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The Drastic Change of Hermione Granger by jrchalut
Chapter 6 : Finally Home
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After a night and day of planning, it was finally settled that the Malfoy's would be going to London to hide out at Grimwauld Place until Draco leaves when school started and then Narcissa would be leaving the country and going into hiding. Hermione flat out refused to stay at the Burrow and insisted on going home to her parents' house in London. No one besides Draco and Narcissa knew of the real reason for Hermione's insistence on going home, but neither of them were going to say anything about it.


August second came with clear skies and a warm breeze heading from the south. Hermione, Draco and Narcissa walked along with their guard supplied by the Order to get them to their destination safely. The sightings of Death Eaters had increased around Ottery St. Catchpole so the extra security was needed. The walk wasn't far, just past the wards of the Burrow and up the hill to an untraceable apparition point that Dumbledore himself had set up. The point was hidden quite nicely in a group of trees with a small clearing in the middle. When the arrived, Hermione suddenly stopped, causing Kingsley to bump into her.


"Hermione? Is everything alright?" Kingsley asked quietly, if something was wrong he didn't want to alert the others so quickly if it was something he could handle himself.


"Oh, no, nothing at all. This place just looks really familiar. I feel like I have been here before, but I don't know when. Let's keep going, I want to see my parents." She replied just as quietly. The clearing was very familiar to Hermione indeed, it was the same clearing that she woke up in when Draco had secreted her away from Malfoy Manor. Her took a deep breath and continued walking on, eager to get to Draco and her destination.


"Since we are all here and ready, we are going to travel by portkey instead of apparating. This was Mr. Potter's home address will be kept secret from certain individuals he doesn't want to know it. Once we get there, we will arrive directly into the living room where you will have about 5 minutes until Miss Granger's portkey will leave that will take her home. Once inside Grimwauld Place, you will not be able to leave. Mr. Potter's house elf has been told to take care of you, but any mistreatment of Kreature will make it so he leaves and won't come back. Without him, you will have no way of receiving food, so I would behave if I were you. Members of the Order will be stopping by periodically to keep and eye on you. Remember if you leave, you will not be able to find your way back and you will be at the mercy to the world. Do not ruin this chance." Moody growled as he picked up a old muggle picture of Hermione as a baby with her parents in the hospital. "This will bring us to Grimwauld place and then Miss Granger will continue on to her parents home. Everyone grab on."


Narcissa looked at the photograph with a small look of disgust. She had never seen and picture from the muggle world and was horrified by the lack of movement and glassy eyed look of it. She placed the tip of her finger on the edge of the frame and waited for everyone else to do the same so they could finally leave. Draco looked at the picture with a little smile and looked up at Hermione, who blushed at his glance. As the photo started to glow blue, everyone else scrambled to touch it. With a feeling like being hooked and dragged through space and time, they suddenly appeared in the dusty living room of the Ancient House of Black. Narcissa looked around surprised. The last place she expected was to end up in he Aunt's house. She could feel the charms her aunt had set up to detect if a member of her family had shown up and suddenly knew exactly where she was, the dark charms and magic the Blacks were known for brushing aside the charms that had been set up by the Order. She knew exactly where she was and with a quick glance at Draco, knew he knew also. She slightly lifted her finger to her lips to keep him quiet. They would talk about it later. After a few minutes, the photo glowed blue again and Hermione was off to her parents. Once Narcissa and Draco were settled in, Moody and Kingsley hurried away, not wanting to be around them anymore than they needed to be. Narcissa looked at Draco and smiled as she set some tea and biscuits on the table.


"Draco, it's time I told you about my family, the most Ancient and Noble House of Black..."



Hermione suddenly appeared in her parents kitchen, turning at the sound of a small shriek and the sound of breaking glass. Swiftly turning around with her wand drawn, she spotted her mother on the floor, surrounded by the glass of a broken mug and plate. At the sound of footsteps running into the room, she whipped around again, her hair flying around her head and met the shocked and surprised eyes of the father. She lowered her wand as he ran up to her and wrapped her tightly into his arms, squeezing almost as hard as Hagrid.


"Hermione!! My sweet daughter! You are finally home!!!" Scott whispered into her bushy hair, tears falling freely down his face. He held on for a few moments until a moan from the floor caught his attention. "Oh my god! Jane! I forgot that you were down there!" He let go of Hermione and rushed to his wife's side, pulling her into his lap and looking her over for cuts or injuries.


"Scott, you'll never believe what I seen! Hermione appeared right here in this room! I'm not crazy! I swear she was here!" Jane exclaimed, clutching her husband's shirt and burying her face into his shoulder.


"Mum? Are you okay?" Hermione whispered softly, not wanting to startle her mother anymore than she already had. Questions were whipping through her mind. Why were her parents so surprised to see her? Didn't the Order let them know she was safe? They were all questions that had to wait, right now she had to concentrate on her parents.


Jane raised her head slowly from Scott's shoulder to peer over it. At the sight of her daughter standing there with a uncertain look on her face propelled her into motion. One second she was sitting in her husband's lap and the next she had leapt up and had Hermione in her arms. For the second time in as many minutes, Hermione felt like she was being squeezed in half, but she didn't care. For the first time since she had came to in the forest, she finally felt safe and whole.


"My baby!! Tell me everything!!" Jane exclaimed as she pulled Hermione towards the living room and settled down onto the sofa. "Scott, can you make some tea. I think we'll be having a late breakfast today."


"That's fine dear, I'll have it ready in a jiffy!" Scott said with a huge grin on his face and turned back towards the kitchen to get the soothing drink ready. He wasn't that concerned about a late breakfast, maybe he could convince his wife to go out. There was no reason to poison their daughter her first day back with them. Humming, he filled the tea kettle and set it on the stove waiting for it to boil. His daughter was home again and everything felt right again. He took down the tin of biscuits that he hid on the fridge and set them nicely on a platter as the water boiled. He set everything onto a tray and headed back into the living room when he stopped suddenly at the voices coming out of the other room.


"Mum, it was terrible! I thought I was never going to be back here, but then Draco saved me..." Hermione looked at the door and into the shocked eyes of her father. She patted the seat next to her, silently asking him to join them. He slowly walked into the room and set the tray onto the table in front of the sofa and sat down, joining his wife and daughter. Hermione opened her mouth to explain the conversation that he walked in on but he held up a hand stopping her.


"Sweetheart, there is no reason to explain. We know you have been through a really hard time and it really is okay if you talk to your mother about things that you don't want me to know. Today is a day for celebrating, not going through the horrors of this summer. I have a suggestion...why don't we go to our breakfast place and just be happy to be together again." Scott said. The pleading in his eyes wasn't anything neither his wife or daughter could ignore, so they both quickly agreed. the three of them headed to the restaurant that Hermione and her mother had breakfast at so many days before and all talk of her capture was put to rest in the joy of having their family back together.



A/N: Fluffy chapter for the most part. More action in the next chapter and more of Hermione's and Draco's story coming up too! One more chapter before everyone heads back to school!! Please leave a review!! This chapter is dedicated to jenny, she's the first person that I have had come back and read some more and leave a review after she already had!! Thanks!! You made my day !! Happy Reading all!!! ~Jess

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