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The Real Potters: Where It All Begins by LadyMalfoy23
Chapter 4 : Four Houses
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Name after name was called as face after unfamiliar face passed up to the stool placed at the front of the hall. The sorting hat would be placed on their heads, a house was called then one table always seemed to cheer louder than the others. Huffelpuff, Huffelpuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and then finally a face Nicole could actually recognize. The Larger of the boys from Malfoy's compartment stepped forward to the name Goyle, Gregory. The second the hat fell on his head it called out SLYTHERINE. Nicole rolled her eyes when she heard Malfoy and his other friend from the train snicker and give each other a high five.


A few more names were called then the name she was most interested in being sorted was called; Draco Malfoy. The hat fell over his eyes and was there for a lot longer than it had been with anybody else. Nicole couldn’t distinguish the feeling of disappointment or relief that came over her when she watched him saunter over to the Slytherin table. As she heard her name called she knew for sure her only emotions where fear, nerves, and anxiety. Dripping wet she slowly walked forward holding her breath as the brim of the hat covered her eyes engulfing her in darkness.


Less then a minute later she was sitting at the Gryffindor table next to George who instantly took out his wand and used a spell to attempt to dry her clothes and hair. Nicole watched the hat cover Harry's eyes and she squeezed tightly down on George's hand until hers went numb. She sighed a huge sigh of relief as he sat down next to her but kept tight hold of George's hand until Ron was on his other side also. Finally the last student to be sorted was the taller of the three boys with Malfoy, Zabini, Blaise. Then, the feast!


George was no deep in conversation Fred and Oliver Wood about the upcoming Quiddich tryouts. Harry and Ron were planning their first adventure already, leaving Nicole to poke at her potatoes In silence. She looked up to see the another first year girl across from her who was talking to Percy a few moments ago was staring straight at her.


"Hello'" was all Nicole could think of to say.


The girl blushed under her bushy brown curls, "Hello, are you alright? You took a right food fall into the lake earlier!" she rushed out.


"Oh that," Nicole said laughing it off, "I’m alright, I’ve had worse, I’m kind of a notorious klutz. Always falling, tripping, slipping, knocking things over, running into people and things. You get used to it I guess."


"Some people find it cute, yet nerve racking," George said quickly kissing her on the cheek and turning back to Oliver.


"I'm Nicole by the way. Nicole Potter," She said reaching across the table.


"Hermione, Hermione Granger!" she said shaking Nicole's outstretched hand. "I'm a muggleborn, this is all rather fascinating I think, I’ve been reading all my books and studying as much as I can ever since going to Diagon Alley. I thought being from a muggle family i need to prove something to everyone here."


"Oh my mum is muggle born, one of the brightest witches of her age! I like spending time with the muggles on her side of the family, I’ve learned a lot from them, but I would never give up being a witch for that!"


Before the end of dinner the two young witches were inseparable. talking about muggle and magical music bands, dancing boys, Quiddich, this years classes, potions, history of magic, and anything else you can think about.


In what seemed like no time the entire hall was filled with wonderful food and were led back to their dormitories by their house prefects. Hermione had just finished getting ready for bed and walked back into their room to find Nicole perched on her bed in her pajamas with a piece of parchment and her wand.


"What are you doing?" Hermione asked curiously climbing into bed.


"Oh its just something a family friend taught me to do with my wand. I use it to draw instead of my quill and ink so that I don’t waste so much ink. I love drawing have ever since i can remember, I’m sending this to my parents! It's of what we first saw of the castle from around the corner of the trees." Nicole said holding up the starts of a beautiful picture of the castle.


"That's REALLY good, I'm sure your parents will love it! I was never good at that kinds of things, just books for me I guess."


"Thanks," Nicole said smiling then yawned, "well falling into the lake has seemed to really wear me out, shall we go find our way to all our classes tomorrow?!" 


"Brilliant idea," Hermione responded as both girls blew out their candles and drifted off into peaceful sleep.

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