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The Story of the Marauders Map by spangles
Chapter 1 : Moony and The Twins
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Despite all the people living there at the moment, Grimmauld Place still had a musty smell to it, and Remus couldn’t figure out why.  He walked down the corridor quietly wrinkling his nose in distaste as he tried to remember what room he had left the spare invisibility cloak in.  It was proving hard to find as it was, invisible.  Checking one of the last doors, he walked towards another room before he heard a pair of voices floating out of one.  They were hushed and quiet, so he had to lean forward to listen.

“…But the plan really doesn’t need to be so complicated!”

“Well we need the usual backup if anyone sees us…”

“When has anyone ever seen us?!”

“Plenty of times! “

“Well it’s not like we’re going to be missing on much, being banned from Quidditch and all.”

“Way to remind me again, thanks Fred.”

“You’re very welcome,” replied his brother, Remus could tell he was smirking just by the sound of his voice.  “But back to the seriousness of this matter, we need to prank the pants off Umbridge, and it’s got to be the best prank ever.”

“You act like I don’t know what I’m doing,” said George as Remus rolled his eyes.  The two boys reminded him of James and Sirius more than they would ever know.  How Molly dealt with them he would never know, he had had enough problem trying to keep James and Sirius (slightly) in line, imagining himself as one of their parents almost made him shudder.

“Well I’ve got everything written down right here, the only problem is the location,” Fred was saying.  Deciding to check their room for the cloak later, Remus began to walk away before one of the twins said something that stopped him in his tracks.

“Do you think Harry will let us borrow the Marauders Map?”

He had almost forgotten Harry had the Map in the first place though he had only taken it from him (and returned it) two years previously.  Harry never mentioned that he had shared it with Fred and George before but he supposed he ought to have expected it with the twin’s steak for trouble.

“We don’t need that old thing anymore, we’re above it, besides we gave it to Harry for keeps,” reminded Fred.  Remus began to laugh, remembering when James said the same thing when they got “caught” with the map and Filch had taken it before he realized the Fred and George didn’t know he was listening.  Hastily, he turned it into a cough.

The damage from the laugh was still done, and both of the boys had stopped talking.  After a small pause, Fred poked a slightly worried face out the door before relaxing.  “Oh, hello Remus, how’re you on this fine day?”

“Just fine boys,” said Remus smirking as George walked up too.  The two boys obviously didn’t know whether or not Remus was going to disapprove on their pranks or not and both had very carefully guarded expressions; it almost made him laugh again.  “Don’t look so tense, I’m not going to tell Molly or anything.”

Both twins relaxed and now Remus laughed again.  “Really, did you think I would?”

“Well you used to be a teacher, it’s almost like a secondary response sometime,” said Fred honestly while George laughed while elbowing him in the side.  “Like how for us, our secondary response is to-“

“Prank other,” supplied George helpfully.  Fred nodded quickly in agreement.

“You two know I used to prank my fair share while I was at school myself, right?” asked Remus raising an eyebrow at them.

“What was your fair amount?” asked Fred curious now.  Remus thought about it for a moment, then threw caution to the winds.

“Have either of you ever seen something called…the Marauders Map?” he asked with fake curiosity.  The look on Fred and George’s faces were priceless.

“You don’t mean-“

“You did not.”

“I think he did.”

“You did?”

“Moony, at your service,” said Remus winking.  The twins looked like Christmas had come early…or late seeing as Christmas had been three days ago.  He honestly thought he had never seen Fred look so excited, it was extremely amusing.

“We worship you,” said Fred looking awestruck.  “The map is the most amazing-“

“most fantastic-“

“most perfect-“

“most holy-“

“thing ever to grace Hogwarts!” concluded Fred.  “Do you have time to just sit here and discuss pranks?  Because that would be full filling a lifelong dream of mine.”

“Well, who am I to turn down the dream of a Weasley?” asked Remus shrugging.  Both twins exchanged excited looks before they headed back into the room and sat down expectantly.  Chuckling to himself at their reaction, Remus followed them in but not before turning around and shutting the door tightly.

Molly would kill him if she knew the stories he was about to tell…

A/N So if you didn't see in the description, this is part one to my Secret Santa gift to the amazing WriteYourHeartOut! (: More short stories will be posted after this about some of the prank the Marauders used to pull and how they inspired GredandFeorge! Thanks for reading this super short chapter, and Happy Christmas to everyone! (esp. WriteYourHeartOut!)

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