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The Rising by Over the Rainbomb
Chapter 12 : The Nearly Departed
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In the dark quiet of the Chamber, they were left only to wonder. Why had they returned? What had brought them back? Should they even be here? Questions that endlessly rolled around in the minds of the four resurrected Marauders. They’d been down there for four hours but it felt like longer.

“Can’t believe an angel is helping a Malfoy!” Sirius spat.

He was pacing back and forth in from of the others. Lily was sitting against the wall with James’ head in her lap and Remus was crouched next to them in his own little world. The spot where the Basilisk had fallen was only twenty feet away but none of them were bothered. Right now, they had bigger issues on their minds.

“There’s got to be a reason for it. I can’t imagine Heaven helping him otherwise,” Remus said, thinking deeply.

“Still, the little bastard locks us down here! He’s just like Lucius!”

“Sirius, calm down. Honestly, I can understand his actions,” Lily said stroking James’ hair.

“You can understand him threatening to blow James’ head off?!”

“Not that!” Lily shot back. “But, I can understand why he would be so suspicious of us. It’s twenty-twenty-two! We died forty years ago! We just saw an angel! A real angel! If I were in his position, I’d act the exact same way.”

“You died forty years ago, I didn’t!” Sirius whined. “I remember fighting Bellatrix in the department of mysteries and that’s it!”

“Yeah, you didn’t survive that I’m afraid...” Remus mumbled.

“Well, Obviously!” Sirius said, rolling his eyes. “I mean, I remember everything! I remember rotting in Azkaban for years, I remember breaking out and finding Harry and Wormtail, I remember all of it! But here I am, in a twenty-one year old body!”

“You’re not the only one...I remember getting married...”

Their eyes were suddenly pinned to Remus. Lily gasped. “Remus, you got married?!”

“ Tonks...” he nodded.

“Tonks?!” Sirius blurted in happiness. “I bloody knew it! She was always eyeing you!”

“Who’s Tonks?” James asked.

“Metamorphagus! Member of the Order. Amazing girl, great sense of humour. You know how to pick em' Moony,” Sirius said excitedly.

“A Metamorphagus?” Lily repeated looking impressed. “Well, I knew you’d find someone special in the end but that’s truly impressive, Remus.”

“We had a baby...” he said. His voice was barely audible and he was staring straight at the ground.

“A baby?!” all three of them yelped.

“What’s his name...or her name?”

“Teddy...his name’s Teddy...he’s got his mother’s talent...” the hollow memory of the short time he got to spend with his son was overwhelming him. He never thought he’d get another chance to see him but he did now. But instead of a miraculous reunion, Malfoy had locked him up underground.

Sirius batted Remus on the arm and hugged him. “Congratulations mate!”

“Remus, that’s wonderful! You deserve it!” Lily smiled.

“She’s right Moony. I’m really happy for you,” James nodded in agreement.

“But that’s just it...I died...both of us...I’ve been dead for twenty-four years...I’ve been absent his whole life...” tears were appearing and falling past his scared skin. “I wasn’t there for I’m back...what if he hates me?”

“Don’t you dare think that, Remus!” Lily snapped, almost angry at his attitude. “You are the best father anyone could ask for and Teddy will be proud of matter what!”

“Heaven doesn’t seem to like me...why would he?”

“Forget the angel! She’s a purist fanatic, just like the Death Eaters!” Sirius huffed. “That’s not divine...I mean, don’t lose hope in Heaven just because this angel doesn’t like you. For all we know, God hates that bitch!”

“I seem to remember that the things God doesn’t like have a tendency of being wiped out,” Remus said ominously.

“But here we sit,” Sirius shrugged.

“I just...why? Why are we back?” he gasped, his eyes begging for an answer.

“Because Lucifer is using you,” a powerful voice said.

They turned to see Cassandra standing there, her wings quickly folding up behind her. They must have had way more joints than a birds wings because she managed to fold them at least twice before they came to rest in duel canoe shape on her back.

It was still overwhelming. An angel, there, talking to them. This is something that people prayed for all their lives and now it was actually happening to them.

