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The Real Potters: Where It All Begins by LadyMalfoy23
Chapter 5 : Double Potions
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"Great, not only is our first potions class a double, but we have to suffer with the Slytherines too!"Ron complained loudly over breakfast one morning. It's been a couple weeks since term started now and all him and Harry have done now is complain. "Transfigurations is to hard.", "Charms with the Ravenclaws? That's not even fair, they are geniuses.", and "Aren't we suppose to be learning to duel in Defence Against the Dark Arts?". And of course they couldn't just study to get a leg up or anything. Instead they spend all their time roaming the castle breaking who knows how many rules a day. Hermione and Nicole were nearly done with them after the day they spent lurking in a hidden passage behind a tapastry and jumping out to scare whoever walks past.


"I'm personally looking forward to potions myself," Nicole said smugly.


"Of course you are, your a potioneer protogee," was Harry's retort.


"Well if you had spent more time with me and Uncle Severus instead of in the backyard with dad and Sirius flying,"


"Well someday when im seeker for the Hollyhead Harpies and have won the Quiddich world cup you will,"


"Possibly have found a cure for Dragonpox!" Nicole finished hastly. They both paused in frustration slightly then burst into laughter for the next five minutes.


"I really dont  understand how those to always end a fight laughing. It's completly mental!" Ron said to Hermione who already had her nose in Potions: Year One.


"I find them rather amusing," Hermione said taking a swig of pumpkin juice eyes never leaving the page, "I'm an only child you know."


Once Nicole was done laughing she turned to Hermione, "Hey why dont we head up to the common room and go get all our books for today, Harry, Ron, would you please try to be on time today, I dont think Proffesor Snape will be as lenient as all the other teachers have been with you guys lately." And that was the last the boys heard from her before she had drug Hermione out of sight with her.

"Okay Niki, whats wrong? We made sure to grab all our books before we headed to breakfast."


"I know, but they dont!"


"So, why pull me out so early?"


"I'm really nervouse about potions with the Slytherines today."




Nicole sighed and started, "Well, you know me and Malfoy have been owling eachother back and forth since the sorting, and i think im starting to like him. I love being with George and I'm not going to just drop that for a Slytherine i JUST met, but i guess im just afraid my emotions will betray me. Not to mention if my Godfather sees me with a boy, my life is close to ruined!"


Hermione tried not to chuckle, "That's right, i forgot that Snape was your Godtather!" She pause thinking for a moment, "I thought you have seen Malfoy around since after the sorting?"


"I have, but not without you or George at my side!"


"Well, i guess i dont leave you side in potions dont i? Besides, the person you really have to look out for is Harry and Ron," Nicole gave Hermione a confused look, "Those two really do not like him. I'm not sure what he did to them, but i heard them talking and you know how all three of their tempers run much better then i do."


Nicole went to answer but found their conversation at an end by running back into Harry and Ron.


"You two get your books okay?" Ron asked.


"YUP!" Both girls answered a little to quickly.


Harry give them both weird looks but shook it off, "Off to potions then?" He said heading off in one directions.


"Well, we are. I dont know where you are going," Nicole snickered as she Ron and Hermione headed in the opposite direction as Harry. At this point he had to jog to catch up with them. Nicole found herself smiling when she heard Harry mutter to Ron something about how they should probably find the way to all their classe.


Quickly Nicole's smile was wiped clean off her face when arriving outside the potions class to a waiting Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini.


"What are you doing here Malfoy?" Harry spat. Nicole placed a warning hand on his should pratically begging him not to start this fight, but he quickly shook it off and it was to late.


"Well, Potter, if you would learn to read you would have noticed that us Slythrines," He said the name of his house in pride, "Are stuck with you goody two shoes Griffindors in potions today." Malfoy faught back.


"Oh, sorry Malfoy, i didnt realize that hitting on my sister for two hours straight would be of such an innconvience to you," a slight pink blush was starting to creep up Malfoys cheeks. Obviously satisfied with his retort Harry continued, "Dont waiste your time. She can do so much better. Oh wait, she is doing better!" Then in lightning speed both boys had their wands drawn.


"STOP IT! Both of you!" Nicole screamed. When tears threatened her eyes she abandoned the stack of books in her arms that came crashing to the ground and ran down the hall far away from them.


"Now you've really done it," Hermione said picking up Nicole's books and stalking into the classroom.


Thirty minutes later Nicole silently snuck into class getting a warning look from Poffesor Snape. Her eyes were read and puffy and all the class could tell she had been crying. Nicole quickly made her way to her seat avoiding all eyes and started to copy down Hermione;s notes and getting to work on the Vanishing Potion that was todays assignment.


Hope for a peacful rest of class was instantly thrown out the window 5 minutes later as Malfoy made his way over. "Save it Draco, You're not sorry." She said setting down her vile of slug slime to look into his eyes. "I did like you, but i like George more, and if your not gonna try with my brother, then i cant even stay friends with you."


Malfoy went to say something else with an apoligetic look on his face, but it was too late,"Mr. Malfoy, yould you care to share with the class your purpose at Miss Potters cauldron?" Snape had silently approached the two of them.


"B-Borrowing something sir," Malfoy stammered.


"Next time i advize you to come up with a much better lie, one point from Slytherine, Nicole see me after class please."

"Now you've done it," Nicole muttered as Malfoy walked off. Nicole seemed to be working at ten times the pace as every around her and was yet twenty times less frazzled then her classmates.


"Five minutes to have you potions completed and on my desk," Snape said, "No vile, no grade!"


Everyone around Nicole began to panic as she put a stopper in her potion and headed to place it on her desk. Once back and cleaning up her station she couldnt help but have a smug look on her face while Harry walked past smelling strongly of month old frog guts, "Quiddich still more important the potions?" Nicole was unable to hide her pride from her brother.


Slowly one by one the class was deminishing leaving Nicole alone to await the fury of her Godfather.



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The Real Potters: Where It All Begins: Double Potions


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