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Forbidden Love by malfoydraco
Chapter 4 : Wrong Words Weasley
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Disclaimer: I don’t own any of this except for the things that you don’t recognize form JKR’s book.


Granger sat down and laid her head on my shoulder, suddenly the compartment door opened and a person with very bright red  hair came in…Bright red haired figure that had come in had happened to be the figure of notorious Ronald Weasley.  


He looked towards Granger and me. He had a look of pure loathing and little concern. Instead of yelling at me, which I was surprised by he asked with what seemed to be fairly small amount of concern. “Mione what’s wrong?”  


He held his arms out. Granger jumped out of my arms, for what I inferred for two reasons one she hadn’t heard him come in and two because she recognized his voice and wanted to confront him. She walked over to the Weasel, eyes still streaming from her eyes. She very swiftly but very roughly smacked him across the face. 


He stumbled backwards his hand holding on to his cheek. He had a look of pure confusion plastered across his ugly face. He opened his mouth to say something, most likely something along the lines of “bloody- hell” but Granger had Beat him to it.


“How dare you, you horny bastard, call me by that name?”


“What the hell are you going on about?!” Weasley yelled.


“You know damn well what I’m going on about!” Even though her face was partially hidden I could tell that it was probably furious.


“No I don’t, but if you will care to explain I will be glad to listen,” he said more calmly. 


I tired my hardest to refrain from smirking. I succeeded but it was rather difficult. The bastard had know idea what he had just gotten himself into.


“Well Ronald I would be glad to explain,” her voice sounded rather dangerous. “ You see Ronald, I was heading back from the loo. When I saw one of my fellow classmates Cho Chang,” his face turned down into a frown. “and she was with a boy. That boy had red hair, pale skin and was about your height. Oh and you ask what they were doing ? Well I’ll tell you. They were SUCKING EACH OTHERS FACE OFF WHILE DOING A LITTLE DANCE WITH THEIR DAMN TONGUES!” 


I was glad that I had forgotten to take the silencing charm off. Hermione was yelling with more fury and volume then she had been while she was yelling. 


Weasley had a mixture of feelings playing across his face. These were anger, regret, and guilt. He seemed to be lost of words. I found this rather amusing. 


“Hermione I…” Weasley started.


“Ronald unless you are about to give me a logical very good excuse for why you had to have more then one girl when we have nothing wrong with our relationship then I want you out of this compartment,”


This sentence  seemed to infuriate Weasley since his expressions on his face had exchanged to dark, and rather terrifying. “Hermione what do you mean there’s nothing wrong with us? The thing that we have done that is not to be seen in public is making-out for ten seconds and that rarely ever happens.  You don’t do anything spontaneous,!”


“So you think I can’t be spontaneous? You think that I’m boring? You think that I’m this little bookworm Gryffindor who is  never going to put out. Well I’ll show you Mr. Weasley that I can be as every bit as spontaneous as Cho Chang,” 


Granger turned toward me. She stepped closer and…


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TTYNC (talk to you next chapter)






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