“He raised you and it wasn’t out of charity,” she stated.

“Lucifer...the Devil? Why would he use us?” Lily breathed.

“I don’t know. Raising you is an unusual play, even for him. It’s possible that because Scorpius has no immediate family connections, he is targeting those that would support him.”

“What are you talking about?” Sirius snorted. “He’s a Malfoy, their line goes back centuries. He must have people that -”

“Scorpius was un unwanted child. They tried to have him aborted, God stopped it. His closest family connection now is his mother’s cousin, Jonathan. He’s a squib and lives in London. Lucifer will almost certainly target him next. We’ve place him under protection which is probably why he is resurrection those closest to Harry. He’s attacking Scorpius’ potential allies instead.”

“I don’t understand...why is Scorpius so important?” James asked.

“Scorpius Malfoy is the Messiah. The saviour of mankind and the deliverer of salvation onto this Earth,” the angel said as if she were reading instructions.


“Your son was deemed the ‘Chosen one’ because of the prophecy made about him,” Cass explained. “Did you really think he was the only one with a destiny?”

“No...I...but...I never wanted that for Harry and -”

“Scorpius does not want this for himself...neither do I...” Cass actually had sorrow in her voice. “But he is chosen and he will save us all.”

“Us?” Sirius asked, looking puzzled. “That means he’s gonna save you too?”

“No...we don’t require saving...” she said turning away quickly. She was lying and they all knew it.

“Malfoy’s gonna save the world...but why is he so important to you?” Lily asked, seeing the deception. “What is Scorpius going to do for you?”

“I told you...Scorpius is going to defeat Lucifer and bring paradise to this planet,” she said quickly and not very convincingly.

“Paradise? I thought Heaven was paradise?” Lily was onto her. Cassandra was hiding something. “How is Scorpius supposed to bring Heaven to Earth?”

“He can’t...we will,” she said firmly.

“You? The Angels? Why aren’t you here now? What are you waiting for?” Lily asked, daring to step up the her. “Why do you need Scorpius...what are you not telling us?”

“I don’t answer to you!”

Lily was suddenly blasted back and onto the ground as a burst of air exploded from Cassandra. It was like standing behind the jet engine of an airplane. The force was way more than she could stand up to. From the floor Lily looked up with frightened eyes.

She had touched on something that wasn’t supposed to be touched on.

“The moment I get the word, from Scorpius or from Heaven, I will lay you to waste,” the angel threatened. “You are an abrasion to the natural order and it would be my pleasure to smite you where to sit!”

“That’s all well and good but you haven’t answered my question,” Lily had the gull to continue as she lay on the floor. “There’s something you’re not telling us...something you’re not telling Scorpius...what is it?!”

Another burst of air shot from Cassandra’s wings which were now out and full. She was angry.

The air burst knocked Remus, Sirius and James off their feet and left them looking up at the archangel in true fear.

Cassandra marched over and locked her hand around Lily’s neck. She picked her up off the ground and raised her high into the air.

“You dare question the judgement of Heaven?” Cass hissed.

“You can put on a show all you like but I can see past it!” Lily choked, fighting futilely at Cassandra’s grip. “You’re lying to him and you’re lying to us!”

“I will burn you to dust,” Cassandra scathed and prepared her wings for the smiting.

“Cass!” Scorpius’ voice rang out across the Chamber. “Let her go!”

He had come down the entrance in the bathroom that Harry and friends had accessed the Chamber for the first time. Cassandra obeyed and released Lily. She fell to the ground and shifted over to James who held her tight.

“I thought I made it clear that none of them get toasted until I say so!” Scorpius growled as he approached. The shot gun was strapped to his belt and he was flanked by Hugo and Dominique.

To the Marauders, especially the ones will adult memories, it was strange and almost unbelievable to see a teenager bossing around an archangel, but there Scorpius was, doing exactly that.

“As you wish,” Cass said and walked away from the Marauders. Her wings folded up on her back.

