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The Dursley Freak by rey
Chapter 7 : Roxy's secret
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A/N: Just a quick thank you to those who are still with me and following this story. Thanks so much! You have no idea how much it means to me! And to Dora, too. ;D


Disclaimer: Oh, how I wish I own the Harry Potter universe. But sadly, I don't.

Roxy's secret






It's a peculiar thought. The dream guy. Here. At Hogwarts. Wandering around the same corridors, taking the same classes, eating the same food. Being so close. Isn't it peculiar indeed?

When you think about it, every person can be the right one. And you may not know it. You can live alongside each other for years without knowing. Or you can meet in that one wondrous, magical moment and know immediately.

I wonder... What's it going to be for me?

Have our eyes met across a room yet? And one thought in particular bothers me. Is he Louis?

Charlie's words come back to me, craving for my insecurity.

Am I in love with him? Or is it really just a fantasy? How can I know for sure?





* * *





As I try to enter the Great Hall, I spot Tate sitting with his Hufflepuff friends, laughing. His light brown hair falling in his eyes in that sweet way of his.

An unsettled feeling consumes me. I can't confront him now. I'm not ready.

You see, the last time we spoke we actually barely did so. He asked me if I want to be his girlfriend and I ran off. As usual.

I didn't mean to be so harsh to him. All this running away happens against my will.

Ok, maybe I want to hide. But it's not like I don't aspire to man up and be brave some day. Like I said, I just need time.





I try to follow my usual crisis exit and disappear, but someone interferes with my plans.

"Dora! Wait!"

I turn around and James smiles at me grabbing my shoulder. I see he is relaxed, much unlike myself. Though, James is not always like this. I know he has troubles of his own. I suppose he's just better at covering them up.

"I've been looking for you. Where are Roxy and Charlie?" He frowns.

What? It's not like I can't go anywhere without them.

Oh, right. It's James. He doesn't know that.

"Isn't it obvious?"

He frowns again.

I really wish he knew me better. But I guess we'll get to get point eventually.

"Roxy's training like a mad woman. And Lee's having her 'Hey! We love Sam K.!' meeting."

Gosh. My friends are so busy. Am I the only one with so much free time? Or rather, with no life? I guess I am.

"Listen, Dora." James interrups my daydream sequence. "I've been planning to do this since we got here. I just wanted to tell you. So you don't freak out tomorrow."


Why am I nervous? It can't be anything bad, right?


"I'm going to publicly apologize to you tomorrow at lunch."





I'm instantly taken aback. I know James wants us to repair our relationship. But I didn't have a clue he'd go this far. James was always proud. And now this?

I guess I must be truly important to him. This small thought brings a smile to my face.

"James, you don't have to do that."

"No. No." He cuts in, waving his hand. "I have to. It's overdue, really. People need to know that I've been misleading them about you."

I want to tell him that it's not his fault. But I can't. Because, it is partially his fault.

James gazes at me, a soft yet melancholic smile gracing his plump lips. I've never quite noticed before how they're the exact same shape as his mother's.

I guess I always first notice the person inside, then out. I'd say it's a great quality in these times of superficiality.

I kiss him on the cheek fortuitously.

He blinks surprised. "What was that for?"

"For trying so hard."

I can tell he's touched by my gesture. James returns the favor by putting his arm around my shoulders and we stroll down the hallways together. I feel like with each day and each of his actions, we're closer to being a family. Or what's even more astonishing, to being friends.

And...  I forget about Tate completely.

If Charlie's right about the karma theory, I'll be a roach in my next life.





* * *





I once again try to ignore the fact that Faldo's reading yet another book, completely engrossed. I try to block the memory of him escaping to the Room of Requirement the other day.

But I fail.

"So, Faldo. Here we are again." I sit myself next to him by the fireplace.

Of course, he shuts his book and shoves it aside.

I frown. "Why do you keep doing that?"

"Doing what?" He snears.

"Getting all protective over your books when I'm around."

He snorts. "I'm not doing that."

