylie Smith? She’s usually one not to sleep around.”


       “She was piss drunk. Wasn’t really the most challenging of lays.” James said laughing. I snorted.


       “Fuck you. It still counts.” Shane said, and punched him in the arm.


(It doesn’t.)


       “Oh shit! There’s Dom and that Hufflepuff!” Louis said, pointing at Dom and some black haired tosser.


James and I both cast a different hex at him.


I used the ever-popular bat bogey hex. And James used the very classy slug vomiting charm.


We’re her cousins. It comes with the territory to be protective.


Plus it was hilarious to watch Dom start freaking out when her date began to violently vomit up slugs and have booger bats attack his face.


Dom, not knowing what to do, decided he wasn’t worth her precious time and just left him there, looking thoroughly disgusted.


Dominique is a lovely person. She really is.


I started laughing with the rest of my little spying in a bush clan, and that’s when I saw her.


That’s when I saw her laughing, holding hands, with him.


The one guy that is worse than a fucking Slytherin. I didn’t even know that was bloody possible.


       “No way.” I whispered shocked. Everyone followed my gaze.


Noah. Fucking. Davies.




       “Favorite color?”


       “Blue.” Noah responded.


       I shook my head and laughed, “Such a typical Ravenclaw answer.”


       He grinned. “What? I’m not allowed to show my house pride?” I just smirked. “Okay, what’s your favorite color then? Red?” Noah said, his tone teasing.


       “For your information, smart arse, my favorite color is orange!” I stuck my tongue out at him.


       “Why orange?” He asked.


       “Because it’s fun to say!” I chirped. “Oooorrraaanngggeee.” I said, pronouncing each word and syllable slowly. He chuckled at me.


       “Favorite shape?” Noah asked.


       “Favorite shape? Seriously? That’s such a random question?” I said, giggling.


I know. How cliché are we, walking down the street, holding hands, and asking each other our favorites on our first date? Don’t judge. It’s actually pretty fun.


       “Just answer the question, Price.” He ordered, scowling, but his eyes were twinkling.


       “Fine! No need to get huffy.” I teased. “I guess it would be a trapezoid?”


       “A trapezoid?” He laughed.


       “Who the fuck has a favorite shape, you tosser!”


       “Mine is a rhombus.” He grinned.


       “That’s worse than a bloody trapezoid!” I exclaimed, elbowing him in the ribs playfully.


       “Is not!”


       “Is too!”


       “You are just too embarrassed to admit that my shape is way cooler than yours.” He smirked.


What a twat.


       “Yours just sounds stupid. I mean, a rhombus?” I said, raising my eyebrow.


Am I wrong here, Albert? Trapezoids are better than rhombus, right? I don’t even know what the blasted things look like.


       Noah just shook his head, smiling. “Favorite type of lunch meat to put in your sandwiches?” He asked.


       I laughed at the ridiculous question. I looked up to answer him, but he wasn’t looking at me. He was looking over my head at something, and smirking mischievously. I began to turn, but Noah grabbed my face and kissed me.


And I mean really kissed me. Like with tongue and everything.


Oh shut it, Albert. That was not too graphic. 


       I started to kiss him back, but I was suddenly wrenched backwards with amazing force. “What the fuck?” I yelled, and tried to detach myself from whoever was grabbing me.


It was Apollo. And he looked nothing short of absolutely furious.




Can you say screwed?


No, I didn’t mean that literally, Albert. I realize that you can say screwed, you git. I meant that I’m screwed. Got it? Great.


       Apollo looked at me fiercely as if he didn’t even know me, and dropped my arm before punching Noah in the face.


Shane, Fred, Louis, and James took this as an invitation that they could punch my date as well.


I watched horrified, as it was five on one. Noah managed to get in a few punches as well, giving James a cut lip, Fred a broken nose, and Apollo what would eventually be a black eye.


Noah was in much worse shape though. “Stop it! STOP!” I screamed. We were causing quite a scene, but so far nobody was breaking up the fight.


       Nobody listened to my pathetic screams so I pulled out my wand and performed a protection charm sending all the boys flying in different directions.


       As soon as they landed, they all got up and marched towards Noah again.


For the love of Merlin.


       I stood in front of Noah with my hands and wand up. Noah was on the floor coughing up blood. How pleasant. “Please, don’t hurt him.” I begged as Fred, Louis, James, Shane, and Apollo approached me with matching seething expressions.


       “Why the fuck are you with him, Aphrodite?” Apollo yelled furiously.


I flinched at the use of my first name. Like I said before, he only uses my first name when he’s really really mad.


       I didn’t answer. Instead, I looked at the ground, unable to meet his eyes. “Do you do this kind of shit purposely? Are you getting back at me for something I’ve done to you? I thought I’ve been a pretty good big brother-“ He ranted, fists clenched, pacing back in forth.


       “You’re the best big brother!” I told him honestly, my head snapping up, and looking at him with wet eyes.


       “Then why would you go out with the one guy, the one guy, that I absolutely despise? And you know I hate him too! Not to mention the team-“


       “What about the team? What does the team have to do with it?” I cried, uncomfortable with the way a bunch of strangers were staring at me. Uncomfortable with the way my friends and brother were staring at me.


       “Don’t be stupid, Aphrodite. You know we have a match against Ravenclaw in two weeks.” James snapped.


I froze and looked at James’ face.


His mouth was set in a tight line, his nostrils were flaring, and his eyes lost the normal twinkle they had in them when he talked to me.


They were just…dead.


The way he was looking at me hurt. It was physical pain shooting through my body.


He snapped at me. James never snapped at me. I was his Biter. I wasn’t Aphrodite.


       Tears were streaming down my face noiselessly. “I’m sorry.” I managed to whisper.


       All of their faces were unforgiving. “If you were sorry, then you wouldn’t have done it in the first place.” Apollo snarled, and walked away shooting me a disgusted look as he did so.


       The boys followed, looking at me as if I was something that they found on the bottom of their shoes. Even Fred, Louis, and Shane were missing their usual happy, humor filled personalities.


       I fell to the ground in sobs, clutching my knees for some sort of comfort. Fred was the only one that glanced back. When he did, he only frowned.




        I looked back. The arse was smirking from his pathetic position on the ground.

A/N: Raise your hand if you want to kill everybody in this story for their outstanding stupidity! Oh poop, look at all those hands. Raise your hand if you want to kill me! Wow, even more hands.

Yeah, I apologize for the extreme intensity of this chapter. I was actually surprised that I had a really fun time writing it because normally I hate when problems happen in stories. I just want everything to be happy dandy the whole time, but that wouldn’t be much of a story, now would it?

You people still like Noah? Probably thought he was good at first, didn’t you? Seems like Mr. Noah Davies has a plan…What that plan might be, well, you’ll have to read and find out. ;)

Did you like the parts in Fred’s POV? It was really weird for me to write in the point of view of a guy. I kept telling myself, Think like a man. Think like a man!  

I can imagine that a lot of you are angry about the almost kiss between Fred and Aphrodite. I’m sorry about that, but I just had to have it in there for myself. I love Fred. No, Aphrodite does not like him more than a friend. She just thinks he’s really hot. I mean, how could you not? HE’S FRED WEASLEY!!

Your reviews have been amazing. I love reading them all. More favorite quotes/lines/parts of the earlier more happy part of this chapter?

Tell me what you think! OVER AND OUT.



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