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Mary MacDonald by mugglemania
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Lily Evans whirled around, looking for the source of her best friend’s voice. There she was, leaning up against a barrier. Looking as the same as ever.



“How’s my favorite brit?” a blur of brown hair with an American accent demanded, clashing into Lily.



Lily took a moment to look at her best friend. She had long, light brown hair and dark blue eyes. Her teeth were pearly white and shined every time she smiled (which was often). Freckles were sprinkled over her face, which was a good six inches below Lily’s. She was not classically pretty, tall and blonde, but she had something. A spark. Her eyes sparkled with mischief and she always wore a grin. Every second counted and none went to waste with Mary. She lived life to the fullest and had more fun than anyone in Hogwarts. Hyper and crazy, but perfect. Brave, bold, courageous Mary MacDonald was a true Gryffindor at heart.



Lily screamed. “Mary, calm down. You’re killing me!”



“Sorry,” Mary released her grip around Lily’s neck, “How’s summer?”



Her best friend grimaced, “Sucky, Petunia got married.”



“To that whale-thing, right?” Mary asked, repulsed.



“Yupp, how about you?”



“FABULOUS!” her hyperactive friend yelled, “Mom and Pop took me all over France, Italy, and, for some reason, Russia, to see my great-aunt’s cousin twice removed or something.”



“That’s great. Oh hi, Mark,” Lily said, noticing Mary’s twin brother.



Mary and Mark were as identical as a boy and girl could be, with their same brown hair and blues eyes, freckles and height…issues. He had a similar sense of fun. Being hilarious, popular, and good looking were just a few things he and Mary had in common. They were close as siblings could be and knew everything the other would do in advance. Lily loved watching them have a discussion, because they each knew what the other would say before they said it and hardly needed to speak. As a Hufflepuff, Mark cared more about popularity and social life than Mary did, if barely.



“Hey Lily, what’s up?” Mark grinned. Lily noticed there was a small gap between his two front teeth, just like Mary.



“Nothing much. Come on, Mary, we’d better find a compartment before we are seen by…”



“Evans! What a coincidence.”



“Die, Potter. Let’s go, Mary.”



“Feisty,” Sirius commented.



“Shut up, Black,” Mary growled. She could be pretty threatening when she wanted too. Even though normally she wouldn’t hurt a fly.  And so, Sirius backed off quickly (although that might have to do with some of the ‘interesting’ blackmail the girls had on him).



“Now, Miss MacDonald,” James Potter reprimanded, “We do not tell people to shut up.”



Mary giggled, “James, you sound scarily like McGonagall.”



He gave an exaggerated bow and said, “Why thank you. Fancy finding a compartment?”



“Sure,” Mary nodded.



Lily elbowed her hard. “Mary,” she hissed under her breath, “We were going to find a compartment without the Marauders. I do not want to spend time with them. Sorry, Potter, Black. We are finding our own compartment and NOT sitting with you. Sorry, Remus, Peter.”



Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew had, as usual, been hanging around in the background, silently supporting their friends, but remaining mostly unnoticed. In fact, if Lily and Remus hadn’t been good friends and study partners, she probably wouldn’t have even noticed them. Mary, on the other hand, noticed everyone and everything.



Mary winked at the boys and followed Lily.



“Lils, that wasn’t very nice,” Mary pouted.



Lily groaned, “Give it up, Mary. I am not going out with him!”



“I’ll say not,” a voice nearby said.



Lily smiled broadly, “Hello, Sev.”



Mary groaned to herself. It was no secret that Lily and Severus Snape had been friends before Hogwarts. Nor was it a secret (to everyone except Lily), that Snape was a slimy rat who cared more about fitting in with his Death-Eater wannabe friends than Lily, who actually cared for him unlike those Slytherins.



“Hi, Evans,” said Mulciber, one of many future minions of Lord Voldemort, one of Snape’s ‘friends.’



“Good morning,” Lily grumbled, not concealing her hatred of him and his friends standing behind him.



He shook his head in mock concern, “That’s not a very kind tone you are using.”



“Shut it,” Mary stepped in.



“Ohhh,” the Slytherin boys whistled.



“The muggle wannabe thinks it can tell its betters what to do,” Evan Avery whispered.



Everyone knew Mary’s family lived in a muggle neighborhood and that her mother herself was a muggle. Over the years, Mary had developed a deep fascination for muggles and loved playing games like UNO and Monopoly with her friends. Two years ago, she had even thrown a muggle-themed party.



“You’re no better than any of us, no matter what your mummy tells you,” Lily said coldly.



