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Ronald's Box by Akussa
Chapter 9 : The game of life and death
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 A.N. Just a small info on the next chapter; it was the hardest to write so far considering it is the most described in the book. Therefore, I used some of the original text and marked it with an * so you will know that this part doesn't belong to me, it's Jk's work.

Have a good read!!

The common room looks practically empty when the scene materializes itself around the four cousins. The fire is still strong and it enlightens the form of a boy, curled up on an armchair. The light snore he produces is the only noise breaking the silence. The four future children walk closer to him when the letter begins.

May 26th,” Ron’s quiet voice comes over the silent common room. “Dear Ginny, how are you? Things here aren’t so good for us I must say. Ever since the awful night where Norbert made us lose all those points (yeah, I blame Norbert entirely) people stopped talking to us. Since I’ve been sticking up for the others, I’ve been shut out too, but I don’t mind it all that much, I know it wasn’t Harry, Hermione and Neville’s fault and they don’t deserve to be treated like that. But things got worse last night. I’m not sure I should be telling you this but since we’ve kept you informed since the beginning, it’s only fair for me to let you know. See, the others had their detention last night.”

“Ron?” Hermione asks when the three kids walk into the common room; she seems surprised to find the boy still awake and in the common room. “Do you think he waited for us all night?” Harry doesn’t give her an answer but goes up to Ron and shakes him roughly awake.

“Blatching! That’s a foul!” Ron shouts.

“What?” the three others chant together.

“What? Hey, you’re back!” Ron answers, his voice heavy with sleep, “what time is it?”

“Quite late,” Neville answers, “you guys coming up?”

“Not just yet Nev, they’ll join you in a couple minutes we just need to tell Ron something,” Hermione answers when she sees Harry sitting heavily on the couch.

“Ok then, just don’t be too late, we’ve still got classes tomorrow,” Neville yawns as he goes up to the dormitory, waving them a goodnight the three others don’t return.

“You look horrible Harry, what happened?” Ron asks his friend with a worried tone. Startled by the question, Harry jumps up and begins pacing in front of the fire, his jaw set and eyes full of terror.

“We were wrong,” Harry begins to moan, pulling at his hair roughly, “it’s Him that’s behind it all. He’s already got a cursed life, already killed unicorns... I’m not as fast or as strong as a unicorn. I –”

“Whoa mate, calm down a bit, you’re not making sense,” Ron interrupts his friend’s ranting, sharing a worried look with Hermione.

“I’ll start at the beginning,” Hermione offers when it becomes clear that Harry isn’t about to stop his pacing. “Our detention was with Hagrid, in the Forest; we had to help him find an injured unicorn. He says there’s been a couple killed in the past few weeks and that’s quite worrisome considering unicorns are highly magical animals, very hard to kill. Plus the unicorns that have been killed have been sucked dry.”

“A werewolf you reckon? Or a vampire?” Ron wonders but Hermione shakes her head.

“According to Hagrid, to kill a unicorn is almost a sin; from the moment the blood touches your lips, you will be cursed.”

“Well a werewolf or a vampire wouldn’t mind, they’re already cursed.”

“No they just can’t catch the unicorns so it’s not that.”

“I told you it’s Him,” Harry says, surprising the six kids around him, present and future, who clearly thought Harry was oblivious to the conversation.

“Him who?”

“Voldemort!” Harry yells, terrified. Ron shouts in indignation upon hearing the name but Harry doesn’t notice.

“You don’t have to say the name,” Ron whispers angrily.

“Harry found it, didn’t you? The unicorn?” Hermione asks quietly, ignoring Ron’s comment.

“Yeah and it wasn’t alone, Voldemort was drinking from it,” Harry nods, shaking from head to toes, “when he saw me, he came forward, charged at me. He had blood dripping from his mouth, under his hood and – and I couldn’t move. It was like my head was about to split. I could see him coming to me but there was nothing I could do!” Harry finishes; his voice high-pitched from fear.

“What happened? I mean, you’re here, so how did you do it?” Ron asks, wide-eyed.

