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Memories by Azaelas
Chapter 1 : Memories
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He watched her as she flowed through the room with grace; he’d been stalking and loving her since 7th year, after the war, the school year repeat, having to pretend he hated her. One summer changed all that. The summer they ran into each other in Diagon Alley and started secretly dating. You would wonder why they no longer loved each other; the truth was he still did. He had to do it, he was forced to. He had to take Hermione’s memory. That’s right Draco Malfoy loved Hermione Granger.




He could still picture her sitting in the café, drinking her sweet iced tea while reading Hogwarts: A History. He was across the table, he was drinking coffe and was watching her brown, curly hair tumble down her shoulders. They sat together and as he opened his eyes she disappeared again.




He toyed with the necklace, hidden under his robes that held her memories of him. They were in a locket with a picture of her sitting in his lap on a swing by the lake by his resort house. They were too young, but the feelings were there. You could see it, plain as day.




She ran into him,” Malfoy” she spat. It just broke his heart putting up with this. He wanted so badly to give her back the memories and have her love him again, the way she kissed him was unlike any other kiss he ever had. The way she comforted and forgave him for all the trouble he had caused her in her seven years, while he was going onto his eighth at Hogwarts. Having to live with her since they were the  Head’s.






He couldn’t, he promised he wouldn’t not until his father was dead. His father’s time was coming, but not soon enough for Draco. He wanted to hold her like nothing else mattered and to walk with her along the beach. He wanted to spoil her, since she’d never been spoiled before living with 5 cousins. He couldn’t bear seeing her kiss that stupid Weasel.






“Well, no smirk, no retort!?!” she asked surprised. He just shrugged and walked away before he could think anymore. Then he broke out into a run and ran into the Forbidden Forest. An owl came by swooping towards him. He opened the envelope.












            Your father is dead get back with that girl you were infatuated with. I believe in true love, not the stupid blood or wealth unlike your foolish father.












            For the first time in a very long time he smiled. Then he stopped he heard rustling behind him.” What the hell are you doing in my clearing?” Hermione yelled. Draco ran up and kissed her and she stood back confused and shocked.” What the bloody hell are you doing Malfoy!?!” he just stood back and opened the locket and let her regain all the memories his father had taken. The memories he had saved just for her.






            “You came back!” she yelled this time in an elated voice.

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Memories: Memories


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