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Fighting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 6 : Pushy Friends and The Enemies Talk
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Chapter 6

It was late by the time detention was over. Professor Loy wasn’t satisfied until after she had inspected the room four times; No matter how much Rose and Scorpius swept there always seemed to be something wrong in their work.

Rose walked slowly to the Gryffindor tower, she was beat. Not only because she was in an emotional state- Scorpius had in fact been right about her time of the month- but also because physically she was beat. All the injuries from the fight were still new and sore. Her wrist for one, was at a constant ache from the motion of sweeping. It felt as if it had been run over by a giant boulder, and that the continuous pain was never going to stop. While she walked, Rose considered putting a slight numbing charm on it, but decided against it; not needing to be in any more trouble with Headmistress McGonagall.

Rose also had a splitting headache all day, which no amount of potion could shake. Running her finger through her hair, she found the gash in scalp and traced her finger over it. A sickly feeling came over her as she followed the path stitches that crisscrossed over the two flaps of skin. Madam Pomfrey had almost insisted on healing that particular cut with a charm, but Professor McGonagall wouldn’t budge on her orders. McGonagall’s words were something like, “By having them physically feel the pain of their recovery, then they might think twice about attacking one another again.” Honestly, Rose thought that it was a load of adult mumbo jumbo, but she was biased and would do anything to avoid her current pain.

When Rose reached the common room, it was deserted with the exception of Stacy. She was sitting by the fireplace, in a large fluffy chair, and reading the newest edition of Witch Weekly. Taking an identical chair across from Stacy, Rose leaned back and closed her eyes.  

Stacy finished her paragraph and put her book down in her lap. “How was detention?” she asked in a low voice.

“Painfully long,” Rose replied without opening her eyes.

“Well it is detention, it’s not supposed to happy and short.” Stacy said, stretching her arms into the air and giving a yawn.

“I know that,” Muttered Rose darkly, but quickly realized her rude tone and revised it to be softer. “How long have you been waiting up for me?”

Stacy shrugged. “I'm not sure.” Stacy flicked her long chocolate hair behind her back. “Ben and Albus were waiting up for you too, but I told them to go get some rest for their quidditch game tomorrow.”

“And they listened?” Rose quirked an eyebrow up at Stacy.

“Ben did,” Stacy announced. “Albus waited up a little bit longer.”

Rose nodded, and a drowsy image of people flying around came to mind, along with another thought. “Bloody hell,” she seethed and squeezed her eyes shut. “I forgot about quidditch.” Rose said more to herself than to Stacy; her mind whirling with the dreaded thought of spending more time with Scorpius tomorrow.  

Stacy slouched down in her chair. “You, Rose Weasley, forgot about a quidditch game?” She said in a sarcastic tone.

Rose looked up from her hunched over position and smiled with a slight laugh. “Since when do I care about Quidditch.”

“Since you decided that you had to have Ben,” declared Stacy.

Rose stretched her arms up, and loosened her ponytail. “Yes, let’s not go back to that fourth year craziness.” The only reason Rose even remotely cared about Quidditch was because Ben was captain and his father was a professional quidditch player. And even then, caring was a strong word, Rose simply tolerated quidditch. But in fourth year when she started to like Ben, Rose made a point to attend a few Gryffindor games. However the second Ben asked Rose out she proudly stopped attending games, and Ben was so pleased to be dating Rose, that he didn’t care. Although this season she had been paying more attention to the dates of the Ravenclaw games.  

“So who are they playing tomorrow?” she asked.                


Rose stayed silent for a moment. “Boyfriend verses brother, fun,” she said unenthusiastically.  

They were quiet again, Rose closed her eyes and leaned back into her chair. “You want Hugo to win?” Stacy stated more than asked.

Rose opened her eyes and gave a slight smirk. “Well he is family.”

“Albus is your family…” she stated “And come think about it so is James, Lily, Dominique, Lucy, Fred…”

“Okay I get it.” Rose interrupted.

“Oh I'm not done,” Stacy said in a chipper voice, joking with Rose.

“Trust me I know,” She said sarcastically.

“Actually come to think of it half of Gryffindor is your family.” Stacy said in tone that sounded as if she had never noticed that before. 

Which was true, all of the Weasley/Potter grandchildren had been in Gryffindor, with the exception of Hugo who was in Ravenclaw.

The truth was, Hugo was abnormally intelligent, he was able to read people and tell what they were thinking before they even thought it. Rose was smart too, the smartest in her year, but she was book smart. Hugo on the other hand only ever read fiction, and yet always seemed to know the answer to everything. Their mother had said that Hugo had inherited that from her father. That Hugo was one of the rare few who had the talent to mentally reason everything down to the correct answer; that he was born with the ability to know how things worked and pieced together.