“Oh and you and me...we’re gonna have talk about what Lily was just saying,” he said simply.

“What she was saying was -”

“Don’t bullshit a bullshiter Cass!” Scorpius interrupted. “I’m an expert at lying! There’s something you’re not tellin’ me and I wanna know what it is!”

“Scorpius -”

“Simple options Cass,” Scorpius again interrupted. “You give me the full story or I jump on Lucifer’s band wagon...your choice!”

That threat hit her hard and she showed it in her face. Her wings shuddered as if an electric shock had just gone through them. Him offering to join the Devil was the scariest thing in all of creation to her.

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Right now, I’m not sure who to believe! Between angels falling out of the sky and people coming back from the dead, I’m under a lot of stress!” He yelled. “So, you’re gonna be straight with me or I’m defecting! You want me to save the world, you’re gonna have to give me something in return and that’s call ‘the truth’!”

“I’ve told you -”

“Who are you really grabbin’ an ankle for Cass? Michael or Lucifer?”

Fury flared in her eyes and she grabbed him by the throat, picking him up and pinning him to the wall.

“You dare question my loyalty?!”

“I’m questioning everything right now,” Scorpius gulped out. She was strong and his neck felt like a squeezey toy at this moment! “You gonna kill the Messiah?”

Cass hesitated for a second before letting him go. Scorpius fell back to the ground, rubbing his throat.

“Lily’s right...there’s something you aren’t tellin’ us and I wanna know what it is!”

“I’ve told you everything I know. You should have faith,” she stressed.

“Yeah...or I should have an Enochian binding spell...Oh, wait...I got one of those...”

Scorpius’ eyes looked towards the ceiling.

Suddenly Cassandra’s face drop as she realized she had been played. She looked up at the roof to see a circle with angelic symbols pasted in the middle. Hugo Had read that book way faster than she had expected and he’d learned a few tricks from it.

Scorpius’ goad was bait. He had wanted her to act against him and she’d done exactly that.

Cassandra was trapped.

He had gotten her to grab him and walk right into the Enochian circle. It was one-way. An angel could walk in, but they couldn’t walk out. She couldn’t beam out, she couldn’t do anything. As long as she was in that circle, she was powerless...hopefully.

“What do you think you’re doing?!”

“I wasn’t lying about stepping up to the plate...but I also wasn’t lying about being in charge. You may be my guardian, but don’t think I can’t shove your ass back into Heaven whenever I want!” Scorpius held up a small piece of parchment with an Enochian sigil on it. “Hugo’s a fast reader. Everyone says his sis’ is the smart one but Hugo, well, he can go through five hundred pages in an hour...and he relayed some instructions about how your magic functions...I know exactly how this works...I carve this into my chest and I can get rid of you anytime I want!”

She couldn’t hide that she was worried. This was something she never imagined happening. She never envisioned her protectorate turning against her. She especially didn’t imagine that he would be able to use angelic spells against her.

“Enochian banishing spell...It takes soul to work but it does work. The spell harnesses the power of the human soul to banish you back to where u came on angels, demons and pretty much anything short of God himself...and I’m guessing that your bosses wouldn’t be all that happy to see that you’ve been voted off the island!”

If he carved that symbol into his chest, he could banish any angel back to Heaven whenever he wanted. Even Lucifer couldn’t stand up to that spell. Why would Gideon give him access to something like that?

“You start talkin’, or I start slicing!”

“Without us, you won’t last a week!” Cass warned.

“Right now, I’m willing to take my chances. Lucifer is jumping in my head when I go to sleep and I got and archangel that’s willing to kill everyone around me because I’m important. Gotta tell yah hun. I object!”

“Scorpius...I am here to protect you,” Cassandra stated with force.

“I’m not gettin’ that vibe. Now Lucifer may be the big evil daddy of it all, but at least he doesn’t do. You’re hiding something from me and you’re gonna tell me what or you are gonna rot inside this circle until you start signing the truth!”

Her eyes turned hard. She relaxed her body and finally showed her true attitude towards him. She was way more powerful than anything these silly mortals could understand and she was done holding back her opinions. She had pretended to be emotionless this entire time but she was finished with that show.