“Firenze,” Harry says in a quieter voice, “a centaur. He jumped between Voldemort and me and took me back to Hagrid. I would be dead if he hadn’t come, Voldemort was about to try and murder me. Again,”

A heavy silence follows Harry’s terrifying revelation. Ron and Hermione sharing looks of upmost fear as their friend paces between them, unable to settle down after coming so close to death once more in his short life. The future children keep silent too. Although they are already aware that young Harry had to face Voldemort in his first year, none of them really appreciated what that must have been like for the boy. To his children, Harry Potter is a strong and powerful man; never did they really imagine what he had been through to become such a man. It looks even more surreal and horrifying to think of their father facing Voldemort when they see him as the small eleven year old he was at the time, and not the adult they see every day. Lily and Al, although they do not voice it, begin to wonder how they can even be alive considering the hardship their father faced when he was younger. The narration breaks the heavy silence that settled over the scene and breaks the travellers from their musings.

“They did find it, actually, Harry and stupid Malfoy did but when they found it, it was already dead and something – someone actually – was drinking its blood. When the thing noticed Harry and Malfoy there, it went straight for them and Malfoy ran away but Harry couldn’t move. He was rescued by a centaur so don’t be afraid, he’s perfectly okay physically. The centaur knew what that thing was and knowing that makes everything clear when it comes to the mystery we’ve been investigating all year. The thing in the forest was You-Know-Who, drinking unicorn blood to stay alive, waiting for Snape to get the Stone so he’ll be able to come back to his full, human self.”

“I have to do something,” Harry whispers, “this man cannot come back to what he was before. He’s hurt too many people already, this can’t start again.”

“You’re right Harry and we’ll help you,” Hermione says while Ron nods vigorously.

“Thanks guys, I think I need some sleep, I can’t think straight.”

“He’s still alive Gin and he’s looking for a way to get back to what he was before, can you imagine that? We have to stop him, we have to make sure his plan won’t work because otherwise, well I don’t want to think about what it would be like,” Ron’s voice relays in a shaky way while the three first years make their way to their respective dormitories. “I hope I didn’t scare you too much by telling you this but I felt you had the right to know that this isn’t just some stupid evil teacher trying to be immortal, it’s some stupid evil teacher trying to bring back the most evil wizard alive. Harry is completely terrified, of course, after everything that man did to him. I’ll make sure to help Harry as much as I can so he gets through this, I promise you Gin, and I’ll keep him safe so you can meet him properly next year! Have a good end of year; I’ll see you very soon. Ron.”

The common room grows dark and a scent of parchment envelopes the four cousins as Ron finishes his letter. When light comes back again, they find themselves in the exact same spot although in a much more lively common room. Sitting in a corner, the three small first years look quite pale and very quiet next to the rest of the exuberant students. Somewhere, a radio shouts out an old Weird Sisters’ song and a group of students sing along loudly, laughter and shouts of happiness burst out at random; there is a definite air of end of term that only the three first years don’t seem to share.

“June 4th,” Ron’s narrative voice shouts over the noise, “Gin, quick letter to let you know things have gone down here. We found out Snape is going to get the Stone tonight and Harry wants to stop him, so Hermione and I are going along. I’ll let you know later how it went. I love you, mum and dad; Ron.”

“Hermione,” Harry asks quietly, “what are you expecting to find exactly?”

“Yeah, don’t you already know this book by heart anyway?” Ron says; a strange edge of anxiety piercing through his question.

“I don’t know really, I’m just trying to put everything on our side,” she sighs, putting the book down on the table. “We need to have everything ready so we can leave as soon as the room is empty.”

“We don’t need much; my cloak and the flute Hagrid gave me at Christmas.”

“Isn’t weird that he gave you that?” Ron muses distractedly. “I mean now that we’ve found out it’s the way to put Fluffy to sleep, doesn’t it seem a bit too perfect to be coincidental?”

“Ron that’s your stress talking,” Hermione shakes her head, taking her book back, “you’re trying to find plots everywhere.”

“Maybe, but I still find it suspicious.”

