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A Night With Nellie by IwRiTe4mE
Chapter 1 : Cedric & Nellie
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A/N: So this is my first time writing a story about or with Cedric. I hope you guys enjoy it because I know that I really enjoyed writing it. A couple of warnings though. I changed the timeline around a little because I wanted the Quidditch World Cup to last longer and the bit in the graveyard with Cedric and Harry also isn't like what it was in the book, but the ending remians the same and some of the lines are quotes from the book. Also this was for StarKidFaith's Canon/OC Challenge. Oh! I might also come back and add more memories at a later time, but I hope you like this as it is now.


Disclaimer: I don't own anything, but the OC. The quotes used were written by JK Rowling. 

Cedric was walking around looking at all the camps and tents being set up for the Quidditch World Cup. There were so many different kinds of witches and wizards here. It was the first day of the World Cup, and he had finally ditched his dad, the Weasleys, and Potter. The fall air was crisp, and anyone who walked through the area, wizard or muggle, could feel the excitement in the air. Tripping over a rope extending from a tent, Cedric fell flat on his face.



“Oy! Watch where you’re going! But oh my goodness! Are you alright?” A musical, but harsh voice yelled. He rolled over onto back and looked up to find the owner of the voice. A girl who looked about his age stood over him. Her dark brown hair was braided and hanging down in his face. She had light blue eyes, and there were freckles scattered across her face.


“No, I’m fine. I only fell flat on my face!” Cedric told the girl sarcastically. She rolled her eyes at him and turned around.


“He’s fine, Ma! No need to worry. We won’t be sued,” The girl yelled towards the shabby, dark blue tent. Cedric stared at the girl for a moment. What the hell?! Sued? What kind of people could they be? Shaking his head, he pushed himself off the dry ground and dusted off his trousers.


“Thanks for all the help by the way. Since I’m fine, I will be on my way,” He informed her. She turned around and stared at him. Cedric shook his head and started off down the rows of colorful tents. About ten tents down, he heard quick and heavy footsteps approaching him. When the steps slowed and seemed to be in sync with him, Cedric looked to the side to find the girl smiling up at him.


“Cedric,” He replied smiling back at her. Walking towards the woods, they started talking about everything.

***A Few Months Later***

Cedric stared at Cho. She was sitting across from him at the table chatting with her friends. She kept glancing at him, and everyone knew she wanted Cedric to ask her to dance. He sighed. He had only asked her to go to the Yule Ball with him because everyone expected it. Cedric was still hung up on Nellie. Those few days at the Quidditch World Cup (A/N I know it was only one) were amazing. They got along so well! There was never any forced conversation or awkward silences or pauses. They were sending owls back and forth every day. He had learned that she was originally from the Deep South in America, but her family had recently moved to England.

“Excuse me, Cedric?” He looked up to find Cho addressing him. She looked very pissed off. Cedric nodded at her signaling that she should continue.

“I was wondering if you maybe wanted to, I don’t know, dance? Seeing as how we are at a dance and all,” She said. It was said in a chipper, ditzy voice. That voice was reserved for when she was either pissed in public or wanted something. Cedric looked at her. Her sleek black hair was pulled into an elegant bun, and she was wearing a floor length, spaghetti strap, gold dress with a jacket. Nodding, Cedric stood and offered Cho his hand. She gladly took it and pulled him out onto the dance floor. As they began to dance, Cedric noticed that Harry was staring at them. He knew that Harry had wanted to bring Cho to the dance and was pretty upset that he couldn’t be the one with her, and Cedric understood. How he wished that Nellie stood in Cho’s place.

***The Final Task***

As he started for the maze, Cedric saw a bird swooping down towards him. Seeing that it was Nellie’s owl, he ran towards it to get the letter. He thanked the bird and stuffed it in his back pocket.  The June air was crisp and warm. Birds were flying about, but they weren’t singing. The whole day seemed to be sober. When he reached the maze, it was announced that Harry and him would go first.

(After they have reached the graveyard)

Cedric felt his feet slam into the ground and heard someone fall near him. He looked around and saw Harry on the ground.



“Where are we?” He heard Harry ask. Cedric shook his head and helped Harry to his feet, and they looked around.


They were definitely not anywhere near Hogwarts. The castle wasn’t anywhere to be seen, even the forest and mountains were out of sight. They seemed to be standing in an unused graveyard. It was dark, and everything was overgrown. The surroundings were only outlined in darkness, so they weren’t sure what exactly they were seeing. A feeling of dread washed over Cedric as he looked around. He was definitely nervous.




“Wands out, d’you reckon?”




Pulling his wand out of back pocket, Cedric felt the note from Nellie. He silently wished that he was in the Hufflepuff common room sitting back and reading it. They pulled out their wands, and Cedric glanced over at Harry. He had a strange look on his face. He was about to ask what was wrong when Harry spoke.


“Someone’s coming,” Harry said suddenly. Cedric listened, but heard no one. After about a minute, they saw someone coming towards them out of the fog. The figure seemed to be moving quickly towards them. When it stopped, Cedric saw something in its arms, but couldn’t make out what it was. Cedric saw Harry lowering his wand and looking over at him. Cedric shot Harry a quizzical look. Maybe he could have his wish after all. For a second they all just stared at each other. Then suddenly, Harry dropped his wand, fell, and cried out in agony. Cedric rushed over to him and knelt beside him. Suddenly, there was a high, cold voice.


“Kill the spare.”Cedric’s head whipped around when he heard the high pitched, cold voice hiss those words. The figure then raised its wand.He tried to back up or a get out of the way, but he only stumbled and fell. Maybe nothing would happen.


“Avada Kedavra!” A raspy, hoarse voice yelled out into the night. Cedric looked up slightly surprised and saw a flash of green light. The last thought on his mind was Nellie and how she would maybe never know what happened to him and how he felt.

***Nellie’s Letter to Cedric***



It’s not easy saying this. Well, writing it. I have debated over telling you this for hours. You must know what I am going to say by now, but please continue reading. I think I may love you, Cedric. There I’ve said it! I think I love you. Now I know you may not feel the same way about me, but even if you don’t I still want to be friends. You mean so much to me and I would hate it if we couldn’t be friends because of my silly, little confession. And if you do feel the same way……… well could you maybe write back and inform me of your feelings towards me? I am waiting your letter whether it is good or bad. So please Cedric, consider what I’ve said and reply soon.


Yours Always,



A/N: So I hope that ya'll enjoyed it! Reviews would be so very great!

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