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The Very First Kiss by katiefelton
Chapter 3 : The Visit from Viktor
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Chapter 3:D     


Amazing chapter image by Anna_Black a TDA!

"I could feel it go down,

bittersweet, I could taste in my mouth.

Silver lining the could.

Oh, and I wonder what it's all about."

-The Hardest Part, Coldplay

            “What?!” the group shouted in unison.

            The mouths of everyone in the dimly lit room lay agape as they gawked at one other in shock. Beside them, Healer Mismick stood silently with her hands folded in front of her navy robes.

            “You can’t be serious,” shot Neville beside a still Luna.

            Healer Mismick sighed.

            “I understand that this is a complication.”

            “A very large complication.” murmured Ginny.”

            Silence fell over the group once again for a few moments.

            “At least there is a possible cure to wake her,” Healer Mismick reminded them, “Many are less fortunate than Miss Granger.”

            “Is there anything else you can do?” pleaded Harry as Ginny clutched his arm.

            Healer Mismick bowed her head.

            “I’m afraid there is nothing I am able to do, Harry. No potion or spell can awake her.”

            “And what happens, if we are unable to find the first person that kissed her?” asked Luna in her still whimsical tone.

            “Miss Granger will remain in her current state until the lips of the first man that kissed her meet hers once again.”

            Ginny released Harry’s firm forearm and lowered herself by Hermione’s limp side, taking her frigid hands between her fingers.

            “What should we do Healer Mismick?”

            She sighed once more and lifted her hands to speak.

            “There is nothing more that I or my team can assist you in. As her closet friends, I believe it is up to you to discover who kissed her first. After all, you do know her best.”

            They exchanged glances with one another as a few members of Healer Mismick’s team excused themselves to check on other patients.

            “Ms. Granger will be allowed to stay here, in the private ward. I will come and do routine check-ups to make sure she is in a stable condition.”

            She was answered with silence once again.

            The sudden ringing of the traditional clock on the opposite wall seemed to eject the room from its trance. Healer Mismick narrowed her eyes to survey the time, and turned back to the group.

            “It is very late. I suggest that you all leave for the night and get some rest. Miss. Granger will be safe here.”

            Harry walked over to Healer Mismick, and shook her hand.

            “Thank you so much for everything you and your team has done tonight. We’ll probably stay for a few more minutes.”

            “I’ll keep watch of her. Do not worry, Harry.”

            Healer Mismick held Harry’s hand comfortingly between her two wrinkled ones, and after a somber smile, turned her billowing clock to Harry as she departed from the room. After watching her figure turn from the entrance, Harry sat on the bed beside Hermione’s. Everyone, including Neville and Luna followed, except Ron.

            Ron had remained silent for the remainder of Healer Mismick’s conversation, and stood staring blankly at the foot of Hermione’s bed.

            “Say something, Ron,” Harry coaxed him.

            He stayed as white as a stark sheet, and made no movements.

            “Oh for goodness sake Ron, stop being so bloody dramatic,” snapped Ginny from Hermione’s side.

            Ron’s eyes widened.

            “Dramatic?! You say I’m being dramatic?! Hermione’s just laying there half-dead!”

            “But there’s a way to cure her!” reminded Ginny.

            Ron moaned.

            “But that involves her kissing some prince-like git as if we were in some ruddy children’s fairy-tale!” he cried.

            Ron huffed as he crossed his arms across his chest, and threw himself on the foot of Hermione’s bed.

            “I don’t like this at all. Not one bit,” Ron hissed as he pulled his arms tighter across his chest.

            Harry sighed.

            “No one does, Ron. But there’s nothing else we can do,” he stated.

            He was answered with silence. The group stared down at their laps as their minds raced.

            “Alright, Harry, what do we do now?” asked Ginny with concerned eyes.

            Harry ran a hand through his disheveled hair, and brought his eyes to the group.

            “We have to find the first person who kissed Hermione.”

            Ron moaned.

            “It could be anyone, Harry! A random muggle neighbor when she was little, or cousin who didn’t know any better, or….”

            “Calm down Ron,” Harry shot.

