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Sins of the Innocent by CheeringCharm
Chapter 2 : New Beginnings
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At the arrival to the Hogsmeade station Alyssa watches the first years being called in by Ogg the grounds keeper, she smiles as she remember how nervous she was when she first arrived at Hogwarts. Not knowing what would happen. She feels a bit of the old anxiety making it self present once more, as it always does at the start of a new year.

It’s like the night before Christmas; you know that something’s coming. It can be the cheer joy of getting what you truly desired, or it can be the disappointment of another pair of socks. Waking up from the old memories Alyssa the others take care to push as many first-years as possible on their way to the carriages. They all feel that this is the way it should be. With them above the others. Tom slides into the carriage quite gracefully and Alyssa tries, but fails, to follow him in the same manner. She falls on the first step and as the others starts laughing at her clumsiness she becomes bright red in the face but laughs along, because there is no other thing to do. Finally when they are all seated the carriage leaves to lead them to the feast.

To lead them home for yet another year of great deeds.



May slowly walks towards the carriages, she has no company, but that’s because she wants it that way. No one would understand her anyway, and she doesn’t want them to even try. She steps into a carriage and hopes that no one else will be there to join her. But she’s not that lucky, Paul an annoying Rawenclaw prefect who thinks that he knows everything steps right after her.

“Hello, how was your summer?” he asks her

“Ok,” May answers him hoping that he’ll get the hint of her being less than interested to talk with him.


“My summer was simply splendid, went to Egypt and explored all of the old pyramids. You don’t know how amazing magic they knew, the old Egyptians that is…” and he continues to talk, a rapid stream of never ending words pouring from his lips…

“Mm no idea at all…” May mutters under her breath as she gently pulls out her wand from underneath the robes.

Paul who has kept the word stream flowing suddenly becomes silent in the middle of his rambling of Egypt and its magic history. After that, May can enjoy a quite peaceful ride back to the castle. Things has already started to become better.


“Eie hurry up!” Even though it’s Eileen who’s the responsible one of the two she has absolutely no sense for time, therefore Miranda has the double of it. They are always in a hurry so it comes to no surprise for the teachers that are seeing to that everyone comes with the carriages that they’re running and just make it before the last carriage has departed.

“Phew, that was lucky!” Miranda says catching her breath from the running.

“Lucky how? They wouldn’t leave us in Hogsmeade you know, and it’s not that long a walk,” they both know this as they last year actually missed the last carriage and, laughing all the way, had been forced to walk up to the castle and be let in by a very grumpy grounds keeper.


“Why were we in a hurry this time?” Eileen asks her.

“Because you wouldn’t stop gazing out of that stupid window! I’ve never met anyone else that’s as easily distracted as you, or as high up in the clouds”

“That’s because there’s only one of me” Eileen answers with a wink, which is something so out of the ordinary for her that they both start laughing.


As everyone has seated themselves in the great hall, after the very dark and wet journey by carriage, headmaster Dippet steps up to hold his start of term speech.

“Oh my, I seriously hope it’s a short speech because I can’t take any more of that old man!” Ella exclaims sounding extremely bored and annoyed.

“Hush! Ella come on, you’ll get to eat any moment, I bet he’s just going to say something like welcome, here are the first years, lets eat… oh and he might mention something bout last year…” Alyssa replies in an angry-sounding whisper.

“Welcome to yet another year here at Hogwarts, we hope that you’ve had a good summer holiday, to recover from what happened last year, and that you are all eager to widen your understanding for our amazing and wonderful world of knowledge. But now let’s invite the first years, because it is time for the sorting!”

Some very nervous and scared looking eleven-year-olds are lead into the great hall by Professor Dumbledore.

“haha you know Dippet so well Allie!” Ella says in a kind of mockingly proud voice.

“Its not rocket science, I mean, could a man be more cliche or boring than Dippet? I bet his favorite thing to do is solving crosswords!”

“It’s not,” Tom says ”Dippet has a certain weakness for playing cards with Slughorn, if you were interested”

“How’d you know that?” Rufus asks sounding very intrigued.

“I just do, been around for long enough and in difference to you, I keep my eyes open. It’s like I know that you and that mud-blood Maya from Rawenclaw are on to each other,” at Tom’s words they all burst out laughing as Rufus turns red from the embarrassment of dating a girl with Muggle parentage.

“It’s not like that” Rufus mumbles to the table, still looking very red.
“Well how is it then my dear mud-lover?” Keenan asks looking very entertained.

Rufus turns to look at Alyssa for help. 

“Well of course Rufus only needed help with his homework, you know the enormous workload we had last year! And of course he needed to cheer up a bit with all the… stress of certain events.” Alyssa hurries to say, not because it necessarily is true and definitely not to be nice, but because it means that Rufus will have to pay her back, and she really needs people to help her if she’s going to succeed with her plans.

“That’s a valid reason I guess.” Keenan answers after having turned to see if the all-knowing Tom had anything to add which would contradict Alyssa’s point. As Tom doesn’t even notice that Keenan looks for his help, or because he doesn’t want to help him, Keenan turns to his right and starts the usual quidditch discussion with the other guys.

The sorting has already finished and after the just-as-great-as-usual supper they all head down to their common room in the dungeons.


Eileen went into a restless sleep that night.

It could seem weird to some as she just had travelled for hours, spent her time in a loud dining hall and reunited with all of her closest friends again, but to Eileen it didn’t. The reason that she was taking Divination classes was after all the returning nightmares. 

