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Nothing Personal by Ronsgirl29
Chapter 6 : What's life without a little blood?
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August 29th, 3:09 P.M –Waiting room at St. Mungos

Something like this would happen to me. I tell a girl I love her and she ends up in the hospital.

Go figure.

I still don’t know why I said it. Well, scratch that, I know why obviously. I said it because I still love her, but why did I have to realize it at that particular moment in time? She was apparating for crying out loud!

I pace back and forth across the waiting room floor. Not only am I stressed out about the June situation, but I could easily run into a member of my family standing around here, and I don’t think I could handle that guilt on top of this. Granted, mum isn’t in this ward, but my family likes to wander. It would be just my luck to run into James. He already hates me, landing his new girlfriend in the hospital would just be the icing on the cake.

Ugh, just thinking about them together makes me sick. He has every right to hate me, but being with June? He must know how bad that hurts.

"Al! I came as soon as I got your owl, what’s going on? How’s she doing?" Scorpius says, interrupting my thoughts as he bursts into the room

"Scorpius!" I shout, "It’s all my fault! I told her I loved her and now she’s bleeding to death! Oh Merlin, I’m a MONSTER!"

A shocked look crosses his face, "Whoa there, hold the phone! Take some deep breaths, Al. You’re going to give yourself a heart attack."

"I CAN’T CALM DOWN YOU GIT, MY LOVE IS GOING TO MAKE JUNE DIE. OH, THE HORROR," I practically scream, looking positively psychotic.

Thankfully, Scorpius casts a silencing charm on me to stop my crazy ranting. "Really mate, you need to get a grip. I’m going to see if I can get you a calming draught, you just stay her and um… be quiet."

That seems a bit redundant to say, but I just nod as he leaves to go find the potion.

When he returns, I take the draught and feel much better. Finally having my wits about me, I explain how right as she was leaving, I said I still had feelings for her, causing her to splich. She was probably aiming for home, but she ended up only about five feet away, leaving a chunk of her arm behind her. It was quite a gruesome sight.

"Oh man, Al, that’s rough. Did she at least say ‘I love you back’?" he asks, looking hopefully at me.

I roll my eyes, "No, Malfoy, she was a little too busy bleeding to respond."

He holds his hands up, "Sorry, no need to go all ‘last name’ on me, I was merely curious."

"It’s alright, I’m sorry. I’m just a bit on edge at the moment."

He beings to respond, but is cut off by one of the healers entering the waiting room.

"Oh dear, I nearly forgot you were out here! June is available for visitors now, if you wish to see her. That loud blonde one is already with her," says a kind looking healer, lines of stress aging her young face.

I guess saving lives can be rather rough on the complexion.

I smile and thank her, allowing her to lead us to June’s room, ready to face her.

Too bad it’s not only June and Stella that I see in the room.


August 29th, 3:09 P.M- Room 200

"You promise that it doesn’t hurt?" Stella asks me for the hundredth time.

"Yes, Stell, I promise. It’s hardly a big deal, the healer patched me up and I’m right as rain!" I raise my bad arm into the air and give it a little shake. "See! Good as new," I say, ignoring the little spasm of pain it causes.

"Yeah, and if I believe that load of rubbish then the next thing you know you’ll be expecting me to believe goblin racing is a good idea," she says with an eye roll.

I laugh at her weirdness, "I’m sorry, but that was probably the most nonsensical thing you’ve ever said. What does my arm have to do with goblin races, and what exactly are they?"

James interrupts, shaking his head, "June, she didn’t mean it literally. What she basically meant was that you’re questioning her intelligence by expecting her to believe that you’re ‘good as new’."

"Why couldn’t she of just said that in the first place!" I say, throwing me arms up in the air.


Stella rapts her fingers on her chin, appearing to be in deep thought, "Hm… maybe because I’m a unique individual who enjoys expressing herself in new and original ways?"

I pretend to consider it for a moment. "Eh… No. You’re just loony."

She cracks a smile, "Yeah, that’s probably it."

James and I make eye contact and crack up.

As I look at his face, I notice how tired he looks, as if he’s been here all night. Which, for all I know, he could have been. I still don’t know why exactly why he was already here, Stella just happen to bump into him as she was making a coffee run. I’ve been meaning to ask, but since I’ve woken up all the questions have been concerning me.

"So, now that I know what happened, can you explain to me how it happend? What on earth caused you to splinch yourself so badly?" James asks a few minutes later after we’ve settled down.

"Well, you see…" I trail off at a loss for words.

I’m afraid of mentioning Al because I know that James is already on bad terms with him, what if this makes it worse? I’m not so concerned about the love part of it, because after our ‘date’ we both discovered that we were both just using each other to upset Albus, and came to the mutal decision that friendship was the only relationship we were going to have.

