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JAMESIE! by HyperHappyTwins
Chapter 1 : Huddlepuff Stands For Awesomeness
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 Disclaimer: We do not own the world of Harry Potter. We're simply here to have some fun and wave our pompoms about.


Because we are his biggest fans (we have (after much twin warfare) decided to share the post of #1 fangirls), we simply felt that we HAD to make him a present set in the past for his birthday! So here is a story for Hufflepuff's very own Testosterone Sensation: Jam-Jam, The Manliest Hufflepuff, Prongs, Prongsie, James or, as we like to call him:




On a sunny day, just at the end of the Christmas holidays the students that stayed at Hogwarts can see a large white dot in the sky

Is it a plane? A bird? A hippogryff? Or just a funky cloud?

It obviously can't be a cloud... as it is making noises of hysterical laughter... but that means it can't be any of the others either... The dot gets larger and larger as it descends and the students can soon see that it is a large animal! It has legs and something lumpy on its back. The lump is making weird noises. Sort of like "muiHIHIHIHIHI".

"AOWIE!!! Jolly stop pushing me!," someone screams in a high pitched voice that carries over the lake makes everyone else look up to the sky.

Okay... this is definitely getting creepy now... But as the lump comes to a landing on the Hogwarts grounds, the students can see that, however unlikely it might seem, the white dot is a polar bear.
Two shapes hurriedly get off its back and fall onto the ground in a massive laughing fit.

“Are you ok?” a tall Ravenclaw comes up to them and asks.

The blonde of them can’t talk; she can’t even get up on her feet, that’s how much she’s laughing.

“Yes, we’re fine,” the other replies, but one look at her friend makes her fall back into laughing like a maniac.

The blonde finally pulls herself together and says

"I'm sorry," and then there’s a short brake because she can’t keep from giggling. "I accidentally overdosed on the cheeriness of a Cheering Charm...," and that’s just as long that she can keep from laughing.

"You're such a fail at times!" the brunette tells her in a snigger

"So are you!"

And yet again they fall to the ground laughing like hyenas. The Ravenclaw that asked them how they were just looks at them in complete confusion and does not know what to do but the sight of the two snowgirls rolling around makes her laugh awkwardly and go over to join her friends again.

"Just tell me if you need something ok?" she calls over her shoulder.

The hyenas (still laughing) lift their hands for an answer. That Cheering Charm was indeed a bit strong…

Later that day Professor Dumbledore is enjoying an afternoon-snooze in his office. His head is resting upon his arms that lie on his desk, his silver hair spread out across the wooden surface. The portraits on the walls are whispering to each other, being careful not to wake their successor. Professor Dumbledore is having a pleasant dream. In it he is walking in a silent forest. There is no one there, it is quiet and still. But suddenly the air is filled with angry sounds. Shouts and jibbering. The before calm dream becomes stressful and worrying. And suddenly there are load bangs. The trees are falling, the peaceful forest collapsing into itself!

Dumbledore wakes with a start.
"You would so totally NOT win in a snowball fight!"

"Yes, I would! I would build a big fort to hide behind!"

"Yeah, but I would build a higher fort!"
"Oh yeah? But my fort would look like a castle and then I would be like princess! So HAH!"

"Yeah, but I would transfigure a log into a snowcanon and use it on you"

"Oh well, I would-"

- knock - knock -

Professor Dumbledore winces at the sounds coming from outside his office and slightly reluctantly opens the door. Outside in the staircase stands two girls, one blond and one brunette. The blond is in the middle of saying something but stops halfway, her mouth lulling open.

"That's right, you wouldn't do anything! Because you would be all snowified! I could take a carrot and put it on your face and you would look exactly like a snowman, that's how snowified you would be!" The brunette keeps talking until she finally finds her friend's silence slightly odd and turns around to face the headmaster. Her triumphant smile quickly disappears to be replaced by a slightly embarrassed grimace which is meant to look like an innocent smile.

The girls, now obviously feeling slightly embarrassed, look at their new headmaster.

"Hello..." they say in unison.

"Hello girls," Dumbledore replies in a deep voice that fills them with respect, but as they raise their gazes towards his eyes they can see an unmistakable twinkling in there that almost makes them start laughing all over again. But they pull themselves together before the laughter breaks their barriers.

