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Scarlet Molly by xxpetrapan
Chapter 3 : Part Three
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Molly, Lucy, and Simon


Poor Simon. I really feel bad for him being beat up for being gay; if I ever see Kefin again I am going to curse him to next year. Simon wishes he were not gay and I wish I had not told the lie that is sure to ruin me. I told Lucy about Simon and now whenever someone looks at him funny, she pounces. She, Albus, Hugo, and Louis are the only ones that know of my lie and they keep telling me to come clean but I can’t.

I lay on my bed reading chapter five of Advanced Transformation and try to tune out Rose as she rambles on about Scorpius. This is all I can hear though the haze of me trying to ignore her, “Scorpius is so sexy…blah…he looked at me today…he might like me…blah…what do you think…blah….I don’t care you are a slag…blah.” She doesn’t even care I am barely listening she just cares that she has someone to tell it too. Rose has had a crush on Scorpius since third year and I am pretty sure he has no feelings for her at all, even though he has felt her up, but I think he just wants to touch every girl at Hogwarts.

“Molly are you listening?” Rose asks as she applies lippy (her and bloody lippy).

“Barely, it is hard to tune out your annoying voice,” I reply smirking.

“Good, what do you think?” Of course she is not listening to me.

“I think he is a man whore and he does not like you, he is just horny.”

“So, I have a chance?”

“Not in hell!”

“Good.” Stupid, thick Rose, why in hell is she my best friend.

I am about to tell her she is an idiot when Lucy comes in all dramatically and says in a southern belle accent, “Sister, a boy has come to ask for your hand in marriage.”

I lay my hand on my forehead and fall back on my pillow and reply, “I declare! I must meet this suitor!” I then jump up and rush for the door and follow Lucy down the stairs and out of the portrait hole. I see Simon and run to him and say, “What a dashing suitor!” As Lucy laughs and Simon looks confused. I grab his hand and rush him to a corner.

“What do I owe this pleasure?” I ask.

He looks very uncomfortable as he says, “I need your help with something.”

“What?” I ask intrigued.

“Well, since you are the resident floosy, I was wondering if you would help me prove I am not gay,” he said shifting from one foot to the other.

“Simon, but you are gay.”

“I know but if we had sex then no one would question it.”


“Molly calm down, you lied about being a slag, I know, I am much smarter than the idiots that go here and know you would never have sex and blab about it, don’t look all shy we will have fake sex.”

I think about it for a second and then say, “Alright.”

He hugs me and says thanks before going on his way.

I have helped someone else with this kind of matter but it was different. Jaz Bennet is the boy I have lusted over forever, he is so cute and nice. One time in our third year, I was dared to kiss him in a broom cupboard I was really nervous and excited and just he looked nervous. When we got in there he told me he was not ready to kiss anyone but he didn’t want to be a nerd, so I said I would say that we kissed so we could both not be made fun of. I was really sad but he was happy and I guess that is all that mattered.

A couple days later I got an owl from Simon saying that the deed should be done tonight in the broom cupboard out in the Quidditch pitch. Tonight was Friday the night the whole school partied, the teachers were ok with it, if we did not do dirty deeds, which we always did, but they did not know.

I told Al about the fake shag I was going to perform tonight and he laughed at me and I told me it was my funeral. I was nervous about the whole thing but I wanted to help him.

That night at eight I met him at the one eyed witch statue and we walked out to the party arm in arm. Once we entered everyone started to stare. Simon also told me to act drunk, he was going to also. He wanted them to think we had partied hard before this party. I stumbled in and started to giggle. He asked if the cupboard was empty so we could have a quick shag. He pulled me in and we shut the door.

“Ok, I know you are a virgin so I will be easy,” he said laughing.

“Ha ha ha, Simon let’s get this over with.”

“Ok…baby let’s get it on!” he said loudly to the audience I knew was listening.

“Ok!” I said in a sexy voice.

“Turn around so you take me in the ass!”

I looked at him and whispered, “No, I am no man!”

“I mean let me rip your clothes off with my teeth!”

I started to giggle. The whole ordeal lasted a half hour, which was occupied my fake moans and banging of the walls.

We emerged smiling and when I walked away there was a loud, cheer which I am sure was due to Simon holding up my panties.

The next day I got a new nickname, “Easy”. This I did not like, everyone stared and talked about me more than usual and the comments were rude. Every boy wanted to be my partner in class but no girl wanted anything to do with me. Rose even told me I was too much to handle and we could not be friends. God, she was such a follower, if no one liked me then that must mean she could not like me either. Idoit.

The moment she said I was a filthy whore; I got my owl Dementia and set a letter to Madame Semen’s Lingerie.

If everyone thought I was a whore then I was going to have to look the part.


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Scarlet Molly: Part Three


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