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Beyond Help by BlackRain
Chapter 2 : Ain't no rest for the wicked
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Hello there! I own nothing. The chapter title and the lyrics are from Cage The Elephant- Ain't no rest for the wicked song~



Chapter image by SwissMiss@TDA

Oh, there ain't no rest for the wicked,
Money don't grow on trees.
There ain't nothing in this world for free.


Wicked (adjective) -evil or morally bad in principle or practice; sinful; iniquitous.


I knew we‘re going to be late. I just knew it.


"The first day back at school and we‘re already late.“ Danny laughed while running and trying not to spill his coffee. I was trying to button my blouse. Danny took a huge sip of his coffee and made a sad face. I didn't even know from where he got the coffee.


"It‘s empty!“ He declared and threw his empty cup over his shoulder. The cup crashed into a wall and the glass pieces almost hit few second years.


"Nice throw, jackass!“ A 6th year girl yelled at Danny. The boy stopped with a cocky smile on his lips and bowed.


"Thank you, thank you! I‘ll be here all year!“ He shouted to the girl.


"Cocky much?“ Andie, our partner in crime, jogged towards us. We stood in an empty hall. The bell rang few minutes ago.


I really wanted to start this year being on the good side of our professors. But it seems I should have wanted it more. The professor will not start to like me better if I’m standing in an empty hall when the bell rang few minutes ago. And I’m not just standing, I’m panting! Panting with red cheeks, bloody aching sides, and crazily buttoned blouse. My only consolation was the fact that Danny looked the same as I did. The only difference was that his shirt was not buttoned.


"What‘s your first class?“ Andie asked me and Danny.


"We don‘t know. We never made it in time to get our timetables.“ I puffed.


"Nice. You see we have something in common.“ Andie laughed. Andie Bones. A 5‘4 skinny Hufflepuff with dark blonde curls and big blue eyes, our dear Andie.


"So... Let‘s go find Eric and Emer. Maybe they skipped their first class, seeing what the three of us didn‘t make it?“ Danny suggested. It was a logical suggestion, you see we, Illegals, stick together.


"Yeah. But oh my God, Deb! Have you seen yourself in a mirror this morning?“ Andie asked.


"Andie, darling,“ I grinned “I buttoned my blouse while running.”


Andie tsked and dragged me to the closest girl’s bathroom that was not far away.


"Yeah I‘ll just wait here... All alone....” Danny shouted to us. I glared at him and placed my finger on my lips, instructing him to be quiet. The last thing we needed now was to get some professor out of his class so he could punish us for making noise.


“We aren’t at all used to detentions by this point?” Danny shouted his answer before I could voice my thoughts.


As we entered the bathroom I stopped at the big mirror. My red-ish hair was in messy curls. My glasses were somewhere in my bag so I saw everything in a blur. My cheeks were red from running. And my Ravenclaw tie was tied the wrong way.


"Great. I can call myself an utter mess.” Andie laughed with me. She pulled a red lipstick from her pocket and drew a red heart on my cheek.


"Real mature Andiekins.“ I washed my face with cold water. The cold water was dripping from my face.


We left the bathroom and saw that Danny was not alone. He was talking with a tall boy with longish blond hair and blue eyes. Eric Angel. Next to the two chatting boys stood a girl who was a little shorter than Danny. Emer, his twin sister. As we reached them I gave my friends a questioning look.


"Joy Colonel said that when she left you were still sleeping,” Eric said.




"Deborah, pass the butter.“ Andie snapped the umpteenth time as I ignored her and rambled on.


“I don’t understand!” I kept rambling and ignoring her.


“Shut up and pass the freaking butter!” Andie added a sharp jab to my leg at the end of the sentence, and I shot up with a yelp.


"Okay. Okay. But let me get this one thing straight. Joy saw I was still sleeping. But she did not wake me up. Of course it was just too hard for her. And her nerd herd couldn‘t wake me up too.” I ranted. We were so late for our first class that we decided to skip it and have a nice breakfast in the kitchens. Through the years the kitchens became our headquarters.


"We all know Joy hates us all.” Andie chirped happily as she finally got her butter.


"So why did she tell you I was going to be late?“ I asked Eric


"Because she‘s the Head Girl.” Emer rolled her eyes and finished her muffin.


