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Of Hearts, Malfoys, and Roses by Miss MarlaG
Chapter 1 : James. Is. Six. Feet. Underground.
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The lyrics I have here are from the Smiths J this is part two of OF HEARTS, MALFOYS, AND COUSINS. Originally, it wasn’t supposed to have a sequel, but a lot of months later I told myself “to heck with it” and wrote it up. It would have been fun to know what actually happen about the little bomb was dropped when Scorpius called Rose. You may understand this on your own, but if you wish, you can go and read the first one, OF HEARTS, MALFOYS, AND COUSINS, and then you will understand this one better.  Anyways, enjoy the finale of Of Hearts, Malfoys, and Cousins with OF HEARTS, MALFOYS, AND ROSES.


I wouldn’t pick up the phone.

I wouldn’t pick up the damn phone.

I wouldn’t.







Damn. I picked up the damn phone.

Oh for God’s great grandmother will you please just let the aritmia growing in my heart paralyze it and make me die? Please? Please? I absolutely will kill James. As soon as I hang up, I will steal dad’s Firebolt and make a break for the Potter’s mansion, where I will hunt down James and kill him. No! better, I will steal dad’s Firebolt and make a break for the Potter’s mansion’s backyard, where I will hunt down a snake, learn parsel, make it work for me, break inside the Potter’s mansion, hunt down James, make the snake eat him, and leave him there terribly maimed.  That would work better. Then I would hop on the Firebolt, fly to Scorpius’ house in Scotland, break in, punch Mr. Malfoy (just ‘cuz I feel like it), run into Scorpius’ arms, erase his memory and fly back home. Yeah. That’s a nice plan.


Oh right. I was on the phone with him. “Hi,” I gurgled. I was sweating. O God, I was seriously sweating. Rose Weasley doesn’t sweat!

It takes a guy like Scorpius Malfoy to make Rose Weasley sweat.

Although the situation could have been making me sweat. The whole “Rose called Scorpius to confess her true love but accidentally called James who laughed in her face (ear) and called Scorpius” was a real sweat let-out.

I could just see him frown. “You sound weird… James called and said you needed to talk to me. I couldn’t understand the rest because he was laughing so hard. What do you need?”

I closed my eyes. Screw Aritmia. Screw the research clinic. Screw my pervy mental images. This was real, and this was now. This was freaking now. It was happening. It was real. It wasn’t unreal. It wasn’t my insane imagination. It wasn’t an illusion created by the last bits of sanity I had fading. I was hearing his voice. It wasn’t in my mind. It wasn’t –


Damn. I’ve got to stop going on about senseless things and remember I’m on the phone with him. “I’m here,” I breathed.

“Okay.” He sounded relieved. As if maybe he thought I was lying down on the ground without oxygen. “What did you want to tell me?”

“Well, did you know Dumbledore was gay and he was in love with the second darkest wizard of all time?” I blurted out. Wow. Where did that come from?

There was a pause. “…Really?”

I paused. “Uh-huh.”

Another pause on his behalf. “Are you serious?”

I paused again. “Uh-huh.”

“Wow! I mean, Albus Dumbledore, the most extraordinaire wizard there was, gay? And in love with a dark wizard?”

I frowned. “Don’t forget it was your father who tried to kill him multiple times when he was sixteen.”

I could just hear his beautiful, beautiful grimace. “Don’t remind me,” he added bitterly. He wasn’t so fond of his father’s old, evil ways.

There was another fairly long pause for me to catch my breath and remember my mission, the one James as so gladly turned around to kick me in the arse, which is very nice and fit, thank you. “Are you sure that was what you were going to tell me? Although that is a good reason for James to be laughing…”

I had to be strong. I already had gotten up the courage to dial his home and confess my love. Of course, accidentally dialing James’ number had just been a bump in the road. That did not mean I had to back out on my plan. Anyways, my heart aritmia would catch up to me, and I seriously, seriously needed to get all of this out my chest. I love you! I felt like screaming to his handsome, handsome face. Although I would prefer snogging his face off much more.


“Yes?” He sounded patient but intrigued.

There were two tiny people sitting on each of my shoulder, very cliché. Except the one supposed to be an angel was actually Albus, and the one supposed to be the devil was –oh, guess– James.

‘Do not tell him,’ evil James cackled into my ear. ‘he will laugh just like I did, and then we he realizes you are not joking, will kick you to the bottom of the Hogwarts train before you set foot in it. Then he will get your best friend pregnant, marry her, and shove it all in your face.’

