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I Hate You All, Love Maggie by onigirishi
Chapter 2 : In Which Maggie Hates Water
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onigirishi;; hey everyone! sorry this chapter took so long to finish. i went through a lot of issues with microsoft word and more issues with inspiration. its a bit shorter than the first chapter, but i promise, it'll be back up to its original length next chapter. i'll also try and make it funnier next chapter. ;A; i think my funniness is lacking in this chapter. but i tried. also, thank you so much for the reviews, i'm kinda like james, i have a bit of an ego, so all those reviews, which i didn't see until today, really gave me a positive feeling about this fic. <3


Winter in Hogwarts practically meant winter in the arctic; that was something that Maggie instantly learned during her first winter at school. Even wrapped tightly in the thick, slightly moth-bitten (but very warm) cloak she’d nicked from Summer, Vee’s pink bobble hat, Fred Weasley’s Gryffindor scarf and three layers of tights, a pair of jeans and three jumpers (two having been stolen from Fred), Maggie still felt a chill as Summer and Vee (mainly Summer) dragged her to the Potions dungeons.

“I hate potions.” She growled from behind the scarf. Summer didn’t even glance back; she was already annoyed with Maggie for the silly way she’d clung to her repeatedly yesterday, claiming that since her name was Summer, she should have an extensive amount of body heat. Summer Lux didn’t do excessive physical contact at the age of eleven, especially when it bordered on slight affection. Veronica Jordan gave Maggie a sympathetic smile, but Maggie refused to give up.

"I hate cold dungeons.” She complained, glaring at her friend’s back. Her comment went ignored once again and this time, Vee placed her hand on Maggie’s shoulder, giving her another smile but with a pleading glint in her eye. A “please-don’t-piss-her-off-more-Maggie” glint. Maggie pouted behind her scarf, it was hard to go against Vee’s wishes; she was like a sweet motherly hen. 

“Did you do your homework, Freddie? Can I copy? Please, please, pleeeeeease.” Maggie twitched and hunched her shoulders. She wouldn’t turn around, she absolutely wouldn’t. Not even if Fred called out to her. She was going to ignore him – even though he’d been nice enough to not stop her when he caught her in the Gryffindor dorms stealing his scarf and jumpers.

“Sur--- Oh hey! Vee, Maggie!” As expected, having sighted his Ravenclaw friends, Fred Weasley called out to them, alerting none other than James Potter to the presence of his favourite target, Maggie. Since the events on the train, the two had been immediate rivals in everything from grades to pranks even the occasional Wizarding duel in the corridors much to the frustration of the teachers.

“Morning Freddie.” Vee greeted her friend with a smile. Vee and Fred were quite close, their fathers having been best friends during their own Hogwarts years. But it was obvious to any looker-on – except maybe Fred – that Vee was as besotted as she could be at eleven years old. Oblivious Fred threw his arm around the girl and grinned at Maggie before turning to grin at the back of Summer’s head.

“Mornin’ Summer.” He greeted politely.  Summer glanced back over her shoulder and glared at Fred, grunting in response to his greeting. Shortly after the train ride, Maggie had discovered Quidditch through Summer and Fred. Both were competitive Quidditch fans, and unfortunately, while Summer was a loyal fan of the Holyhead Harpies, Fred was a fan of their biggest rivals, Puddlemere United. Needless to say, Summer refused to find any reasons to give him a chance of friendship after that.

Luckily, Fred found her attitude rather amusing. With a chuckle, he turned back to Maggie who was glancing around suspiciously. James was quiet, too quiet, but she wasn’t going to turn around because then he’d know she was suspicious – not scared – of him, “Maggie, duck.” Eyes widening, Maggie did as Fred calmly ordered and dropped into a crouch as fast as she could. A stream of green and silver shot from above her and flew at the two Hufflepuff’s walking in front of them; it hit the short blonde boy of the pair and turned his hair green with silver stripes. His female friend screeched in shock before she began laughing and pointing.
Maggie, still crouched on the ground, looked over her shoulder and glared at James who was glaring at Fred, “Dammit Freddie! Why did you tell her!? That was the perfect opportunity!” He snapped at his cousin. Maggie narrowed her eyes and immediately stood up straight. James flinched and backed away cautiously with a hesitant smirk, “Oh come on, it didn’t even hi---“ Maggie screeched loudly and yanked her wand from her robes, “Oi, oi, oi!” James exclaimed, fumbling with his own wand as Maggie spun around with hers pointed at him.