Coming out of her train of thought, Rose said “Well he’s my brother and that counts for more.”

“Yeah and when was the last time you actually spoke to your brother?” Stacy asked, knowing the answer before she even asked the question.

“I don’t know, one day last week in passing.” Rose absent mindedly waved her hand to the side as she spoke. Seeing where this conversation was going Rose quickly added “He is never around to talk to. He’s either at quidditch practice or he’s hanging out with Lorcan and Lysander in the Astronomy tower.”

Stacy tried to push on. “Okay but I just don’t see your reasoning into…”

Rose, growing tired of the conversation, cut her friend off. “Stacy he’s my brother, I want him to win. End of discussion.” Rose eyed Stacy to make sure that she wasn’t going to say anything else; she didn’t. Instead, Stacy picked up her magazine again and started to read. Sensing Stacy’s discouragement, Rose stood up. “I'm going to bed.”

Stacy just nodded and continued to read.

Frustrated with Stacy, and her constant need to read into things, Rose grabbed her toiletry bag, once in her room, and headed towards the lavatory; tiptoeing in attempt to not the sleeping figures of her other two roommates.

Locking the door to the bathroom, she turned the nob of the shower to as hot as it would go and got in. Rose winced, the heat of the water burning into her porcelain skin, causing the skin to become red and sensitive. It was the first relief she had felt all day.

Closing her eyes to withstand the pain, Rose leaned her head forward, pressing her forehead against the white tiles, allowing the water to splash and run down her back.   The steam rising up around her.

Her thoughts going to breakfast that morning, and all the eyes that were on her. The polite smiles and genuine words she felt forced to give. The fact that everyone gave her sympathy, although she had also given Malfoy just as much damage. Her body slowly began to adjust to the scolding water.  

When she got out, she wrapped a large fluffy towel around her; momentarily she looked at herself in the dewy mirror. Her hair dripping water onto her scrubbed red skin. Tilting her head she observed the way her face looked softer and less aggressive without any make-up. Turning around, she lowered the bath towel and pulled her hair aside. Rose bit her lip as she looked over her shoulder and saw the black and blue bruises- from Malfoy’s hands- that were trailing down the spine of her back. Some were small and old, others were large and new. Staring at them gave Rose a sinking ball of rage in the pit of her stomach; not because of the pain they caused, but because of their imperfections.


The next morning, Rose awoke early and knowing that she wouldn’t be going back to sleep she decided to get dressed for the day. Seeing as how it was Saturday and she had detention, she decided against her normal pleated skirt she decided on a pair of her old khaki pants, and a light weight navy blue sweater; which hung long on her arms.  

When she finished with her hair and make-up, Rose passed the time by finishing two papers, and a set of Charm’s questions that were due later on nest week. But even that didn’t take as long as she would have preferred. For what felt like two hours had passed, only one had truly gone by.

Feeling trapped by time, Rose decided that she would go ahead and go down to the Great Hall to get something to eat. Grabbing one of her many books that she intended to read to make up for her lack of company.

Rose slowly walked down, occasionally glancing at the moving pictures in the halls, and actually stopping to read some of the plaque underneath some of portraits. All of which came to an end as soon as she reached the doors to the Great Hall.

She walked in- prepared to be the only person- but instead saw that someone else was already there. She stared at the familiar person, with his spiky brown red hair and familiar chocolate brown eyes- similar to hers.

Before moving, Rose looked at her brother, trying to see what he was doing. Hugo looked as if he were pondering something important. The way he was staring off into thin air, made him look more like thirty than a fourteen year old boy. Slowly, Rose walked over to him and stood across from him; she waited a moment before interrupting his train of thought.

“You mind if I sit down?” She asked in a light tone.

Hugo looked up from the table, his thirty year old expression disappearing with the smile of a fourteen year old. “Sure,” He said a little too lightly.

Rose putting her book down, grabbed a muffin, and placed it on the plate in front of her. “Do you always eat breakfast this early?” she asked while pouring some orange juice.

Hugo nodded. “Most of the time.”

Rose raised her eyebrow. “Why?” she asked incredulously, filling her plate with some eggs and bacon.

“Why not? I'm up, and have nothing better to do.” He smiled and took bite of some toast. “And I’m assuming it’s the same for you?” he eyed her suspiciously.

Rose didn’t respond with a yes or no. She simple continued to pick at her food and mumbled, “I guess I could see your point.”