Avery stepped forward menacingly, “You better take that back, mudblood.”



Mary yelled, “How dare you? What did we even do to you? Leave us alone, jerk!”



All of the boys chuckled except Avery, who drew his wand, “If you don’t leave right now, you’re going to regret that.”



“Yeah, what are you going to do?”



Everybody turned to look at Mark, who had found several of his friends and appeared to have stumbled upon this brouhaha.



“Shut your mouth, birds will build a nest,” he added to Avery.



“You think you’re funny?” Mulciber demanded.



Mark grinned, “Yeah, pretty much. Now, why don’t you little boys go find something to do that doesn’t involve harassing my sister?”



Still grumbling, the cluster broke up.



“Thanks, Mark,” Mary smiled, “That was awesome! You came in at just the right moment and it was all dramatic and stuff. Did you see the looks on their faces? They were like” (enter expression resembling a fish here).



“I know,” Mark nodded, “and…”



 Mary laughed.



They beamed at each other for a few moments then suddenly burst out laughing again at the exact same time as though someone had just made a hilarious joke.



“I know!” Mary said gasping for breath.



“What were they doing anyway?” in the same breath Mark nodded and said, “Oh, yeah. Snape…”



“How do they do that?” a very confused Lily asked Kian, one of Mark’s Hufflepuff friends.



“Have a conversation without words? I think it has something to do with being twins,” he replied shrugging his shoulders, indicating he knew as little as Lily did.



Finally, Mark turned back to his buds, “Alright, we’re off to find a compartment.”



“See you later,” Mary waved.



After they left, she dragged Lily off in the opposite direction. She picked a random compartment and threw the door open. Inside were two 4th year Ravenclaws who Lily had never seen before, but Mary evidently did.



“Hello there, Therese and Nora. How was your summer? Mine was great,” Mary babbled as she sat down.



The girls looked at her oddly and one asked, “Do we know you?”



Mary giggled, “Of course. Remember that holiday bash we had last year? The one in the Great Hall and the teachers never found out about. My friend Chloe suggested I invite you. So, I did. Dunno if I had the chance to talk to you much though. There were so many people there. I think I got a sugar high, too. That happens a lot. I am obsessed with Chocolate frogs. I have almost every card, too. Except Dumbledore, that Bagshot lady, and that singer, you know, the one who’s been married five times?”



The girls just stared at her amusedly.



“Is she always like this? By the way, I’m Therese,” one of the girls said, extending her hand to Lily. She had dark black hair and pale grey eyes.



Lily shook her hand, “Lily Evans, and yes, she is ALWAYS like this.”



The other Ravenclaw, Nora, grinned, “I know the feeling, and my older brother’s friend Mark is insanely crazy, probably even worse than…what’s her name?”



“Mary MacDonald. Do you mean Mark MacDonald? He’s my twin brother,” Mary asked.



Nora smiled, “I should have known.”



Mary cocked her head to the side, “I think that was the trolley.” Sure enough, when she flung the door open there sat the snack trolley.



Lily had pulled out a book, but said, “Get me a couple Chocolate Frogs.”



“Sure thing, darling. Oh, hi James,” Mary replied.



“Not funny, Mary Mac,” Lily replied, annoyed.



Lily had come up with that nickname one summer when Mary had stayed with Lily’s family. They had gone for a walk and seen two little girls playing Mary Mack and they had realized the song had fit Mary MacDonald’s name. Not to mention, that she happened to be wearing a black dress with buttons down the back. Mary was also obsessed with muggles and muggle games.



“Of course it’s not funny, Lily dear. If it were Sirius, then it would be funny.”



“Just buy the candy already!”



Suddenly, Lily threw down her book as her best friend let out a blood-curdling scream.



Mulciber, Avery, and their crony Franklin Nott stood just outside the compartment door with their hands in their pockets. Mary was nowhere in sight.



“What did you do to her?” Lily demanded drawing her wand, trying not to think about the fact that it was three against one. She knew that the Slytherin’s were stupid, but still…



The Slytherin bullies smirked, and then raced off in different directions. Lily knew the strategy was to confuse her so she would not know whom she ought to chase, but unfortunately it worked. Resignedly, she settled on sending three bat bogey curses down the halls. Before beginning her search. Since she had not noticed Mary with the Slytherins, she had to be around somewhere. She must. What had they done to her?



“Mary? Where are you?” Lily called. Since there was no reply forthcoming, she knocked on the nearest compartment door. Just her luck, it was the Marauders. Potter and his infuriating friends. Why Mary liked them, Lily would never know.



