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She Isn't by mugglemania
Chapter 1 : She Isn't
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"You're Lily Evans," a towheaded girl stopped in front of our family, as we were walking down a street in London, having came from some stupid invisible place my sister, Lily, called Diagonal Alley or something.



What a name! As if those freaks actually learned anything useful at that Pigzits school, I smirked, At least people from my school will be able to have normal jobs and lives and not be turning our living room couch into a rhino. I still shudder at the memory, which Lily and my parents just love bringing up.



"Do I know you?" my sister asked.



As though not everyone knew the perfect Lily Evans, I thought enviously.



"No, I'm Hermia," the girl replied cheerfully as she shook Lily’s hand.



Those freaks have such odd names. Why aren’t they ever called Sarah? Or Clarisse? I said that to Lily once when she mentioned a Serious person and she said that I should speak, being named Petunia. Like I chose my name!



"How do you know me?" Lily asked uncertainly.



Right, as if you aren’t the most popular, overly-friendly girl I’ve ever met.



"Everyone at Hogwarts knows you."



Drat, she is even popular at that freak school of hers (of course). I only have two friends and they gossip about me every time my back is turned and I have only had two boyfriends, neither of whom were really liked me. One of them was trying to get to Lily. From Lily’s letters (which I always burn) she has had dozens.



"They do?"



Yeah Lily like you do not know and love that fact.



"Well maybe if James Potter would let up..." Hermia said hesitantly, “But Slughorn also raves about you so do half the other teachers in the school.”



Shoot, Lily is top of her classes, ridiculous as they are (Poisons and Diving-nation and such) and it sounds like even has a devoted boyfriend. I would not doubt she also has all those halfwit boys drooling all over her. I wish I had boys drooling all over me, suddenly, I shook my head, No, I do not want anything Lily has.



"Yep he's such a git. I wish he would get it through his thick head that I can’t stand him," Lily said firmly.



Hmmm maybe Lily's life is not so perfect. Did this James cheat on her or something? At least Vernon truly cares for me. Even if he isn’t the best guy in the world.



“I think you should go out with him, even if he can be an arrogant jerk. Everyone in the school has bets on when you’ll say yes,” Hermia added.



So the students gamble in that school. Downright unhealthy being exposed to dangerous habits, like gambling and enchanting my hair curlers to roll around on the floor and so I have to chase them all afternoon!



Lily sniffed loudly.



"Yeah, well see you around,” Hermia waved as she began walking away.



Oh, I’m sure. She is probably one of those brainless ninnies who follows Lily and practically stalks her, copying her every move.



“Nice meeting you, bye.”



Lily’s always seems so polite and mum loves her for it. At least I have feelings even if they are sometimes rude to show. I have a boyfriend who I like, or at least he is rich. I go to a perfectly respectful school and learn perfectly respectful subjects, like math and science.



As we walked off, I deluded myself more and more that I was better, until I actually thought my sister was horrible.



Which she isn’t.

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She Isn't: She Isn't


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