This was all Cass.

“What do you want me to tell Scorp? You want some closure? Some accommodation? You want Heaven to perch on your shoulder and whisper the answers in your ear? Sorry boy! It doesn’t work like that!”

She was powerful, even stuck behind that invisible barrier they’d created to trap her, she was still strong. The Marauders looked on with just as much fear as Scorpius had. They didn’t even know how or why they were alive and Heaven itself seemed against it. Right now, they were in the same boat as Scorpius.

“Wow, there is a personality in there after all,” Scorpius remarked.

“Emotions interrupted sound judgement. I purge them for a reason,” Cass said looking him dead in the eye.

Even though she was trapped and he was practically immune to Heaven’s wrath, given that he is the Messiah, he was still afraid of her. Of course, he wouldn’t let her see that.

“Emotions make a person what they are!” Scorpius fired back.

“And what are you?”

That stopped him in his tracks.

“After what that Dryad told you...You are a broken, lost life! You hate yourself! And you blame yourself for it too. There is a deep dark hole in your chest where your soul should be! You have no family, you have no friends...the only reason Dominique and Hugo are staying with you because they have no other choice. You are a lost soul Scorpius! That hole inside you can’t be filled by anything. You have nothing beyond what we have given you!”

As much as he wanted to fire back a cool, sarcastic quip, he couldn’t. She wasn’t hitting too close to home.

“Admit it Scorpius...the only thing that keeps you going is the will to defy your father. To be better than he’s all that drives you. God has given you a chance to be greater than what you were born...Before we got involved, you had no were should be grateful!”

“Oh, right!” Scopius spat back. “Life as God’s condom! That sounds terrific! I think I’ll pass!”

“You maggot!” Cassandra roared. “How dare you defy what he has gifted you with!”

“Gifted? Is that what you call this?” Scorpius laughed. "What aren’t you telling me Cass?”

“I’m not keeping anything from you!”

“You’re lying!”

“I am sworn to protect you! Why would I lie to you?!”

“Bull! You may be sworn to protect me but you’re loyal to Heaven and Heaven has an ace up its sleeve! It’s one you won’t show but I wanna see it!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“Fine!” Scropius growled. “You wanna walk down this path; I’ll make sure that the gate slams you in the ass!”

“I’m not sure I understand that metaphor...”

“You’re about to!”

Scorpius pulled the silver machete from behind him, the one she had fetched for him. He’s had it strapped to the back of his belt the whole time. He ripped his shirt open exposing his chest and brought the blade up to his skin.

He was actually going to carve the sigil right into his chest.

“Wait!” Cass said, all her intimidation vanishing. Scorpius had her and she had to fold.


“I don’t know!”


“I swear, I don’t know! All I know is that Heaven is interested in Hugo and his father at the moment!”

“Ron? Why him?” Scorpius asked. That information surprised even him.

“I don’t know! Ron has a part to play, just as his son does...just as you do...Scorpius, one thing I will swear to my father is that I am here to protect you!”


Cass tried to charge out of the circle on the roof but she was bounced back by the barrier. Enochian spells were they only thing that actually worked on an angel.

“ must survive...I’ll die to save you!” Cass said and she meant every word.

“Why?” he asked the simply but power question. “I mean, you don’t cherish life the way that humans do. In fact, you don’t give a crap if a bunch of innocent people bite it if it means I why should I trust you?”

Cassandra looked at him with anger but she just couldn’t find a retort. He was hitting something close to her and it hurt.

“You’re an angel Cass! Why don’t you care?”

“BECAUSE YOU DON’T DESERVE HIS LOVE!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. The chamber shook around them as dust exploded and flew everywhere. She was bound, locked inside the circle but her power couldn’t be contained. “Why?! Why did he ask us to love you! I just can’t understand it! You are broken, flawed, vicious creatures! You destroy everything around you, including your own planet and you have no reason for it! You are horrible things, and yet he loves you...why?! It makes no sense!”