Calvorio!” She screamed; James yelped and dropped his wand as his hands flew to his head. Slowly, his hair began falling out in clumps as he desperately tried to hold it in place. Maggie smirked and lowered her wand as everyone around them laughed. Summer just sighed and pulled at Maggie’s arm.

“As funny as I find this, I don’t think we should stick around to find out whether James will find it funny when he stops panicking.” She commented; Vee nodded in agreement, her hand covering her mouth to hide her smile. Maggie glanced over at Fred who was busy pointing and laughing at James. She rolled her eyes and nodded at her friends, let-ting Summer drag her to the classroom as a loud, Irish voice rang down the corridor be-hind them.  

“Fred! Jimmy! Sheesh, you guys, wait up! You know I – bloody hell! Are you bald Jim-my!?” Maggie couldn’t resist turning around to watch Matthias Lux with his uniform in a complete mess as he stared in horror at James’s newly bald, reflective head, “What happe--- ow, ow, ow, I get it! Don’t ask, Matthias. Don’t ask. Now please let go of my ear, mate.”

Maggie grinned – slightly manically – as she continued down the corridor with James yelling her name.

The morning after the conversation with McGonagall was eventful to say the least. The night before, I refused to sleep in the Head Girl’s dorm at the top of the tower and in-stead slept in my usual dorm with Summer, Vee and the other seventh year girls… Well, in their bathroom… in the bath-tub… Needless to say, when morning came, Cleo Highgate was less than amused to find me snoring under my covers in the tub. Let’s just say Summer doesn’t like being woken any time before eight fifty five and her response to anyone ignoring the “don’t-wake-her-before-then” rule was a usual dose of pain.