“Are you suggesting Hagrid gave this flute to me in the hopes that I would get past his three-headed dog? Next you’ll say that he’s the one that sent a fake owl to Dumbledore to keep him away from the school tonight,” Harry gave an incredulous laugh.

“Fine, I’m being stupid,” Ron slumps back in his chair, looking around the room.

“That’s not what I’m saying,” Harry sighs, “I just find this whole situation too horrible for words. How can things have gone so wrong without anyone but us noticing it? How can Hagrid have been so careless as to give information to a stranger? And how come no one noticed Snape’s bullying of Quirrell? And how could Dumbledore leave the castle when he knows what is at stake?”

“Well we know,” Hermione says, looking back at her friend, “and we’ll prevent it happening.”

“You sure you want to come along? You guys don’t have to, you know; I’d understand,” Harry whispers to Ron.

“Mate, you’re not going to make me back off so stop asking. I know I haven’t felt You-Know-Who’s power as much as you have but I don’t want him to come back either and I certainly don’t want to know my best mate is facing him alone while I stand back and do nothing,” Ron quietly tells Harry.

“Alright,” Harry sighs, not noticing Hermione smiling at Ron.

“That was quite the historic moment,” Hugo declares.

“What do you mean?” Lily looks at him; her cousin always seems to see things the others miss.

“They just set their fate in stone, right there. All three of them decided to stick together against Voldemort no matter what.”

“I didn’t know they had made that decision so early on,” Rose whispers, overwhelmed by how much harder her parents’ lives were, even back when they were children.

“Well they probably didn’t know where that decision would lead them really; they must have thought things would get easier after such a hard first year!” Lily smiles.

“How wrong they were,” Al chuckles nervously when the scene becomes blurry only to reform itself in the white hospital room where three beds are filled with the motionless shapes of his father, aunt and uncle.

“They look bad,” Rose says in a horrified way; never did she imagine to see her parents so injured and helpless. Ron sports a great long gash on his cheek and his head looks twice its normal size under all the bandages. Hermione looks the best of the bunch with only scratches and bruises over her face and exposed arms. Harry, like his two friends, his face very pale and looking completely exhausted. He has numerous scratches and bruises too.

“June 6th,” Ron’s hoarse voice begins, breaking the teenagers from their reverie. Al and Lily hold hands as they stand next to their father’s bed while Rose wraps an arm over her little brother’s shoulders, standing between their parents’ beds. “Hey Ginny, I write to you this morning to let you know the three of us made it out of there alive. I’m still in the Hospital wing but I should be able to leave today and Harry is still out cold, but the nurse isn’t worried. She says he’s just really exhausted and that he will make a full recovery. It’s still really freaky to see him like this though. I don’t know exactly what he went through but it must have been really tough. You have no idea how scary this adventure was; I really thought it would be less dramatic than that but no, we feared for our lives every second of it. I can’t tell you the entire story of what happened two days ago but I’ll tell you what I know and when Harry wakes up and fills in the blanks, I’ll write back to you.”

The hospital wing gets whipped away and the teenagers find themselves standing in Fluffy’s very dark room. The three-headed dog growls under his breath, trying to see something in the empty room. A harp lays forgotten and silent in the corner. Suddenly, the cousins become aware of a disturbance near the entry.

“They must have arrived,” Al says, “under the cloak.”

“First, it really didn’t start well,” Ron recalls while the three first years finally show themselves and try to organize their operation. “Actually, we hadn’t even left the common room and things were bad. See Neville tried to stop us from leaving, saying we would get caught and lose house points. We didn’t tell him what we were planning so he tried to fight us to make us stay. We had to hex him in order to leave and believe me, that did not give us any confidence for what we were about to do! When we reached Fluffy, we immediately noticed we had been right in thinking the Stone was in danger tonight because there was a harp laying at the dog’s feet.”

“Poor Uncle Nev,” Lily shakes her head sadly.

“Damn, that’s what the harp is doing there,” Rose exclaims while Harry starts to blow in a wooden flute. Instantly the dog begins to fall asleep and Ron bravely goes to open the trapdoor.

“Want to go first Hermione?” *

“And they say Gryffindors are chivalrous!” Hugo laughs loudly, earning himself some murderous glares.