"Um, yes, yes you are." I assure him rolling my eyes.

"No. You're just imagining things, Blue."


"You two seriously need to shut up! Like, immediately."

I don't think I could handle Faldo going all silent on me at this point. It has become a constant in my life. It'd just be too weird.

After pondering about Faldo for a moment, I turn to the source of the clearly irritated voice. And that's when I realize that Scorpius has been sitting by the staircase this whole time.

How could've I not seen him?

"I'm trying to concetrate." Scorp explains.

"On what exactly?" Faldo raises his eyebrow. "You're not even reading a book."

"It's all here." He shows to his head, all serious.

Faldo and I exchange a knowing look. Finally we agree on something.

"Scorp, maybe you should lay it off for a moment." I suggest knowing exactly about whom he's thinking. "I mean, she did just broke up with him."

"No! The timing is perfect!" He jolts enthusiasticly. "Trust me!"

"The way you're acting, I doubt even the most insane person would trust you." Faldo says.

Again. I agree.

Two times in one day? Wow, this must be some kind of a record!

"No, no. It'll be good. Great. No, wait. Magnificent!"

At this, Scorpius stands up and runs furiously to his dormitory.

"Well. I know love canusts him on the cheek impulstoo. :Dhose who are still with me and following this story. Thanks so much! You have no idea how m make you do funny things. But this is just... sad." I shake my head, sighing.

"Second that." Faldo nods.

Then we both realize what we're doing. I jump up and start straighting my robe maniacally. Even thought it's perfectly tidy. And Faldo turns to a random girl that has been staring at him for a while and starts chatting with her. Obviously, she almost faints.

"I'm gonna..." I mutter.

He glances up at me. "Yeah."

"Ok." I clear my throat.

I almost fall on my face while pacing away.



This is one strange day.





* * *





At lunch, as promised, James redeems.

He stands up from his chair stagily, walks to the center of the room and casts the Sonorus spell so everybody can hear him. And sure enough, the crowd turns it's attention to him. Well, he's James. They always will.

He clears his throat. "Everyone. I need to tell you something."

He then looks in my direction. "Dora. Will you come here, please?"

I stand up, not feeling this whole 'staring at Dursley' thing.

This is why I avoid crowds. I feel as if I'm melting to my death under their stares. And I am. At least in my mind. Currently I'm resembling a swamp with two eye balls swimming in it.


Ok, that was super gross. Even for my sick imagination.

I walk to James and he squeezes my palm, smiling at me. I can read his will and determination in those deep brown eyes. Just like the day he asked for my forgivness.

And now, he's doing it again.

"Dora, in front of everyone here..." He gazes at me, like he's looking right at my soul, seaching again for that little hurt girl inside. "I'm sorry for all the pain I caused you. For every time I insulted you. Every time I broke your heart. I know I made you insecure. And I probably never will forgive myself. But..." James gazes around the Hall.

I have a feeling no one's even breathing. How does he do that?

"Guys, you have to know the thruth. The bad guy is me. Not Dora. She never was. Never will be. 'Cause she had the heart to give me a second chance. And only the best of us are capable of doing such a humane thing."

James casts a Quietus and suddenly twirls so he's facing me again. Just me.

He sinks into my tremulous look and I know that he's honest.

"Thank you, Dora."

I smile, my eyes burning from the urge to cry. James doesn't let that happen as he holds me tightly in his arms, supporting me. So I don't break in front of everyone. Like he knows insinctivelly I'd dread that.

I guess having the same blood really means something. And there are some bounds that will always be there.

As James gives me a tender kiss on my cheek, the Hall erupts into cheers.

I step back, startled.


"They're supporting you, Dora." James smiles softly.

"No." I shake my head. "It's because of you."

He laughs. "One day I hope you'll learn that you, Dora, truly are a great person. And, no matter how ridiculous it sounds to you, people can actually see and appreciate that."

I nod my head and we embrace again.

A light flutter fills my body as I take in the Hall. Maybe James is right. And people are not that bad after all.