            Even with the frantic tone in Ron’s voice, everyone knew that what he said was the truth. They did have an endless list of people to consider, and the fact that Hermione wasn’t speaking at the moment, would prove to be a problem.

            “Wait a minute,” Harry murmured, as his eyes narrowed.

            “What is it Harry?” Luna cooed.

            Harry’s face lit instantly up, and he opened his mouth.

            “It was Krum! Viktor Krum! It has to be!”

            Everyone, with the exception of Ron, seemed to lift in spirits.

            “They were partners at the Yule ball!” Neville added excitedly.

            “Am I right Ginny? He was her first, er,” he glanced at Ron, “first acquaintance.”

            Ginny nodded.

            “Well, I know they snogged for sure.”

            Ron moaned from the end of the bed, causing Ginny to roll her eyes angrily at her brother once again, and throw her hands in the air.

            “Oh come on, Ron. You had to know they kissed.”

            He lowered his eyes to the floor, and suddenly became interested with the bedspread.

            “I figured they did….I guess.”

            Ginny looked at Harry.

            “Harry, I know she kissed Krum,” she paused to throw another glare at Ron after he stifled another sound from his throat, “but we don’t know if he was the first man to kiss her. We just can’t be sure. And besides, you know that he recently became engaged to the French Minister’s daughter, and I don’t think he’ll think it’s appropriate to kiss his ex Hermione Granger while planning his wedding.”

            Harry seemed dejected, and knew that his wife was indeed right. They could only ask Viktor to come only if they knew for certain that it was him. He lifted his head as he heard healers shuffle by the room. He turned back to see Luna and Neville rising from their seats.

            “Harry, I don’t think Neville and I can be of much help. We weren’t as close to Hermione as you were, you see, and don’t have the slightest idea of who she snogged first.”

            Neville nodded.

            “We’ll be back to visit tomorrow. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do.”

            “Thank you both. You were great tonight. We’ll see you tomorrow.”

            Luna and Neville said their goodbyes and gave their hugs, and proceeded to leave the ward hand in hand to head home. The three remaining watched their figures disappear, and returned to their silence.

            “We should head home too, Harry,” Ginny murmured to her husband, “We can come back early in the morning,” she rubbed his shoulder, “You need some rest.”

            She turned to her brother.

            “You too Ron. You need sleep.”

            He remained motionless.

            “Ron,” Harry stated as he stood and grabbed his friend’s arm, “Ron you should head home.”

            “I know.”

            “We’ll be back tomorrow, bright and early,” soothed Ginny.”

            After they each took one last glance at their fallen friend, the three turned and departed from the dim room.

           Sleep was beckoning at Harry’s weighted eyelids as he held the front door open for Ginny to pass through, into the unlit house. He heard the rhythmic creak of her padded footsteps on the wooden stairs slowly fade into the rafters, while he muttered the incantations to lock the house for the night. Before ascending the stairs, he paused, grabbing onto the banister, and sighed.

            When he turned the knob to enter the master bedroom, his ears caught the sound of Ginny preparing herself for bed behind the door of the bathroom, and he paced to the closet to do the same.

            “Harry, did you lock the doors?” shouted Ginny from behind the pallid door, as Harry threw on his night clothes.

            “Yeah, I did,” he responded, thrusting his arm through the sleeve of his cotton nightshirt.

            After he finished, Harry opened the door, finding Ginny beginning to crawl beneath the crimson duvet comforters. He removed his circular glasses from the bridge of his noise, and buried his lower half into the bed just has Ginny had.

            The two sat propped up, backs leaning against the fabric headboard, reminiscing of the days wronged events.

            “So it’s not Krum?” Harry stated as he turned his head a fraction to Ginny.

            She shrugged her shoulders after a sigh, repositioning her scarlet hair.

            “I didn’t say it wasn’t possible, but I just can’t be sure. I mean, we can’t call him all the way to London, away from his fiancé and professional quidditch team unless we are completely confident. And honestly, I just don’t know.”

            Harry nodded beside her, commencing another prolonged silence.

            “There’s nothing else we can do tonight, Harry. We need sleep,” she said lovingly as she rubbed his shoulder.