Hugo chuckled and then went into silence; observing her as he ate. Rose particularly hated it when he did this. The way his eyes moved made Rose feel that he was seeing all of her secrets. “Did that hurt?” he pointed to her wrist after a few minutes.

Rose glanced down to her wrist and gave an indifferent shrug. “Not as bad as some of the other injuries I’ve had.”  For a moment they were silent again. Rose took a bite of her eggs and said, “Who told you?”

“Lily,” he answered absent mindedly.

“Typical,” grumbled Rose, rolling her eyes at her cousin. Watching as Hugo laughed at her reaction, Rose smiled and bit her lip. “You excited about today?” she asked remembering that it was Hugo’s quidditch game.  

Hugo getting a bright smile on his face nodded “I could hardly sleep last night.”

“So I'm assuming that all that practicing over the summer with dad paid off,” She commented slyly.

“Yeah, I suppose.” Rose wasn’t entirely sure but there seemed to be a look of uneasiness in his eyes.

“Well, I think that you will do great,” She announced reassuringly.

“I hope so, seeing as how if I lose then I will never live it down.” He gave a worried grin.

Rose quickly trying to change the subject, but failed looked down at her plate of food.

“Are you going to come to the game today?” Hugo asked hopefully.

Rose looked up from her plate with a look of pity. Hugo didn’t say anything but caught on enough to continue eating his breakfast. “I’m sure you’ll hear about it.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I much rather be sitting at a quidditch game, than serving detention with Malfoy.”

Hugo, seeming satisfied with that answer, lightened the mood by saying, “Well it’s probably a good thing seeing as how Ben is going to get pummeled.”

Before Rose had a chance to respond she heard a deep voice come from behind her. “Did I hear my name?” Ben said walking over and plopping down into the set next to Rose.

“Hey Hugo.” Ben smiled brightly.

Rose looked at Hugo, and saw him become a more uncomfortable with Ben presence. “Good morning Ben,” he said in and ill-fated attempt to cover his uncomfortableness.

Although Rose noticed Hugo’s behavior, Ben did not, and he continued to keep talking. “So what were you two talking about?” He asked casually.

“Oh nothing, just quidditch,” Rose said in a sing song voice, and draped his arm over Rose’s shoulder- which she nuzzled into.

“Really?” Ben said giving her a curious look.

“Yes. Does that surprise you?” she smiled up to him.

Pausing for a moment Ben Smiled back and replied, “Always.”

Rose, shaking her head, turned back towards Hugo who had retired to staring at the table. “Anyways, Hugo I'm sure you will do just fine in the game today.”

“Yeah I’ll make sure to try and take it easy on you,” Ben said grabbing a piece of bacon from Rose’s plate.

Rose glared at Ben with a look that implied to never say that again. Ben understanding looked to Hugo and said “Sorry, I didn’t mean that you needed help or anything. I just meant that I remember my first Quidditch game and how nervous I was.”

Hugo eyed him with unreadable look. “I’m not nervous,” he said bluntly.  

Ben paled and awkwardly nodded. “That’s good,” he said trying to recover the conversation. “Well, good luck,” he mumbled, and looked to Rose with apologetic eyes.

Sighing, Hugo smiled to Ben. “Thanks,” he said as if he meant it.

Rose looked over to her brother with appreciation. Hugo nodded to her and then stood up “Well I better go. I would like to warm up before the game.”

“Ok, well I’ll see you on the field,” Ben said, apparently deciding that it was a safe statement to say.

Hugo nodded. “Bye Rose. I guess I will see you around.”

“Yeah, good luck today.” She said. Hugo not responding just walked out.

Ben looked down at the table relieved. “He hates me doesn’t he?”

“Hugo doesn’t hate you,” Rose argued. “Besides even if he did it’s only Hugo.”

Ben shook his head. “No, I’m pretty sure that they all hate me.”

Rose rubbed his back. “Albus doesn’t hate.”

“Yes, but me and Albus were friends before me and you started dating,” he stressed.

Rose still wanting to encourage him. “Ben you’re just new is all. They just need time to adjust to you.”

“You mean to adjust to you having a boyfriend,” he corrected.

Rose blushed. “They will come around… Eventually.”

Ben slightly laughed. “You promise?” he asked lightly.

“I promise,” Rose said giving Ben a kiss on the cheek.

More and more students started to stroll in. Rose hadn’t noticed before but the Great Hall had become extremely crowded. Realizing that this might be the last time that she would get to see Ben until the evening she said, “Let’s take a walk before the game.”

Ben looked up at her and smirked. “Okay.”


Rose was walking to the charms storage closet, like she was instructed to do. She had just left Ben near the quidditch pitch so that he could get ready for the game. They had just gotten done with their walk, when a first year had approached her and handed her a small piece of parchment from McGonagall, which instructed Rose to be at the potions storage closet at eleven o’clock sharp.