I feel as if I'm being offered a second chance myself. A chance to show everyone who Dora Dursley really is. And it's all thanks to James. I squeeze his hand even harder.

Then, my gaze wanders to Louis sitting with Dawn and they're both clapping. His eyes are full of joy as he sends me a warm smile.





Here we go again.





* * *





It's the day of Roxy's tryouts. I know this because she won't stop reminding me. Over and over again. Even if I have a strict 'no Quidditch' rule. And she knows it.

"Please. Please, come watch me!"

"You have Lee for that." I return not looking at her.

I can't stand her 'puppy dog eyes' gaze. It always breaks me down.

"Lee?" Roxy snorts rolling her eyes. "Lee's only half present. She spaces out on a regular basis. Fantasising about Sam, of course."

Lee gasps. "Hey! Oh... wait. Yeah, I really do that."

She nods.

I can't believe this. They agree.

What is this? First Faldo and I. Then Charlie and Roxy. This can't be right.

"Dee!" Roxy says with just a thouch of whinning. "Be a good friend and come cheer me on!"

She pronaunces the 'good friend' part especially loud.

"You knew very well from the start that I hate it." I finally glance at her. "Please don't make me do this."

Everyone looks at me, frowning.

What? It's just a game. If she was getting married, I'd certainly come. Well, unless the wedding was somehow orgainzed in air, on brooms. But who does that? Ok... I'm not going to put that idea in her head.

"It's just for half an hour, Dora." Al pleads me.

Why is everyone against me?

"It's ok." Roxy finally says. "I get it."

"Really?" I ask, hopeful.

She smiles. "You hate Quidditch. I can't change that. It'd be wrong to force you. It's just a tryout, anyway."

"Yes! Exactly!" I exclaim. "Thanks, Roxy."

She nods, understanding.

I sigh contently, happy that the torture is finally over, and continue eating my pie. I don't even registre the painful silence.

Have you ever eaten a pumkin pie? If you have, you'll understand why.





* * *





I use all of my will to read a Potion lesson. I hate that subject. Why does it even exist?! Al and Charlie will kill me if they ever hear me say that out loud. They are just the biggest Potion fanatics out there.

I choose to sit in the library, as the common room is filled with anticippating Quidditch fans.

I know. I'm a beast. Mary was right all along. But I just can't make myself go.






"Pst!" The handfull of people that are actually in the library and not waiting to see the tryouts hiss at the intruder.

"Faldo?" I glance at him as he storms in, his breathing slightly heavier.

"What are you doing here?"

He stands beside me, his head tittled to the side. "It's twenty minutes 'til the tryouts begin."

"I know that." I roll my eyes while snorting pretty loudly.

"Yes, but what you don't know is that you're attending."

With that, he grabs my hand and pulls me toward him.

The library people glare at us.

And the library lady, too. "Please, children. Outside!"

I don't want ot leave. Faldo, of course, doesn't care about what I want.

I let out a frustrated yelp but we still end up in the corridor.

I tear my palm off from his and glare at him with passion. "Will you just leave me, Faldo?! I'm busy!"

"You should be out there! And you know it!"


"Yes!" He grabs my hand again. "I'm going and you're coming with me!"

"I don't want to go anywhere with you!"

"Oh, but you are!"

And before I know it, he picks me like a sack of potatoes and flings me up over his right shoulder.

Who knew he's this strong? Yes, he did play Quidditch. But I always saw him as a sissy. Always will.

"Faldo! Put. Me. Down!" I start kicking him with my hands and legs.

But since he's a robot, he doesn't even twitch. Instead, he paces toward Hogwarts' entrance door, not slowing down.

"You want me to do it this way? Or will you go by yourself?" He asks, while holding me even thighter over his shoulder. "It's your choice. And if you want to choose neither, well-you can't."

I'm going to kill him!

"Ok! I'll go alone! Just put me down already!"

Finally, he listens to me.

As I safely land on the ground, I stumble a few steps away, just so to restrain myself from attacking him.