She cursed under her breath.



“My dear Lily-kins, I knew you couldn’t stay away from me!” James Potter exclaimed excitedly. So far, he had spent the train ride telling his friends how Lily was going to barge through that door any moment, but they had laughed at him. That’ll show them he thought triumphantly.



“Can it, Potter. Have you seen Mary?” Lily inquired quickly.



Remus sat up promptly, slammed his head against Sirius’, and tumbled ungracefully to the floor. “Ouch, Padfoot. That hurt,” he said, rubbing his head, “Anyway, what happened to Mary, Lily? Did she run off again?”



Mary was well known for getting into trouble. She loved to get it started, then sat back and watched the resulting chaos.



“No, she went to get some Chocolate Frogs from the trolley…”



Sirius nodded and said sagely, “Well, there you go. Let that girl near a Chocolate Frog and she’ll have a spaz attack. She’s probably running up and down the train now singing Christmas carols or something.”



“Just because last year she…” Lily retorted angrily, clutching the doorframe to stop herself from hitting him.



“Wait!” James shouted.



“What?” Lily asked hopefully.



He turned to his friends, “Does this count?” He had a longstanding bet with his friends that Lily would one day voluntarily speak to him without screaming, threats, or hexes.



Without hesitation, they all three answered, “NO.”



Lily narrowed her eyes, but did not comment. Instead, she continued her story as though uninterrupted, “I heard her scream and in the corridor Avery, Mulciber, and Nott were looking like a dogs with birds in their mouths.”



“That sounds bad,” Potter commented intelligently.



“Thank you for pointing that out, smarty pants.”



“Anyway,” Remus intervened before Lily and James could begin World War III, “We should look for her. She has to be on the train, doesn’t she?”



“Yeah, she does I guess,” Lily agreed anxiously.



“Lily, where’s Mary?” Mark demanded as he crashed into the open compartment door. Lily quickly shut it and helped him back to his feet.



He would not be deterred, “Where is she? Is she alright?”



“Lily was just asking us the same thing,” James informed the Ravenclaw, “We don’t know where she went.”



“Nott, Mulciber, and Avery did something to her, I know they did,” Lily fretted.



“Let’s go look for her,” Sirius suggested.



The split up, Marauders went in one direction and Lily and Mark headed in the other.



On their way down the train, Mark began an astonishingly annoying rendition of We’re Going on a Mary Hunt.



“We’re gonna catch a big one!” he sang loudly.



“How can you be singing at a time like this?” Lily demanded upset. She was sick with worry for her best friend.



He responded gleefully, “She’ll be OK; my sister can take care of herself. Have you seen some of her hexes?”



“There were three Slytherins, three!”



“Which compartment was theirs again?” he asked as the neared the front of the train.



Lily stopped walking in front of one of the closed compartment doors. “This one,” she said nervously.



She suddenly noticed that she was biting her fingernails, something she only did when she was nervous. Slowly, Lily put her hand down and pulled out her wand.



“Let’s go,” he grinned like a maniac. Drawing his wand, Mark reached toward the door. His eyes had a fiery light in them, full of anticipation of a good fight.



The door flung open to reveal…a very strange scene. The three Slytherin boys appeared to be doing some type of odd Native American rain dance complete with crazy stomping, while the rest of the people in the compartment were sitting with their feet up and laughing gaily.



At first, Lily could see Mary nowhere, and then she looked down at the boys’ feet.






The Slytherins had shrunk her down to Thumbelina-size and were chasing her around the compartment for fun.



“Lily! Mark!” a high, squeaky voice yelled. Mary ran over to her friends. Before anyone could stop her, Lily scooped Mary up in her hand. Then, she dashed away.



Mark put up a shield spell, essentially locking the Slytherins in the small room. He stood just outside and stuck out his tongue.



“Oh no! Are those rain clouds?” he cried in mock concern as he pointed his wand at the ceiling above their heads and suddenly it began to pour, “Wait!” the rain stopped in midair. Mark grinned evilly, “hail.”



Large, hard chunks pelted the occupants of the train compartment. Before they thought of drawing their wands, Mark sprinted away, laughing all the time.



 Yay, my first chapter! What did you think? Please review. If you do not know what to review about, here are a few suggestions:



What do you think of Mary? Is she silly enough yet? If not, do you have any ideas?



What do you think about Mary and Mark’s relationship? I wanted to show how close they were, did I do a good job? In case you had not noticed, they also have some twin telepathy going on.



Do you have any suggestions? Corrections? Do you hate it? Love it?



Review please! :D

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