As she approached the room, she heard two voices coming from around the corner. One she didn’t recognize, and the other one she did recognize but it was in a foreign tone.

The voice that she did recognize was Scorpius’, but he wasn’t throwing insults or sneering with a disgusted; he was simply talking like any other boy would in a casual conversation. Rose thought that it was odd hearing him speak in calm voice and use his words freely.

Rose, taken a little off guard by the conversation, decided to not interrupt.  

“Scorpius, I just don’t see what the issue is,” a frustrated high pitched voice said.

“The issue is that the guy is a total bloke, and if I'm going to have my best friend date someone, I rather it not be someone who I can’t stand to be around.” Scorpius said trying to bring reason to his friend.

“You don’t even know him how do you know he is a bloke?” The frustrated girl stated.

“It’s not that hard to figure out what he wants Vivian,” said Scorpius sternly.

“Oh, so because he is a teenage boy that means that you automatically know how he is?”

“Well seeing as how I am a teenage boy, I do think I would have some insight,” he argued.

“Don’t be an arse Scorpius.” Vivian said quietly.

“Sorry,” Scorpius said. “It’s just that I'm looking out for you is all.”

“I know you are that’s why I love you but…” she tried to say something but it seemed like she couldn’t find the right words.

Rose could just hear some light breathing. Not quite sure what was going, Rose peaked around the corner to see the girl- who must be Vivian- up against the wall, with Scorpius leaning over her, kissing her on the lips.

Scorpius pulled away from her. “But nothing Vivian,” He whispered, tucking a lock of her strawberry blond hair behind her ear.

Vivian had a huge grin on her face. The only noise around them was their breathing of one another’s breaths.

“Do you really not like him?” she asked.

“I hate the bloody guy.” He said quickly, and ducked his head down, so that some of his hair fell into his eyes.

“Ok then,” Vivian said bringing her hand up to his head pushing back the hair. “I’ll say no.”

“Thank you.” He said relieved now.

Vivian nodded with a grin on her face. Scorpius looking at his watch said quietly said, “I’ve got to go, but we will talk later.”

“You promise?” She said needing reassurance.

“Yes, I promise.” And he took a step away from her.

Vivian smiled at him and then walked away.

Rose realizing that she may have just witnessed something personal took a step back.

Scorpius walked forward unsure of what just happened. Tangled up in his own thoughts, he was caught off guard when a voice said, “Who knew that Malfoy had a heart.” He stopped dead in his tracks, and looked to the side at Rose leaning against the wall.

“What in the hell gave you that idea Weasley?” Scorpius said.

Rose smiled coyly. “Nothing,” She repeated innocently.

Going red in the face, Scorpius began to huff his breath. “What did you see?”

Lightening her tone a bit Rose said “Honestly Malfoy I didn’t see anything. However I did hear some interesting things.” She narrowed her eyes.

Scorpius, deciding that it wasn’t worth an argument, said to Rose, “Well you’re right I do have a heart. I just don’t show it to cold hearted bitches like you.”

“Ouch, now that hurt. I thought that we had moved past the name calling,” Rose said sarcastically.

Scorpius, giving a smirk, replied, “Not a chance Weasley.”

“Good to know,” Rose said walking past him and into the storage room. She looked down at her watch- it was a second past eleven. “Oh and by the way, you’re late.”

Scorpius rolled his eyes and walked in behind Rose.

Professor Hays was already in the closet. It was a small room with piles upon piles of textbooks stored floor to ceiling. On opposite ends of the room were two cramped desk with rickety chairs, practically touching. Rose and Scorpius both stared at the desks, and then looked at one another with irritation, before focusing back on Professor Hays and their instructions.  

“You are to go through all of the books in this room, and remove any ink marks that are on the pages.” Professor Hays said with a gleam. Walking towards the door he pulled out a key ring with a long skeleton key hanging off of it.

Rose, quickly noticing what Professor Hays was about to do, said, “But professor what if we have to use the bathroom?”

“Then I suggest that you hold it until your lunch break, Miss Weasley.” Professor Hays said shutting the door behind him, and locking them in.

Scorpius and Rose looked around at the room and both nodded in agreement. That Rose would take the left half of the books, and Scorpius would take the right. Squeezing into the chairs, both of their backs collided. Rose pinched her nose, sensing that this was going to be a much longer day than she had originally thought.


It had been about two hours, and the only noise they had heard for the duration of time, was the opening and closing of text books.