“No, I don’t!” the small girl shouts back at Ron. *

“They’re brave too, Gryffindors aren’t they?” Hugo smiles cheekily.

“Shut it Hugh,” Rose and Lily shriek back as they watch Harry motion that he wishes to go first. The small black haired boy jumps down and as soon as he shouts back, Ron follows him down the hole, Hermione close behind.

“We played the dog to sleep and jumped through the trapdoor onto a huge plant named Devil’s snare,” Ron carelessly recalls when, in a flash, the four future kids find themselves down in the hole too, watching the scene unfold.

“What the heck just happened?” Al wonders aloud. They watch Hermione unwrap herself from the plant’s grip while the two boys are almost completely covered by it.

“I know what this is – it’s Devil’s Snare!” Hermione declares. *

“Then light a fire with your wand,” Ron shouts knowingly. The girls follow his indication and instantly, the plant backs away and frees the boys from its grip. The three kids catch their breaths a little before walking toward the next room, followed by their future children.

“After the plant tried to strangle us, we arrived in a room full of winged keys,” Ron narrates while the three kids try to understand what is expected of them in this particular room. “We had to catch the right key to fit the lock in order to reach the next room and it wasn’t that hard considering we had the youngest seeker in a century with us!”

“We’re looking for a big old-fashioned one – probably silver like the handle,” Ron says as he examines the door. *

“Clever,” Rose says in a tone of surprise.

“Think it’s one of Uncle Ron’s adaptation?” Al asks his cousin.

“Could be,” Rose agrees, “but Dad can be pretty observant when he really wants to.”
Sure enough, Harry spots the key out of the hundred flying over him. The three of them get a broomstick and try to catch it. After getting a good laugh at Ron’s disgraceful crash, the four cousins cheer loudly when Harry catches the key.

“The next room held the most impressive thing I have ever seen; there was a giant wizard chessboard in it and we had to play our way across the room.”

“Awesome,” Hugo breathes impressed, as he walks across the chessboard. “Dad’s moment to really shine has come don’t you think?”

“Yeah,” Al laughs as he watches his Uncle Ron give instructions to the other two. “My dad certainly would have gotten them all out if he’d taken the lead.”

“I led the game considering I know how to play a bit more than Harry and Hermione but that’s where I left them.”

For about 15 minutes, Al, Lily, Rose and Hugo watch breathlessly, as Ron plays a game of life and death with his and his two best friends’ lives. The game looks pretty equal and Rose and Hugo both can’t help but feel extremely proud of their father’s talent for keeping his cool head. Sure, he is a great chess player, and already was back then but playing a game under this much stress, when you know all that is at stake must be a lot harder.

“No,” Hugo whispers suddenly.

“What? What did you see Hugh?” Lily and Rose shout anxiously but the boy is saved from answering because the narrator does it for him.

“At one point, I had to be taken in order for Harry to win and go forward so I let myself get hit by the Queen, and it knocked me out cold there,” Ron’s voice declares while the five children watch in horror as Ron’s body flies over 5 feet in the air and crashes in a motionless lump a couple of feet further away. Instantly the scene blacks out and for about five horrifying seconds, the travellers hear only the wind and see only darkness until the light comes back and they see Hermione rousing Ron back to consciousness.

“Ron, Ron!” she shouts when he opens his bleary eyes. “Oh Ron thank God you’re okay.”

“Yeah, not sure about that,” he says holding his head carefully, wincing in pain. “Where’s Harry?”

“He’s gone forward,” she says, biting her lip, “he’s facing Him right now so we need to hurry and go and get Dumbledore or anyone really.”

“You let him go in there alone?” Ron yells in fear as he gets up.

“Well there wasn’t enough potion for the both of us - but,” she shakes her head, “there’s no time to explain, we have to go now!” Ron finally nods and the kids run as fast as they can until they reach the end of the trail, right under the trapdoor.

“Harry and Hermione went forward, Hermione came back some time later and brought me up here and we waited for Harry to join us.

“How do we get out?” Ron asks in a tired voice. His eyes widen when he notices Hermione pointing her wand at him.