"Oh hell no!” Danny jumped from his seat and spilled Emers tea. "She‘s going to eat us alive!“


"Let‘s forget Joy and talk about work. Any offers?” Emer changed the subject.


"Well," Andie trailed off as she literally killed her muffin, "A Second Year came to me and asked if we could make Albus Potter fall in love with her.“


Eric raised his eyebrows. It seemed as if he didn‘t know if he should laugh or cry at this situation. “And what did you tell her?”


"I was snotty like Emer taught me to be. I told her that she does not have enough money to even talk to me,” Andie smiled from ear to ear. "Then a 6th year asked if we could make James Potter go out with her...”




"I told her that we are not match makers. And that she should go to hell.” Andie smiled again.


"You‘re wicked.“ Danny grinned


"Baby, we‘re wicked.” I corrected him with a cocky smile on my lips. Danny winked and we both started laughing. My laughter vanished when I saw the way Eric looked at Danny. Jealous. There was something wrong with this picture. Eric cannot be jealous because I do not belong to him. I shot Eric a warning glare, but he just smiled to me.


"Hey guys! I hope our first lesson was not Defense Against the Dark Arts. I really want to see the pretty face of our professor.” Andie gazed at her tea, her lips curled in a sly smile.


“God, Andie. He’s married. And he’s a professor. And he’s related to Potters!” Emer said in a disapproving tone.


“Yes! And Andie, why do you want to look at that lousy Teddy Lupin if you can look at me. I’m hotter!” Danny declared. That made Emer and Andie go into hysterical giggles. “I’m hot right?” Now Danny was looking for approval from Eric.


“Mate,” Eric patted his best friend awkwardly “Ask the girls. Sorry, I’m not gay.” That made the girls laugh even more. Finally Danny looked at me


“Yes, Danny. You are hotter.” I said in a serious tone, biting my lower lip to prevent the laughter erupting.


“Come on guys,” Emer giggled for the last time, “you need to find Fuckwit. He has your timetables.”


We left the kitchens. Eric had Herbology. Emer had DADA with Andie. I hoped that I with Danny had DADA as well.


“Where to?” I asked Danny as we skipped down the hall.


“To the Fuckwits office! Nananananana Fuckwit!” Danny sang a melody from an old muggle TV show and ran fast.


I laughed and ran after him. Danny was like a brother to me. Sometimes I felt like I love him more than life. Yes, Emer, Andie, Eric were my close friends, but I couldn’t imagine my life without Danny.


We turned around the corner and bumped into the head of our house, Flitwick.


“Mr. Selwyn! Miss Mint! For Merlin’s sake. I was looking everywhere for you two. Missing classes on the first day back at school!” Our little professor ranted. As you guessed we call him Fuckwit. Oh but don’t get the wrong idea. We love him.


“I’m so sorry professor!” I started but Danny corrected me.


“We. We are sorry.”


“Yes, yes. Please take your timetables and behave. Be good at least for today." Our little professor begged.


“Yes sir, Flitwick sir!” Danny yelled.


“Whatcha got?” I asked Danny, when Flitwick left us alone in the corridor.


“DADA, of course. Just like you.” He rolled his eyes. “You go join Emer and Andie. I forgot my books in the tower.” Danny left me alone to wander.


I walked down the hall to DADA class. The halls were already empty and for the second time today I was late. After so many years this castle still takes my breath away. It doesn’t matter how many years will pass, this castle will be my only salvation, my serenity. How many little kids found their happiness here, just like I did?


Suddenly I was brought back to planet earth by a quiet voice.


“Excuse me… Are you Deborah?” I turned around and faced a girl. Red hair, Gryffindor tie, big brown eyes. Positively a Wotter or a Peasley. The girl looked frightened. She probably was a Fourth Year or a Fifth Year.


“Darling, the question is who are you?” I tilted my head high, narrowing my eyes at her.


“I’m…I-I am… Lily…Lily Potter” Bingo. A Potter. But still I was surprised. Sometimes Weasleys came to us. But Potters never. If they wanted something from us, they asked others to tell us. Potters were too arrogant to talk to worms, Hogwarts reputation destroyers, like us. And the fact she came alone meant that her brothers knew nothing of this meeting.