Vee seemed to have found it funny, watching from her covers as Summer dragged me from the bathroom, soaked after a few missed mouthfuls of the aguamenti charm but still kicking and screaming persistently. It was greatly annoying how years of Quidditch practice had turned Summer into a She-Hulk though, she dragged me effortlessly – and painfully from my perspective – up three long flights of stairs to the Head-Girl’s dormitory.
At least it saved me time getting up there to change into my uniform. Maybe I could just think of the place as my own personal walk-in wardrobe? It would explain the lack of or-ganisation the house elves had caused; my wardrobes were always cluttered and messy.
Anyway, I’ll skip you the bore of me getting dressed and walking down to the Great Hall with Summer and Vee and bring you to now, where I’m sitting at the Ravenclaw House table, glaring at Summer who is happily stuffing her face with her third bowl of cereal as I’m stuck with some blonde boy-bint of a prefect, handing out the schedules.  In case you’re wondering why I’m glaring at Summer like an immature brat, it’s because I was dragged away from my stack of bacon sandwiches without a single bite to satisfy my stomach. Bloody Professor Kensington and her stupid Head-ship over Ravenclaw – bloody woman hates me I swear!
“Erm… Mar-“
“If the word you’re about to say sounds like Jargerett,” I didn’t even turn to face the blond boy-bint prefect as I spoke, “Then don’t speak, just keep it shush.”
“Ah, ah, ah, no talking.”
“But I nee-“
“Did I not say for you to keep your silly blonde mouth shut, Mr Boy-Bint?”
“His name is Warrick, Maggie. It’ll do you good to remember the names of our loyal prefects.” If this was a normal day where I had food in my mouth, then it wouldn’t have been in there for much longer. I thought devils were only supposed to appear when you spoke or thought their name? Isn’t that was some people say – or something along those lines at least. Well, either way, you can probably guess who was standing behind me, happily greeting blond boy-bint whose name I was not going to remember.
“Jimmy! Good morning!” Bloody toad, why did he sound so relieved?! As soon as I have him alone I’m going to hex his underwear down his throat and out his arse, I swear!
“G’morning! Is Maggie treating you right? I know it’s a bit of a shock that she’s actually Head Girl all of a sudden, but really, give her a few weeks and she won’t be for much longer.” Okay, that sounded like a threat to me. Did you hear the threatening tone he used? I know right!
“Was that a threat, James?” I asked, glaring at him over my shoulder. I wasn’t going to bother turning right around. A full look at his face would give me hives straight away. James just smirked - that horrible little smirk, oh how I’d love to curse it into oblivion…
“Paranoid.” I flinched as he sang that single word and turned my head forward again. I wasn’t paranoid! I wasn’t!
I stuck my chin up and huffed loudly, “Paranoia doesn’t exist in a world you inhabit, James.” James chuckled and suddenly he was close enough to pet my shoulder. I flinched for a second time that day and jumped forward, as far away from him as I could manage before spinning to glare at him suspiciously. I didn’t trust him when he was so close.
James’s smirk stuck, “Don’t worry about it, Maggie. I’m not going to have anything to do with you having your badge taken from you.” Like I believed that, untrustworthy asshole, “You’re going to fluff it up yourself, just like you always do.” Okay, now that was just plain rude! I wasn’t that bad!
Feeling thoroughly offended, I relaxed my eyes and stared at him, “We’ll see about that.” I told him before walking past him and boy-bint, “Oi, blondie.” I snapped at the prefect who jumped, “Get moving, you’re going to tell me who’s who in these stupid schedules; I’m shit with names if you must know.” I said, waving the pile of papers over my shoulder as James laughed.
“W-Warrick! My name is Warrick!” The prefect squeaked.