But still, I feel like I’m stuck in the middle of this brother on brother war that I don’t even know what it’s about, so anything I could say has the potential to do even more damage.

My contemplations prove unnecessary, however, because not a moment later Albus Potter himself shows up in the doorway.

He takes one glance at me, then one at James seated at the foot of my hospital bed. A look of half sadness and half disgust sweeps his face.

"Oh, I didn’t realize I was interrupting," he says awkwardly, a hint of bitterness in his tone.

And I thought my morning couldn’t get any better.

I shoot Stella a worried look, unsure of what to say. "Oh, no, you’re not interrupting anything. James and I were actually just on our way out," she says, saving me from having to say anything.

"What, no we were-" James starts to say.

"Yes," she whispers harshly, interrupting him by grabbing his arm. "We were."

Dragging him out of the room, I silently thank the gods for Stella’s ability to be so blunt.

He makes his way towards the chair next to my bed and takes a seat.

"So," he says once the door is shut. "I guess your boyfriend wasn’t too pleased to hear about this whole mess."

My eyebrows knit together in genuine confusion, "Huh?"

"My brother, he is your boyfriend, right?" he says, refusing to look me in the eye.

"NO!" I practically shout. "Um, I mean, no. We went out once, but we mutually decided friendship was the best route."

"Oh," is all he says, but the relief is visible on his face.

"And what about Quaffleboobs, didn’t she start to wonder where you ran off to last night?" I try to keep the malice out of my voice, but it’s difficult. I really don’t like that girl.

"Who?" he asks, giving me a funny look.

Damnit, I said her nickname!

"Uhh, the blonde with the big boobs that was all over you at lunch and the party?" I try to cover up, but I don’t think my description helped my case at all.

Luckily, he laughed instead of getting mad. "You mean Blair?"

Ew, what a slaggy name. "Sure, let’s go with that." I say nodding.

"She is definitely not my girlfriend. She fancies me, but I reckon it’s my last name that she likes the most. I’ve just had a difficult time of giving her the slip. She’s rather... persistent."

"Oh," I say, my turn to look relieved.

"So, I really am sorry about all of this," he gestures towards my arm. "I’ve never been the best with timing. I guess I just didn’t want you to leave before I got a chance to say it."

"It’s alright, what’s life without a little blood?" I joke, getting him to smile.

He rolls his eyes, "June, it was hardly a little bit of blood. Your arm was like a blood fountain!"

"Ugh, don’t remind me." I say, shuddering. "I’m not a big fan of blood."

"Don’t I know it!" he laughs, "I still remember the paper cut incident of 2020." We both laugh, trailing off into a slightly uncomfortable silence.

A minute or two passes before I finally work up the courage to ask the question that’s been bothering all morning.

"Did you mean what you said, Al?" I say, barely loud enough for him to hear.

"Yes, I did," he responds without a moment of hesitation. "Do you, you know, still love me too?"

"Albus Potter, you’re an idiot if you ever thought for one moment I stopped loving you. Was I extremely angry at you? Yes. But I don’t think I could every change my feelings about you, even if I wanted to."

He gives me the biggest grin I’ve ever seen, "You used past tense, so does that mean you’re not extremely angry anymore?"

"No, not extremely, more like moderately. I mean, we can’t just go right back to the way things were. We need to sit down and really talk before I can make any big decisions." I say, trying to be mature about all of this.

After all, we both deeply hurt each other. There are certain things that just can’t be ignored.

"I know, I wouldn’t have it any other way," he says, grabbing the hand on my good arm and gives it a squeeze. "Not right now, though. You need your rest."

I nod, giving him a smile, "I couldn’t agree more. Major blood loss really wears a person out."

"Goodbye, June. I can’t even begin to tell you how glad I am to have you back in my life. I promise we’ll work this all out, eventually. Oh, and I’m still really sorry about the splinching business."

"I’m fine, really." I say, giving him the biggest smile I can muster. "And I’m glad, too."

He returns the smile and leaves the room. But not before giving me one quick yet sweet kiss. I know we just agreed on taking things slow, but I wasn’t about to object.

The door clicks shut and I lay my head against the pillow. I smile to myself, if I had known that all I needed to do to get Al back was almost lose my arm, well, I would have tried that months ago!

With that thought, the pain potion the nurse gave me earlier really starts to kick in, and I drift off to sleep.

It turned out to be a pretty good day after all.



A/N: Sorry this chapter is so short! I just really wanted to get something up before the queue closed. Otherwise I gave bespontanous permission to send the mob after me, and that wouldn't be good (: I hope everyone has a wonderful christmas and new year!


ps. Sorry to anyone named Blair! I actually think it's a lovely name. (: 

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