“Wingardium Leviosa!” she says making Ron shoot directly out of the trapdoor where he crashes heavily onto the floor. Fluffy growls angrily and Hermione gives a terrified shriek, “didn’t think of that!”

Just when everything seems over, a phoenix song resonates in the room and Fluffy falls straight asleep. Ron turns around nervously and faces his Headmaster. With a flick of his wand, Dumbledore makes Hermione fly out of the hole and land in a much more graceful way than Ron previously did.

“Harry’s gone after him has he?” the old man asks in a grave yet very calm way.

“Yes,” Ron and Hermione whisper together. Their Headmaster nods and jumps down the hole, vanishing just as quickly as he arrived.

“So that’s it; I don’t really know more because I only just woke up and no one told me what’s going on but I thought you should know as well. I’ll write to you later, Ron.”

The letter finishes as the two little kids walk out of the room, most likely to get to the Hospital wing but the scene stops there for the four witnesses. The scene that forms itself after that shows a very guilty looking Ron still in the Hospital wing, faced with both his parents. The four teenagers can’t help but chuckle upon seeing how young their grand-parents look.

“So they weren’t lying,” Rose declares in mock surprise, “G-Dad did use to have hair!”

“June 7, Hey Ginny, how are you back at home? Well I must say mum and dad weren’t really happy with my adventure right? They came by yesterday, so you must already know all about it.”

“Ronald I can’t believe you did this!” Molly seethes, “why didn’t you go to a teacher?”

“And G-Mum already mastered the art of looking like a sabre-toothed tiger,” Lily laughs, “how good it is to see her that angry at someone else.”

“I don’t know,” Al smiles, “I find she looks even more threatening nowadays with her greying hair.”

“We did mum! We told McGonagall but she told us to forget about it; we wanted to tell Dumbledore but he was out of the castle. Snape is evil and we thought he was the one behind it so we definitely didn’t go to him, and the one we were going to see after that was Quirrell, that would have gone well enough!”

“Well still,” Molly says, “your brothers all got into their fair share of trouble over the years but never like this. Even the twins have so far managed to avoid putting their lives in danger. I was so worried when Dumbledore called us over, letting us know you’d been seriously injured.”

“Sorry mum, I’m not that badly injured you know,” the boy mumbles uncomfortably; apparently he hadn’t considered his parents would be worried about him.

“It was a really brave thing you did Ron,” Arthur quietly says. Molly turns her head so fast to look at him that a loud crack resonates in the quiet wing. Her husband gives her a knowing look but still puts his hand on their youngest son’s shoulder to make him look up. “But next time, please think a little more before you act. You, Harry and Hermione could have gotten seriously injured, even killed down there. These are adult’s problems, not the kind you and your friends should worry about.”

“But we do dad,” Ron pleads looking solely at his father, clearly avoiding his mother’s gaze. “Do you realize what would have happened if Quirrell had gotten his hands on the Stone? He was planning on bringing You-Know-Who back to power! We may be young but we don’t want to see that happening anymore than you do; especially Harry.”

“You’re right and we understand that,” Molly softly answers, “your motivations were valid and good Ron, that’s not what we are saying. It’s just that there are more qualified wizards around that should and can take care of these problems, not first years!”

“Yeah but they didn’t listen to us because we are only first years! Adults always act as if being young makes you automatically wrong but we had our facts right.”

“Speaking of that,” Arthur clears his throat as Ron grows a deep shade of red, sensing he said the wrong thing, “how did you get all of this information? Your letters only spoke of boring classes and hours of studying.”

“Err,” the boy trails, looking at his shoes therefore missing the mischievous smile his parents share. The future children are saved Ron’s humiliating moment when the scene changes and they find themselves in a corridor, next to Ron and Hermione.

“Well as promised, here is the rest of what happened. See Harry woke up this afternoon and we got a chance to talk to him for a little bit. He told us what happened in the last room and it’s almost unbelievable but I swear it's all true!”

“What do you think they’re talking about in there?” Ron asks Hermione.

