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Losing Innocence by Ravie_girl29
Chapter 8 : Reunion
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  Ron debated whether or not to get Hermione, but it was raining hard and she didn’t need to get her hopes up if they didn’t find Rose, so he decided to go off on his own. The old woman, Nina was her name, brought him to the house, or the front yard of it. The house itself was ablaze. “Where do you think she went?” He yelled over the noise.


  “Her bedroom faces that way,” Nina replied, pointing northeast, “If she would have came around any other way she would have found me, so she must have gone straight into the woods from there.”


  Ron nodded, running around the house to the northeast side, Nina following him. “Revilio Rose” he said, his wand pointing at the woods. A faint blue path appeared before him, already starting to fade. It was too late for this spell the last time, now if they went fast the path would lead them straight to Rose.



  Rose stayed curled up with her teddy bear. The trees offered virtually no protection from the cold rain. It was too dark to move, even if she wanted to. She wondered if she should try to find the centaurs again, but they didn’t really seem to want her there, maybe they knew someone else like Nina she could go to. Nina. More tears feel down Rose’s face, she was probably dead now, too. Rose was all alone.


  The rain started to let off a bit when Rose heard something faint in the distance. She stood up and strained her ears. She heard it again…


   “Rosie…” Someone was looking for her.


  “I’m here!” She called.


  The voice yelled again, slightly closer this time, and she recognized it.


  “DADDY!” She called back, “DADDY.”


  There was a rustling in the trees and Ron broke into sight, he ran right to his daughter and scooped her up, “Rose!” he cried, “Oh, Rose, you’re alive! You’re alive!”


  “Daddy!” she sobbed back, hugging him as tightly as she could. “Daddy, daddy, daddy. I thought I’d never see you again!”


  Ron seemed too happy to speak anymore; he took off his jacket and wrapped it around Rose, hugging her tightly. “I was so worried.” He choked out. He offered his arm to Nina, who Rose just noticed was behind him.


  Rose knew what was going to happen, so she clung on tight, closing her eyes. Her father Apparated and they were in Uncle Harry’s kitchen.


  “Hermione! Hermione come quick!” Ron yelled.


  Hermione and Auntie Ginny came through the door, “We just got Lily to sle…” Hermione started, but broke off. “Rose!” she cried, “You found her!” she ran over and grabbed her daughter, covering her face with kisses. “My baby! My baby!” Rose hugged both of her parents, tears falling down her face once more; she hoped she never had to leave them again.



Epilogue, Rose went to St. Mungos were she had to say for three nights to make sure she wasn’t in any kind of shock. Afterwards she went back to living with her parents at Harry and Ginny’s house, until they found a new home in their old town of Crystal Hollows. Nina’s house was repaired and Rose continued to visit her, occasionally with Albus, later with Hugo. Nina and Hermione became good friends and Nina became a kind of second grandma to Hugo and Rose. Rose remains afraid of fire, and though the original attackers to her house were never caught, they never bothered the Weasley’s again and were forgotten like and bad dream. Rose starts Hogwarts this year with her cousin Albus.


Authors Note Sorry sorry sorry it took so insainly long to update this, but its finnally done, what did you think? please review

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