I raised my eyebrows. “Well, spit it out already! I have a class to attend to.” I snapped after a long silence.


“I want a favor.” She said so quietly, her lips barely moved, but she sounded more confident now.


“Lily,” Her name from sounded like a foreign word to me. I rolled it in my mouth, feeling the bitterness. “If you weren’t a Potter I would ask what kind of a favor. But you are a Potter. And Potters would love to rat us out. I can’t let that happen.”


“Don’t get me wrong! I came alone. I want this. Not my brothers.” Now she was determined not to let me go so easily.


“Great. If you want something from us then come tonight at 9pm to the kitchens. Then you can tell us what you want. I hope you know where the kitchen is.” I smiled at her. It seemed she wanted to say something, but I turned my back at her and left. It’s an amazing feeling to be in control. I think maybe I’ll be the next minister of magic. I’ll make life easy for everyone.


Then again life’s supposed to be easy, right? WRONG. Life is not easy. And sadly it’s not even fair. Why do some people get happy families? Like Potters? Like Weasleys. Lily felt so confident, just by looking at her you could tell that she’s loved.


Of course, every family has their own problems. But they are different. One child can cry at night and hate his parents because he can hear how his parents are making his little brother or sister. Other kids cry because their parents are alcoholics.


And it’s not fair. And about what those two kids should talk when they meet? One will start crying because he heard his parents having sex. And what should say the kid whose parents are alcoholics? Or a kid whose parents are divorced? The answer is simple. There wouldn’t be a conversation. They wouldn’t be capable of understanding each other.


That’s why we (and by we I mean me, Eric, Andie, Emer and Danny) do not associate with other students. They wouldn’t understand us. They see just a bunch of angry teenagers who break rules.


When did I start breaking rules? I don’t know. Maybe when I understood that my family is one big lie to feed the media? Or maybe when my brother ran away from home and left me behind?


You see people start breaking rules, drinking, doing drugs because the lack of attention they get from their parents. At least that’s what McGonagall told me long time ago. I told her she’s right.


My father couldn’t spend his time with me when I was growing up. He had a career to build. Oh and his sluts to attend to. My mother couldn’t spend time with me too. Because she also had her job and her Italian boy-toy. You see my father is a well known politician and my mother is an overpaid shrink.


And my 7 years older brother… He couldn’t stand us, our family, our lies and he left us. He left me. When I was younger I used to wonder why he didn’t take me with him. Probably because he never cared about others. I and my brother Ethan… we were raised as the best. It made us egoistical. If I’m egoistical then why do I care about my Illegals? Because they’re life is like mine.


Danny and Emer. Little purebloods, their parents never really cared about them. They just cared about partying. They usually left their poor little twins at home, leaving the house elf as a nanny. And they still do not care about them. They just give tons of money to them. I believe they wouldn’t care if one of them became a drug dealer.


Eric? A muggleborn from America. When he was 5 years old his mother left the family. Later that year his father got a job offer and moved to good old England. Eric never saw his mother again. When Eric turned 11 years old his father had a heart attack. He survived, but he never forgave his son for being a wizard. Eric’s dad started drinking. I don’t know the whole story. But I know that Eric’s dad is now a jobless alcoholic.


Andie’s parents think Andie is still 5 years old. They see her as little girl who needs help while crossing the road. Her mother goes hysterical if Andie is not in bed after 9pm. And when Mr. Bones heard us talking about guys he said he will kill any guy who dares to touch his little girl. In other words Andie’s parents freak me out.


Like I said many times before: life is a carousel. Sometimes we are up, sometimes we are down. When you’re down you want to scream. Scream so loud that everyone would hear you. You see nothing but sadness and your shitty life. Some believe it’s called depression. I believe it’s just a part of the circle of life. You have to get burned, you have to if you want to know the real life.


Sometimes I get so angry that I wish that others were just like me, beyond help. I wonder if there is a possibility to choose your life. Or maybe you just have to try? I tried and I failed. But maybe I should try again and again and again? Or maybe I should just act as if I’m okay, as if I care.


Yup. Maybe I should start acting like I care what’s going on in this classroom. Yes, I should because our Transfiguration professor is heading my way with her nostrils wide. Oh boy.


“No rest for the wicked, eh?” I hear someone snicker.