Despite her words, Scorpius smirked. “The Lord works in mysterious ways...”

That one hit her hard. She was visibly hurt by it. He’d turned her own beliefs against her and it had wounded her way more than any other injury could.

He didn’t linger in his small victory over her. He didn’t want her pain to last. Scorpius sighed in desperation. No matter what was happening, he needed her.

“I wanna trust you Cass, I really do...but I can’t, not when I know that you are going to put me on a pedestal that is higher than everyone else!”

“You are more important!”

“Not anymore! You hear me! From here on out, you put me in the same boat as everyone else!”

“You ask too much...” she warned.

“I’m not asking anything!” Scorpius yelled back. “I’m telling you how it is gonna be! Whatever happens, I’m no different from anyone else! If we get into some serious shit, you save them just as fast as you save me! They are just as important as I am!”

“No, they are not -”


His voice caused her to withdraw. Her wings quivered uncomfortably before falling back into place.

“What you ask is impossible. If you die, everyone you are trying to protect dies...the world isn’t easy, but you must understand the responsibility you have. It is the lives of these few people against the lives of over six billion. Weight it, Scorpius!”

Scorpius sighed and looked away. He liked her better when she was a robot.

“Nobody else dies...I don’t care what it takes, nobody else that understood?!”

“You’re living in a fairy tale if you think that is possible,” Cass said almost sympathetically. “This is war...there will always be casualties!”

“Nobody else’s dies!” Scorpius reiterated.

Scorpius and Cassandra exchanged glances for a moment. There was something there. She found his passion to be beautiful and he found her emotionless drive desirable. What he wouldn’t give to be so blindly faithful. Beyond all this, beyond the raising of the Marauders and the support of Hugo and Dominique, he was alone in this. Unlike the angels, he had no faith.

“Even Heaven cannot guarantee that Scorpius,” she said. “I’m sorry.”

“Promise me you’ll try!” he begged on the verge of tears.

The truth was far too harsh. Deep down, Scorpius knew he could save everyone, but he couldn’t bring himself to believe the truth either. Deep down, she saw why he wanted this so badly. He’d never had friends before and he wanted to keep them.

“To the best of my abilities...I will try to save those that you wish to be saved...but I make no guarantees,” the archangel said looking into his eyes.

He believed her.

Scorpius pulled out his wand and swished in through the air. The marks on the ceiling were broken as if a giant paint brush had gone over it as an eraser. Cassandra stepped out of the barrier.

She was free.

“I don’t like you. I don’t like your mentality and I don’t like your attitude...but I’m finding it difficult to hate you...I believe in you my father asked...” she said, believing every word.

“You hate me but you believe in me?” Scorpius asked in contempt as he tucked his wand away.

“That’s called ‘faith’. It’s in the dictionary...look it up,” Cass quipped.

“Wow...I think I preferred you as a drone...”

“Don’t ever trap me again...I’ll blast everything you love to dust,” she said as if she were talking about the weather.

He did his best not to show his fear.

“Okay...Hell’s angel...” Scorpius couldn’t help saying. “What do we do about the Resident Evil gang?”

“What’s Resident Evil?” Cass asked, still unfamiliar with movie references.

“Oh, for crying out loud! Nevermind. The Marauders, what do we do about them?”

“Destroy them.”

“Well, it’s nice to see that you have reservations about this!” Scorpius scathed.

“You said it yourself, what’s dead is supposed to stay that way. They go against the natural order and they are a device of Lucifer. They cannot stay.”

“Wait...” Dominique said, stepping towards them. “They’re victims in this...they don’t deserve to be punished for what Lucifer is doing,” she pleaded.

“And a twelve year old girl doesn’t deserve to die of Cancer, but she will. God never said that life was going to be fair,” Cassandra said without remorse.

“But they were dragged here, against their will!” Dom argued. She had a good heart and her naivety made her think that they could actually be saved. “There must be something you can do?!”

“Yes, I can help them towards paradise,” Cass said simply.

“You’re gonna smite them?!” Dom screeched in outrage.

