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Nothing Sirius by ElectrixxSoul
Chapter 11 : The Holidays
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“So how have you been feeling Melora?”


Melora stared out the window of St. Mungo’s at the gray London sky and smiled. “I’ve been alright. A lot of throwing up, and I’ve been a little moody, but besides that I think I’m fine.”


It was almost Christmas. Melora, home for the holidays, had gone with her mother to her second Healer appointment. Sirius had written to ask if she wanted him to come, but she decided they had been lucky enough at their meeting with Dumbledore. If Sirius came with her, her parents might be a little less forgiving.


Healer Jacoby nodded and scribbled a few notes down on her chart, “Good, that’s all normal. Your morning sickness should subside in a few weeks.”


The blonde nodded and focused back on the Healer, who was now mixing a few ingredients together in a beaker. Melora’s mother, Maryanne, was in the chair next to the examination table, looking nervous. Maryanne was naturally a sort-of nervous woman, whose blonde hair was streaked with gray. Like Melora, she had been in Ravenclaw, and Melora’s father liked to tell her about the panic attacks her mother used to have during exams.


Maryanne never found these memories to be very funny.


“So Melora, drink this,” Healer Jacoby handed her the potion she had been mixing, “and then we’ll check on the baby.”


Melora did as she was told and winced at the taste of the potion. Healer Jacoby then muttered a spell and gave her wand a flick. An image floated over Melora’s stomach. It was difficult to tell what it was at first, but her mother and the Healer pointed out the small outline of the baby.


“Ten fingers and ten toes, and that’s the heartbeat right there.” Healer Jacoby explained, “This is a nice strong baby, I can tell.” Tears welled up in Maryanne’s eyes and Melora smiled at the sight.

Christmas at the Jones’ was an uneventful affair.


Maryanne was a muggleborn witch, so Christmas evening was usually spent at her parents’ house, with little to no conversation as they had a distrust of the magic that they believed took their daughter away. Melora had decided they should add her pregnancy to the list of things not to talk about with her maternal grandparents, so the dinner went quietly and Melora’s grandparents gave her a hideous jumper she would never wear and that was that.


Both Walter Jones’s parents had died a few years ago, although he did have a brother who was married and living in Whales. They had a daughter, Gwenog, who Melora adored, although Gwen was 8 years younger. But they were off on holiday in Australia, so the morning was spent with just Melora and her parents, opening presents and enjoying the light snow that had begun to fall outside from the comfort of their warm home.


In addition to money from her aunt and uncle, a hand drawn card from Gwen, some more clothes (maternal wear, Melora noted with distaste), a new potions kit, and a set of quills she had been eyeing from her parents, Beatrice had sent Melora chocolates and a book entitled, “Tips for the Busy Pregnant Witch”, which made her smile.


However, later that day, the holiday got a little more eventful.


Melora had been bundled up on her couch, reading her new book and eating some gingerbread cookies her mother had made, when the familiar tapping of an owl against the window caught her attention. Melora made a face at this, but got up nonetheless for the owl.


It had been carrying a rather large package addressed to her in Sirius’s now familiar scrawl. Melora rolled her eyes and took the package, giving the owl a treat before sending it on its way. She should have been expecting this.


Before the holidays, she and Sirius had decided not to exchange gifts. She had felt guilty afterwards, being mostly motivated by Bea and Lily’s comments that she and Sirius were in a relationship, but it was a mutual decision.


Or at least she thought it was. Apparently, Sirius had felt differently.


With a heavy sigh, Melora tore off the brown paper covering and held up her present. It was a bright magenta jumper, more hideous than the one from her grandparents. Across the chest, ‘Baby Mama’ was knitted in bright blue.


Melora flushed at the present and bundled it into a ball, shoving it under her arm as she fumbled to read the letter that had fallen out with it. If her parents caught sight of the jumper, she would die of embarrassment.


Dear Melora,


I know we agreed on no gifts, but James thinks when girls say that, it’s a test and if I didn’t get you something, I was going to fail it. I know that’s a load, but James can be a right prick when you don’t listen to him and Lily’s over the Potters’ for the holidays and he got her to agree with him that I should get you a gift and she’s even worse than James when you don’t listen to her. So I decided to make you a sweater, which I think came out rather well considering how rubbish I am at knitting charms. Sorry about the colors though, they were the only ones Mrs. Potter had.

Also, don’t feel like you had to get me a gift, because I only did this to get James and Lily to shut up.




Melora smiled as she finished the letter. It was a funny story, but she did still feel like a she should get him a present.


She spread the sweater out again and traced the letters with her finger. Yes, she should get him a present and Melora knew exactly what it would be.

 The night of Christmas day, Sirius, James, and Lily lounged around the fire in the Potter’s living room. They had gone out earlier for a snowball fight with Remus and Peter who had visited for a few hours, and were now exhausted.   


“Do you think Melora liked the sweater?” Sirius asked with a lazy smirk, watching the flames of the fire flicker.


Lily rolled her eyes, “When I agreed with James that you should send her something, I meant sending her a nice card or a book on pregnancy, not the most hideous piece of clothing on the planet.”


James laughed, “Really? Cause that was exactly what I meant.”


Sirius nodded, “Yeah, I definitely would rather get a homemade sweater than some ruddy old book.”


“I still think you should have made her matching socks,” James sniggered.


Lily opened her mouth to retort, but was cut off by an owl tapping on the window. James stood up and let the bird in. Like the owl that had shown up at Melora’s several hours earlier, this one had a brown paper package with Sirius’s name on it tied to its leg with a letter. James tossed the package to Sirius and opened the letter, while Lily took care of the owl.


“Dear Sirius,” James read aloud, “Thanks for the sweater. Tell James he was wrong, I really meant we shouldn’t exchange gifts, but since you insisted, I think this makes up for my lack of gift earlier. Melora” He and Lily looked at Sirius, who opened the package.


Inside was a mug the same magenta color of Melora’s jumper. On it in bright sparkly blue letters were the words ‘#1 Dad’.


Lily and James laughed loudly at the sight of the mug. Sirius inspected it with a grin. “Do you think she’d wear the jumper, if I promised to use this?” he asked.

A/N- I doubt anyone cares, but in the 6th chapter, one rumor is that Sirius only slept with Melora because she was muggleborn. But in this chapter, you can clearly see both her parents are magic. I’m going to go with the student spreading rumor doesn’t know Melora very well, beyond that she’s not pureblood.

I wanted to wait until the actual holidays to put this up, but the waiting got to me =] So consider it an early holiday gift.

 And as a present to me, you can all review!

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