"What the hell, Faldo!? You can't do this! You can't just pick me up and... and... and drag me out there!"

He smirks. "Oh, really? Yet, I still did."


"Will you go?" He asks, even sounding like he cares about my oppinion.

As if.

"If you leave me alone!"



I storm off, rage filling my body.

I can't even think straight. It's always like this with Faldo. He's... just... so...






I marsh to the pitch almost blinded by anger. I don't even notice the clouds forming on the afternoon sky. I spot Lee on the Ravenclaw side of the tribune, having a relaxed and dreamy expression on her face.

But as soon as she sees me, Charlie shrieks. "You're here!"

She turns to the pitch where all the candidats are waiting in line and Owen's giving them instructions.

"Roxy! She's here!"

Roxy looks up and, upon spoting me, beams wider than ever.

Wow. She really wasn't honest at dinner, was she? She did want me to come.

"Roxy's a great friend, Dee." Charlie gazes at me. "I'm glad you finally understand."

And I realize. She needs me. People need people. Just like Professor Neville said.

If I like being alone so much, does that make me less of a friend?

"It's ok, Dora. You're here now. That's all that counts." Lee smiles at me while patting my back.

I settle next to her, not liking the seats too much. No, wait. I hate them. You'd think that with all the magic, they would make more comfortable stands. I really don't get it.

"What made you change your mind, anyway?"

"Faldo." I answer through my teeth.

Charlie frowns. "Really? I didn't know you'd ever listen to him."

"It wasn't willingly, trust me." I snort.

Lee's smile instantly fades.

"But!" I insert quickly. "I'm glad he did what he did. It seems that sometimes he actually knows what's good for me."

Charlie nods.





We focus our attention on Roxy again.

And when she gets to fight for the spot, she does it with sheer passion. A passion I wish she'd have with other things, too. After the tryouts are over, there's a five minutes pause. Roxy searches our faces and we smile at her for support. She takes a deep breath and continues watching Owen writing something down in his notebook.

"You saw that?" Al makes his way to us, followed by Faldo and Scorpius. "She was great!"

"I'm not even doubting it." I smile. "She'll get the spot."

"Does this mean you'll be watching my matches, too?" Scorpius asks hopeful.

I struggle.

Faldo's looking at me with that 'eyebrow raised' look. I hate it. Then again, is there a look of his that doesn't irk me?

I give up. "Fine."

Scorpius launches himself at me and we almost fall off the seat. I laugh. We both do.

Taking a quick glance at Faldo, I notice that he doesn't have his usual smirk gracing his lips. It' just a simple, small smile. I suddenly feel something I never felt toward him. Gratitude. And it takes me by complete surprise. A smirk stretches across my face as I realize that I like the sentiment. Even though I'm not sure why.

'Cause, it's Faldo. The pretencious, know-it-all, irksome, nickname-calling, annoyingly handsome jerk. But... Maybe, just maybe, I can add a 'good friend' to that in the future.

We'll see. He's still on probation. He did carry me around like a lifeless pupet.





And finally Owen's ready to make the anouncement. We all cluster in one small circle. Owen uses the Sonorus spell to volume up his voice, much like James the previous day.

"So, ok. I'll just go straight to the point."

No one makes a sound.

He continues, his voice echoing again. "Those who made this year's team are..."

I squeeze Charlie's hand. She yelps.

"Sorry." I mutter quickly.

We return to listening just in time to hear the following:

"Ally Jones, Roxanne Weasley, Theodor..."

Charlie and I scream. Not even the rain, that pours from the sky all of a sudden, can ruin our happiness for Roxy.

I realize that I don't want to miss this again. Being there for my friends.

I search for Faldo's look. But he's clapping away, just like Al and Scorp are. The raindrops are sliding down his cheeks in a perfectly proper way. Why does everything about him have to be just too perfect? It bugs me!

I shake off the thought and turn to Lee. We scream again, just for fun. But the thing that follows makes us shut up immediately.