‘I don’t even a best friend! He’s my best friend, you idiot!’

‘Common Rose,’ Albus, who could pretty much pass as my second best friend, quietly said in my ear. ‘You have already gotten so far. There won’t be another opportunity like this. When you go to Hogwarts again and find him snogging someone you’ll lose all your courage. Do it now. You got nothing to lose.’

‘Yeah, nothing, I bitterly spat at the imaginary reincarnation of my cousin, who, by the way, was wearing a white toga and angel wings. ‘Except for him and maybe my dignity.’

‘You have no dignity,’ James was quick to remind me.

I kicked him in the shins.

‘Ow! Okay, fine! If you don’t want advice, then why am I here? I’m leaving.’ He frowned and poof!ed away.

Albus patted my shoulder. ‘Do what’s right,’ he said and poof!ed away too.

Stupid angel.


I took a deep breath. “I’m your best friend, right?”

He laughed. “Of course you are Rosie! You are my best, best, best mate. Even more than Al.  I love you.” He paused for a second. “Though don’t tell Al.”

I gulped. Here I went. “I love you too.”

I heard a clap. “Well, what did you want to say?”

I closed my eyes. “I love you, Scorpius. I love you. I really do.”

“I know, I love you too, Ros–” He paused. He finally realized what I meant.

My chest rose up and down quickly, in time with my breath. I could just wait. I was waiting. I felt the burden off my chest. It felt great. I wanted to laugh. I also wanted to lie down in my bed and cry. What I actually wanted was to hear Scorpius’ reaction. So I just waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And then he hung up.

I cried. I took option B, lied down on my bed and cried. Because Scorpius Malfoy had been the most amazing best mate I ever had and now I lost him thanks to my feelings. But I couldn’t help it. I loved him before I was his friend. I should have never said anything. I, most of all, wished I could just erase this whole afternoon. I wish I could lie here on my bed and cry until the greenhouse effect finished us off, or maybe my growing aritmia. I felt a hole in my chest. Nope, it was not a hole. It was that weird feeling in the back of my throat. I cried some more.

And then a rock sailed past my left ear and hit the wall.

 I immediately scrambled to my feet, my wand at the ready. Of course I felt really stupid, since I was barely sixteen and barely knew how to brush my teeth. Hell, I didn’t even know how to skip a rock. But that hasn’t got anything to do with this. What was I saying? Oh right. I’m not allowed to use magic or I’ll be kicked out of Hogwarts. You know the whole deal. ‘Nuff said.

My wand dropped to the floor as I stared into those gray eyes I adored so much.

Wait, what the hell was Scorpius doing on my window?

I was shaking. Seriously. I took a few quiet, quiet steps towards my balcony. The sun got in my eyes. My knuckles went white. I forgot about everything. Actually, I didn’t. I was just panicking, although the whole I-told-Scorpius-I-loved-him-and-he-hung-up-on-me was still floating on my mind. It was bad. It was way worse than James’ reaction, which was laughing in my face. He hung up on me. That was practically telling me you-are-too-pathetic-thinking-that-i-would-ever-like-you-that-you-don’t-even-deserve-me-speaking-to-you-ever-again. He didn’t even think about all the courage it had to take, to go and call him –although I called James, he laughed in my face, he called Scorpius, ya-di-ya-da-ya-da– and to even say it out loud. No one knew that I was in love. Not even Albus, and like I said, he’s my second best friend. That is saying something. I had been keeping all this to myself for way to long. I needed to get it out. And what does he do? He hangs up on me.

My hands unlocked the window.

(This may have been a very good time to erase his memory by the handy-dandy Obliviate! But I seriously couldn’t think, so don’t judge me.)

There he was. He was having trouble catching his breath, and his hand gripped his wand with force. He looked at me, and I looked back. Here I was again. Waiting. Waiting for him to decide my fate. As much as I hate to say it, since it’s my story and I should be able to tell you whatever I want (i.e. declaring myself Queen Rose of England), he was the one with all the answers. He was the one who decided whether we stayed friends, didn’t stay friends, or became a couple. Eventually, it all came back to him. It was always him.

Wait. What was that? Was that a twitch of a smile? Of course it’s gone know, but seriously. I believe in what I saw. I’m not crazy. I know I am not. (Okay, maybe I am, but not about this whole deal.)