After all the time with them Eileen was used to sleepless nights and the tiredness that would follow her the next day. She had tried everything to get rid of it but nothing would work. Not even occupying all hours of the day with activities, or taking a sleeping draught. She wished for nothing more than for it to stop but as it wouldn’t…

Divination was the only answer she had.

She hoped…


“You look tired, rough night?” Miranda asks as Eileen comes to sit down at the Slytherin table.

“Yes…” Eileen replies, sounding very exhausted.

“Was it the same as usual? Or is there something else?” Miranda continues to ask, they’ve gone through this procedure several times before but as its tradition they both go on, because the answers aren’t always the same, but most of the time they are.

“It was the same as usual, I seriously don’t get it! Why does this stupid dream have to follow me all of my sleeping hours?” Eileen replies in a whisper. 

“I don’t know either darling, well have to come up with something new for our next try I guess…” this was their most well kept secret. Eileen and Miranda had spent many nights inventing their own potions and draughts trying to come up with a cure. They had been trying for three years now, and nothing had given any positive results.

Their first try had been a disaster.

Eileen had gone into a very deep sleep, a sleep so deep that Miranda had been forced to tell the teachers what they had been up to, and they had moved her to the hospital wing. There Eileen had spent two weeks in a coma-like state and during all that time the nightmare had continued. On that occasion the draught had not helped with the nightmare, it had merely lengthened the time it took for Eileen to wake up. So you could actually say that it had only made things worse.

She had however recovered quite quickly after her awakening. The only big change it had made was a new rule at Hogwarts, forbidding students to carry out their own advanced potion making without any consulting of their teacher, as well as some books had been moved to the forbidden section in the library.

They had almost given up on their experimenting after their last try, because since then Eileen had suffered from the nightmares more than ever. Before that try there had been periods when the nightmares were shorter and even times that they didn’t come. The longest break had lasted for half a year. But now she had been having them for five months, every night, and it was only getting worse.

But tonight they would start the brewing of yet another sleeping draught, which hopefully, would give her the only peace she requested.


The first lesson of the day was Defense against the Dark Arts. May found this class quite useful, despite the fact that she did not wish to defend herself against the dark arts, but to practice them.

“if I know the different ways of defending oneself against my noble arts,” she figured, ”I would be able to go longer than anyone could ever have guessed… and it might indeed enable me to create my new very own way of magic” sitting there May smiles for herself she was pretty pleased. She was however interrupted. 

“…and would you, Miss. Nemone, please tell me a simple defensive charm that would offer protection from all minor hexes and jinxes?”

“That would be the Protego- charm Professor.” May answers sounding, as always, like the know-it-all that has made everyone else annoyed at her. 

“That is indeed correct Miss. Nemone, take 10 points for Rawenclaw.” Professor Merrythought replies giving her one of the characteristic minor smiles that she uses.

As May is sitting in a bench by her own it enables her to scrabble down all the various ideas and thoughts she has for new spells and incantations.

During the summer she learnt the three rules of making dark spells.

The Olde Respectful ways of creating the Dark Arts

One- No thing is too cruel to perform at any time, as long as it is remembered in the process that no harm should be given to any of the following- the youngest or the source of the own living spirit.

Two- Always take into account the personal magical abilities.

Three- DO ALWAYS upon all times of making- any sort of curse, jinx, hex or other magic- Find the counter curse before practicing the magic itself.

May finds the first rule kind of unnecessary so she has never really paid much attention to it and she knows that she is a very skilful witch which takes care of the second rule as well.

The third rule however is the one she finds the most intriguing and the one she puts most thought into while in the process of making something new. It clearly states its meaning without any nonsense, which is one of the reasons to it being the most important in Mays eyes. As well as it extends the mind-puzzle of creation.

May has yet only created two curses of her own where one of them isn’t quite finished yet. The first one can be found as quite a complex thing compared to other methods which probably would be more effective. She simply calls it Persuasion. The Curse enables the witch or wizard to plant an idea into another persons mind; you can to this simply say that it would be a lot easier to use the Imperius curse. But her own home-made curse is in difference to the Imperius not unforgivable, though you might think that it’s equally bad as the caring out of the Imperius curse to not register magic like this.

The second one she has come up with is too vile and horrible to even be described with words…

…and she has not yet carried it out.

Because for now, there is no counter curse to the one that suffer from the fatally evil genius of May Nemone.


Speak to me nightingale Sing little bird sing to me softly your song… 


May sings gently to the bird on the window sill, encouraging it to come closer. 


Come little bird, come little dove I offer you nothing but love…

The bird slowly skips closer towards Mays outstretched hand

That’s it my friend, yet closer again wish you would dare…

Yet a few small skips from the bird, it has almost given up its resistance and nature by now.


Come little bird come little thing and we will sing…

'The bird was now in Mays hand singing gently with her in the tones, still unsure whether it has made the right decision.

Sing from your heart sing of your wing…


And the bird relaxes in her hand…

Speak of our love speak of a song newly begun…

May slowly moves her hand towards the cage next to her, still singing.

See here my Love see here my friend nothing to fear,

come let us be, come let us sing ‘til we are near

for we are here ‘til we are done, ‘til the end has begun


See little friend see here again the gold of our hearts


Reflected by us reflected by lust, reflected in the glimmer of tears

Reflected by the loneliest fears

See here my love see here my dove light is the capture of day

Come here my friend come here my dove come here please stay…


And the bird that at first had been captured by her song and her words was now contained within the golden cage she had brought with her there.

Everything was working perfectly.



Thank you for reading my chapter, I'd love it if you left a review to tell me what you thought of this chapter and if there's anything you think I need to change :)

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