Roxy trows her broom to the side and runs to Owen, bowling him to the ground. And in one moment of my 'Oh my Havens' filling everyone's ears to the point of bleeding, Roxy kisses her Captain.

A heavy silence falls upon the pitch. My mouth drops to the floor as I stare at the scene before me. It doesn't take long for the whole crowd to go absolutely wild. Roxy then must have realized where she is as she jumps up fiercly. She says something to Owen that we can not hear and runs off.



I'm sorry. But...






* * *






"Oh my Snitch! Oh my Snitch!"

We find Roxy freaking out in the first toilet. She's pacing around still in her gear, all wet from the rain, and holdig her head like she's afraid it'll fall off because of her crazy thoughts.

She suddenly stops and eyes us in clear panic.

"Did I just do that?! Did I just kiss my Captain?!"

"You most certainly did!" Lee laughs. "I bow to you, Roxy. Would you be my mentor?"

Roxy screams. I glare at Lee. She mouths a silent 'sorry'. But she looks too entertainted for me to believe that she really is.

"This can't be happening. It must be a dream. Yeah! That's it!"

She turns to me. "Tell me, Dora. Tell me I didn't do that."

I shake my head. Roxy screams again and sits on the cold floor, sighing deeply. Charlie and I sit on both of her sides.

"I'm such an idiot. Why did I do that?" She stares somewhere in front of herself.

"Well, one reason pops into my mind." Lee looks at her.

Roxy turns to her, hesitating. And I know why.

Charlie beams. "You. Like. Him."

Roxy stutters. "N-no. NO! No, I don't!"

Lee and I look at each other and suddenly burst into laughter.

"Why are you laughing?! This is not funny! This is serious!"

"Oh my Havens, Roxy! If you could see youself saying all this, you'd know why."

"You're the worst friends!" She gets up to leave.

"Wait!" I stop her near the door.

She doesn't even have the nerve to look at me. So unlike her. That's when I realize exactly how torn Roxy is.

I smile at her with warmth. "Roxanne Weasley, let me tell you. Honestly, I never noticed that you like Owen..."

"That's because I don't!"

"And I realize it's because I've been a lousy friend and too much into my own problems. But you hid it pretty good, too. Since Lee didn't notice either."

"I didn't hide it or... whatever!" Roxy says trying to sound sure of herself. "It-it-it was just an impuls!"

Needless to say, I don't buy it.

"Now, come to think of it... You always say Owen's a great guy."

"That doesn't mean I like him." Roxy snorts.

"Oh, but it does." I nod my head at her. "In your twisted 'Guys are hidious!' world, it does mean exactly that. Why don't you just admit it to yourself?"

I pat her shoulder lightly.

She looks away. "I... I can't be in love with him. He's... Owen. He's your brother." She finally gazes at Charlie, unsure.

"So?" Lee looks at her puzzled.

"You don't mind?" Roxy mutters under her breath.

Lee laughes. "I actually think it's great!"

Roxy shakes her head, clearly lost.

"Wait!" Lee glances at her even more confused. "Don't tell me you liked him all along but didn't say anything because of me?"

Roxy tries to utter something. But as that fails, she chooses to stare at the floor. Very smooth, may I say.

"Dear Merlin!" Charlie exclaims and goes to hug Roxy laughing. "You silly girl!"

"You're not mad?" Roxy says, her voice barely over a whisper.

Which is weird since she tends to yell most of the time.

Lee shakes her head smiling and than shrieks. "Oh! Just imagine the wedding! Well, I already know how it's going to be. Since I'm going to be the one planning it! Gah! This is so brilliant!"

Roxy looks at me with pure horror. I laugh again, leaning on the wall and crossing my arms contently.





Roxy's in love. I didn't know this day would come so fast. Thinking about it now, there were always these little signs... I'm surprised I didn't realize before.

If I'm so blind to all things love, how will I see the dream guy? Or will he find me? I know they say that the best things are unseen. But, in order to find him, I know. I need to open my eyes. And, what's even harder, open my heart for him.