I watched in silence as Scorpius raises his hand and pushed my hair behind my ear. He lets his hand linger by my ear and the side of my face, before cupping my chin in his hands. By now, I am seriously having trouble breathing. It appeared I didn’t actually have heart decease but a lung condition, and I am very sure that my last seconds of life, my last breaths are being spent here, with Scorpius, staring at his huge, gray eyes. Well, what better thing than to die in his arms, right? I remember a song I once heard, I don’t quite place where: To die by your side, is such a heavenly way to die… It totally fit with this moment.

“You know, I always thought that maybe you had feeling for me,” he breathed, and I just stared back at him. I was completely and utterly under his command. “And I snogged all those girls to get you jealous and to get you to say something about it… but you never did. And I kinda stopped believing it. I mean, I never really knew for sure.” WHAT?! WHAT WAS HE SAYING?! I CAN’T REGISTER WHAT THE HELL HE’S SAYING!

He smiled at me in a sad way, and my heart started racketing against my rib cage. “Why now?” he asked, still not letting go off my head.

Wait, what?

SPEAK YOU IDIOT, SPEAK! He’s waiting for you to SPEAK!

What was the question?!

How should I know, I’m your head!

Okay, stop Rose! Why are you having mental battles when you have Scorpius Malfoy, in your room, waiting for you to speak, when he’s supposed to be in FREAKING SCOTTLAND!

“I have the hunch that I have a deadly heart decease called Aritmia and a bad lung condition and I had to tell you before I died but I accidentally called James and he laughed and made fun of me and then called you and ruined everything and I had to be strong as I had already made a resolve and told you but then I just waited and you hung up and I just thought –” Breathe Rose, breathe. Your only job in this life is to breathe.

Where have I heard that before?

“Just answer this. Do you … like… me… back?” Gosh, this was even harder to do in person. Maybe, to not endure this whole awkward-situation thing going on, I should have just sent him an owl. An owl! OH MY GOD! I COULD HAVE JUST SENT HIM A FREAKING OWL! OH MY GOD! I will seriously Avada Kedavra myself in the forehead, for how dumb I am. Why didn’t I think of this before? It would have saved a lot of time and awkwardness! Oh God.

Scorpius smiled. And then he grabbed the sides of my head, tilted my chin upwards and … oh God. Oh dear God. He’s getting closer! HE’S GETTING CLOSER! WHAT DO I DO? I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO KISS! I’M A FREAKING LIP-VIRGIN! Wait… I am not a lip-virgin. I snogged all those guys before. I know how to kiss, what am I even talking about, just that –OH MY GOD! SCORPIUS MALFOY IS ABOUT TO KISS ME! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY –

His lips touched mine. Soft, with just a little pressure from the lean in. I recoiled a little back, but he followed me, and then he slowly opened his mouth and in came the tongue. It was amazing! It was incredible! It was glorious! I was snogging Scorpius Malfoy! HE WAS SNOGGING ME BACK! HE LIKED ME! HE LIKED ME! Of course, after a while I just couldn’t think anymore and gave in to all my senses, surrounding his neck with my arms.

He paused and leaned to whisper in my ear. “You are my rose.”

The hairs in the back of my neck stood up. Seriously.

I looked back up at him, at those huge, a bit hesitant, gray eyes. My eyes drifted towards his mouth. Perfect. Round. Swollen. I was hungry for it. Hungry for him. I wanted him. I had since five years ago.

Screw Aritmia, the titanic, pervy mental images, lung conditions, made-up research clinics, mental battles, cliché devils, Lousy plans, Lucy’s homework, Queen Elizabeth, cliché angels, stupid cousins, dad’s Firebolt, the Potter’s mansion, the Potter’s mansion backyard, Mr. Malfoy, owls, hang-ups, sweating, parsel, the possibility of Hugo eavesdropping, and the fact that Scorpius was supposed to be in Scotland. He was here, with me. And even with all the mangled hearts, all the idiot cousins, and this beautiful Malfoy snogging me, my life had just gotten a hell of a lot better.

And it was also a relief to know that my plans aren’t completely impossible and success-proof…


So, how was it? Did you enjoy it? I really loved the ending, especially that last sentence. The one-shot wasn’t originally meant to have a second part, but I decided to do it for the sake of letting people know what exactly happened with Rose and Scorpius. Hope you really enjoyed this!

By the way, I got a Meet the Author! If you want to drop by and say hi and ask me about my writing, please do it! Also, drop a little review right here on this invisible box below this writing (because I can’t actually see it now) and let me know if you liked the finale of Of Hearts, Malfoys, and Cousins. J


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Of Hearts, Malfoys, and Roses: James. Is. Six. Feet. Underground.


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