            Harry returned her soft smile.

            “You’re right, Ginny.”

            After pecking her on the lips, he threw a hand over to his side table, and dimmed the lamp, sending the room into darkness.

            “Goodnight, Ginny. I love you.”

            “Love you too, Harry.”

            Harry held his wife’s warm hand for a few moments, but was instantly overtaken with a deep sleep. 

           The truth about Harry was that he slept through almost anything. He was notorious for staying under through the windiest, hailing thunderstorms, the thundering of Ron’s snores, the incessant pecking of a ministry owl against his bay window, and even his wife’s occasional continual reciting of the entire roster of the Chudley Cannons during her occasional sleep talks; all of it.

            But that night, Harry discovered something new that penetrated his deep slumber: Ginny jumping out of her sleep, and yelling her lung’s full capacity.


            His eyelids fluttered for a small increment, but refused to open.

            “What, Ginny?” he croaked.

            “COME ON HARRY! WAKE UP!”

            This time Harry’s exhausted narrowed eyes glanced at the clock on the wall, which read 2:12 AM.

            “What the…” he muttered under his breath.

            The next thing he felt was Ginny’s prized goose down feather pillow colliding with his face.

            “WILL YOU GET UP ALREADY!”

            Harry rolled over to see Ginny, standing on her knees, with her pillow raised above her head preparing to fire once again.

            “Alright! I’m awake, I’m awake,” he muttered groggily as his hand flew to his face to protect himself, “What is it?”

            The giddy expression on her face told Harry that she was thrilled about something.

            “I really don’t know how I remembered this, Harry I really don’t. It just came back to me in my dream, and I can’t believe I forgot about this!” she shot excitedly.

            “And what would that be?”

            “I can’t believe I just remembered this now, but I’m thrilled I did! Anyways, during your second year, and my first, while you and Ron were off doing who knows what between classes, Lavender Brown and Pavarti Patil, along with some of the other girls in the common room were sharing all their secrets about kissing. I mean, I’m sure neither of them had kissed before, since they were so gossipy and annoying….”

            Harry crossed his elbows as his back pressed against the headboard, and narrowed his eyes.

            “You woke me up at 2:15 in the morning to divulge secret frilly girl talk to me from second year?” he commented.

            Through the darkness, he saw her eyes playfully narrow as she threatened to reach for the pillow once again.

            “Be patient Harry, I’m getting there. Anyways, Hermione and I were there too. We didn’t really say anything, considering we weren’t big fans of theirs. The whole talk stopped because of dinner, I remember. Oh, this is the part, Harry! After dinner, Hermione and I walked back to the common room together. On the way back, Hermione told me that she had never kissed anyone before. And I said that I hadn’t either. She was a bit embarrassed because Pavarti and Lavendar made it seem as if it was normal for every girl that that time to have snogged at least five boys. Don’t you see Harry?!” she shouted excitedly.

            Harry narrowed his eyes as he attempted to digest the entire memory that Ginny had just shared.

            “Harry, Hermione told me during second year that she hadn’t kissed anyone yet! And she wasn’t with anyone for the rest of second year, or third, until fourth year, during the Triwizard Tournament, when she met…..”

            Harry shot up.

            “….Viktor Krum!”

            He understood know.

            “It has to be Krum, Harry! Everything fits!” Ginny shouted again.

            Harry grinned in the darkness.

            “Ginny, you’re bloody brilliant!” he yelled as he flew across the bed and wrapped his arms around her.

            “Thanks, Harry,” she said while smiling.

            They hugged and chatted about their excitement for a few moments, each thrilled about Ginny’s discovery.

            “So what do we do now?” Ginny asked.

            “We’ll tell the others in the morning, and get Krum here. Tomorrow, he’ll kiss her, and Hermione will be back with us!”

            “That sounds great,” she responded, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to fall back asleep. I’m too excited!”

            Harry and Ginny repositioned themselves underneath the covers; he wrapped his arms around Ginny, and she nuzzled her face into his chest.

            “I’ll see you in the morning Harry. Good night again. Love you.”

            “Night Ginny. Love you more.”

