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Demented by The Forgotten Muse
Chapter 8 : Oh, There's No Place Like London
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Chapter Eight
Oh, There's No Place Like London

Regulus Black

His eyes seamlessly followed her golden locks as she expertly gave what seemed to be an effortless toss of her head.

Bloody wanker. Does he have to stare at every girl he sees?

I rolled my eyes in annoyance but kept my mouth shut, up keeping the silence he had been keen on maintaining since the train pulled out of the station. Because, apparently, Sirius Black is the kind of person that volunteers to go on a field trip with the girl he hates and nearly just killed for reasons unbeknownst to both parties and then just sits there, absorbed in his own thoughts and the ass of the girl that just sauntered by.


Alright, Elaina. Calm down. Breathe. There you go.

Okay. So it's not to say that I'm particularly bothered by Black paying attention to an absurd amount of girls (and on that note, I'm fairly sure that he had a farewell romp with Arina Terrington before we departed, who, ironically and dramatically, is Felicity Pagenaud's best friend). More so that he fucking nominated himself for this trip and all he has done is make eyes at attractive women.


And it doesn't help that I hate London with a burning passion. I get on edge every time I have to come to this damned place and Sirius fucking Black is making it ten times worse.

Oh, Merlin. He's getting up out of his seat. Out of his seat. And he's walking towards the door. He's heading in the direction that leggy blond just went.

Mother of Merlin. Who had the mind to bring him?!

Oh...right. Me.

Well, now I blame Remus for letting me. Surely he knew how stupid I was being. Right? Right.

He was only gone for about ten minutes.

That was faster than I would have thought. Of course, I'm sure that Sirius has had plenty of practice and has a system down to a tee. But...then again, I wouldn't have expected him to have such a dour look on his face after he got some action either.... Or, you know, just have disappointment radiating off of him.

"So," I started, feeling suddenly brave. Oh why, Gryffindor courage, do you kick in now? "I take it she doesn't like guys with dark hair."

He sent me a look so piercing and deadly that I held up my hands as if to prove my innocence. With a sigh he gave a very James Potter ruffle of his hair and backed off.

"She's French. Couldn't understand a bloody word she was saying."

I didn't bother telling him that I knew the language. Okay, only enough to swear, ask for directions and prices, and order food. But that's not really the point. Instead, I nodded sympathetically as if I understood what he was feeling.

"I know what you're thinking, 'all the better for you', yeah? 'You can shag her and never have to communicate with her thereafter'. But honestly, Marshelle, I have some standards," he defended himself.

Good to know. I wasn't really pointing the finger at you or anything but whatever floats your horny, drunken party boat. Because if he had a boat, that's what it would be.
"I never said you didn't," I sniffed.

"Perhaps not, Marshelle, but you certainly seeped accusation and disbelief."

I felt my nostrils flare and my bottom lip curl. "Don't say things like that when you have no idea what you're talking about. Don't pretend to adept at things which you are not."

He simply frowned and turned away. His penetrating glare now directed at the quickly passing landscape that was hardly distinguishable in the dark of the night.

Oh, this was going to be so much fun.


Sirius shifted impatiently from foot to foot as I stared down with street through squinted eyes.

"Look, Marshelle, could you hurry this up a little. Five more minutes out here and I'm never going to be able to have kids...."

"That's assuming you don't have a vasectomy before you're twenty," I mutter to myself. I gave a heavy sigh. "This was all so much easier in the light...."

"Marshelle, everything is easier in the light," Sirius stated with a quirk of his eyebrows.

"Well. If someone would just shut up, maybe I could figure this out."

Sirius pressed his lips together and stomped away, stopping only to lean on a nearby light post. I tried to push his sullen - yet still very attractive face - out of my head as I ran through a mental map of where we were...or could have been.

Alright. So if we came out of the station and took a left, we would then need to take a right. Then two lefts. And then....was it a right or a left?

I chewed my lip and began to tug on my hair. My memory seemed to be failing me. And it was early in the morning in the middle of London. This couldn't be a good idea. Not for two teenage wizards.

With a weak sigh, I walked over to Sirius and admitted defeat. "We're lost," I said bitterly.

Sirius regarded me with a frown and an appraising look. "Don't be ridiculous. You're lost. I know exactly where I am. However, I do not know where the hotel is. And you do. Now, where is this hotel exactly?"

I felt my cheeks flush as I turned my gaze away from his. I focused on a cat poking around a trash bin on the other side of the road.

"Is it the Leaky Cauldron? That's just a few blocks West from where we are...."

I shook my head. "No. It's a Muggle place. Dumbledore has a permanent room there. Most people wouldn't expect it."

I could feel his frustration beginning to pile up to a dangerous level. He took a deep breath in hopes of calming himself.

It didn't work very well.

"Look, this is going to be a lot harder if you don't help me out a little bit here. Okay? So let's just do this and get some sleep. We can try to sort out everything else tomorrow. But first things first. What are the cross roads of this place?"

"Er. The what?"

"Cross roads. What streets are near it?"

"Oh. Well...I'm not really sure. But there was this building right across from it with blue and white stripped canopies and some French name..."

Sirius shot me a salty look. His frown deepened and his emotions were now a mix of annoyance and a certain kind of dark humour.

"Women," he swore under his breath. "Fucking idiots with directions."

"We could use the Knight Bus...."

"Oh, brilliant idea," he bit sarcastically. "Why didn't I think of that? Oh, yeah. I did. But just how much attention do we want to attract to ourselves? What is more suspicious than two Hogwarts aged wizards out during school?"

"Fine. Then you find the damn place."

"Merlin knows I'm fucking trying! But you can't give me anything other than 'oh, there's a German store near it'!"

"It's French!"

"Whatever it is, it's no fucking help to us!"

Sirius blew out his breath furiously. He crossed his arms over his chest and stared moodily at the abandoned street. His mouth twitched as a look of enlightenment graced his features.

"Well, there is another way, I suppose," he said in a sidelong manner.


"We can Apparate."

"Oh. Right. Well. Let's do this then."

"We can't be seen."

"Of course."

"You'll have to take us to a backdoor or alternate entrance or something."

"I understand that, Sirius."

"You do understand how much trouble we can get in if we're seen, right?"

"For Merlin's sake, Black! I'm not an idiot! I know how to fucking Apparate!"

With a huff I offered my hand to him but he just stared at it in an icy silence. After standing so for a while, I gave a heavy sigh and grabbed the loose elbowed part of his sleeve. I concentrated hard on the hotel's back entrance, mainly a dock for things to be dropped off and picked up.

With a pop we were gone.


Hey, guys! Sorry it took so long for an update, but life catches up to you. And whoever said that your senior year in high school is a joke deserves to die a slow painful death.

Anyway, short chapter, I know. Filler chapter, I know. But I didn't want to dive straight into all the action in London so I added this bit in. To make up for the terribleness of this chapter, you have the delicious Regulus Black at the top of this chapter. He is the wonderful Logan Lerman.

Leave a review!

~The Forgotten Muse

P. S. Check out the story I'm writing with the lovely serenade (author of the amazing story Trapped.) under the name of Lady Marauders! It's called Miss Marauder and you can find it under my favorite stories :D

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