* * *





"Roxanne Jillian Weasley!" A strong voice comes from down the hallway.

"Oh, no." Roxy covers her face with her palms as if that'll somehow make her invisible.


Her two years older brother Fred strolls beside our table and puts a hand on her shoulder. He takes the newest edition of 'Hogwarts Daily' and trows it in front of her. The fresh headline done by Marilyn is really hard to miss. Since I'm sure it is printed in the biggest font possible.









Roxy lets out a yelp and hides her head between her arms resting on the table.

"Blimey, sis. And here I am, thinking that I'm the love god in our family." Fred smirks, his dark eyes lighting up.

"Al, can I borow your invisibility cloack?" Roxy mumbles, her head still in her hands.

"What?" Al mutters. "I-I-I don't have it here. It's..."

"Fine! Be a muff." She picks her head up.

Fred pats her back once again. "Roxy, let me present to you a few simple rules of dating..."

Roxy shoots a dark look at him. "Don't you dare."

He gulps. Roxy stands up. I can see Owen gazing at her from across the room.

"Have they talked yet?" I whisper to Lee, nodding my head slightly at her brother.

"Not really." Lee whispers back. "I tried to speak to Owen but he ignores me completely. I think he's just, you know, major embarrassed. The last time a girl kissed him, when he was eight, he locked himself up in his closet, refusing to leave it for two straight days."

"Why didn't you just use Alohomora?" I ask, confused.

Lee shrugs. "Mum and dad said it was best we let him go. And he eventually got out from the closet by himself."

"What a method." I'm amazed.

"To say that he's shy would be just... an out of this world underestimation. He gets totally weird around girls who're into him." Lee elaborates further more.

I frown. "Are you sure you two are even related?"

"Well, guys. I'm gonna leave." Roxy turns to her brother cutting our discussion short. "Fred, if you even try to say something about this to mum and dad, you know what's going to happen, right?"

Fred nods slowly, a trace of fear in his dark gaze.


Roxy smiles and twirls around determined not to look at where Owen's seated. Or at anyone else, for that matter. She walks out, her head held high.

"She seems to be taking it rather well." I note.

"Well, you know Roxy. She'd rather die than show weakness." Lee states.

In that, we're the same.





* * *





I attempt to write an essay in our dormitory. But Marilyn just keeps reminding me why I do this at the library. She's laughing with her friend about something. Probably a poor girl who hasn't done anything to her but she's still about to make her life a living hell. All the girls at Hogwarts are that girl. She despises us all. Well, maybe not her 'friend'. But I seriously doubt that, too.

Just as I'm about to leave for the library, Lee returns from her meeting. I spot a yellow envelope in her hand.

"For you, ma cherie."

I smile at her French. It's rather good, actually. Charlie is good at that. She has traveled the world, you know.

As soon as I touch the paper, I notice it isn't regular but it has a strange oily feel to it.

"Scorp asked me to give you that." Lee says before heading to the bathroom for a hot shower.

I notice that Marilyn's watching my every move. Like a volture. I decide to ignore her and open the letter.



My little sis,


You know how unrequited love can hurt. So I trust you to help me with this. Come to the RoR today at six o'clock. And bring Lee and Roxy along. The more, the better. Love.


                                                                                                                                        Your bro.



I chuckle.

Marilyn stares at me and the letter with hunger. I get my wand and set the paper on fire. Marilyn gasps in horror. I bet that's the most emotion she has shown in her entire life. And it's for a piece of paper!

I smirk and continue writing, enjoying the rare silence.

But soon enough, the two of them start chatting again. I presume about me. And how Marilyn needs to dig out something even more monstrous about me. Well, until then, I'm just going to cherish my peace.





* * *





I don't really have pleasent memories of the Room. I was here only on two occasions. Both times for a party.

I know, shocker. Dora Dursley, hater of all crowded spaces, on a party. Twice.

In my defense, it was Scorp's birthday. And then Al's. But after my oh so lovely experiences, I was convinced I'd never do anything similar again. Ever.

