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Transformation by SlYtHeRiN gOdDeSs90
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6-Life is Beautiful
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Sun rays filtered across the plush carpeting as I stretched and opened my eyes, Draco was still fast asleep, so I gently slipped out from under his arm and off to the bathroom to shower. After a quick shower I put on my robe and went off into the kitchen area to rummage through the fridge, as I was starving. I was able to whip up some eggs and blueberry pancakes with some fresh orange juice just in time for Draco to emerge from the bedroom.

“Good morning Mrs. Malfoy.” he smirked.

I poked my tongue out at him, “Isn’t it a bit early for the smirk?”

“It’s never too early.” He breezed over and picked up the plate I had made him and began to chow down.

After breakfast we went and enjoyed the spa, we got a couple’s massage which I thoroughly enjoyed, and while Draco went to the sauna I had my hair high lighted and my nails done.

Next we went to the pool, I mostly just wanted to tan but Draco couldn’t help but make lude comments about my bikini so the pool didn’t last long.

We enjoyed a lunch in the five star restaurant, and than relaxed in our private hot tub, and had an afternoon in bed. Than we enjoyed a walk on the beach and playing in the ocean a bit before returning to the resort area to see what else the resort had to offer.

For dinner we enjoyed another of the resorts fine restaurants and than retired to our room once again.

The next morning Draco had gotten up early and made breakfast, eggs benedict, and it was delicious. Draco arched his eyebrows at me as I drank down the last bit of my orange bit and I just nodded.

The rest of the day the rest of the honeymoon in fact was spent in that beautiful room….

The day we came home we apparated to my manor first, I really couldn’t wait to see Alex, but he wasn’t home.

“Draco, Carlie!” My mother greeted us in a warm manner which caught me off guard. “Carlie you look beautiful, positively radiant sweetheart!”

“Hi mum. Where’s Alex?”

“He’s out with Kirsty, so how was your honeymoon.”

The blush slowly crept into my cheeks, mercifully she was looking at Draco.

“It was amazing.” he smiled.

“Good, good. Have you gone to see your parents yet?”

“No we came here first.”

“Well you two must be starved I will have the house elves whip up some food and I will owl your parents to come here.”

There was no arguing with my mother so we went to the dining room to wait. My mother was being so upbeat and kind I wondered what she was up to, it wasn’t in her nature to be so cheery, or so sweet especially towards me. I eyed her carefully as she wrote out a letter to my in-laws and as she walked about as if on air, that’s when something caught my eye in the ballroom adjacent to the dining area….ALL MY STUFF.

“Mother may I ask you something?”

“Of course dear.”

“Why is everything I own except my bed in the ballroom?”

“Oh that conversation has to wait until the Malfoy’s arrive darling.”

Draco and myself both eyed her than food began to appear, and we slowly filled our plates. We were halfway through our meal when his parents arrived showering us with hugs and asking us about the resort and what we did, again I tried to hide my blush. Draco raved about the room, the service, everything for me, and this small talk went on for about twenty minutes before I again brought up the subject of all my worldly possessions sitting in our ballroom.

“Well dear your moving.”

THAT’S WHY SHE WAS BEING SO NICE, she’s getting rid of me, I knew she up to something.

“What do you mean?”

Draco too looked perplexed.

“Well the Malfoy’s have decided to live on their private island, too much scrutiny still in the main stream wizarding world, and Draco will be inheriting Malfoy manor, and as his wife you will obviously live with him, so you will be moving to the Malfoy manor.”

Draco’s mouth fell open and I think my eyes popped out of my head, Malfoy Manor, that huge beautiful estate was mine and Draco’s?

Just than Alex returned, look from my beaming mother to mine and Draco’s faces.

“What did you do now mother?” he asked

“Nothing my silly, silly son. I was just explaining to your newlywed sister that she and Draco will be inheriting Malfoy Manor to live in since his parents are moving to their private island.”

Alex’s face mirrored both mine and Draco’s at once, which made me giggle.

“So you will be moving in today!” Narcissa said with much excitement.

I smiled kindly and put the same excitement into my own voice, “That’s amazing, I don’t even know what to say.”

“Thank you very much, mother, father, this is quite the gift.” Draco shook his father’s hand and hugged his mother.

More small talk, well at least between everyone except the unusually quiet Alex, than it was time to leave, again my mother in her insanely good mood hugged me tightly promised I was still always welcome here, it was still my home, my room would always be my room and so on. The Malfoy’s wished us well and told us whenever we like to visit them Draco knew where their island abode was, we smiled nodded, and than were off to our own Manor, everything was going so quickly. My head was spinning, maybe that was just from all the apparating though…


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Transformation: Chapter 6-Life is Beautiful


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