“No idea,” she shrugs, “Professor Dumbledore is probably going over the finer details with Harry, trying to understand what went on down there.”

“Still, it’s taking awfully long.”

“Doesn’t matter, at least Harry is awake now. I was so worried he wasn’t going to make it.”

“Me too,” Ron whispers. Both kids jump up when the door in front of them opens up and professor Dumbledore walks out to them with a wide smile.

“Your friend Harry is doing just fine,” the man says; a happy ring to his voice. “I must extend my gratefulness to you both for your help with saving the Stone; you are fine examples of Gryffindors and exceptionally great friends. Now off you go, I expect Harry is most anxious to see you both.”

“Thank you Headmaster,” both kids blush to the root of their hair. Without wasting one more second, they rush to the door and plead with the nurse to go and see Harry. After a couple of minutes she finally lets them in and they hurry to meet their friend.

“Dad still looks quite ill doesn’t he?” Lily asks anxiously.

“Well he was out of it for a couple days; probably didn’t eat yet either,” Al rationalizes.

“So, what really happened down there?” Ron asks while he grabs a chocolate frog from Harry’s pile.

“First off,” Ron’s narrative voice goes on, “when he got there, it wasn’t Snape trying to get the Stone, but Quirrell! Yeah, turns out the guy pretended to be a shy and weak guy when, in reality, he’s one of You-Know-Who’s followers!”

“Well after Hermione went back, I took the potion and walked through the flames where I got into a huge room with only Quirrell there, facing the Mirror of Erised,” Harry began after taking a bite into a frog of his own.

“So that’s where Dumbledore sent the Mirror when he said he’d move it,” Ron realizes.

“Yeah and it was the key to everything since the Stone was hidden in it.”

“You had to break it?” Hermione gasps in outrage.

“No. It works with your desire,” Harry explains. His two friends only frown so the boy goes on, “see Quirrell wanted the Stone to use it whereas I wanted it to protect it and not use it so it appeared in my pocket as soon as I wished for it.”


“I know; Dumbledore says it’s one of his most brilliant ideas,” Harry nods as if that made fact alone should close the debate so he takes another chocolate frog before continuing his story. “But it didn’t work out so well because Voldemort knew almost instantly that I had it.”

“He was there?” Hermione shrieks while Ron shouts, “Don’t say his name!”

“Yeah, he was there,” Harry answers, ignoring Ron. “He’s been there for a while actually, since he was sharing Quirrell’s body; hiding under his turban.”

“What?” Ron bluntly asks, as if the idea of a man with two faces was impossible. Hermione gives a loud shriek of disgust when Harry confirms they have heard correctly.

“Not only that,” Ron’s letter continues, “and I warn you here, it gets kind of disturbing – the man actually shared his body with You-Know-Who... Harry says it was like Quirrell had two faces, his normal one and another one, You-Know-Who’s, on the back of his head. Anyway, the Stone was hidden in a special mirror and in order to get it, you had to want to get it without wishing to use it. The teacher only wished to use it to bring his master back so the Stone didn’t appear for him but Harry wanted to protect it so as soon as he wished that, the Stone materialized itself in his pocket!”

“He talked to me,” Harry begins slowly, suddenly looking very uncomfortable, working very hard not to look at his friends’ faces. “Voldemort. Said I had a choice between joining him on his quest to power or else dying at his hands, like my parents.”

“He dared to ask you to join him? Seriously?” Ron asks in disbelief.

“It must have been a way to try and convince you to give him the Stone,” Hermione logically states although her face shows the amount of empathy she has for her friend and what he must have gone through. “Surely he didn’t think you’d ever want to join him.”

“I don’t know,” Harry sighs, “All I know is that I refused and Quirrell jumped on me, trying to kill me as Voldemort ordered but he couldn’t.”

“He tried to get away from Quirrell,” the letter goes on, “but he caught him, and You-Know-Who himself asked to talk to Harry, face to face. According to Harry, You-Know-Who knew that the Stone was in his pocket and tried to get Harry to give it to him, but he refused. So Quirrell jumped on Harry to get the Stone but couldn’t touch Harry; his skin burned on contact! Apparently, the fact that Harry’s mum died for him gave him a protection so strong that people who are evil cannot touch him (well that’s my interpretation anyway)! At that moment, Dumbledore arrived and saved Harry and the Stone.”