“Ms. Mint do you like me standing there and trying to explain something to you when you obviously aren’t listening to what I’m saying? I will not wobble like a duck. I am trying to teach you! Do I have to wobble like a duck?” The woman was almost trembling in anger.


"No professor Bletchley. But if you feel like a duck…well then I’ll just be tolerant. You can be… a duck if you want.” I smiled with malice at the head of the Slytherin house.


“You think you’re very smart.” Finally Professor Irma Bletchley yelled. The woman was probably in her thirties. She was bony with long brown hair and dark brown eyes. Teaching made her even more hysterical than she was before. “10 points from Ravenclaw. Professor Flitwick will hear about his. Poor old man. Has to deal with cocky students like you. Poor man indeed. If you were in my house… Oh you would learn to respect.” Bletchley ranted.


I did not listen further what she had to say. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my left leg. I looked at my leg and saw that Joy Colonel was stabbing her quill into my leg.


“What the hell are you doing, you maniac?” I shrieked quietly at her


A pair of brown eyes blinked at me and then Joy pulled away from me. “Deborah, I’m the Head Girl,” The owner of beautiful long blond locks hissed at me. “The first day back and you already starting an anarchistic revolution.”


“Me starting an anarchistic revolution? Joy, really? I wasn’t. But hey, you gave me a great idea! No wonder you’re the Head Girl!” I gave her the sweetest smile I have. Joy Colonel, the bane of my existence. My eyes watered from the pain when she finally pulled away.


Joy was one of the people who couldn’t understand us. She always tried to catch us doing something illegal. With help from Dominique Weasley, of course. Weasley… I almost forgot.


“Hey Andie,” I pinched my half sleeping transfiguration partner


“Whaaaaat? This better be good. I almost had a dream about me and Lupin.”


“Almost, Andie. Almost doesn’t count.” She pouted and threw one of her locks out of her face.


“Listen, one of the Potters came to me today. I told her to meet us at 9 pm in the kitchens. Pass it on to others.” Andie nodded, turned around and jabbed Danny in the ribs.


“Ouch woman! I knew you liked it rough, but that’s just too much!” Danny hissed. Andie grabbed him by his collar and whispered my message into his ear. Danny smiled and passed it to Emer, who passed it to Eric. It’s all set. I hope that Potter will show up.




And she did. We sat quietly in the kitchens when we heard two voices just around the corner.


“You think this is a good idea?” A husky male voice asked.


“Yes. Yes Jake. I’m sure of it.” I recognized the quiet girl’s voice. Lily Potter. “I’m doing this for us.”


Andie poked me and gave me the look that said ‘Oh this is going to be good.’


The other part of the conversation was quieter. We waited for few minutes in silence. It seemed Lily told the boy to leave and he did. And then we saw her, walking slowly toward us.


“So you came.” I smiled at her.


She responded with a determined nod.


“Sit, sit. Where are our manners.” Andie laughed. “Make yourself at home.”


“You act like you own the place.” Lily whispered and quickly became sorry for her words when her eyes met our dark gazes. “I’m sorry. I’m nervous.” She didn’t sound sorry.


“Darling, we do own the place.” Andie glared at her. “I like you. I’ll write a nice speech for your funeral. What’s your name again?”


“Andie, stop provoking her. Lily, please sit down.” I hissed.


“Lily Potter, I believe you know who we are. So just tells us how we can help the daughter of The Chosen One.” Danny crossed his arms on his chest.


It seemed for a moment Danny’s words startled her, but then again she gave us her determined look.


“I’ll cut the small talk.” Definitely a Potter. That attitude could be missed, her upper lip was curved in a line of pure arrogance. “It’s my brother. James. Because of him I cannot have a boyfriend.”


“That’s not the way it looked few moments ago with that Jakie.” Eric teased.


“It’s Jake!” Lily hissed at Eric and turned red.


“Enough. Eric you’ll have your fun latter.” Emer glared at Eric annoyed. “Carry on, Potter.”