As they continued to go through books Rose couldn’t help but let her curiosity get the best of her. “So who was the bloke that you were talking about?” she asked casually, deciding to break the silence.

Scorpius thought for a second. “That is entirely none of your business.”

“Alright then,” Rose said, going about her work as if nothing had happened.

It wasn’t even a minute later that Scorpius unexpectedly gave an answer. “Jeremy Burns.”

Surprised to receive a response, Rose responded. “You’re right he is a pratt. He went out with one of my cousins last year. But after realizing that he only thought about himself, she broke it off with him.”

“Which one?” he asked curiously.

“It was Lucy,” She said.

“Really, the Head Girl dated an arse like that.” Scorpius sounded shocked.

“First, Lucy wasn’t Head Girl last year,” corrected Rose. “Second, she caught on pretty quickly.” Rose paused for a moment and chuckled at the memory. “It wasn’t even a week later that he went after our cousin Roxanne.”

A disgusted look crossed Scorpius’ face. “He’s worse than I thought,” He snarled.

“Yeah that didn’t go over to well with Roxanne. She put a jinx on him that forced him to say he was an insensitive jerk before and after every sentence he spoke.”

“I wish I had seen that,” Scorpius commented.

“Yeah, it was hilarious. It finally got to the point where he was just singing la la la la, so that he wouldn’t stop talking. It took him doing it for a month, before Roxanne removed the jinx.” Rose chuckled a bit more.

“Well he is insensitive. He is after one of my best friends, and I don’t like it,” Scorpius said, figuring that since she already knew about most of what happened, why not continue the conversation; talking seemed to make time go by quicker.

Briefly debating her next words, Rose asked, “Is that why you kissed her?”

Scorpius whipped his head around. “I thought that you didn’t see anything?”

“Well I may have saw that part. I got a little curious after not hearing any noise and took a peak,” She said looking at him.

Turning back around Scorpius said “Haven’t you ever heard of the saying curiosity killed the cat.”

“Well what can I say, I like knowing things,” she said easily.

“Well, anyways, yes that is why I kissed her. At least I think it is.” the later part he mumbled more to himself. 

Rose’s jaw opened in outrage. “At least you think it is, well what the bloody hell is that supposed to mean?”

“It means, that I don’t know why I did it, it just kind of happened. I didn’t plan on it, I just wanted her to say no.”

“For her own safety,” Rose asked.

“To protect her yes,” He said confidently.

“So do you even like her in that way?”

“I don’t know I have never really thought about it before, I mean I have never felt that way about her before,” Scorpius admitted.

“Oh, she must be so lucky to have a friend like you.” Rose paused, lowered her eyes and then shook her head. “You do realize that you have just screwed everything up.” Rose stated in a matter of fact tone.

“Yeah, I rationalized that part out for myself,” Scorpius replied shortly.

“So what do you plan on doing?” Rose said getting back to the point. By now, they had both stopped what they were doing and were facing each other. 

“I don’t know I haven’t given it that much thought,” Scorpius said looking at the ground searching for an answer.

“Well then do you mind if I make a suggestion,” Rose said in a helpful voice.

“Go ahead, it’s not like I have that many other options,” He said.

“Then I suggest that you stop staring at the floor because the answer isn’t written on it, and think about it because you only have…” Rose looked down at her watch. “About five and half hours to figure it out, before you have to talk to her.”

“Yeah I was kind of avoiding thinking about that,” He commented, looking up at her.

“Hey it’s your friendship not mine.” Rose, realizing that they were actually having conversation, added, “Personally I could care less if you end up friendless.”

“Thanks Weasley,” Scorpius said sarcastically.

“Anytime.” She smirked, and turned around; giving a slight wave of her hand.

They both continued with their work. After a few minutes Scorpius asked, “You aren't going to tell anybody about this are you?”

“No offense Malfoy, but I seriously doubt that any of my friends are going to care about your personally life,” she stated honestly.

“Not that,” he sneered. “I mean about us actually having a conversation. I can’t have people thinking that I’m talking to you.”

“Don’t worry. This is one conversation I will take to my grave with shame,” Rose replied snoodly.

“Good,” Scorpius said reassuringly. He looked down at his own watch, and actually took Rose’s advice in attempting to think about a plan to what he was going to do about Vivian.

After that they both went back to being silent, and stayed that way for the remainder of their detention. From that point on, it became a silent agreement that anything that said during detention would remain just between them.


A/N: so I hope you like it. I know its long sorry about that and also I know that it is moving at a kind of slow pace but trust me the next chapter will be a little more into the future and things will be progressing.
Also please review I like them they make me want to write more, and faster because they let me know if people like the story and I'm not wasting my time. 

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