"I can see that your previous headmaster was not joking, you really are filled with happiness and joy. I hope that you will feel at home here at Hogwarts." he says.

"Oh we're sure that we will be very comfortable here," the brunette replies.

"But names! We missed the introducing ourselves!" the blonde adds sounding flabbergasted.

"Well, don’t you think the greatest wizard of all times would know our names?!" her friend replies in a clearly annoyed whisper.

"You are flattering me girls, but yes, I would enjoy knowing who is who, so please do enlighten me," Dumbledore replies sounding amused.

"I'm Johanna and she is Johanna…" the brunette says in a quite annoyingly know-it-all voice.

"…But we're better known as Cheery and Jolly..." the blonde fills in pointing at first herself and then at the brunette.

"And I heard you two are twins?" Dumbledore asks sounding interested.

"Yes, but I’m the oldest," Cheery, the blonde, replies.

"Well I’m the one known as Johanna 1!" her sister replies.

"Well that’s so you wouldn’t feel too bad about being second," Cheery says and stretches out her tongue at her sister and then remembering that they're not alone they stop the jabbering. After a few seconds they gain control of their minds yet again.

"Excuse us, we just are like this," Cheery says, they both giggle at this, "We can't help ourselves, we do everything together," Jolly fills in.

"Especially quarrel," Dumbledore finishes with a polite smile; the girls nod.

"Now that the introductions are finished we will have to start on a more serious matter: sorting you into your houses. Who will go first?"

"She will," the brunette says pointing at the blond with force.

"Why me?"

"Becasue," the other says, "for all we know we might have to fight him or something!"

"Oh, so I'm the one to be sent to the slaughter first?!" the blond exclaimed shrilly.

"Girls, girls, girls," Dumbledore says looking at them from behind his half-moon spectacles.

"There will be no slaughter and I will thankfully not be forced to fight any of you," he says. The girls let out of sigh of relief. Dumbledore turns and lifts a very battered old hat from a shelf.

"Do we have to fight that?" Cheery asks, raising her eyebrows, apparently slightly offended.

"No, stupid," Jolly says, rolling her eyes meaningfully towards Dumbledore.

"He's going to fight it!" she says. Dumbledore can't help but smile.

"Actually, you put it on," Dumbledore says and hands it to Cheery. Cheery looks at it with a slightly disgusted expression and then puts it on with great caution.

The office becomes silent for a moment before...

"AAAAAAH!" Cheery screams causing Dumbledore to jump and Jolly to look frightened at Cheery. "It's talking! The hat is TALKING! Inside my head! Jolly help me!" she commands, but before Jolly has time to even get her wand out the hat calls out:

"HUFFLEPUFF!" Jolly looks bewildered at Cheery and then at Dumbledore.

"Huddlepuff? What does it mean? Is she going to sprout antennas now?! Because I've heard of a disease called something like Huddlepuff where you turn into a magnified ant!" Jolly says. "If she turns into an ant I'll press charges!"

Jolly pulls out her wand and (unwisely so) points it at Dumbledore, but just then Cheery manages to get the hat off and throws it away, causing Jolly to drop her wand. Dumbledore quite casually bends down and picks up the wand.

"Cheery, he was lying! We do have to fight him! Look, he's got my wand!" Jolly cries hysterically. Cheery, still slightly disoriented from wearing the hat, pulls out her wand and tries to find Dumbledore, spinning on the spot.

"Jolly, is it true I'll turn into an ant?" Cheery says, frightened.

"I don't know but that freaky beard dude's got my wand!" Jolly says pointing at Dumbledore who has been watching the two with amusement, Jolly's wand on the desk.

"Girls, please calm down. Miss Cheery is not going to turn into an ant and, as I said earlier, I do not intend to fight you. Hufflepuff is not a disease but one of the four houses here at Hogwarts. The other three are Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor. They all stand for different personality qualities."

"What does Hufflepuff stand for? Awesomeness?" Cheery says enthusiastic, the drama of a few seconds ago quickly forgotten.

"No," Dumbledore says (Jolly sticks out her tongue towards Cheery at this), "it stands for justice, loyalty and friendship," Dumbledore finishes.

Jolly looks slightly jealous and mumbles something and then snatches the hat from the floor while Cheery looks quite proud. Jolly pulls on the hat, her face almost completely hidden by it.