“James is an idiot.” She spat, “He and my cousin Fred chase all the guys away from me. Some girls say that it’s cute. Then again, they say James is super hot. Ew. Just ew. If James knew that I’m dating Jake, he’d kill him. He’d kick him out of the quidditch team and then would kill him. Would kill him dead. Every guy that I dated… James never liked them. He said that they didn’t feel right to him. Of course they didn’t feel right to him! I was the one dating them. And now I’m scared to show him Jake, I know he’ll say the same shit like he always says.” She bit her lower lip and then took a deep breath.


“I and Jake are tired of sneaking around. So I came for your help. You have to find a way that James would like Jake. It kind of defeats the point of having a boyfriend if his body parts are strewn around the castle.” Finally Potter closed her mouth. She stiffened in her seat as we staid quiet.


“That would suck.” I heard Danny mutter to himself. He was probably shocked by the ripping apart comment.


Emer was looking at Lily bored, Danny joined Eric trying not to laugh. I gave them a disapproving look. Then I looked the way they were looking. They were looking at Andie.


She was sitting shocked, her mouth was open, eyes were glittering. I giggled quietly and Andie turned at me, her look was furious. Okay. I felt like I had ‘Glare at Me’ tattooed across my forehead. Merlin, if looks could kill, I would have died billions of times.


“I’m fascinated.” Andie looked at Lily. “Oh true love will conquer all!” She declared and made Danny burst into unstoppable laughter.


“We are taking the job. But it will cost you, Potter. A lot.” Emer said in a bored tone and I nodded.


“Fine. Name the price.”


“We don’t know it yet.” I said and laughed when Andie pushed Danny and Eric out of their seats for making fun out of her. Lily gave us the look saying we’re mental.


My eyebrows flew up. “You can leave now.” Lily stiffened and glared at me. I bet she’s not used to this. How can be Lily Potter be bossed around? Spoiled runt. Lily stood and gave us a stiff nod. She left and the laughter faded.


“This will be fun” Andie gave us her foxy smile.


“I left my idea journal in the dorm. I’ll go get it.” I said and stood. My Idea journal. It was like our diary. We wrote everything we did and that we want to do before leaving Hogwarts.


“I’ll go with you.” Eric stood up too. My back was turned to him so he didn’t see the annoyed look on my face. We left the kitchens and quietly started walking to our common room.


“Eric, I don’t need a babysitter.” I said quietly. I tried to avoid his gaze. Those sky blue eyes… they always made me weak.


“You know about my feelings for you. I know I promised not to talk about it. It’s hard for me.” He wasn’t pleading . His voice was strong. He was sure that one day I will date him. That confidence was one of the things that pushed me away from him.


“I need space, time.” I lied. I was scared of him liking me at first. But then he became so overprotective. So I got mad. It’s not that Eric is ugly. Hell no. He’s good looking. But if I and him… if we start dating…our relationship is bound to end. And it would be the end of The Illegals. So I can’t date him.


“Eric, my head is breaking in two. Can you leave me alone? I want to walk alone. Okay?” I asked him. And it wasn’t a lie. My head right now was pounding. Every time we stay alone with Eric things get awkward.


“You’re avoiding me.” I blinked at his words and Eric sent me one of those eyebrow-looks that clearly said ‘don’t play dumb; you know what I’m talking about.’


“Fine. Whatever.” After a long silence Eric turned around and left me alone. He got mad.


I walked alone to my dorm, took the journal and started walking back to the kitchens. The halls were dim. I walked fast. I wasn’t afraid to get caught by a prefect. I’d just hex him. The professors were the real problem. But the halls were empty. Suddenly, I heard footsteps approaching. I pulled out my wand and waited. The approaching person was a Slytherin student.


“Just the person I was looking for.” Alex Zabini smiled at me. Medium height, tan skin, brown shaggy hair. And those eyes, dark brown eyes. When you look at them… It feels like Alex knows everything about you. When I meet a person I always look them in the eyes. Eyes can say so much about a person. I liked his eyes. You could never hide from them.


“Oh. Zabini, you were looking for me?” I asked innocently.


“Yes.” He played along. “Come with me my lady.” I nodded and followed him. You’re probably wondering why: is a Slytherin student being nice to a mudblood? The funny thing is that all students believe that all of the Illegals are purebloods. We never spread such a lie. They made it up themselves.


Zabini led me into a small broom closet. He closed he doors. It was pitch dark so I pulled my wand


“Lumos” I muttered. “Do you always drag beautiful girls into a small broom closet like a creep? You Slytherins are kinky.” Alex rolled his eyes and smiled.