I hate the rain, really, I do. I used to think I was like a cat in that way. I even tried to hide myself under a car during a heavy rain when I was seven years old. Needless to say, my Mum wasn’t impressed when I actually shrunk myself to fit underneath the car. Course, she tricked me into believing I’d dreamt up such a story until I was eleven.
There weren’t any cars to hide under right now though, maybe there was one in the Muggle Studies classroom, but there wasn’t one on the grounds as I ran to Professor Ha-grid’s cabin for Care of Magical Creatures. Instead, I was stuck trying to cover myself with my robes which were already drenched. Really, if I wanted a cold shower, I would have just gotten Summer to drown me with her best aguamenti charm.
I screamed as my foot slipped in the mud and fought for my balance, throwing myself forward to continue my run. I could see the lights from the cabin as I neared the edge of the forest – thank bloody merlin too, I thought I’d get lost and find myself hunting for food in the Forbidden Forest, like… some sort of… of… hunter or something! I may not be vegetarian, but I’m not catch-your-own-food-itarian either!
Now soaked to the bone and craving the warm toasty fire of Hagrid’s hut, I slipped up the steps and slammed my hand on the door desperately, “Lemmie in!! I’m freezin’ out here!” I screamed over the thunder and rain. The door swung open a second later and I fell into the large form of Hagrid. Or so I thought considering it was his smelly old coat. Unfortunately, when I smiled up from the hug I’d given him in the fall, I was nose to nose with James Sirius Potter, “GUH!” I grunted, jumping away in disgust.
James looked annoyed, and just as wet as I was, “Guh? Nice way to react after such the lovely greeting you gave me, Maggie.” He gave a nasty smirk before walking over the rest of the class by the fire. Hagrid, who stood over by the kitchen area with his old kettle on the stove, sent me a smile.
“’Ello Maggie, shame ‘bout the weather, ain’t it? We were gonna ‘ave a lesson w… Are you okay? Did… I do somethin’ wrong?” He asked, apparently I was glaring at him. Whoops, I meant to save that glare for James. I quickly smiled and squeezed out my wet hair, anyone in here know a quick hair-drying spell? Anyone? No? Oh, I see, you’re all too cosy by your nice warm fire, twats that you are.
“Sorry Professor, I’m just really cold.” I said, loudly might I add. Just in case anyone was feeling helpful enough to move and help me. No? Didn’t think so. Hagrid gave me an apologetic smile behind his fuzzy greying beard.
“Ah… well, ther’ ain’t really any room under th’ blanket now…  and I’d offer you me coat, but James took claim fer tha’ when he arrived before yah. Unless James is willin t’ share, you’ll ‘ave t’ steal Fang’s blanket or somethin’.” I grimaced and glanced around at the rest of the class. As he’d said, all of them except James were huddled tightly under Hagrid’s blanket, and there didn’t seem to be any room at all either. One kid – a Hufflepuff I couldn’t remember the name of – only had a corner to keep him warm.
“I’ll be fine Professor.” I said, resisting a scowl as I smiled at Hagrid before moving over to the fire. Without the worry of giving Hagrid thoughts that I was blaming him, I scowled at everyone who dared to look up at me. Hagrid’s cabin was small, so you’ve guessed it, there wasn’t really any space in front of the fire, and it seemed that no one was willing to move and make some space for me.
Damn I wish I hadn’t thought that. One of those stupidly sweet Hufflepuff boys had looked up from his textbook – Hagrid must have told everyone to read something – and his eyes widened, “Oh! Sorry! Here!” He shuffled aside, moving closer to his friend, giving me space to sit down. But who does he happen to be moving away from? Oh, that’s right, James fucking Potter.
I glared down at the Hufflepuff, then James, who had barely noticed the Hufflepuff moving. Maybe that was a good thing, because if he didn’t notice me, then I didn’t really have to move… I think…
Cautiously, I pulled my CoCM textbook from my bag and sat down, stretching my legs in front of me with everyone else’s, desperate to soak up some of the heat from the fire. I glanced at everyone else and figured out the page number before opening my book to read. Maybe it was a good thing it was raining so hard today? It was better than studying those creepy Thestrals – which no, I could not see myself, but either way, they were still creepy creatures. If I was on the correct page, then it seemed they were what we were missing out on.
I’d managed to read a single page uninterrupted, when Hagrid came around with cups of hot chocolate and warm butterbeer. I wondered if he would let me have a mug of each, since you can’t really choose between hot chocolate and warm butterbeer, it was like forcing someone to choose between life and death. But considering that there were only enough mugs between everyone, I took the butterbeer and hoped there would be a second serving so I could get hot chocolate next time.
Sipping at my butterbeer I grinned to myself, I could already feel my cold sinking away. A little too quickly actually and with a frown, I realised that my clothes were slowly drying at what definitely had to be down to a spell. I frowned and lowered my mug to look around. James was using a drying spell on me. James of all people. He wasn’t looking at me, but it was definitely him since his wand was pointed in my direction under his arm and his mouth was moving every now and then.
“What are you doing!?” I snapped under my breath.
James didn’t answer for a moment, “Drying you, duh.” I hesitantly leaned away from him. James didn’t help me, he usually made things worse. “You’re making Hagrid’s coat wet.” He continued, and I relaxed. Of course, he was drying me to help himself. Why hadn’t I realised that before.
“Oh. Um… okay…” What? You didn’t think I would thank him did you? No thanks, haven’t raised myself to that level yet. He has to start being nice to me first. Then I’ll be nice to him.
We went silent again, and I went back to reading about the breeding habits of Thestrals while drinking my butterbeer. A few moments later, it seemed I was fully dry and slightly warmer, and James spoke once again, “We need to talk sometime this week. Head Boy-Girl stuff. McGonagall’s orders.” He said quietly. I scowled, to be honest, I knew this would be necessary, but I’d hoped it wouldn’t happen. Me and James didn’t get together and talk civilly, never mind reach agreements. It just didn’t happen.
But of course, if it was McGonagall’s demands, I had no choice. With a groan I replied to James, “Fine. In the library, after lunch. Best get it over and done with.”