And now here I am. In the Room. And what's even more astonishing... I'm actually enjoying it a bit. Gotta hand it to Scorp, he certainly knows how to set up a mood. Practically, the room screams 'relax'. With lazy bags in the corners, lots of colorful pillows, couches and beds, It's clear why I feel like it's a chilling out convention.

It then occurs to me that Roxy, Lee and I are the last ones to come abroad. Al and Scorp are muttering something in front of a big blackboard, Hugo, Lily and Alice are laughing about something seated on one of the yellow couches, Rose's best friends Lucy Weasley and Ayesha Page are exploring the Room and Faldo is just... Being Faldo, I guess.





We take place beside him, on the lazy bags.

"This won't end up good, will it?" I sigh.

"Why would you say that?" Alice winks at me.

I sttuter. "What do you mean?"

She giggles. "Nothing."

She winks at me again and turns to her friends before I have the chance to explore the meaning of her words.

Oh, Havens! I'm not cut out for this!

"Have you got any clue what this is all about?" Roxy asks Faldo curiously.

He shakes his head. "I know it's about Rose. But that's all."

"Guys, guys!" Scorpius interrupts us with a huge smile plastered on his face.

He sighs contently before continuing. "I'd like to thank you all for coming. And wanting to help. Trust me, you won't regret it, since it's an epic project."

"Project?" I raise my eyebrow.

"Oh, right." Scorp smiles like he just remembered something.

He uses his wand to write three big words on the black surface of the board.

We all slowly read the name.

"The Soulmate Project?" I say it aloud, frowning.

Scorp nods his head furiously.

"I'm sorry?" Faldo mirrors my action and also frowns, confused.

Al steps to his best mate and puts a hand on his shoulder, beaming. "Guys, the game begins! We are going to get Scorpius and Rose together!"

A dead silence fills the Room. I'm pretty sure I can hear someone's heartbeat. Wait... Yeah, it's just mine.

The dead air threatens to suffocate me. Until Charlie claps her hands loudly.

"Oh, this is so romantic!" She squeals.

Of course. What a surprise.



I put my palm over my eyes, shaking my head. I thought at least Al would see reason. But no. He's just as insane as Scorpis at this point. And what am I left with? I have to agree with Faldo! That's how bad the situation is. Oh, Havens. Why do I hang out with these people?




"This is just... Pathetic." I let out a deep sigh.

"Why are you so negative?" Alice asks me supporting her jaw with her hands.

"Yeah!" Lee agrees happily. "Scorpius is a great guy! Rose will see it, too."

Alice smiles at me again in that 'I know things you don't even dream of.' way.

Havens, it's so not fair!

"Blue is just pointing out the fact that Scorpius is doing this whole thing the wrong way. He should just pick up the courage and tell Rose how he feels. Not scheme out a whole plan that's taking away our time. And for what? So that Rose may end up thinking he's some kind of a stalker?"

Like in slow motion, I turn to Faldo, my jaw dropping to the floor. Well, not literally. That's just not physically possible.


Okey, so maybe you already knew that...





And what's surreal is that Faldo doesn't even seem like he's laughing at me. He looks... Honest. Completely and utterly... sincere.

I'm just too close to smiling. "That's exactly what I was thinking! How-"

And then Al and Scorp interrupt the moment as they go on to explain the project. But I can't listen. Suddenly, I feel as if I've been trown into this room with all these people. But the only one I see is Faldo.





Since when can he read my mind? Or are we just not so different as I believed all these years?

I take another look at him and realize for the first time since I've known him that...

Faldo is possibly not that bad after all.






Oh, I am so going crazy, am I?





Another A/N: So I know I said this was my favourite chapter. But the part that I really like had to be cut out. I'm saving it for the next chapter.

Please, don't kill me. Look at it this way. If you do, you'll never find out the end of this story. :P

I hope I'll be done with the next chapter at least as fast as with the previous ones. So stay tuned! ;)

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