The hat takes much longer time this time before it shouts out "HUFFLEPUFF!".

Jolly happily takes off the hat. "Now we can be huddlepuffs together Cheery!"

They both let out a cry of glee and jump around on the spot waving around, what Dumbledore guesses to be, imaginary pom-poms.

"We are in Huddlepuff! WE are in Huddlepuff!! WE ARE IN HUDDLEPUFF!! THE AMAZING HUDDLEPUFF!!!" they both sing in horribly off-pitch voices.

Dumbledore can’t help himself any longer but lets out a little laugh which then grows to be a big laugh...

Cheery and Jolly stop singing and looks at the laughing old wizard, overflowing with happiness they both step up to him and as he stops laughing they simultaneously give him a hug.

"Thank you for having us stay here your majesty of epicness, you wizard of wonders," Cheery says with a smile on her face similar to a cuddling kitten.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, sir," Jolly adds, though in a more respectful manner, she is thinking that Cheery has indeed overdosed on something... maybe adoration?

Dumbledore slowly comes to a stop in his laughing and says "It was a long time since I've laughed that much. You girls are indeed what your names state, I am happy that you have chosen to come and stay with us here at Hogwarts."

He gives them a twinkling smile and says "Now, who's hungry? All that laughter and happiness made me hungry... I feel that this requires a fest!" Dumbledore exclaims and gets two happy “Yay”s from his audience.

"Let me just alert the house-elfs and then you can join me in the dining hall. We are quite few I'm afraid, as it’s still the Christmas holidays, but we'll be fine."

"The more the merrier!" the twins add as one.

Then Jolly comes to think of something "But headmaster! Are these clothes appropriate to wear?"

Dreading the answer will be a no, she and her sister look at Dumbledore with faces reflecting pure terror.

The clothes the girls are wearing are quite... odd. Even peculiar. Cheery's outfit is completely purple. She's wearing a purple top in a wasit-high purple tight skirt. Her thin tights are also purple as are her high stemmed sneakers. The only things that aren't purple are the large stack of colourful plastic bracelets around her wrist.

Jolly is wearing a striped top and a very colourful waist-high skirt in a floral pattern. Her tights are dark blue and her sneakers are purple like Cheery's.

The two's colourful and somewhat childish clothes enhance their personalities and Dumbledore smiles again.

"I'm sorry, girls, but that won't be possible. You'll have to stick to the dress-code." Dumbledore looks at the girls who seem very disappointed and even scared.

"Which is...?" Jolly asks apprehensively whilst Cheery hugs herself as if afraid that Dumbledore will try to reach out and grab her precious clothes there and then.

Dumbledore takes out his wand and quickly Jolly grabs the wand Cheery is holding to have something to defend herself with. But Dumbledore only conjures two bundles of black cloth. As he hands them to the girls they see that it is two long black robes.

"Ewww," Cheery says holding them at an arm's length.

"We're expected to wear these?" Jolly asks frowning at the robes.

"Black is so boring," Cheery says.

"And depressing," Jolly adds.

"I'm sorry girls, but to be allowed to attend Hogwarts you have to follow our rules and one of them is to follow the dress-code." The girls look at each other for a moment and a silent agreement is made. Jolly reluctantly hangs the black fabric over her left arm and reaches out to grab her wand from Dumbledore's desk all the while keeping her face turned away from the robes as if they reeked. Cheery however hangs the robe on her back and ties the arms around her neck.

"Look, Jolly! It looks like I'm a superhero!" she says. Jolly looks and then smiles.

"Yeah, it does!" The girls turn and start walking towards the door.

"Goodbye girls! See you at the feast!" Dumbledore calls. Cheery turns around to smile and wave.

"See you!" Jolly however only smiles, holding her wand in a tight grip.

As the girls leave through the door, Dumbledore has time to catch a fragment of their conversation before the door swings shut.

"He was nice, wasn't he Jolly?" Cheery says, turning slightly to make her robe/cape billow with her hand.

"I guess. But I get this funny feeling, like the man's got too many secrets to be trusted."


Authors' Note: Leave us some reviews! We loooooooooff them! And also, YAY for Hufflepuff! And even MORE YAY for Jamesie! *pompoms*

/Jolly & Cheery

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