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Murder at the Hog's Head by Gregory Savage
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Kingsley Shacklebolt was sitting in his office, the office of the Minister of Magic.  He enjoyed being the Minister of Magic, he felt honored to be asked and had done the job to the best of his abilities, but he hadn’t been the best pick possible (He knew however with great certainty that he wasn’t the worst).  He realized soon that being the Minister of Magic was a very complex job and a rather boring one at that.  He had to deal with muggle relations, foreign wizard relations, regulations on wizarding goods, the reconstruction of Hogwarts, the reconstruction of the whole british wizarding world in fact and it became clear that he had definitely not been groomed for this position.  Kingsley Shacklebolt was not the most ambitious man the world had ever known. He did have ambition, but being Minister of Magic was somewhat past the level of ambition he had.  It had been exactly two months since Voldemort had been killed by Harry Potter, and yet Hogwarts had not been completely rebuilt. The battle had saved the wizarding world but still many problems pertaining to it were prevalent.  Other countries distrusted Britain after Voldemort had taken over the Ministry so easily.  They were very careful about relations with Britain which had caused Kingsley a lot of trouble.  Britain was in ruins and needed help but he knew other countries had to be completely sure about Britain being in safe, secure hands again before they would offer their support. Kingsley understood this perfectly, but that did not help him very much.  He would just have to wait until they were sure, at which time he might not even be Minister of Magic, in fact he hoped he wouldn’t. 

Kingsley was anxious to hand the job over the someone better qualified to do.  He wanted to go back to being an auror and was confident that if he was well received in his temporary stint as Minister he could be the Head of the Auror Department, a position which his level of ambition certainly reached.  He explained this to the Wizardgamot who seemed receptive to the idea, realizing fairly quickly that Kingsley wasn’t exactly perfect for the job.  The Wizardgamot had narrowed down the list of potential Ministers of Magic down to two candidates, Dolores Umbridge and Percy Weasley.  Kingsley disliked both of the options seeing as neither was a member, friend, or even acquaintance to the Order of the Phoenix during the struggle against Voldemort and the Death Eaters.  

In Kingsley’s eyes neither were right for the job, but the Wizardgamot explained that both had been working in areas that handled multiple major aspects of the British Wizarding World.  Umbridge had been working on discriminatory legislation, but had successfully convinced many that her actions were due to the imperius curse placed on her by Voldemort and secretly told to the Wizardgamot, the horcrux that she carried around with her at all times before Harry took it back.  She had many years experience on her side dealing with international and domestic issues that the Wizardgamot liked.  Unfortunately for Kingsley everyone else with her experience and talent had been killed during Voldemort’s rule over the Ministry.  On the other hand, Percy had betrayed his family for the ministry and followed the path of the ministry blindly even after Voldemort took over.  However, as undersecretary to the Minister Percy was very valuable because he could very easily take over Kingsley’s role knowing what to do, as opposed to Kingsley’s first day on the job which consisted of two hours of Kingsley sitting in the office before realizing how to function as the minister.  He decided that because Percy had apologized to the Weasley family and joined their side before the end that he was the lesser of two evils, and Kingsley pushed hard for the Wizardgamot to appoint him.  

As Kingsley found out on that day in July, that Wizardgamot had decided to follow his advice and had chosen Percy.  Unfortunately, the night previous there was a nasty incident in Hogsmeade involving the murder of a suspected death eater of which Percy was a major suspect.  The Wizardgamot expressed to Kingsley that if Percy Weasley was charged with the murder of the person in question, then Dolores Umbridge would be proclaimed Minister of Magic.  Kingsley wrote back to the Wizardgamot explaining the he would personally be conducting the interrogation and investigation along with the auror department.  Kingsley went down to the auror department immediately and came across Dawlish.

“Minister,” said Dawlish, “have they picked your replacement or are you still drowning up there?”

“They picked a replacement Dawlish,” replied Kingsley, “and when I become head of this department after that, maybe you can just be disrespecting the head of your department and not the head of the whole ministry.”

Dawlish shut his mouth and went to his desk.  The auror deparment was a series of large desks on which many suspects and criminals were pictured and the theories of their whereabouts were shown.  Kingsley strode over to one desk in particular.

“Hello Gregory,” said Kingsley, “How are you today?”

“Fine Minister, just got a nasty case of murder here on my plate, “ said Gregory Savage. He was a tall man around six feet, very skinny however, with brown hair that was somewhat short and a little messy.  “I’m going to interrogate them soon, I have them all seperated so they haven’t talked to each other, had to track down one though, now that I’ve got him here I’ll probably start.”

“I heard about this case and wanted to know if i could lend a hand.”

“You want to investigate this yourself? Why?”

“I have some personal stake in this.”

“I see, you want Percy Weasley to become Minister of Magic, and since he’s a suspect you need to make sure he gets off.”

“That’s not what I intend to do.”

“Minister, this is a serious conflict of interest!”

“Not if you are also in the room.  I will conduct the investigation and if you feel I have missed anything, you can ask it.”

“Well you are the Minister of Magic, so i can’t really say ‘no’ to you.  And as long as i get to ask questions too, I guess this could pass for fair judgement.  Still, we have to agree on the killer, and if we don’t I’ll cry conflict of interest to whoever will listen.”

“I’m fine with those terms.”

“All Right let’s go down to the interrogation room.”  Kingsley and Savage walked to an elevator and took it downstairs to the floor where the interrogation room and the holding cells were.  They walked in and sat down. “Here’s a list of the witnesses, “ said Savage as they sat down, “we’re going to have to see all of them one by one so I hope you used the bathroom beforehand, I don’t want to have to take time for that.”  Kingsley however was not paying attention because he was looking at the list.

“I was not aware that Harry Potter was on this list,” said Kingsley tensely, “is he a serious suspect do you think?”

“Of course! He killed Voldemort, I wouldn’t put it past him to kill a death eater.”

“It doesn’t seem in the boy’s nature. I‘ve met him.”

“How long have you been Minister? It’s like you’ve forgotten how to be an auror.  Take your personal garbage out of this. Oh...” Savage suddenly realized he was talking to the Minister of Magic, “I’m very sorry sir.”

“It’s all right Savage.  It’s true, I do need to take my personal feeling out of this. Let’s see one of them.  Who do you think should be first?

“How about...” Savage looked on the list trying to decide, “Dean Thomas? He was injured during the event.  You think that’s a good first pick?”

“We’ll see.”

“Send in Dean Thomas!”


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Murder at the Hog's Head: Prologue


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