“I will help them over the line...what happens to them after that isn’t up to me,” she said.


“Dom,” Scorpius tried but she wasn’t listening.

“You can’t just kill them!”

“Dom, they’re already dead! They died years ago!” Scorpius argued back. “This may seem like a bad call but deep down you know as well as I do that these people aren’t supposed to be here!”

“Scorpius is right,” Cassandra said stepping up behind him. “This is a violation of nature.”

“But they haven’t done anything wrong! They aren’t hurting anybody!”

“Why shouldn’t we take the chance?” Cass asked.

The Marauders and Lily grouped together, as if their proximity would save them.

“Please. They’re innocent!”

“So?” Cass asked causing Dom to look at her with utter bewilderment.

“But, you’re an angel! You’re supposed to show mercy!”

“Says who?” Cass responded. Her simple words practically drove a stake through Dom’s heart.

“But...” Dom started but she had no words to follow on.

“You think that because of what’s said in the King James, the Koran, the Hebrew Bible, that we are supposed to act exactly as you have written it? You get more wrong than you do right. Part of your books hits the nail on the head; the rest might as well be fan fiction. In truth, you have no idea what you’re talking about, you just get lucky on occasion, and we humour you because shutting down your beliefs would cause more damage than we are prepared to clean up.”

Dom shrank as the words sank into her. So did Hugo. So did the resurrected Marauders. They had all hoped that angels would be divine, wonderful beings that offered love and salvation at every turn.

The truth was not as much fun.

These angels were hard and brutal and cold towards the human pleas. They didn’t love people, not in the way that the religious people had preached. They just did what they were told.

“These things should not be alive,” Cass said eyeing Sirius, Lily, James and Remus. She didn’t even consider them to be human. “If you are anything of what you were or what people believe, you must know and accept that you’re very existence is wrong,”

That caused silence to fall over the Chamber. Scorpius thought he should speak up and stop her but she was speaking the horrible truth that they all needed to accept.

“You’re right,” Remus spoke. It caused the others to look at him in confusion. “I died a long time ago...and I died for a reason...I died, so that my son would live, so that he would have the life that I didn’t.”

Scorpius and Cassandra looked at him as he spoke.

“If you are going to destroy us...please...all I ask, is to see my son...please...let me see him

Remus actually got down on his knees. But he wasn’t begging Cass, it was Scorpius he was pleading with.

Scorpius couldn’t help but see the longing his is eyes. He may have been reverted back to his twenty-one year old self but he had every memory and every experience that the true Remus Lupin had. That longing for his son was more than enough to break Scorpius’ resolve. He wasn’t a monster...he had to give in.

“You’re not leaving this Chamber,” Scorpius said, trying to find strength for his voice. “But...I’ll bring him to you...”

“Thank you...” Remus breathed, tears welling up in his eyes. He grabbed hold of Scorpius’ waist and held him like a brother. “Thank you!” he repeated, over and over again.

It was beautiful but horrible at the same time. He knew that beyond this family connection and all the love that was being shown, he may well have to kill them. He’d give Remus this small mercy but that was it. It didn’t change the fact that they may have to die.

And if it turned out that he had to, he would do it.

Scorpius would execute the Marauders.


Beethoven’s 7th, Allegretto, 2nd symphony, that’s what was playing in Harry’s office as he stared at the picture of him and his family. His new family.

What about the old one?

He had been without them for so long. No parents, a Godfather that had appeared when he was thirteen then vanished when he was fifteen, a mentor in the form of a werewolf professor that had protected, loved and taught him so much.

They were back and he had no idea what to do...

“Harry?” Hermione spoke from the doorway.

He didn’t spin in his chair to look at her. He just kept looking at the slightly moving pictures of his children and his beautiful wife.

“Hermione,” he flunked her name simply because she’d said his. It wasn’t a real response. There was a half empty bottle of Fire Whiskey on his desk. He was drunk.

“Harry, are you okay?”

“For someone as smart as you, that’s a pretty dumb question,” Harry said with at least a tiny bit of humour in his voice.