“I thought you liked kinky.” He laughed.


“Alex, time is money. Talk.” I realized soon Eric will start looking for me.


“I want Slytherin to win the cup this year.” I raised my eyebrows. “We need Gryffindor to lose.” He said simply.


“You play quidditch.” That wasn’t a question, but he still nodded. “And you play as a…?”


“Beater.” He said.


“And who is the Slytherin quidditch captain?” I asked, already knowing the answer.


“Scorpius.” He said bitterly. He already knew why I asked those questions.


“You know the rules. About quidditch we talk only with the captains. Where is Scorpius?”


“He’s an idiot.” Zabini spat. “He wants to win fair. We won’t win. That bloody scum Potter… We won’t win fair! I need him down!”


“You can’t make decisions. You aren’t the captain. If Malfoy wants to win fair then you’ll have to play fair.”


“I don’t care! Malfoy is weak. He can’t-“


“He’s the captain. If you want us to help you play dirty then make yourself the bloody captain.” I was getting angry. Even if I liked Alex as a person he still pissed me off sometimes. I tried to open he door, but Alex stopped me.


“You are not leaving!” I yanked myself out of his grasp.


“I’ll leave when I want to. And I want to leave now.” I hissed. Now my wand was pointed at his throat.


“Deborah, the whole Slytherin team wants your help. Only Scorpius is being the idiot.” He was looking into my eyes.


“Then get Scorpius change his mind.” I said calmly, but my wand stayed next to his throat.


“I don’t want Gryffindor to win. I want Slytherin to win, you want Ravenclaw to win. We just need to get Gryffindors out of the game and then play fair.” Alex now was whispering. I smiled. I guess I was wrong about his eyes. He didn’t know everything about me.


“I don’t care about quidditch or Ravenclaw.” I whispered into his ear and left him alone in the tiny broom closet.




“Finally, you’re back! Eric here wanted to start a search party.” Danny smiled as I entered the kitchens.


“Really?” I asked as I sat down.


“Search party? He wanted the Minister of magic looking for you.” Andie laughed.


“You interrupted me.” Danny snickered and punched Eric lightly in the shoulder “As I was saying, that’s how it starts,” Danny started explaining something to Eric. His voice interrupted Eric’s mental gaze and he looked at one of the twins, clearly annoyed.


“What are you talking about?”


Danny grabbed a muffin from off the table and shoved it in his mouth. “You know, that stalker rubbish. It always starts with walking her to her dorm, ‘staring’, then comes the ‘staring while they sleep’, and next thing you know - BAM! Restraining order.”


Emer raised her eyebrows. “You know what, he’s actually making sense.”


“Are you kidding me?” Eric half yelled, half laughed. He was turning red. I see my friends again gave him the ‘Give Deb time’ talk.


“I’m here people. I have news,” I smiled at Eric who was avoiding my gaze. “Zabini wanted something.” I told them about our little chat in the broom closet.


“It seems everything revolves around James Potter.” Emer said and my eyes grew wide.


“Which one is James?” Danny asked and I felt godsmacked.


“The Quidditch captain.” Eric told Danny.


“Wait people, wait! Are we going to help Slytherins?” I was shocked. We had rules. Yes, even we had rules. One of our rules was: we only get our noses in quidditch when the captains want that.


“We’ll just distract James. Doing that we’ll get two birds with one shoot. We’ll make James like little Potters boyfriend and make Gryffindor lose.” Emer explained.


“I don’t like it.” I crossed my hands on my chest.


“Gryffindor won like 15 years in the row. Besides I don’t like Gryffindors.” Andie said.


“You care about quidditch?” I shouted in disbelieve.


“No you idiot. I just don’t like Gryffindors. Like you.” Andie again gave me her foxy smile.


“Fine, fine. We have to distract Potter somehow. And make sure he likes Jake or what ever his name is.” I smiled slightly. Sometimes I had no voice while making decisions.


“Love,” Andie whispered. “L-O-V-E.”


“Cliché!” I shouted with Emer at the same time.


“Listen,” Andie started “he falls in love. He’s distracted. That’s that.”


“So cliché.” I glared at Andie and she pouted.


