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Shine by flyaway
Chapter 1 : Shine
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The first time he kissed her, time stopped.  Words did not usually come with such difficulty to Lily Potter, but with Lysander Scamander, everything was different.  She was tongue tied and red faced and every time she tried to form a sentence she found herself unable to make sense.  Lysander had smiled worried amusement on his face, his hand on her waist.  For an unbearable moment, he wondered whether she might push him away in disgust, but Lily had pulled him back down and kissed him back. 

It was a fairy story, her cousins said.  Best friends turned true love.  She dismissed it as ridiculous; true love at seventeen?  Impossible. 

Now she thinks they might have been right. 

Even now when he kisses her she sometimes cannot think of words to say.  It is only slightly embarrassing, that such a thing can still knock her thoughts out of her head. 

Sometimes when she watches him, she can’t believe that he loves her; how she could possibly deserve such love is a mystery to her.  Someone to recognise her as Lily.  Just Lily.  No Potter, no Weasley. 

He takes after his father and grandfather, with his fascination with the world around him.  Research trips, long hours, Lily waits them out.  It doesn’t matter what she does, how many hours she works to keep busy, being apart is a fact of their life together but nevertheless she waits eagerly for the crack of apparition or the green fire of the Floo Powder. 

Rose wonders how they do it; last.  Lily can’t answer in the way she wants.  She knows why, but it is too secret a thought.  To tell Rose would be to insult her, to undermine what her family stands for. 

To him she is not anonymous.  To everyone else she is just another member of an ever extending family, first James’ sister and the Albus’.  At school, they wanted to be her friend because she was Lily Potter, not because she was in any way interesting to them.  Shining in a family like hers is difficult, and she has never succeeded.  No matter what she does; if she plays Quidditch, James is better.  If she casts a Defensive spell, Albus’ will be stronger.  If she writes something, Rose will write one better.  Victoire will always be more beautiful and Hugo will always be funnier. 

Summer after summer, Christmas after Christmas, job offer after job offer, there is always a new success to celebrate.  Someone else’s success. 

Lily sometimes feels like a disappointment when she compares herself to her cousins. 

Then Lysander comes back, and she remembers that it does not matter what others achieve.  She should never compare herself to them, because while her brothers and her cousins are undeniably brilliant in their own ways, they will never be Lily.  They don’t have the same smile, nor the same laugh, or the same thoughts.  They will never have what Lily has. 

And Lily has Lysander and that makes her happy. 

I'm not entirely sure what I think of this, because I was experimenting with styles here.  I don't even know if it's supposed to be sad or not.  Please leave a review, thanks. 

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