            Silence took over the room once again, as Harry began to drift off back into his deep slumber. Then Ginny’s whisper broke through the stillness.



            “I didn’t hit you too hard with the pillow, right? You know how I get when I’m excited.”

            Harry smiled to himself.

            “I think I’ll recover.”

            The next morning at St. Mungo’s, Ginny and Harry could barely contain their fervid excitement about their epiphany the previous night. After retelling it to Ron, Luna, and Neville, each had the same look of chagrin on their faces that resembled Harry’s the first time he heard Ginny’s tale.

            “And this relates because…” Ron shot as he attempted to sort it out.

            Ginny gave a sigh of frustration as she crossed her arms against her chest.

            “It relates, you tosspot, because that means Hermione didn’t kiss anyone before second year.  And she wasn’t with anyone during third year, or fourth, until Viktor Krum. It has to be him!”

            Ron seemed a bit relieved but showed signs of agitation that he would have to witness Krum snog Hermione.

            “That’s mighty brilliant thinking, Ginny!” exclaimed Neville.

            “Thanks Neville,” she said as he embraced her.

            Everyone glanced at Hermione, who still lay in her still state.

            “So, what’s the plan Harry?” asked Ron.

            Harry crossed his arms and held his stubble chin in his fingertips.

            “Now that I think about it, I think it would be best if we go talk to him in person.  After all, that would be a very strange request from an owl, not to mention he’s probably busy.”

            He turned to Luna.

            “Luna, can you owl my secretary, and tell her to send a message to Krum? I want him to know that we’re coming.”

            “Of course, Harry,” she chirped.

            “I’ll go with her,” followed Neville, as the two disapparated with a crack.

            Ginny stepped forward.

            “I’ve interviewed the Bulgarian National team for my section of the daily prophet a few times, Harry. They’ll probably be practicing right now.”

            “So, you’ll take us to the stadium?”

            “Yes.” She turned to Ron, “Are you coming with us?”

            He looked up from his position on Hermione’s bed.

            “As much as I would love to reunite with the Bulgarian bonbon, I think I’ll stay here with Hermione,” he shot sarcastically.

            Ginny rolled her eyes.

            “Fine then. We’ll see you later.”

            “Bye Ron,” said Harry as Ginny grabbed his forearm, and snapped from the room with a crack.

            Ginny and Harry landed in the Bulgarian national stadium with a thud. Ginny straightened out her shirt, and Harry began to survey their surroundings.

            The had landed in one of the private boxes that lined the chrome stadium, which was covered in crimson banners, autographed posters, and was filled with exquisite furniture.

            “Ginny, we can’t just land in a private box!”

            She shot him a smug look.

            “Harry, relax. I’m a reporter, and have clearance. The players come here after games to get interviewed.”

            “Oh,” he muttered.

            They walked over to the massive windows that ran from the ceiling to the maroon carpeted floors, and looked out over the massive stadium. High above the pitch, the players in practice uniforms dove gracefully on their gleaming brooms.

            Ginny slid open the glass door, and was followed by Harry onto the balcony. She then held up one of her arms, and began waving at the mass of players.

            “It’s a closed practice Ginny!” Harry shot as he grabbed her arm.

            “Harry, please. You’re the head of the auror department, and a high ranking ministry official. Not to mention that you saved the world from sheer destruction and chaos. He can make time for you.”

            Harry shugged in agreement, and to his surprise, watched as one of the figures broke away from the group, and began to fly toward them

            Ginny grinned.

            “See? There’s Krum now.”

            She was right; Harry could now just make out his muscular profile. He had reached them within a half a minute, and slowly touched his boots down and slid off his custom mahogany broom. Viktor smiled as he extended a hand to Harry.

            “Harry Potter,” he drawled in his thick Bulgarian accent, “It ez good to see you vonce again.”

             “And you as well,” Harry smiled as he shook his firm grip, “I think the last time was Bill and Fleur’s wedding, right?”

            He chuckled.

            “I think so.”

            Viktor turned to Ginny.

            “Ah, Ginny Potter. It ez so nice to see you.” He stated as he shook her hand too.

            “Hi Viktor, the season’s going well I see?”

