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Forbidden Love by malfoydraco
Chapter 5 : Kiss
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything that you don’t recognize form the wonderful series by J. K. Rowling.


A/N: This chapter was much longer then my other chapters the wrest will be at least 800 words. I hope you enjoy this chapter! TTYATE (Talk To You At The End)  





“So you think I can’t be spontaneous? You think that I’m boring? You think that I’m this little bookworm Gryffindor who is  never going to put out. Well I’ll show you Mr. Weasley that I can be as every bit as spontaneous as Cho Chang,” 

Granger turned toward me. She stepped closer and…pulled me up into a kiss.  I was too in shock to do anything about it. I was in shock from two things. One of the things was that she actually did this and the other was how good, right, and spectacular this felt even though it was so very wrong. It was like an electric shock went threw my body, but a good one at that. 

We stayed there for another ten seconds before she pulled away. My lips were tingling. Wow what was that? She was wow. That was wow. Wait no that wasn’t! I mentally slapped myself. She turned back towards the Weasel and yelled, “Is that spontaneous enough for you Mr. Weasley? Or do you need more proof?”

Weasley looked like he had witnessed a person coming back form the dead. He had a disgusted, surprised, angry look on his disgusting face. He looked as though he could hit somebody, and that’s exactly what he did.


He stepped towards Granger and slapped her across the face, with more force then I thought possible. As soon as his hand came in contact with her face, she let out scream. Her hand flew up to her cheek. “What the hell!” she yelled. 

“You don’t go around snogging people! Especially ferrets like him! ” Weasley yelled


Oh now you‘ve done it, Weasley I thought. “Well that’s ironic, Ronald! For I thought I saw you doing almost the exact same thing with a certain slut who’s in Ravenclaw! Care to explain how this is an different besides the obvious thing like I kissed for a mere ten seconds while you kissed her for ten minutes?”  she yelled.


“I-” he was cut short by the door opening. We all snapped  our heads towards the door. In walked Cho Chang. Her lips were bruised and swollen, her hair was rather messy, and her clothes were jumbled up. I restrained the temptation to laugh at the girls stupidity. Well this ought to be interesting.


“Ron can I ta-” she stopped short when she saw who was in the compartment. Her face paled and her eyes widened.  “Oh I gue-” that’s when Granger pounced. 


“You little bitch!” was all that was said from the Granger’s mouth before she pushed Chang to the ground and started pulling her hair. Chang didn’t waste anytime responding to Ganger’s little outburst. Both girls were  rolling around pulling at each other’s hair, punching each other, and yelling insulting names. 


Neither Weasley or I wanted to stop this. We were rather entranced by the sight. I stared at the sight for another thirty seconds before I came to my senses and tried to think of a way to stop the fight.


The only thing I could think of to do was to physically pull them apart. It was daring but much needed. “Oh shit” I whispered. Granger was currently on top of Chang. I pulled her away from Chang by grabbing her waist and pulling with all my strength.  I had her in my arms for one second then I put her down and stepped in-between the two girls.


“What the hell. Granger!” Chang  yelled.


“I should be asking you the same thing, why were you snogging my boyfriend, Chang?!” Granger yelled


Chang had a look of confusion on her face. “What the bloody hell are talking about, Granger?” she asked lowering her voice to a normal level.


“You know exactly what I’m talking about!”


“No, Granger, I don’t.”


“Then explain why you were snogging, Ronald?” Granger said somewhat calmer.


“What! You and him are an item?” she asked with genuine disbelief.


“You didn’t know?”


“Well I knew you two were once an item, but he said that you had broke his heart by braking up with him over the summer,”

“Well I can tell that’s a load of bull,” Hermione said smirking. “I never thought of braking up with him. Hell, I started thinking of baby names!”


“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, Hermione! If I would have known I wouldn’t have snogged that bastard!” Oh no Weasley you’re in for it now. I looked over at where Weasley had once been, he was no longer there and the compartment door was open. 


“I forgive you. Sorry for calling you a bitch,” Granger apologized. The girls stepped forward and hugged.  They stepped away from each other and started to laugh. What the bloody hell was funny? I thought.  

The first to stop laughing was Chang. She looked towards me and asked, “Malfoy, do I look as badly beat up as Hermione?”


I didn’t know whether or not to answer truthfully for fear of what could Chang do if she got mad. “Uhh, Yeah…” I said backing up a little. Granger had the starting of a black eye, a bruised chin,  a scratch down her arm that was bleeding fairly badly, and her shirt was ripped while Chang had cut beneath her eye, a bloody nose, a bloody lip, and some of her skirt was torn. Over all they both looked attractive and rugged at the same time. Wow! Wait no I can’t think that about Granger or Chang! I mentally chastised.


“The new might want to fix ourselves before McGonagall come to explain the Head duties,” Granger suggested.  Chang nodded in agreement. Both took out their wands and started casting heeling spells.  


“So what do we do now? I don’t think I can look at that bastard with out feeling sick to my stomach,” Chang stated.


“As much as I’d love to go an rip that bastards throat out, I have to stay here until McGonagall comes and gives the expectations of a Head girl and boy,” Granger explained. “Cho, could you not bring it up to Ronald? I want to deal with him on my own.”

Chang smiled and said, “sure,” she replied and with that she left the compartment closing the door behind her.


Once Chang had left, I turned towards Granger, stepped forward and…


A/N:  So what did you think of the Chapter? Too slow? Too fast? Too boring? Please review! Whether it’s good or bad I want to hear your feed back! Oh and what would you say the genres are of this story? I’m not really sure. Oh and I know you must hate me for leaving it there but it was an opportune moment, I just had to take it. 



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