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New Beginnings by aly grace
Chapter 3 : Connections
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Harry toddled into the room as Elena and Sirius was fighting. He was unnoticed, Elena and Sirius too caught up in their fight. Remus was in the living room, laughing. Harry thought he was going crazy. Elena was crying and Sirius looked really mad. Harry didn’t like it. So when Elena sat on Sirius’s lap, Harry let out a loud and ear piercing wail.


Elena jumped up off of Sirius and looked around the room. When she finally saw Harry, her eyes softened.




“Harry what's wrong?” she asked. She kneeled in front of the little boy and picked his chin up. Little tears were streaming down his cheek.




“You guys are fightin’. I don’t like when you yell Elena.” Harry whimpered. Behind Elena, Sirius let you a chuckle.




“Kid, you know that Elena loves you when she yells. Trust me on that. So, she was just showing how much she loved me. It’s a way to communicate.” Sirius said with a wink. Harry sniffled a little then looked at Elena.




“You love him?” Harry asked. In his eyes, Elena saw a spark of something, and she didn’t like it.




“Yes Harry. Sirius and I are very old friends. I've known him since I was your age.” Elena replied. Harry nodded all seriousness.




“Like how I know Ginny and Ron and Fred and George?” Harry asked.




“Yes, exactly. And you forgot Percy.” Elena said.




“Percy isn’t any fun. He tattles on us all the time and then won’t even let us play with him books.” Harry pouted.




“Isn't Percy the youngest Weasley boy?” Sirius asked. Elena looked at him oddly then realized he had no idea who had been born since his arrest.




“No dear. Molly had Fred and George about a year and a half before, well, you know what, happened. Ron is Harry’s age. And Ginny is their only girl, ten months younger than Harry.” Elena explained.




“Merlin they never stop eh?” Sirius chuckled to himself. 




“Ron is my best friend! And Ginny is pretty cool too when she’s not being really super duper shy.” Harry explained, “Fred and George are huge pranksters Padfoot. They get in trouble loads of times every day! Percy is a tattle tale. Charlie is going to be at Hogwarts this year with Bill. They’re pretty cool too.” Harry explained, climbing onto Sirius’s lap. Sirius looked surprised to say the least. But he was happy none the less. Elena was flabbergasted. She couldn’t believe Harry was so comfortable with Sirius. There really was a connection with those two.




As Harry babbled endlessly to Sirius, Elena let a small smile slip. She honestly never thought this would happen. Sirius was here, in her kitchen, with Harry on his lap. Sirius was officially innocent.




“This feels like a dream.” She muttered to herself. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned. Remus was there, amusement on his face.




“It should. This really is a miracle. But this is only the beginning Elena. There are going to be some hard times for a while. Most people don’t believe that Sirius is really innocent. On my way over here, I heard countless whispers about him buying his way out which is absurd but they don’t know that.” Remus said quietly so Sirius and Harry wouldn’t hear this conversation. But the hushed tones weren’t necessary. The two were completely absorbed in each other that Elena doubted they would feel an earthquake at that moment.




“Why would they think he bought his way out? If he could have done that, he would have two years ago.” Elena said. 




“People aren’t thinking rationally. Some were petitioning at the Ministry not to let Sirius near Harry, saying that Sirius would harm him. Of course, if they knew a werewolf was like an uncle to him, I'm sure they would leave Sirius alone…” Remus let the sentence drift away with him deep in thought.




“No Remus. Whatever scheme you’re coming up with in the head of yours won’t work. You know I would never let you tell the world about your ‘furry little problem’. I know you want your people to have equal rights, but that’s not the way.” Elena said. Remus grimaced.




“Would I like whatever you two are whispering about over there?” Sirius called to them. A smirk was on his lips, but his eyes were questioning. Elena knew that if Harry hadn’t been there, he would have demanded to know what was going on.




Then a bang on the kitchen window made everybody in the tiny room jump. Laughing, Elena saw Errol the owl sliding down the window pane.




“Blasted bird still doesn’t realize our window is never open there.” She muttered to herself. Sliding the window open, Errol jumped in. he hooted and looked at the jar of owl treats on the counter.




“Alright old man. Let me get the letter then you can have one.” Elena said to the bird. Errol huffed but stuck his leg out for her.




Grasping the parchment, she gave the owl his treat.




“You can go bud. I’ll have Bella fly the reply over.” She said. Errol gave a little owl nod and flew out of the room.




“Who’s owl was that?” Sirius asked.


“The Weasley’s.” Elena replied. Untying the paper, she read the letter out loud,




Elena, Harry, Remus, and presumably Sirius,



            Well, Arthur just returned home with the news. I must say, I'm rather surprised. Never thought something like this would happen. But I'm sure all of you are overjoyed. I know how much you missed him Elena. Since the boys have been bugging me


for Harry to visit, I thought this would be the perfect time. Give you two time to, reconnect. Harry is more than welcome here whenever you need, as you already know. How about a sleepover for the kids? If so, just send Bella with a simple yes or no. Happy to have you back in the real world Sirius. I'm hoping to see you all soon. Hope all is well. See you lot tonight? And it would be wonderful for you to stay for dinner.


Lots of love,



Arthur, Molly, Ron, Ginny, and the rest of the boys.






“Can I go Elena? Please?” Harry begged. He jumped off of Sirius’s lap and wrapped his small arms around Elena’s legs.




“Sure bug. Go pack a bag and we’ll bring you right over.” Elena replied. Harry cried happily and took off running to his room.




“Since when are you close with the Weasleys?” Sirius asked. He got up from his chair and stretched.




“Since Harry started pre-school with Ron and Ginny. Molly helped out a lot in the beginning. Her entire family did. I swear, Bill and Charlie knew more about babies then I did. It was mortifying.” She smiled at the memory.




“Well alright then. Looks like we’re going to the Burrow.” Sirius said smiling, but Elena knew on the inside, he was freaking out.

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