“Agreed.” Emer muttered


“Andie, how many chances there are that Potter will fall in love with one of us? And I mean in love. Not just a crush.” Emer kept nodding while I talked.


“Bunch of skeptics. Come on! A girl seduces a boy. Boy falls in love. And the girl suddenly falls in love too. They are happy. Then the boy finds out that the girl seduced him for a reason. He’s angry. But then he forgives the girl. And they live happily ever after!”


“I think I just puked in my mouth.” Danny said and burst into laughter with Eric.


“But wait. I think Andie is right. L-O-V-E.” Eric said and Andie nodded.


“You’re kidding, right?” I asked incredulously.


“Yep.” He said airily. “Thought I’d give optimism a shot. Obviously it didn’t work.” Andie hissed at Eric who laughed with Danny.


“Amazing story, Andie. Now come back to planet Earth.” I patted Andie’s head.


“I think we need to get to know our Potter. We know nothing about him. Danny doesn’t even know which one is James even thou he’s in our year.” Emer glared at her twin brother and then kicked him under the table because he didn’t stop laughing.


“So? What’s the plan?” I asked Emer and sipped my tea which was brought by a house elf.


“We’ll spy on him. We have to get as more information on him as possible.”


“Who will spy on him? And what do you mean by spying?” Eric asked Emer.


Emers lips curved into a smile. “Someone will have to become friends with him. Say what you want, but I like Andie’s plan. Not the love part, of course. But someone will have to befriend him. Make him believe that Jake is the perfect guy for Lily. And distract him from quidditch.” Emer paused and looked at us. “It has to be a girl. Because James will remember Danny from the accident with Dominique and Eric sucks as an actor.”


Danny was red from Emers comment about ‘The Dominique’ accident and tried to laugh when Emer said that Eric sucks as an actor.


“We all get it you arse.” Eric glared at Danny who started chocking on his own laughter.


“And it can’t be me.” Emer said as if nothing happened. “Because I’m a Slytherin. That leaves Andie and Deb.”


“Andie!” Eric yelled. I bet he didn’t want to see me spying and talking to Potter.


“Me?” Andie blinked


“Not Andie. She’s too weird for Potter.” Danny said and Eric glared at him. “Dude, we want this to work” Danny just shrugged.


“Okay. Deb, you’ll have to befriend Potter. It will be quit easy because you are friends with Lily.” Emer smiled.


“I’m friends with that brat?” I asked and then realized. “Oh… We’ll make Lily pretend to be friends with me that it wouldn’t look weird.”


“I love that you understand me. Not like this bunch of idiots.” Emer smiled and gestured to Danny who was choking, Eric was hitting Danny on his back and Andie was screaming “Spit it out, spit it out!” For few minutes I with Emer stayed quiet, amusing ourselves with the show.


“So, we will be spies.” Finally I said with a smile.


“We’re going to be super secret spies! With bugs and gadgets. Kicking bad guys arses!” Andie jumped on the table and laughed.


“Okay. Who the hell let her watch muggle spy movies?” I growled.


“It might have been me… Ouch!” Eric cried out as I hit him on the head. “She was bored! Fuck – ow! Bloody violent chit.” He muttered angrily, rubbing his forearm.


I smiled sweetly at him. “Don’t I know it.”


“Are you done?” Danny asked us.


“Probably not, but you may proceed,” I said.


“I think it won’t work. Potters are different than us. I know that you, Deb, are a great actor… but still.” Danny started mumbling


“Danny, if you failed with Dominique that doesn’t mean Deb will.” Emer laughed at her brother.


“Yeah, make fun out of my love life. We’re the worst twins ever. I still say it’s impossible!”


“That’s why we’re gonna call it Mission Impossible!” Andie jumped off the table laughing.


This is why I had to become friends with James Potter. If I had known how it would change me I would have never agreed.

Hi again! I know it took me awhile to update.  But I updated! I wasn't happy with this chapter so I rewrote it. And when I wanted to post it...well the queue was closed. So I rewrote it again! And I'm still not happy. Oh and the song Danny sings is the Batman theme song. Well. Tell me what you think.  Should I continue?  I love reviewers! Please make me happy. I'm actually sick right now and drinking pills.... Love ya!


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