            “Very vell. So far we have not dropped a single match yet this season, even though it is still early.”

            After they finished their greetings, Viktor spoke.

            “I just received your owl a few minutes ago. Urgent business I see. How can I help you?”

            Harry and Ginny exchanged glances before Harry addressed his question.

            “Well, last night, my team of aurors and I were hunting a group of death eaters who have been responsible for the attacks against muggleborns. We got caught in a nasty raid.”

            Viktor’s eyes widened.

            “Did you catch all of them?”

            “As a matter of fact, we did.”

            “Oh, that is good. You are unstoppable, Harry.”

            He nodded.

            “Yes, it was great to catch them, but we had an incident happen.”

            Harry paused to steal another glance at Ginny.

            “Hermione was hit with a powerful dark curse.”

            Viktor’s mouth dropped a little, as he seemed upset over the news of Hermione’s fate. After all, he had been very attached to her for some time, and considered her a friend.

            “Vell, is she alright?” he shot.

            “She’s alive, Viktor, and we’re very lucky for that. But the curse…put her into an, an….eternal sleep.”

            “Eternal sleep?” Viktor answered with a bit of sorrow,” Is there no way to vake her?”

            Harry cleared his throat.

            “Well Viktor, that’s the reason why we’re here. We need your help with that.”

            “Anything, Harry. I’ll do anything to help her.”

            After staring into Viktor’s pleading face, he sighed and continued.

            “There is a way to wake her, Viktor. She has to be kissed by the very first man who kissed her.”

            Viktor’s expression vanished from his face, and his cheeks flushed red, as he suddenly became interested with his broom before glancing at Harry once again.

            “And you think that I vas the one to kiss Hermione?”

            Ginny stepped forward.

            “Yes, we’re pretty sure.”

            Viktor sighed deeply.

            “My fiancé would not be pleased with me.”

            “It’s just one kiss, Viktor. Just one quick kiss. Just come to London with us right now, kiss her, and then you can go right back home,’ Ginny pleaded.

            Viktor nodded.

            “I will do anything you help you and Hermione.”

            “Thank you so much Viktor,” responded Harry, “Can we leave now?”

            “Yes, right away,” Viktor said as the three grabbed each other’s arms, and disapparated from the private box.


            They landed in front of the private ward, almost colliding with one of the healers, who gave a small yelp when Viktor almost knocked her petite frame onto the floor.

            “I am very sorry madame,” Viktor shot as he helped balance the lady on her feet.

            For a moment, her eyes narrowed to scold her assailant, but as soon as she met his face, her eyes widened in shock.

            “Oh, Mr. Krum! Please forgive me,” she stated with the demeanor of a giddy child on Christmas morning.

            “Do not worry Madame, it vas nothing,” he attested.

            After another smile she continued on her way through the hall, and beside him, Harry caught Ginny smirking.

            When the trio traversed into the private ward, their eyes caught Healer Mismick, Ron, Luna, and Neville all waiting patiently around Hermione. At the sight of Viktor Krum, each stood, filling the room with anticipation.

            “Hallo everyone,” he greeted with a smile.

            After shaking Neville and Luna’s hands, he reached Healer Mismick.

            “I must say, I am impressed you all were able to discover him so quickly,” she said before she shook Krum’s hand, “It is so very nice to meet you Mr. Krum.”

            “You too, Healer Mismick,” answered Krum with another grin.

            Viktor caught Ron’s eye as he slowly paced over to the group. Ron awkwardly glanced at the floor before hesitantly extending a hand.

            “Um, hi Viktor. Thanks for coming,” he half muttered.

            Viktor seemed unphased by Ron’s demeanor, and gladly shook his hand.

            “Anything to help my friends.”

            His eyes soon found Hermione’s limp frame on the bed to his right.

            “Oh, Hermione,” he stated with a twinge of despair as he walked over to her bedside, as the others followed.

            “So, she is sleeping?”

            “Indeed she is. I’ve never seen anything like it my life, I can assure that,” answered Healer Mismick.

            Viktor coughed as he turned to the group.

            “So, what exactly do I ‘ave to do?”

            Healer Mismick wrung her hands.