“Bloody awful weather.” I grumbled as I sat down next to Vee and Summer. Summer looked furious.
“I had a fucking Quidditch training session planned this evening. I swear, if it doesn’t stop raining, I’m going to curse a Slytherin.” She wasn’t bluffing, she’s done it before. Vee gave a small smile and turned to me.
“How was Care of Magical Creatures?” She asked. That’s right, I’d forgotten, while I was getting drenched on the way to CoMC, she was sitting in the warm Arithmancy classroom with Summer and Fred! Curse them!
I scowled and narrowed my eyes, “Cold. I hate you.” I grumbled as I turned and sloshed my soup around with my spoon. It was still too hot to dip my bread in, but now I was too annoyed to ask Vee for help with a cooling charm. I was never good with charms, especially advanced charms.
Suddenly, a pair of arms were around my shoulders, hugging me backwards with a death-vice grip, “Hello dearest sister!” Oh hell no, SOMEONE, KILL ME. NOW. JUST MAKE IT QUICK!!
“SUMMEEEEER!!!” I screamed.
You’re probably wondering why I’m asking for a death sentence so suddenly. Well, you see, the girl choking me from behind just happens to be a Hufflesluttle, and my sister. Eleanor Miller, slut of Hufflepuff and fifth year. She’s blond, stupid and thinks more of her love life than anything else. Oh and she’s best friends with a Slytherin, which if you ask anyone in Hufflepuff – or heck, even the other houses  - is where she really belongs. The hat was on crack when it sorted her.
“Why are you screaming so much Margaret? I’ve only come to congratulate you on becoming Head Girl.” She cooed. Oh how I hate it when she coos. You know she’s after something when she talks like that.
“BULL. GO AWAY. I’M NOT DOING YOU ANY FAVORS YOU STUPI--- OWOWOWOWOW!!! She just pulled my hair. That bitch just pulled my hair!!
“But dear sister, didn’t I help you out during the summer break? Did you forget that?” I paused. Yes, actually I did. Ellie seemed to notice my forgetfulness and sighed, “Hello? Mum said you couldn’t go to Fred’s party? I snuck you out with me? Mum never caught us? And you call me an idiot.” Oh, right, that.
“I’m still not helping you.” I grumbled, she pulled at my hair again. Why the hell weren’t Summer and Vee helping me? Heck, why wasn’t anyone else?!
“James is Head Boy, you’re Head Girl, I want to hook up with James, and you’re going to help me.” Ew no! That was disgusting! What if they ended up getting married?! Or worse, what if they decided to populate the world with their sprog!? Ewwww!
Ellie pulled at my hair again, “Well that’s the basic idea, sister.” She was smirking, I could hear it in her voice, “Imagine it, married to the eldest son of the hero of the Wizarding world! It’s the biggest fame a girl could get in this boring place.” She paused for a few moments, maybe people were staring, “We’ll talk about this later, dear sister.” She let go of my hair and I turned to see her walking off towards a Slytherin boy I didn’t recognise. They didn’t waste any time getting… physical.
I turned to Summer who was watching me from the corner of her eye as she sipped at her soup, “Your sister is such a slut.” She commented.
“And a gold-digger apparently.” I grumbled, turning to see what Vee was doing. Surprisingly, her seat was vacated, “Where’s Vee gone? And why didn’t you help me?” I grumbled, turning my glare back to Summer who shrugged.
“Some fourth year needed her. Looked important.” She sipped at her soup again, “And I figured you’d survive. Plus, your sister is amusing. I can’t wait to see if she gets serious about this plotting of her’s.”
“Oh thanks.” I grumbled. Well, at least my soup was cool enough to eat now. Or did  you drink soup?

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