“Voldemort, Horcruxes, war...I’ve never thought it get more complicated than that,” she said walking over and perching on the edge of his desk. “It’s frightening...”

“I don’t know what’s worse...the idea that we may have to fight the Devil or that Malfoy is suddenly in the driver’s seat...”

“Harry -” she tried in that all knowing tone.

“You know as well as I do Hermione...he’d never had a family...not a real one...” Harry said, slurring slightly. “We can’t trust him...because he doesn’t understand!”

“Maybe that’s why Heaven chose him...because he’s void of this,” She had to speak her mind and say what no one else would. “He doesn’t feel things the way we do and maybe that’s why he’ll be strong enough to fight him.”

“And maybe he’s just a that angel!”

“She may not be what we expected but she’s here to help.”

“Is she? Is he? He’s gonna kill my family Hermione...”

“He’s not his father...he’s not evil, he won’t do that!” she tried to stress but her words didn’t have the strength that they should have. She didn’t believe what she was saying.

“I saw his eyes! So did you! You saw what he did...He was ready to kill James! he’s worse than his father, because he will actually step over the line!” he said looking into her eyes and the song reached the crescendo. “He’s cold Hermione, and you know it! Draco hesitated because he felt something, Scorpius feels nothing...he has no soul!”

“Of course he has a soul Harry!”

“Does he?! I can’t see it, can you?! You and I both know...he is damaged!”

“Harry, you’re drunk!” she yelled.

“If he doesn’t kill them, his angel will!” Harry yelled before tears finally breached his eyes. He wept as the possibilities flushed over him and Hermione, doing her best to stop him collapsing cried as well. Seeing Harry in this much pain was unbearable for her. “I saw it in his eyes!”

“He won’t, Harry, listen to me...he won’t!”

“He’s not like us Hermione! He’s doesn’t care because he’s never know what it’s like to care. He’s never had a real family so he doesn’t know what it’s like to love one! He has no soul! He’s going to try and kill them...but I won’t let him!”

“Harry...don’t!” Hermione yelped in horror. “Cassandra will stop you!”

“She can try!” Harry barked.

The words had barely left his mouth before something, like a vice, grabbed hold of his neck. He was shoved against the wall and looked down to see that what was holding him was a very anger looking Archangel. Cassandra had heard what he was saying and stepped up to the challenge.

“Be careful boy! Don’t forget who you’re talking to!” she hissed.

At forty one years old, Harry was in fact a baby compared to her and she was treating him as such.

“Don’t you touch my family!” Harry gasped, demanding and begging at the same time.

“Try and stop me...I dare you!” Cassandra smiled, laughing at the feeble human’s power.

“Please...don't...” Harry pleaded, crying through his voice.

“The decision doesn’t rest with rests with Scorpius,” she said simply. “Understand something, those things down there are not your family...they are copies, clones, imitations...the soul may be real but the body and the mind are not! Lucifer has plans for them and I will lay them to waste if I believe that they pose a threat to the saviour.”

“You think that boy can really save us?” Harry dared to ask.

“You? No...You don’t survive the war,” she sounded almost happy about it. “Neither do your children.”

“What?” Harry gasped.

“They die...all of you, Scorpius and Hugo are almost certainly going to try and save you when the find out about this but they’ll fail, and things will move a lot smoother if you don’t make spectacles of yourselves. Your time is almost done here; it’s up to others to continue the fight. Accept that you are going to die and others will live...try and fight your fate and it will get very messy. Scorpius, Hugo and Dominique will survive; they will carry your legacy. The rest of you will rest forever in what the Lord has made for you.”

This went right down to the core. Harry had accepted death before but it hadn’t been permanent. This time it would. This time, he’d die with everyone else.

His whole family was going to follow him to Heaven...and that fact was more painful than anything he’d ever experienced before. He endured so much, he’d give his life to do what needed to be done, but he’d always prayed that his children would be off limits...but they weren’t.

He’d just gotten his parents back and now he was going to lose his whole family.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away...

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