            “All you have to do is kiss her on the lips, Mr. Krum, and the cure will lift.”

            “Alright,” he stated, as a small moan escaped Ron’s throat.

            After setting down his broom on the other bed beside him, he almost seemed to be preparing himself, but then suddenly stood up.

            “All of you ‘ave to promise that what happened ‘ere will remain in this room. If this gets out to the Daily Prophet, and my fiancé find out, she will not be pleased. And that is an understatement.”

            Harry stepped forward.

            “Nothing leaves this room Krum. These are all my top aurors, and my wife and I trust everyone; nothing will leave this room.”

            “We have a patient privacy policy at St. Mungos, Mr. Krum. Nothing will be released,” Healer Mismick assured.

            Viktor nodded.

            “Thank you,” he turned to Hermione, “Vell, here it goes.”

            They all held their breath as Viktor bent his tall, muscular body over Hermione, and slowly brought his face to her frigid lips. After a brief pause, his collided with Hermione’s. He kept upon hers for a few moments, and slowly stood from his position as everyone fled to Hermione’s side.

            Silence fell over the room as everyone circled around Hermione, waiting for her eyelids to flutter open. Through the open window, the rays of sunlight brought a soft breeze that drifted the curtains from their stillness against the wall. As each second passed, each heart sunk a fraction. After a few minutes of utter silence, Hermione had still not opened her eyes.

            “What’s going on? Why isn’t she waking up?” cried Ron as he clutched her hand.

            Ginny began rubbing Hermione’s fingers, almost as if the friction would bring her to life.

            “Hermione, can you hear me?” whispered Harry into her ear, “Hermione, please wake up.”

            Viktor stood from the bed.

            “Did I do something incorrectly? Should I kiss her again?”

            “I don’t think that’s necessary,” snapped Ron under his breath.

            Healer Mismick leaned over Hermione, and began to check her vital signs. After examining Hermione for a few minutes, she released a sorrow filled sigh.

            “She is still asleep.”

            “What?” sounded the cries of the group.

            Ginny frantically glanced at Healer Mismick.

            “I, I don’t understand. Why isn’t it working?”

            Healer Mismick sighed heavily as she folded her arms over her chest.

            “I’m afraid it isn’t working, Mrs. Potter, because Mr. Krum wasn’t her first. It appears that someone else kissed Ms. Granger, before Mr. Krum.”

            On the opposite side of the bed, Neville almost caught Ron before he fell to the floor.

It's not Viktor Krum! Well, who could it be? *wink, wink*:P

*Just a side note, J.K Rowling said in an interview that Ginny became a quidditch correspondent for the daily prophet. I'm staying with her in this one.

And as for the next chapter, a certain blonde Slytherin finally turns up:D

This may be my last story update before the queue closure next week.  For Trapped on Titanic readers, i'm done with the next chapter, and ready to post it! But I don't think it will be updated before everything closes down:( So, I guess this is my Christmas chapter!

I wanted to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas! I love you all so much, and you have helped make this year beyond amazing:D All of your support and reviews motivate me to do what I love most, writing. All of you, Ardeel, Caley, Jakeyboyxxx, fourmusketeers, no1harrypotterfan, Gerrand, Isannah, whataboutregulus, horsebabe, beforethestorm, amunet, couldyoureallynow, rainbowsocks, alex11215, ivyblack, Syltherin, Alonia187, foreverpirate, Empreal Evadine, whisper in the wind, patchorjm, spaz, clarevampress, JamesandLillyxxx, Harmonyblue, lilylover, appreciative reader, kitiju, stace dragoness 101, Mrs, Felton, Ms Radelyn, mikalily, vixen, Sarita Malfoy, Happy, Just some reader, SaritaMalfoy, Weasleygirl03, Rawr123, Jia, ravenclawfreak, dawn, jadeicfire, crystalblue, Emc, Alonia, Ellu just to name a  few, are amazing! So if you're traveling or not, be safe!

And a new Trapped on Titanic chapter should start off the new year. *Eekk, i'm graduating next year!! How strange;P*

Thank you all so much again! And have a Merry Christmas and New Year!
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