“What do you mean he couldn’t?”

“Well that much is obvious Hermione; he’s still right here; alive.”

“No Ron I meant how come he wasn’t able to do it?” Hermione answers, giving Ron a dark look.

“When his skin touched mine, it began to burn. I didn’t feel anything, but he was in an awful lot of pain and his hands got full of boils and blisters. When I saw that, I attacked him straight on his face and burned him so he would let go of me; and it worked.”

“Err, what’s up with your touch? It never did that before did it?” Ron asks, looking confused.

“No, it was the first time,” Harry shakes his head, trying to find the correct words to explain what happened. “Dumbledore explained that my mother did this. You see, he says she died to save me. She put herself between him and me and refused to move.”

“Why did he want to kill you?” Hermione whispers in a terrified voice.

“Don’t know. I asked but Dumbledore said I’m not ready to know just yet,” Harry answers in an annoyed sort of way. “Anyway, Dumbledore says that because she did that, it set some kind of shield on me and evilness cannot touch me; an evil person cannot harm me thanks to her.”

“Whoa; that’s a useful shield,” Ron shakes his head in disbelief.

“It was the other night. There was no way I would have gotten out of there without it; Dumbledore would have arrived too late. Anyway, enough with me now, what about you two?”

“So that’s it; I’ll be able to answer all of your questions when I see you next week. I can’t wait to see you. Ron.”

The scene shifts again when Ron and Hermione begin recounting their part of the story to Harry and when it settles, the cousins find themselves standing in the much crowded common room where a party seems to be in full swing.

“June 10th,” Ron shouts in an excited voice, “hey Gin just a quick note to let you know WE WON THE HOUSE CUP!!! We weren’t supposed to but thanks to our little thing down in the dungeons, we won enough points to beat the Slytherins!! Oh and we have officially become stars in our House, it’s a bit overwhelming I must say; how we went from being ignored to having everyone wishing to talk to us... See you soon, Ron.”

The future kids finally spot the three little first years surrounded by a group of much taller teenagers, most likely fifth or sixth years.

“Congratulations kids, you just made history and won us the House Cup too!” a tall boy says, clapping Harry hard on the shoulder.

“Yeah, sorry about everything we said earlier; now we know you lost all of those points for a good cause,” another one pipes up trying to dismiss his earlier behaviour.

“At least they found a way to win them back; well done,” a girl argues as she shakes Ron’s hand.

“Never thought I’d see the day where Ickle Ronniekins would steal our thunder,” Fred says, coming up from behind his younger brother.

“We’ll leave you guys this day though, since it’s not about to happen again anytime soon,” George adds, coming to stand at his twin’s side.

“Anyhow, well done guys; you just saved the wizarding world, nothing less. Don’t let it go to your heads, especially not you Harry; we’re still missing the Quidditch Cup.”

“Yeah, we’ll definitely need that next year otherwise Oliver just might become the next Dark Lord you’ll need to save us from,” George says in mock terror.

When George turns away the scene dissolves itself and rematerializes in the boys' dormitory where clearly olderlooking Ron and Harry sit with their roomates.

“Oh, I think we’re starting the next year,” Lily pipes up excitedly.

“Yeah but we said we’d stop and go eat,” Hugo reminds them. Rose rolls her eyes but agrees none the less.

“I need to empty my head anyway,” she says, “I never imagined their first year to be so tough.”

“Me neither. If their second one is anything like it, we definitely need a break,” Al agrees.

“You guys remember the spell?” They all nod and take their wands out.

“Finite!” the chant together and vanish back to The Burrow.


Oh My God that's it!!! First year is over! How did you find my rendition? Please let me know what you thought of it, it will help me make the second year even better than this one!! Thank you for reading this far by the way; you have no idea how happy it makes me to see that people acually read and review it.

Edited 7/02/10 with the help of my great Beta Melissa aka Padfoot28! 

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Ronald's Box: The game of life and death


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